Top 10 Premier League Goals of The Last Decade

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Top 10 Premier League Goals 2010-2019
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace 11 meses
Which one is your favourite? 👆🏼
John Cooper - Art of Social
John Cooper - Art of Social Hace 10 meses
definitely not kompany's. if he hit it first time then maybe, but he takes an extra touch because defence has sat off him
The Men Of Cricket
The Men Of Cricket Hace 10 meses
John Cooper - Art of Social
John Cooper - Art of Social Hace 10 meses
Score 90 rooneys comes off his shin
Spooked man jobbie 69 Pakistani curry muncher
Spooked man jobbie 69 Pakistani curry muncher Hace 10 meses
Score 90 giroud
Ameenah Hace 10 meses
Koumpany 💙 captain fantastic
Top league goals
Top league goals Hace 21 un día
Football Fans
Football Fans Hace un mes
Rvp volley 2011😲😲😲😲😲😲
Julius Wamboohe
Julius Wamboohe Hace 2 meses
Tťttttttťťtť6t)) I by
Shingie Mahachi
Shingie Mahachi Hace 3 meses
I came
Peter McGrath-Sheldrick
Peter McGrath-Sheldrick Hace 3 meses
I think that the Giroud scorpion kick to win the game for Arsenal in stoppage time against Crystal Palace
nomorelies86 Hace 4 meses
Emre cans is invredible
FootBall World
FootBall World Hace 6 meses
Where do you get uncopyrighted football videos ???
Bóng Đá Nước Việt
Bóng Đá Nước Việt Hace 6 meses
Giroud goals Arsenal
Vitamin D
Vitamin D Hace 6 meses
Wayne Rodney's goal is second to Can's and Giroud's i feel... But nothing beats the arsenal teamwork
mohaa fiirih
mohaa fiirih Hace 6 meses
Hazard goal
Codga2001 Hace 7 meses
How come you don’t get busted for copyright infringement?
talk sense
talk sense Hace 7 meses
the best goal was the from arsenal by Jack Wiltshire bless him. what a brilliant goal from start to finish for any lefty to score a right foot volly is epic but to start and finish the move 👌🏾
Alexandru Alecu
Alexandru Alecu Hace 9 meses
Name song back ground.. Pls
Oh where is the goal xhaka vs hull city in 2016 season
JHR 442
JHR 442 Hace 9 meses
How many of them included crystal palace
Sead Pobric
Sead Pobric Hace 9 meses
Goal Jamie Vardy vs Liverpool?
Mette Lindhgyg
Mette Lindhgyg Hace 9 meses
Den er god
Brad_h. Cpfc
Brad_h. Cpfc Hace 9 meses
2 in a row of palace conceding world class goals
Chapman Alexander
Chapman Alexander Hace 9 meses
2:18 The ball curved like it was possessed.
John Cooper - Art of Social
John Cooper - Art of Social Hace 10 meses
Rooneys comes off his shin. Watch closely
Honey Lal
Honey Lal Hace 10 meses
Peter crouch...
Footime Gamer
Footime Gamer Hace 10 meses
And Mkhitaryan scorpion where was
TekkzHD Hace 10 meses
Chris. Hace 10 meses
Cisse vs Chelsea. 🤯🤯
tuiotuio Walker
tuiotuio Walker Hace 10 meses
Giroud has scored a lot of awesome goals, he is a great player
RC Hace 10 meses
Pablo Osvaldo vs Man City When he destroyed Zabaleta and Kompany...Lol
Cheeseburger Hace 10 meses
Number 10 is highly overrated
Freddie Williams
Freddie Williams Hace 10 meses
Andy Carroll overhead kick?
