Unforgettable Own Goals

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Watch some of the most insane own goals in football history. Phil Jones, Sergio Ramos, Cristiano Ronaldo and many more are included. Edited by Score 90.

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I'm a 19-year-old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favorite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig

Produced by: Filip Hennig
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The main goal with this channel is to express my love for football in a creative and fun way. I dedicate hours upon hours to make every single video feel unique and inspiring. I really hope you will enjoy this channel!

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Kingdom Gaming
Kingdom Gaming Hace 7 días
Evan Sina
Evan Sina Hace un mes
Quetes Coco fun
Quetes Coco fun Hace un mes
stop by my channel
Tanaka Hace 2 meses
phil jones has the most goals i mean own goals my mistake
tahir mehmood
tahir mehmood Hace 2 meses
2:51 Like he was throwing discus
Michael Williams
Michael Williams Hace 2 meses
Zachery Mccollum
Zachery Mccollum Hace 2 meses
That moment when these own goals are better than ur normal shots =(
Per Irgens Olsson
Per Irgens Olsson Hace 3 meses
always fun
Hariesh RP
Hariesh RP Hace 4 meses
The video shld be named as 'Phil jones moments'
Helen Thompson
Helen Thompson Hace 4 meses
Opposition coach: just pass it to Phil Jones guys 90mins later Opposition win 5-0 Phil Jones: scores all five as own goals Opposition players : thanks for the strategy coach really paid of
Bartdm 2086
Bartdm 2086 Hace 4 meses
Some of them could have been goal of the season lol
Davis Zwalia
Davis Zwalia Hace 4 meses
Anybody else just had to rewatch this at least 20 times? 3:50
Phil The Logician
Phil The Logician Hace 4 meses
*Imagine being a defender, getting paid millions a year, and scoring on your own goal.*
Kevin G.
Kevin G. Hace 4 meses
The guys at 6:32 were secretly trying out for PSG 🤣
Shishir Barik
Shishir Barik Hace 4 meses
Actually this is a hilarious video
n00d13sandr1c3 Hace 4 meses
There's something oddly surreal about having soothing electronic music play over a compilation of grown men breaking down in self-induced despair.
Troy Ncele
Troy Ncele Hace 4 meses
Who else things Vidal's one was in purpose
Koja Vlogs
Koja Vlogs Hace 4 meses
9:05 “yeah lemme get this video to 10 minutes so I could get paid 2x more”
DwightSmith Hace 4 meses
2:26 is a real beauty...my god haha
Random User
Random User Hace 4 meses
Pique has the most Own goals from Barcelona He scored 4 own goals
Zac Hyrish
Zac Hyrish Hace 4 meses
lol, some look as they forgot they have to put the ball on the other net
Bogdan P
Bogdan P Hace 4 meses
where is real vs manu 3-4, one of the most classic own goals
gooner 33
gooner 33 Hace 4 meses
*Legendary own goals* Phil Jones:this is where I belong
Clickty Hace 4 meses
0:32 that is a fifa glitch
Afonso Verissimo
Afonso Verissimo Hace 5 meses
Why is this so funny😂
LUKA 77 Hace 5 meses
liga 1 is disaster yhey dont know how to properly kick the ball, but at least congratulate them algeria is world cup champion
Ardro Hace 5 meses
"Everyone who says I'm the best defender hasn't met Phil Jones" - Virgil Van Dijk
KriwDi Hace 5 meses
what is the intro song name?
Chetan Anand
Chetan Anand Hace 5 meses
I just wonder what goes in the brain of the player when he scores an own goal 😂😂
Quanguages Hace 5 meses
Technically the goal at 3:23 is not an own goal. Rashford scored it.
Night Knight
Night Knight Hace 5 meses
Phil Jones is an legendary and genuis attacker no one are marking him
Sai Manohar Nidadavolu
Sai Manohar Nidadavolu Hace 5 meses
6:23 very crafty goal
Mukund Karthikeyan
Mukund Karthikeyan Hace 5 meses
The best striker in the world is People who didn't watch this video : Messi People who watched this video : Phil Jones Me : My fifa 20 defenders Who do u vote ?
