When Paul Pogba Was The World’s Best Midfielder

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[Just How Good Was Paul Pogba in 2015?]
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace un año
7amza Bari
7amza Bari Hace un año
Soufiane boufal next please ❤❤
gavriel yasu
gavriel yasu Hace un año
Songg of the first part?????
Goal96 Hace un año
Akshat Sharma
Akshat Sharma Hace un año
Please make a video on ozil in 2015-16
Life is a Game
Life is a Game Hace 2 meses
Pogba is crazy talent
DR.Breezy CB
DR.Breezy CB Hace 5 meses
End33r Hace 5 meses
Pogba: *one of the best midfielders, loves to play offensive* Mourinho: "Sounds like a cdm to me"
Life is a Game
Life is a Game Hace 3 meses
Mouriho should have bought pjanic if he liked a Cdm who can do it all that son of a bitch ruined Pogba smh.
ADAN Moha Hace 6 meses
Pogba my midfield class the best ever
Everything is a Mind game
Everything is a Mind game Hace 8 meses
Just imagine a midfield Diamond of Pogba Coutinho Debryne Tiago could be sick af.
joka619 Hace 10 meses
his best position is no.10 where he can use his attacking abilities.
Everything is a Mind game
Everything is a Mind game Hace 8 meses
He can also play cm but in a free role not locked with defensive duty
yunas saxer
yunas saxer Hace 11 meses
Adithya 09
Adithya 09 Hace 11 meses
Ligue 1 is the farmers league and the serie A is the peasants league
Adithya 09
Adithya 09 Hace 11 meses
@*love & Peace is never guaranteed agreed
Felix Vogel
Felix Vogel Hace 11 meses
Another great football compilation which I only enjoy with the sound turned off... honestly what the f*
Loic Ferry
Loic Ferry Hace 11 meses
We want him back in Juve’s midfield .Juve’s midfield need this guy to be on point
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace 11 meses
Yea but juve midfield is stacked rn
Tobias Stil
Tobias Stil Hace 11 meses
His technique is breathtaking, if he would cut out the cocky attitude and be more focused on the games, than his hair
Ronin Hace 11 meses
you know why? because he was hungry in 2015. know he earns too much money.
Football boy W
Football boy W Hace 11 meses
If Paul stayed at juve he probaliy could of made a bigger team
prash jad
prash jad Hace 11 meses
Pobga is good player but in wrong team.
İsmail Efe Kılınç
İsmail Efe Kılınç Hace 11 meses
L1 Üçgen ‘ i çok iyi yapıyor be.
tafadzwa gumunyu
tafadzwa gumunyu Hace 11 meses
leadfarmer Hace 11 meses
He is still that good its just manure are shit lol
Francesco Lazzarini
Francesco Lazzarini Hace 11 meses
please return to juventus
Davide Cesaroni
Davide Cesaroni Hace 11 meses
This guy reminds me of Sergey milinkovic savic as style
thoran Ng
thoran Ng Hace 11 meses
Yes slow and flashy
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace 11 meses
Yea thy r similar
not myname
not myname Hace 11 meses
That happens to you when money starts talking and the devil takes over :)
hora okun
hora okun Hace 11 meses
United destroyed his solar stance.
Abdi Essa
Abdi Essa Hace 11 meses
I feel sorry for Pogba from playing with Pirlo,Vidal to playing with McMayo,Fake Brazilian,Lingardinho
Mtrix3345 Hace un año
Why tf doesnt Ole play him higher up the pitch
Marcos Hido
Marcos Hido Hace un año
Man u killed his potential 😢
Limin Kamum
Limin Kamum Hace un año
Name of the song... please
Slape Fox
Slape Fox Hace un año
While watching this video i got nostalgia for 2015
humble OG
humble OG Hace un año
We need this pogba at Madrid
K C Hace un año
Juve Pogba was the shit..
S1 Apolo
S1 Apolo Hace un año
Man Utd ruined him
Arthur Glinkin
Arthur Glinkin Hace un año
Disliked because of the music
Addinn 02
Addinn 02 Hace un año
Mam Utd ruins great players! Pogba is still amazing but the fans treat him like shit!
Desmond Godstime
Desmond Godstime Hace un año
What happened to hi. Na??
Dean Winchester
Dean Winchester Hace un año
Hmm maybe he is just an average player.. Maybe Serie A is shit..