Robbie Carroll
Robbie Carroll Hace 10 meses
There were 200 comments as I’m typing this, the only reason I’m commenting this is so it’s 201
Arthur Wilson
Arthur Wilson Hace 10 meses
Hazard vs ... West Ham Tottenham Arsenal And that’s just one player ! At least one of these should be in the vid
Kieron Potter
Kieron Potter Hace 7 meses
His West ham one wasn't even good
Pleum B
Pleum B Hace 10 meses
Unput girouds goal in but not mkhitaryans goal in
Kaushik Das
Kaushik Das Hace 10 meses
Before video : I am sure they have not included Kasami's goal. During video : Kasami's goal. I am so pleased to see you give that goal its due recognition as one of the best goals of this decade, where most channels just plain overlook it. It is a goal of the highest order of difficulty and aesthetically sublime. Thank you for that. 👍🏻
AGVxrt Hace 10 meses
Interesting fact: Score 90 has never uploaded anything for spurs player
Xinfei Huang
Xinfei Huang Hace 10 meses
"simply magnificent" is far from enough to describe that Wilshere goal
Cloudy Hace 10 meses
Even though I'm a city fan. That Wayne goal was spectacular👍
Vishnu Karthik
Vishnu Karthik Hace 10 meses
I'm pretty sure I've seen better
Bart is the best warzone player
Bart is the best warzone player Hace 10 meses
I’m sorry but why is nobody talking about to Tomori’s screamer from the halfway line??
OofyMcBoofy Hace 10 meses
finster231 games
finster231 games Hace 10 meses
Vardys wonder volley vs Liverpool should be on there
William OH
William OH Hace 10 meses
Son vs Burnley in December 2019
Adam Doyle
Adam Doyle Hace 10 meses
Andros townsend doesnt score often but when he does he scores thunderbastards
NeverOddOreveN Hace 10 meses
You missed so many better goals it’s utterly insulting🤦🏻‍♂️
Kee Sheng Ang
Kee Sheng Ang Hace 10 meses
Hazard's solo goal against west ham or arsenal should be on here
Eetu Jokinen
Eetu Jokinen Hace 10 meses
Salah vs chelsea
Eric Delaney
Eric Delaney Hace 10 meses
Cisse's goal is in a league of its own.
thicc nicki zont zoo it
thicc nicki zont zoo it Hace 10 meses
Salah goal v Chelsea? The pass from vvd, touch by salah and rocket shot I think that makes it tbh
Miguel I
Miguel I Hace 10 meses
Wheres Ibra goal vs england
Miguel I
Miguel I Hace 10 meses
@Eddie Lambert Just saw " top 10 goals of the last decade"
Eddie Lambert
Eddie Lambert Hace 10 meses
@Miguel I thought the title would've given it away,😂😂
Miguel I
Miguel I Hace 10 meses
@Eddie Lambert Just realized this was premier league goals😂😂😂
Eddie Lambert
Eddie Lambert Hace 10 meses
That's not premier league is it😂😂
James Naughton
James Naughton Hace 10 meses
My mans does not know how to count
cookiekillers34 Hace 10 meses
It’s so obvious who the Arsenal fans are in this comment section
DEMOCRACY! Daily Hace 10 meses
Kompanys goal is so overrated. How many times dont we see a shot like that?
Eddie Lambert
Eddie Lambert Hace 10 meses
@DEMOCRACY! Dailyit does make the goal better and we don't see it t tonnes of times
DEMOCRACY! Daily Hace 10 meses
@Eddie Lambert the fact that city won the league because of it doesn't make the goal better itself. Goals like that is something we see a ton of times in a decade
Eddie Lambert
Eddie Lambert Hace 10 meses
We barely ever see goals like that and anyway it meant man city won the league so it's not overrated you ididot
latinobrexit Hace 10 meses
DEMOCRACY! Daily -not anymore- dumbass set the seen, kompanys 11th and last season at his club, if he didn’t score that, Liverpool would’ve one the league
United20 Hace 10 meses
Héctor A. Moreno I can see where you’re coming from but kompanys for me was better
Icy Cube
Icy Cube Hace 10 meses
I haven’t seen any corner kick goals like do you know how mental those are.
miningmonkey1 Hace 10 meses
I made a fifa video
Dumpster Why
Dumpster Why Hace 10 meses
Another banger Watford V Leicter play off deenys volley
Eddie Lambert
Eddie Lambert Hace 10 meses
Not premier league
Yoby Hace 10 meses
A minute and ten seconds of outro?
