When Penalty Kicks Become Art

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In this video we take a look at the art of penalties. Panenkas, backheels, rabonas and many more crazy ways of scoring from the spot.
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I'm a 20-year-old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favorite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig
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The main goal with this channel is to express my love for football in a creative and fun way. I dedicate hours upon hours to make every single video feel unique and inspiring. I really hope you will enjoy this channel!
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace 2 meses
Had to remove the Ramos penalty for copyright reasons! 0:41
S Pl
S Pl Hace 2 días
@The Most Unwanted Person yup you can't pause in the final step, so technically they are all illegal. You can pause during the run up but once your foot is planted in the final step you can not pause.
The Most Unwanted Person
The Most Unwanted Person Hace 2 días
@S Pl I am also asking for those kicks if they allowed players to fake it. Feel so sad for the goalkeepers. 😢
S Pl
S Pl Hace 9 días
You should also think about removing the wait and see, technically they ain't legal...
Faza Areza
Faza Areza Hace un mes
World Entrainment
World Entrainment Hace un mes
@Dani Gadsby r1
adam jamaica
adam jamaica Hace 5 horas
Please give credit to Johan Cruyff 'step up pass penalty'
Jennyfer Sanchez
Jennyfer Sanchez Hace 7 horas
Im still trying to figure out the ronaldo penalty
smpgeek Hace 15 horas
Shearer didn’t need any of these tricks, good aim and power guarantees every time.
Arnabi Arnab
Arnabi Arnab Hace 19 horas
With VAR none of these will stand... since players entered the box before the kick
GAMER 4030
GAMER 4030 Hace un día
Richard Bambenek
Richard Bambenek Hace un día
The stutter goal should be illegal if it isn't already.
General Kenobi
General Kenobi Hace 2 días
Where is Johan Cruyff penalty hé INVENTED the pass penalty
KameKze Hace 2 días
Only n00bs will say tht messi invented the pass penalty
République Des mangues
République Des mangues Hace 2 días
Sorry but real penalty art is in hockey
Tomas Thijs
Tomas Thijs Hace 3 días
I hate the slow run from Pogba
rozi hanafi
rozi hanafi Hace 4 días
South American players are too nervous in penalty even they won 2 of the biggest penalty shoot out in WC.
wantage1973 Hace 4 días
The 'fake kick' penalties should have been disallowed by the ref, and the culprit given a yellow card.
Waqas Ahmad
Waqas Ahmad Hace 4 días
Rip goalkeeper's
Funny how CR7 was only in one penalty take...
munyaradzi rukowa
munyaradzi rukowa Hace 5 días
Anas El Abboud
Anas El Abboud Hace 5 días
5:27 What is on his jersey? 🤔
Vanlalawmpuia Ralte
Vanlalawmpuia Ralte Hace 5 días
Where's Ronaldo's penalty against Portugal?
MysticFellow Hace 5 días
They need to move the penalty spot at least a few yards back.
Thomas Wendler
Thomas Wendler Hace 6 días
The wait&see ones are against FIFA rules! One fluid motion....
The Answer
The Answer Hace 6 días
Im a fan but bruh.. that Cr7 pen was nothing unique 😐
TanzzzZ 7
TanzzzZ 7 Hace 6 días
Me going to school *3:51*
sports basic
sports basic Hace 6 días
Nice entertainment
John Lunyamila
John Lunyamila Hace 6 días
Honestly Fifa and other Football associations should outlaw these pass penalties.
MetalMike87 Hace 7 días
Neymar's penalty with feint should have been voided, since completely against the rules
JaSko ID
JaSko ID Hace 8 días
Aduris penalti is some other level shit
Alvaro39MG Hace 8 días
You didn't include the art of missing.. I dedicated a lot of years developing that art xD
Gaurav Shrestha
Gaurav Shrestha Hace 8 días
paneka without ramos is no paneka
Hollywood 1892
Hollywood 1892 Hace 8 días
Watching this was exhausting as watching the slow run up penalty
Goal 10
Goal 10 Hace 9 días
Like and subscribe guys ⚽
1 Hace 9 días
at 1:30 didnt he start the run into the peanalty box to early? i thought u have to wait for the shot before u can enter the area
S C Hace 9 días
Can someone explain whats so spezial about the Ronaldo penalty?