Omituofo Laden
Omituofo Laden Hace un año
SOng names please help
Kendy Richard
Kendy Richard Hace un año
Smh I been telling my friends Pogba hasn't been the same since he left Juventus man.. I think too much money is killing the game now
Loren Couch
Loren Couch Hace un año
Poor guy wasted his career at united.
Addinn 02
Addinn 02 Hace un año
Who doesn’t? Man utd is a shit club
aMAZINgg Hace un año
Serie A = farmers League thats why.
Mat Nasz
Mat Nasz Hace un año
David Zheng
David Zheng Hace un año
Pogba will comeback to Juve... When the money is there....
ct hoffman
ct hoffman Hace un año
Look at his body structure difference... he was much more lean, results In more agile movements and being able to cut quicker which helped him going forward..his body recently has been much bigger and not muscle bigger. The other important part of this is he was not held responsible defensively, was not the main playmaker as they had pirlo, marchisio. Look at how his performances for the France team was night and day to his man United performances, this is due to having great defensive backs and mids such as kante and matuidi. Defenders like varane, Lucas. When youre playing for United and you're responsible for the midfield spot in front of Ashley young as a LB, and Phil Jones ... you're going to criticized everytime those guys let one in and say why isn't pogba doing more, because we bought him to do what he's doing in these clips, not to maintain a poor defense, and must have a good midfield to be responsible for defensive help so he can create and play more forward.. hard to do with matic and ander Herrera being your best help and now it's mctominay and andreas.... for pogba to do pogba things he needs the defence like chiellini, Bazagli. Mid like pirlo, kante. That will allow him to play freely and not over think his play too much...being criticised for every problem on man u is bad for his play as he is constantly just trying to make every pass perfect, never lose the ball, if you've ever played football trying to not do these things and try to be safe, 9/10 you will do exactly the opposite. Especially with the way pogba used to play, he has to have support and play freely, having fun...as one man cannot make the whole football team complete with all those weak spots.
ola ola
ola ola Hace un año
Serie A is less competitive, much easier to score screamers and dribble past players. Premier is also faster paced, which means less time on the ball. Also Pogba is contributing to alot more goals than at Juve. It's like comparing Ronaldo at Man Utd and him at Real Madrid, he was more entertaining at United, but no where near as effective.
RedAce XV
RedAce XV Hace un año
What? lmao at Juve he played on a high pace its not his fault that man utd is filled with average players
JJ 23
JJ 23 Hace un año
When fame got in his head he turned into meat balls 🧠
Scotty Hace un año
he made a hug mistake of coming back to man utd
Addinn 02
Addinn 02 Hace un año
Who did he hug?
Daniel Sianipar
Daniel Sianipar Hace un año
And ole waste that talent by playing him so deep
G Xare
G Xare Hace 11 meses
Ole? WTF Morinho watsed him like that
Moiz Almonaie
Moiz Almonaie Hace un año
Should have never left Juve, thats where he belonged...
GamtBOY Hace un año
how slim was pogba in 2015
Kunjuttty Mon
Kunjuttty Mon Hace un año
Regardless of his less than admirable stint at United, I will always have a soft spot for Pogba. I think for his own sake he needs to leave United.
Micheal Adebunmi
Micheal Adebunmi Hace un año
juventus need a creative midfielder, and pogba just suits them....
robin xiao
robin xiao Hace un año
pogba and alvaro morata
Odon Hace un año
You cannot really compare because the state of Man Utd when he arrive is not good....Man Utd is not the same till today. How can he show his ability when he is playing with the likes of Lingard,Martial,Rashford etc.
DaGamer YouTube
DaGamer YouTube Hace un año
Man utd just keeps on ruining world class players when they where in their prime. Alexis Sanchez and Paul Pogba, Lukaku, Di Maria. You guys name more in the reply’s.
Everything is a Mind game
Everything is a Mind game Hace 8 meses
DaGamer YouTube
DaGamer YouTube Hace un año
That Boy Thank you. It has been awhile since he played there so I forgot about him.
DaGamer YouTube
DaGamer YouTube Hace un año
Richard Neville ok thank you. I totally forgot.
plug walk
plug walk Hace un año
Razvan Cirt
Razvan Cirt Hace un año
Angel Di Maria
sora roxas
sora roxas Hace un año
Pogba needs to comeback. Man utd is destroying him
Gypsyscotty9 Hace un año
A lot of flash with no end product. He is crap and will always be.