Sports Station
Sports Station Hace 5 meses
Vincent Kompany's Own Goal is better than his goal vs Leciester
angelamae mantes
angelamae mantes Hace 5 meses
They cheating rithg guys
Steve 2007
Steve 2007 Hace 5 meses
Did u forget the geferson (internacional from brazil) goal? Internacional x tigres, libertadores
A1_Madness Hace 5 meses
At least Phil Hones is first place at something. ( own goals )
Sir. Yarrulous
Sir. Yarrulous Hace 5 meses
Best of Phil Jones 2:38 6:58 8:33
Mirza Hace 5 meses
Phil Jones: *GOAL IS GOAL.*
Othniel Pondei
Othniel Pondei Hace 5 meses
Cavaloo Hace 5 meses
Name for intro?
Sujata Mohanty
Sujata Mohanty Hace 5 meses
You forget to mention Narayan das
Frane GRANČIĆ Hace 5 meses
When borussia m'gladbach scores own goal it is really a proof they are always letting dortmund to win.
Fanserker Hace 5 meses
"Most lethal defender i've ever seen!" - De Gea
M.Sho_ Hace 5 meses
0:02 what is the name of this song?
md anep
md anep Hace 5 meses
4:10 that goal was nice though 😂😂
Kashyap Deorah
Kashyap Deorah Hace 5 meses
I never knew there were so much own goals
Sujal Garewal
Sujal Garewal Hace 5 meses
1:28 When Zlatan's charging at you, you better score an own goal
Football Arena
Football Arena Hace 5 meses
espost.info/download/v-deo/hq1saal_d9K5rZQ Match highligts
Techie Hace 5 meses
"Own-goal" Madrid
Techie Hace 5 meses
Reporter to defenders and goalkeepers : "Which player do you fear more, Messi or Ronaldo? "Phil Jones"
Faizal Dude
Faizal Dude Hace 5 meses
If this is not own goal, that would be a great goal
nightspicer Hace 5 meses
pinball be like 3:50
Korn Wongchotiwat
Korn Wongchotiwat Hace 5 meses
Jesse Lingadinho Phil Jones Chris Smalling All the Legend in the world better than Ronaldo and Messi ‘ Diego Maradona’
Apollo Hace 5 meses
5:04 Who the fuck is this idiot yelling at? As if there is anyone else to blame.
Alfie Gonzalez
Alfie Gonzalez Hace 5 meses
Aaaaand another football video ruined by shit music. NOBODY wants to hear your crappy taste in music.
Patrick Bl
Patrick Bl Hace 5 meses
The art of Da Vinci, the music of Mozart, and the skills of Phil Jones
When you realise phil jones has more goals against man utd than aguero does....GOAT
Ajaykrishna Rajesh
Ajaykrishna Rajesh Hace 5 meses
Sergio Cristiano
Sergio Cristiano Hace 5 meses
The king remains the king of own goals and the king is Gerard Pique.
Paulo Dyballer
Paulo Dyballer Hace 5 meses
Some of these are bad luck, but a lot of these are hilarious 😂
41 SUDIP SARKI Hace 5 meses
1:50 stupid ass . He could have literally cleared it instead of passin and he looks stupid
Siam Hace 5 meses
2:04 Robin van persie?
Adassity Hace 5 meses
Thanks for the 5 thousand angles, idiot.
Omar Mourad
Omar Mourad Hace 5 meses
Vidal and alba legit scored screamers
Mohsin Javed Cheema
Mohsin Javed Cheema Hace 5 meses
Manchester United is a laughing stock
JustTaken Hace 5 meses
Mistakes are what make football football, if there were absolutely no mistakes every game would be 0-0 and boring to watch. We are only human
Pixelated dinosaur 101
Pixelated dinosaur 101 Hace 5 meses
Don't know what people are talking about. Phil Jones had so much class he never celebrated after scoring a goal.