Galileo Galilubang
Galileo Galilubang Hace 9 días
Pass penalty is disgusting
Ben Kickert
Ben Kickert Hace 10 días
Sorry... I am not a fan of "cheeky" PKs.
victoria helburn
victoria helburn Hace 10 días
D A Hace 11 días
Where’s Aldo?
ID047889 Hace 11 días
Messi, Zidane, Ronaldo will be all forgotten in 50 years!! But Panenka!!!!!!! They will call his name always at penalty kick
milanista8888 Hace 11 días
Where’s Penaldo?
rasul otajonov
rasul otajonov Hace 11 días
cr7 penalty
C Dogensis
C Dogensis Hace 12 días
No Lee Trundle?
Fawwaz Yosh
Fawwaz Yosh Hace 12 días
espost.info/download/v-deo/nWevh5mUjLCsZn4 This is why he is so important to his club
Adam Nagy
Adam Nagy Hace 13 días
Where is Mario Balotelli?
Ashutosh Alexander
Ashutosh Alexander Hace 14 días
what is the name of the song at the intro?
Adamu Dahiru
Adamu Dahiru Hace 14 días
tataw hillman
tataw hillman Hace 14 días
Y'all should check out Maitland Niles. Don't know what he does but is so confident
Brainiac Williams
Brainiac Williams Hace 14 días
Still wondering why Eden Hazardʼs set-piece kicks ain't here. 🤷🏻‍♂️
squarecrusher Hace 15 días
Where is Lewandowski? The best penalty taker in 21st century with 91.5% succes rate???
Majestik Bouba
Majestik Bouba Hace 15 días
I think the wait and see penalty should become illegal. Just feels so dishonest
viky271988 Hace 16 días
No roberto carlos in power penalty 😒😒😒😒
daniel ali
daniel ali Hace 16 días
I massively hate this in football - I dont think it should be allowed..especially neymar he always spends about 5mins running up like he is just learning how to take his first baby steps then shoots thr ball. I dont think this should be allowed. Should just have to simply take your run up and shoot the ball.
Aaron Rawago
Aaron Rawago Hace 17 días
Cristiano is just a goalscorer, even when Legends are scoring creative penalties he's just blasting it in like the ordinary player he is
Wallamkupar Marwein
Wallamkupar Marwein Hace 17 días
Major is neymar's penalty
nothing Hace 17 días
5:26 does it say Corona on his shirt?
tommaso prevedello
tommaso prevedello Hace 17 días
The kicker may run at an angle, arc or straight at the ball. However, no stopping or pausing no matter how short during the run before the ball is kicked is permitted. The penalty for stopping during the kick is the exception to the penalty rule mentioned above. If a player interrupts his/her approach to the ball, blow your whistle and stop play immediately and have the kick retaken.
David Morris
David Morris Hace 17 días
That guy who did the backwards flip peno better had been snapped the next time he touched the ball.