Gypsyscotty9 kept shut when you have nothing to say bitch
XcB StrikezZ
XcB StrikezZ Hace un año
I mean.. he is still sick, but United isn’t
M1st4rE1it3 Hace un año
Legend sais that hes still dabbing
Kambale Erastus
Kambale Erastus Hace un año
He was only 17
zinowor Hace un año
no one: mourinho: lets make him a defensive midfielder
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace 11 meses
But aha people forget is Pogba is a box to box cm capable of playing cdm and cam so Mourinho was not stupid to try put Pogba at cam he actually played well from that position with herera alongside I should say.
Mourinho Jose
Mourinho Jose Hace 11 meses
B4 judging a player’s performance in a team, i believe u have to consider the other teammates. May I ask you, who do you think is the player to play defensive in the mid in Utd? Who is behind #10 and b2b?F*cking Phil Jones and Smalling. Who is gonna take responsibility if Utd lose? You?
Herosennin Hace 11 meses
zinowor They had no defensive midfielder and he was the only one capable of playing that position. Its more so a knack on the United owners, not Mourinho or Pogba.
saliem scholtz
saliem scholtz Hace un año
Still one of my favorites, definitely think mourinho drained pogba completely
zinowor Hace un año
@ucai mourinho always plays with a nr.10 as well, but instead of letting pogba grow in that position he tried to turn him into a cdm and strip away all of his creative freedom
octo rangga
octo rangga Hace un año
Leaving juve isn't big mistake. Join M.United is the real disaster
Andreas G.
Andreas G. Hace un año
the confidence man... the confidence...
Marco Lamb
Marco Lamb Hace un año
2015-2016 he was a beast! Oh my football should do a WTH happened about him
FaddaWolf Hace un año
Mourinho happened... that's what
som world
som world Hace un año
ruben julienne
ruben julienne Hace un año
The name of the song please...ty
klo schuessel
klo schuessel Hace un año
Sad that his attitude is so poor at times
Sexy Killer
Sexy Killer Hace un año
Italian league doesnt need any talent playing there. Lol
TheFineolase Hace un año
Very good
Dude Sparrow
Dude Sparrow Hace un año
*Actually, Pogba, at his best, could only be a mediocre.*
Mousy Prousy
Mousy Prousy Hace un año
Did you watch the video
Nick S
Nick S Hace un año
Easy to look good in the Italian league. Well out of his depth in England. Too lazy.
thoran Ng
thoran Ng Hace 11 meses
@Eddie wilks nah,he won't.
Eddie wilks
Eddie wilks Hace un año
There are one of you English morons on every pogba video... I mean come on the prem is becoming super overrated there are two consistently good teams please please please get over yourselves. Pogba would thrash the whole of England with this juventas squad so shut up
Black Eyes
Black Eyes Hace un año
He thought that he was bigger than Juve la Juve did the right choice when they sold it with 120M
Terry Tong
Terry Tong Hace un año
Any EPl player is better before going to EPL. That's a fact, especially for skillful players like pogba
Emra Emara
Emra Emara Hace un año
I want to call m.salah the king of the stadium
Aziz Nuhu
Aziz Nuhu Hace un año
Complete player
elvis elvis
elvis elvis Hace un año
I love this song... Can you name it please
Hafizur Mahdi
Hafizur Mahdi Hace un año
Virus ay
Virus ay Hace un año
Pls make a Video of De Jong
Shaikh Altaan Siddiqui
Shaikh Altaan Siddiqui Hace un año
Why did you remove all your Griezmann videos??
Nathan Rodriguez C
Nathan Rodriguez C Hace un año
It’s the cleats, he needs those magistas back, they were more his style 😤😂
Igei Hace un año
Just imagine pogba today at juve (Ronaldo de ligt cancelo alex Sandro pjanic rabiot ramsey costa 🤩🤩🤩🤩
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace 11 meses
@G Xare I already mentioned cr7
G Xare
G Xare Hace 11 meses
@*love & Peace is never guaranteed Ronaldo and CR7?
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace un año
Plus cr7 and Dybala🔥🔥
Shubham Rick banerjee
Shubham Rick banerjee Hace un año
Imagine if CR and Pogba together would have played for Juve.....