Tom Golden
Tom Golden Hace 10 meses
Kasani's goal was actually scored with his weaker foot 😱
Orka Hace 10 meses
Where’s tettey vs sunderland
konstantinos Tsigas
konstantinos Tsigas Hace 10 meses
Where is Salah's puskas goal winner😂😂😂
Phill Bozz
Phill Bozz Hace 10 meses
Stupid music
Phill Bozz
Phill Bozz Hace 10 meses
Steven Bailey this is about the commentary you anarchic shit
Phill Bozz
Phill Bozz Hace 10 meses
Steven Bailey hahahahaha so
Count Of Montechristo
Count Of Montechristo Hace 10 meses
Says the man who has "Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (Cover by Donald Trump)" in his ESpost music playlist.
RakoonstarCFC __
RakoonstarCFC __ Hace 10 meses
Hazard v west ham or arsenal ?!?!
Muhammad Tijani
Muhammad Tijani Hace 10 meses
To br honest compilation of the whole decade is too difficult let alone top 10 loads of goals will b left out
Jonas Rodgers
Jonas Rodgers Hace 10 meses
Crystal palace and man city where involved in so many of these 😂
VanHouten18 Hace 10 meses
Really nicely edited, well done 👍
George Shrimpton
George Shrimpton Hace 10 meses
why are man city involved in so many of the goals?
Dvořák Štěpán
Dvořák Štěpán Hace 10 meses
Still can't believe the arsenal goals happened. (1:06 + 1:39)
Elit3_key YT
Elit3_key YT Hace 10 meses
Where is the Andy Carroll over head kick
Ahnaf Drubo
Ahnaf Drubo Hace 10 meses
I'm a Chelsea fan but that Arsenal goal is the best and makes you fall in love with football
Circlonian Mapper
Circlonian Mapper Hace 10 meses
Where’s Mkhitaryan’s scorpion kick
Eddie Lambert
Eddie Lambert Hace 10 meses
@Circlonian Mapper it's literally the same as girouds but worse
Circlonian Mapper
Circlonian Mapper Hace 10 meses
@Apple Fortnite Epic Gamer still amazing (and it counted)
Apple Fortnite Epic Gamer
Apple Fortnite Epic Gamer Hace 10 meses
Circlonian Mapper it was offside
eversut1 Hace 10 meses
No need for Champions League or World Cup, just EPL itself is enough.
Nukleòs Hace 10 meses
Kompany's goal is never in the same league as all the others
Elmo is A cocain addict
Elmo is A cocain addict Hace 10 meses
Nukleòs the importance of the goal made it get in but agueros goal wasn’t in so I’m mad
Samurai Hace 10 meses
Rooney vs City🙌🏽
TheSimulationChannel Hace 10 meses
Where's andy Carroll's goal?
Johan Jacobsen
Johan Jacobsen Hace 10 meses
1:37 best PL goals of all time IMO
Johan Jacobsen
Johan Jacobsen Hace 10 meses
k g do u understand the term ”IMO”?
Horrible Hace 10 meses
lol no
Narb Dagger
Narb Dagger Hace 10 meses
Jacobplayz Hace 10 meses
I mean we’re is crouch 63 yard Gail or Tim Howard’s goal from 89 yards away
Daniel Cortes
Daniel Cortes Hace 10 meses
Notice how Salah's Puskas goal vs Everton isn't up there
Coolboy Mahad
Coolboy Mahad Hace 9 meses
For sure
Xhaka The Goat
Xhaka The Goat Hace 10 meses
mcdafold not even lmao
mcdafold Hace 10 meses
Salah's goals against Spurs (2017-18) and Chelsea (2018-19) should be up there though.
Duval In The Wall
Duval In The Wall Hace 10 meses
Daniel Cortes Not even in the top 100
Christian Mayall
Christian Mayall Hace 10 meses
The best one is Wilshere. From a Norwich fan.
Justin Coombes
Justin Coombes Hace 10 meses
As a Tottenham fan I believe Dele Alli's goal against Palace should be included in this list.
charlesthebrick Hace 10 meses
Andy Carroll v Crystal Palace on 14 Jan 2017? If you have Can’s in here you ought to have Carroll in here too. To launch that 6’4” frame...