Mohd Saleh
Mohd Saleh Hace 18 días
Zdeněk Bína
Zdeněk Bína Hace 18 días
Arent these stop n see against rules? 🤔 apparently not. But these passing penalties are, cause players enter the area too early 😁 and I miss penalty by Zaza, the “best” penalty kick ever 👍
Wilder Sharon
Wilder Sharon Hace 18 días
Taylor Monroe
Taylor Monroe Hace 18 días
“What an extraordinary incident!” sent me
Grant Gibson
Grant Gibson Hace 19 días
One thing I hate about modern football is why on earth do goalkeepers dive become the ball has been directed towards the goal
Grant Gibson
Grant Gibson Hace 19 días
Surely the pass penalty shouldn't count as a GOAL,
Uncle ‘
Uncle ‘ Hace 20 días
Panenka penalties: ibra Messi pirlo zidane panenka totti Henry and of course the goat Neal maupay
hi dude
hi dude Hace 20 días
house of danzy
house of danzy Hace 21 un día
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Dankious Memeious
Dankious Memeious Hace 21 un día
This time stamp is for me 5:44
Nathan Manoj
Nathan Manoj Hace 21 un día
If I tried the power kick I would kick it over the goal
Santhosh Fabre
Santhosh Fabre Hace 21 un día
I came here after Arsenal's AMN penalty against liverpool
David Meeus
David Meeus Hace 21 un día
what was so special about ronaldo's penalty at 6:25 ?? someone explain please
African Warrior
African Warrior Hace 22 días
Spanish commentators are funny withy their metaphors lol 3:20 he said messi's penalty was softer than a mothers kiss lmao
Adrián Brioso
Adrián Brioso Hace 22 días
Put panenka and dont show any goal of Sergio Ramos... bahhhhh
Ryan H
Ryan H Hace 22 días
Bruno is just a btec jorginho
Linus Omondi
Linus Omondi Hace 22 días
Bruno is fire
George Lilwinz
George Lilwinz Hace 23 días
Messi`s penaka is the best penty art kick in hístory of penties
Borislav Vuchev
Borislav Vuchev Hace 23 días
What happened to Ronaldo's penalty cause I don't see anything
Gil Lopez
Gil Lopez Hace 24 días
No Raul Jimenez penalties,Wow.😒
Ton dragon Préféré
Ton dragon Préféré Hace 24 días
Nandakumar Chandrasekhar
Nandakumar Chandrasekhar Hace 24 días
what a cheat.. is that neymar shit fair??
Mann Chaturvedi
Mann Chaturvedi Hace 24 días
Rochak Tiwari
Rochak Tiwari Hace 25 días
I didn’t understand cr7’s penalty 🤔🤔
Fan With
Fan With Hace 25 días
My channel is so similar to this!!
Forhadur Rahman Chy
Forhadur Rahman Chy Hace 26 días
Sports Quality
Sports Quality Hace 26 días
Messi so creative
Ashton Parker
Ashton Parker Hace 26 días
Not mentioning Ramos in the panenka penalty section is a crime. Even Antonin Panenka himself said that Sergio Ramos is the best Panenka penalty taker in the world in today's generation.
Pan Jablicko31
Pan Jablicko31 Hace 26 días
PANENKA ❤❤❤🤍🤍🤍💙💙💙
O H Hace 26 días
I don't understand what happened with Ronaldo's penalty
Blaise Hace 26 días
Anyone else noticed Pogba penalty kick was off the kicking spot? The ball was off
Ali Babba
Ali Babba Hace 27 días
3:50 Imagine he started from the middle of the field
Azhar Cassim
Azhar Cassim Hace 27 días
Passing the ball to your playing partners in a penalty situation is not art. Its cowardly and unfair to the goal keeper. A penalty is a shot you take on the spot. Penalty taker vs Goal Keeper... Period!!!
Three Point Zero
Three Point Zero Hace 27 días
how nice
Lovro Elez
Lovro Elez Hace 27 días
From 1:44 to 2:29 aren't goals its cheating,those are not a skills😡😡🤬
EmiEverton99 Hace 28 días
My god, what else can FIFA do to prevent goalkeepers from saving penalties?
Δαβίδ Μουσταΐνος
Δαβίδ Μουσταΐνος Hace 28 días
u call wait and see penalty ART? dont watch football again ffs
Just Some Footage
Just Some Footage Hace 28 días
Ramos/benzema wannabe Messi/Suarez penalty wasn't validated.
Luk Hace 28 días
Lewandowski does not count right? Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?
tgwnn Hace 28 días
All of the penalty passes were illegal. There can be no attacker inside the box+the arc when you touch the ball.
Viktor Gladh
Viktor Gladh Hace 28 días
The wait and see penalty shouldn’t count
Prranav 99
Prranav 99 Hace 29 días
What was special about ronaldo s penalty 😕
Veetee Hace un mes
Passing the ball from penalty kick should be illegal
Zargon the Magnificent
Zargon the Magnificent Hace un mes
I hate that sort of "look at me, aren't I clever" type of penalty. Just blast the damn thing. You don't extra points for being a showpony smartarse.
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