Johnathan Molella
Johnathan Molella Hace un año
god what happened to him 😕
Vishnu Kota
Vishnu Kota Hace un año
How the hell did he go from this to the fashionista that doesn't give two shits about football?
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace un año
2017 Pogba was good won Europa league but after that he won world cup but in 2019 he also perform respectaly he made the pfa team of the year,Pogba just needs to leave Manu because His better then that football club.
The swedish viking
The swedish viking Hace un año
He was the best midfielder in the world at Juve, should never have left them
Mirko K.
Mirko K. Hace 11 meses
Pogba was a world class...
Mirko K.
Mirko K. Hace 11 meses
@Hahahaha yes
Hahahaha Hace 11 meses
Beniu HDMI You know nothing about football then...
Beniu HDMI
Beniu HDMI Hace 11 meses
@Hahahaha yes
Mehul Modi
Mehul Modi Hace un año
@Gypsyscotty9 yeah, ESpost clips make him look much better than he was.
Lucia Santos
Lucia Santos Hace un año
Pogba joga muito❤😍💖
†ᗤƔᏰᗩᏞᗩ† Hace un año
@JF sim mano,e foi mais pra traz
JF Hace un año
@†ᗤƔᏰᗩᏞᗩ† ele era um meia - atacante, ponta de lança, o centroavante era o mandžukć
†ᗤƔᏰᗩᏞᗩ† Hace un año
E os otario fala que o kross e melhor e que ele e só mídia... O cara deixa de ser atacante(10) pra virar volante(6) isso que e um jogador...
7amza Bari
7amza Bari Hace un año
Soufiane boufal next please 😢
Monty Burns
Monty Burns Hace un año
Top 5 midfielders in the world that year. And has the potential on becoming the best if he moves to a better club.
thoran Ng
thoran Ng Hace 11 meses
@Monty Burns he is right,pogab is inconsistent
Monty Burns
Monty Burns Hace un año
@ROLLING STONE LOL what a load of drivel. Pogba is an amazing talent. Everyone knows that. He needs to move to a better club. Comparing him to Scholes, Pirlo and Modric was just utterly ridiculous.
I saw the world cup other than the semi final and final Pogba was ordinary . Up until the last two games pundits such as Dietmar Hamann were saying that he had an ordinary tournament . Those two outstanding games he had at the world cup seemed to have made people think that he had a great world cup. He didn't At juventus as well he was inconsistent even his manager mentioned his problems with consistency. At the euro's for france he was average . I remember the game against my country ireland Pogba was average. It was Griezmann who won the match against us . Griezmann was outstanding in the euro's much better than Pogba was for France in the world cup . Griezmann is a much better and more consistent player than Poga. In the game against France we really put it up to them . It was Griezmann who stepped up to the plate . He destroyed us . Pogba went missing as he always does when france or man united need him most.
Monty Burns
Monty Burns Hace un año
@ROLLING STONE Watch the World Cup an every single game when he was at Juventus. He is excellent. Staying at United is a problem. And he isn't a Modric, Scholes, Pirlo type player anyway. He is an attacking box to box midfielder.
This guy is the most overrated player I have ever seen . He is not a great player and never will be . Pogba's biggest flaw is that in the real tight matches he can't find space . The really great players of the past such as scholes, pirlo , modric etc were always able to find in space in the tightest of matches . Pogba can't do that . He was shown up against PSG and Barcelona.
José Gustavo
José Gustavo Hace un año
Mirko K.
Mirko K. Hace 11 meses
@Nika Kezevadze You know he Only write a comment without compare this Two?
Nika Kezevadze
Nika Kezevadze Hace un año
You know kdb isnt defender right ??
If not Why not
If not Why not Hace un año
Pogba best season ever
Rocket696 Hace un año
He has fantastic ability, but hes a bang average player.
Rocket696 Hace un año
@Tony Sanchez Not many top players rate him. Your just a fan boy. Most man unt hardcore want him out, he goes missing in the big games. He was a disgrace in champs league v PSG home leg. Did nothing. He got owned all night.