David Alydebaah
David Alydebaah Hace 5 meses
These aren't legendary own goals.... Mine I even used an overhead kick
Asifur Rahman Chowdhury
Asifur Rahman Chowdhury Hace 5 meses
Most of them were good goals tho
M B Hace 5 meses
Legendary? I've only seen 3 of them before this vid. Nice work anyways.
Naughty Nithin
Naughty Nithin Hace 5 meses
It's even happening with Legendary players.. Lol
Ishaan Kapoor
Ishaan Kapoor Hace 5 meses
Phil jones "the Pele"of own goal
Thoriq Alhazmi
Thoriq Alhazmi Hace 5 meses
Phil jones everywhere
somazwolf Hace 5 meses
“Phil Jones is the best striker I have ever faced” -David De Gea
Alex Shabani
Alex Shabani Hace 21 un día
Jeremy Sun
Jeremy Sun Hace 5 meses
are you sure that the last one did not come from the Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling made by Studio C?
Yusuf Ansari
Yusuf Ansari Hace 5 meses
3:47 Damn that's like a pin ball game 😂😂😂
Yusuf Ansari
Yusuf Ansari Hace 5 meses
3:47 Looking in comments abt this? 😂😂😂
Hasan Riski
Hasan Riski Hace 5 meses
Belagu anjay
Ali Mohd Shah
Ali Mohd Shah Hace 5 meses
Vidal and Alba goal 🤣any stricker would be proud of
Antonio Medrano
Antonio Medrano Hace 5 meses
1:50 it’s the goalkeeper’s fault , he made a wonderful save , defender was cool and returned it pretty close to him with chest but goalie just got stunned by his incredible save that he was on the floor for a long time
ryuvattana mangkorn
ryuvattana mangkorn Hace 5 meses
It's not
Tony Flynn
Tony Flynn Hace 5 meses
What a pile of shit, why do you need to keep showing the same own goal 3 or 4 times, absolutely pathetic, just show it twice tops and then move on that way you would be able to show more, joke
Kenzo Tenma
Kenzo Tenma Hace 5 meses
Phil jones: Now this looks like a job for me So everybody just follow me Cause we need a little controversy It feels so empty without me.
Xeno Red
Xeno Red Hace 5 meses
That intro doe
Lexi Taylor
Lexi Taylor Hace 5 meses
I kinda feel sorry for Vidal coz it is his national country and u will have a whole country mad at u but all this was really funny
Serhat Yücel
Serhat Yücel Hace 5 meses
sniff sniff i smell too much chicaneries.
archit agarwal
archit agarwal Hace 5 meses
7:27 sir Phil Jones
Steve Hace 5 meses
Phil jones the goat
Ryan Sheikh
Ryan Sheikh Hace 5 meses
Phil Jones -hey who cares about which goal you score in
Matías Martínez
Matías Martínez Hace 5 meses
Vidal's was amazing.
Fauzan Fadhlullah
Fauzan Fadhlullah Hace 5 meses
Yaron Lavi
Yaron Lavi Hace 5 meses
8:36 that finish by phil was gorgeous
• NCL_ayam •
• NCL_ayam • Hace 5 meses
Random Fly
Random Fly Hace 5 meses
*_When your best goal is a own goal_*
Burton Yoe
Burton Yoe Hace 5 meses
Sometimes people are also smart in scoring own goals
Adam och Wilmer
Adam och Wilmer Hace 5 meses
I knew that Phil Jones, United’s New Ferdinand would be featured in this video😂😂
Pradeep Pandey
Pradeep Pandey Hace 5 meses
They actually look like they want to score an own goal
Ikhwan Gaming
Ikhwan Gaming Hace 5 meses
what a intro oppening song
Faris Ashraf
Faris Ashraf Hace 5 meses
Phil Jones is the best own goal
Jason Newsted
Jason Newsted Hace 5 meses
Really nice of the last dude calling for medical assistance. GK got a comet to his face, could've been something serious
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