Championship Daily
Championship Daily Hace 10 meses
Where is Charlie adam and begovic
RBA Hace 10 meses
Imagine Salahs banging goal versus Chelsea in the 18/19 season not being included here
MCFC ok Hace 10 meses
not top 25 tbh 🤣
Terch Hace 10 meses
Not top 10
Fawly Hace 10 meses
Top 5: 5 - Van Persie volley 4 - Rooney overhead 3 - Giroud scorpion kick 2 - Cisse curler vs Chelsea 1 - Wilshire tiki taka goal With a special mention to Peter Crouchs goal What do you think?
Fawly Hace 10 meses
REGGIE PEANUTS Who would you go for as top 5?
REGGIE PEANUTS Hace 10 meses
ALL wank
Daamin MC
Daamin MC Hace 10 meses
No persie
tendmk t
tendmk t Hace 10 meses
Lovely memories. Actually makes me emotional and makes me miss the uk. Here in perth 0 premiereship football. Still im off to the beach now so yeah lifes not all bad. Great vid people.
Martin D
Martin D Hace 10 meses
Demba Ba v Liverpool ?
Heinz Doofenshmirtz
Heinz Doofenshmirtz Hace 10 meses
Fuck you.
basil shah
basil shah Hace 10 meses
Server Not Found
Server Not Found Hace 11 meses
Can you make video kevin de bruyne, maybe he the best midfielders in priemer legue
Niklas Stjsjs
Niklas Stjsjs Hace 11 meses
Intro Song?
Iehtesam Bin Aziz
Iehtesam Bin Aziz Hace 11 meses
Wilshere's goal probably one of the greatest in all of prem. None of the other goals compare
James Hetfield
James Hetfield Hace 10 meses
Berkamps goal against Newcastle was better imo
OPEFwhaat Hace 10 meses
EngravedinDeath it will be looked back on in about a decade like we look back on Yeboah’s half volley, Bergkamps spin, Cantona’s run through the team and chip, Ronaldo’s free kick, Beckham’s half way line goal etc. as one if the goals that defied this league
I. Amd.
I. Amd. Hace 11 meses
Salah robbed puskas from CR7 and Bale. Didn't even make it into top 10 PL goals of the decade. Smh
El Mansur
El Mansur Hace 11 meses
Fantastic ♥
Sushil Kumar
Sushil Kumar Hace 11 meses
Emery has been sacked 💀but not valverde 😵😵😵☠
kun althaf
kun althaf Hace 11 meses
Which is the first song in the beginning of every video?
PablinDuLança Hace 11 meses
Kaio Jesus
Kaio Jesus Hace 11 meses
Kai Havertz 2019/20 Plzzz..
Anas HellFiRe
Anas HellFiRe Hace 11 meses
let's hope arsenal back
Jakaria 26
Jakaria 26 Hace 11 meses
Big Ak
Big Ak Hace 11 meses
I see the arsenal fluid football and I hope ljungberg can bring us back to that 😔
RC Hace 10 meses
Keep dreaming
sam ramsden
sam ramsden Hace 10 meses
D ARK Hace 11 meses
Where is Bergkamp🙄🙄
Michael Jr Goulbourne
Michael Jr Goulbourne Hace 11 meses
D A last decade sir
Vinicius Lustosa Braga
Vinicius Lustosa Braga Hace 11 meses
Vardy vs Liverpool?
Nancy Saju
Nancy Saju Hace 11 meses
Good video but dont forget these legendary goals : - Gerrard's two longshots - Suarez's 40 yard chip against Norwich - Hazard's Solo run against West Ham - Benteke's Scissor cut in his debut for Liverpool - The AGUEROOOO Title winning goal against QPR - Vardy's right wing long shot of the 15/16 season. - Payet's Freekick against Man U - And now Son's solo against Burnley And much much more....
Pranav Sharma
Pranav Sharma Hace 10 meses
Scouser angry that his legend's bang average goals aren't on the list
AshyKnees Hace 10 meses
Matt le tissier wasn’t this last decade you mong
kimmo vesa
kimmo vesa Hace 10 meses
Suarez vs Norwich Son vs Burnley Lowton vs ??
RC Hace 10 meses
Circlonian Mapper He was offside
Yacoob Randeree
Yacoob Randeree Hace 10 meses
Hazards solo run against Arsenal was the best
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