Tony Sanchez
Tony Sanchez Hace un año
Rocket696 Ok so Zidane, Mourinho, Sarri want him in their team. He was the key player of france in the world cup, with one of the best statistic for midfielder in the world cup. He is top scorer, top assistmen, and create most chance for United. He is In the premier league team of the year. And was in the UEFA team of the year in 2015. I think you are the one who don’t know football :). I know you don’t like him, i can feel the hate in your words lol. But the facts is there, real madrid, juventus, even PSG and Barca would love to have him in his team. And Zidane is already a respected coach, its sure at 100% he know football better than you, he played with R9, figo, beckham, guti, Henry, Ribery ... He coached Cr7, benzema, modric, kroos ... But its ok, you are right, pogba is a shit player he is not strong, not fast, not technic, not a good passer, not good with his weak foot, not good defender, not good shooter 😂👌🏽
Rocket696 Hace un año
@Tony Sanchez Zidane is not the best midfielder in history, Maradona was. If he rates pogba, he is stupid. Top footballers rarely make good mangers. You sound like a person who thinks midfield play is just about passing, Pogba has no positional play, he can't dictate a game, he goes missing all the time, he does not know how to get on the ball enough, he does not track back, very poor defensively. And yes fans know the football of their team better then most coaches. You think you need play football to understand it. That is funny. Just because your shit at judging footballers. You probably look at a few clips on youtube and think you know everything. How many games have you actually watched pogba play for man unt? Fuck all i'm guessing. And since you can't trust your own eyes , this is what many top midfidlers have are also saying about him like graham souness,roy keane, paul scholes etc. and by the way Maradonna has slammed Pogba too for his performances. You don't don't sound educated in football.
Tony Sanchez
Tony Sanchez Hace un año
Rocket696 Zidane is the best midfielder of the history, and he was known for his football IQ, calm, vision, precision and technic. He is also one of the best coach of the world and the only to won 3consecutive CL. So his understanding of the game is already proven since a longtime. Remember it was also mourinho (another legendary manager) who broke the transfert record for pogba. So you think these 2coach don’t knowfootball better thanyou and me ? Pogba is world class man, when he is at 100% he is the best midfilder of the world, just look at a video of him, no other player can make longpass/chip pass likehim, and no othe midfilder is as skillfull as him. Like Zidane said, there are player who can defend, ohter attack, other dribble, other pass, but pogba can do all of that. He is tall, powerful, fast, technic, has incredible vision and shot, good with 2 foot, good with his head ... Just look the video of Zidaneabout pogba and stfu you hater
Rocket696 Hace un año
@Tony Sanchez Zidane has a long history of management? you need someone elses opinion, you can't form your own.
gavriel yasu
gavriel yasu Hace un año
What the name of the first part please???????
Abubeker Yesuf
Abubeker Yesuf Hace un año
Nice editing ❤👌 That was fantastic player. Real pogba is in juventus
daquan94 Hace un año
I don’t think he’ll be the same again tbh, he’s lost his hunger, back here he had something to prove
daquan94 when he plays for France he’s a beast
Manus Ur boi
Manus Ur boi Hace un año
His attitude and work rate is terrible
Manus Ur boi
Manus Ur boi Hace un año
If not Why not yea because he was well liked by people and had a good reputation
If not Why not
If not Why not Hace un año
Now at least but back at juve pogba was a beast for sure
NMR X10 Hace un año
How good was Paulo Dybala 2015/16???
Luthfa Begum
Luthfa Begum Hace un año
pogba should go to juve, but juve have 8 midfielders, including 2 new players who went to juve to start games, and matuidi , WHO HAS TO START! not to even mention bentancur pjanic khedira emre can and then you need to add pogba to that! i dont think juve will win ucl - madrid have a better chance with militao hazard and jovic
سمو . الأمير -
سمو . الأمير - Hace un año
Pogba 😎
obiechinaldo Hace un año
And how good was Morata?
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace un año
Just How good was Pogba in 2016? Short answer:He was unstoppable period.
André Santos
André Santos Hace 11 meses
I’m just a guy Sama
I’m just a guy Sama Hace un año
I love Pogba but is’t painful to watch him play with dead team,he should come back to us or leave to better team❤️❤️
BigChunChun Hace 11 meses
I’m just a guy Sama juve play in the shittest league in Europe it’s no wonder he was good there he still has talent but going back to juve won’t show it he is getting paid a lot at United so he probably don’t care
Shaker Alozi
Shaker Alozi Hace un año
Antonie griezman euro 2016
Morgan DeRossi
Morgan DeRossi Hace un año
*In 2015 Paul Proved that he really cash 120M*
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