The Magic of Kevin De Bruyne is Back!

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The best skills, passes & goals from Man City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne during the 2019-2020 season.
♫ Music:
LIAAM & Erik Strandberg - You
Produced by: Filip Hennig
Computer used: Macbook Pro 15' Retina
Software used: Final Cut Pro X
Im an 18 year old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favourite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig
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We are a serious editing team consisting of three people who are working on the channel. Our main goal with this channel is to express our love for football in a creative and fun way for all of you viewers.
In order to make all of you viewers enjoy our content, we put in hours upon hours to make every single video feel unique and inspiring. We really hope you will enjoy our channel!
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace un año
He is just so damn talented, it’s insane! 👏🏼
André Lima
André Lima Hace un año
Yup as a brazilian I have nightmares of him but I love his game He plays with class and makes some tricky plays that are not simple look so easy.
Nikhil Vaidyanathan
Nikhil Vaidyanathan Hace un año
wish he played for man u we watch lingard play every week
salman Khan
salman Khan Hace un año
Score 90 boss who 3 Scotland player can score goal today ? who r 3 best??
ariel johnson
ariel johnson Hace 2 meses
David Beckham: I give the best crosses in history Kdb: let me talk ! Let me talk !
Geoffrey Murugami
Geoffrey Murugami Hace un año
how can i get married to de brune
Js 28
Js 28 Hace un año
The editing of this video is really impressive!! Good job guys
van Yama
van Yama Hace un año
Well he is good. But are they seriously mentioning him in the same sentense as Messi is just like talking about how a soft air gun is as dangerous as a genuine 50 cal.
Brother Kash
Brother Kash Hace un año
Some gorgeous footie
ZaiyanPlay YT
ZaiyanPlay YT Hace un año
Cant see how people compare Pogba to him.. Although Pogba Box-Box Mid and KDB is CAM.. But cmon.. this man is something else.. 3rd best player in The world for me
Tung Nguyen
Tung Nguyen Hace un año
If Pogba 100M. De Bruyne have to be 200 M
DR 28
DR 28 Hace un año
Always has the perfect weight of pass it's like he's got scales with him on the pitch...
huy cuong le
huy cuong le Hace un año
no one ever make me talk louder after his pass, except Kevin
Duke Nukem
Duke Nukem Hace un año
Simply the best passer of all time
Riih Rodrigues
Riih Rodrigues Hace un año
Pouca mídia muito futebol
Malinwa 4ever
Malinwa 4ever Hace un año
KDB Best midfielder in the world
Mad skillz fifa
Mad skillz fifa Hace un año
Amazing video Score 90! cant wait for the next adventures of Kevin De Bruyne
Yoldas Andic
Yoldas Andic Hace un año
Welcom barcelona
JIREN Hace un año
1:13 Magic Pass!
Epileptic Dog
Epileptic Dog Hace un año
Yesterday's match he was absolutely ridiculous
theusual MQ
theusual MQ Hace un año
Absolutely one of the best in this world, top 3 i would even say
Wouter Dehaut
Wouter Dehaut Hace un año
emin eroglu
emin eroglu Hace un año
please make one with bernardo and David silva
다이나핏 Hace un año
0:29 what did i see?...., He is magical man! oh ho i had a mistake he is not human being He is god
Star Quake
Star Quake Hace un año
The only problem in videos like this one is that people put songs. Dude, nothing compares to the sound of the fans.
Said Kulane
Said Kulane Hace un año
(Liverpool fan)even though I hate him.him and ozil are one of the best passers the world has seen
Ken Lau
Ken Lau Hace un año
Remember when ManU fans said pogba was better
Meme Lord
Meme Lord Hace un año
no matter what highlight reel i watch... messi is always the intro
Makuyii Hace un año
Yet they dont start him against norwich, you play the worst 2 CB's possible and lose GG
Axel Vanderoost
Axel Vanderoost Hace un año
Exactly.... I am furious.....
The catalyst
The catalyst Hace un año
Only Xavi and Iniesta could do what KDB does💯🔥
Ahmer Abdullah
Ahmer Abdullah Hace un año
De Bruyne is better than kroos Modric pogba combined.
Achintya Jain
Achintya Jain Hace un año
He is what I at united thought pogba would be.
Ashique Konnola
Ashique Konnola Hace un año
10x: I'm tired bro.. KDB: you don't have to run.. Just tap the ball
John Cambridge
John Cambridge Hace un año
I am Liverpool fan but also fan of art..must admit watching kdb is a joy..his vision and passing is up there with xavi, iniesta
Paul Faid
Paul Faid Hace un año
Then they bench him for Norwich and...
まえだ Hace un año
0:29 どう蹴ったらあの曲線描けるんですかね
A Rider BOY
A Rider BOY Hace un año
The only player after messi that amazes me ❤ Such an insane player . What a talent
Jerome İvarsson
Jerome İvarsson Hace un año
best midfielder in the world
football Trouble
football Trouble Hace un año
Absolutely brilliant player.sometimes close to genius KDB.Best passer in my generation.
Hamzy9320 Hace un año
I may be a City fan but I believe that KDB is the best midfielder right now.....he should get PFA Player of the year and may even get the Ballon D’or
Tobsi XI
Tobsi XI Hace un año
At 2:00 how does he make that zip across the pitch from a still stand look so effortless?
Charlie Rowe
Charlie Rowe Hace un año
If he can stay fit the whole of this season and continues the way he is, possible contender for Ballon d’Or 2020??
Maxitrovic Hace un año
This guy is like a ball blowing machine , he creates 100% scoring oppurtunities out of nowhere
Benjamin Elton Cristiano
Benjamin Elton Cristiano Hace un año
0:28 I don’t think anyone else could produce a pass like that
Adaaam Hace un año
The magic never went away he was just injured
AlluMinArty Hace un año
please make one on frenkie de jong
Genius Gene
Genius Gene Hace un año
When de bruyne get the ball, he didn't even look at who he will pass, he just demand the players in the right place, and those city forward know about his quality cross, this team is build by Pep, what a masterpiece, we can see all players is like on drugs, they improve so much.
Random Hardcore
Random Hardcore Hace un año
Lo mas parecidoto a johan cruyff actualmente
Connor Spinks
Connor Spinks Hace un año
Put this man in any of the top 6 Prem teams and they are title challengers
Moe1993x Hace un año
This is what happens when you let me him talk.
Lionel Messigician
Lionel Messigician Hace un año
KDB and Assists...A better love story than twilight!
Paul Sharma
Paul Sharma Hace un año
I honestly think yaya toure is city’s greatest player ever along with agüero
Cypher Libra
Cypher Libra Hace un año
i hop that we going to do something with Eden and Kevin in europa league 2020 👍👍👍🇧🇪 via BELGIUM 🇧🇪 👍👍👍 we gonna kick their ass....the target is France.....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ 🙈🙊🙉 ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
Cypher Libra
Cypher Libra Hace un año
@Finna One 👍
Finna One
Finna One Hace un año
Cypher Libra 🇧🇪 I hope we beat France
Christopher Chan
Christopher Chan Hace un año
how long has it been out?
Hawk Nomi
Hawk Nomi Hace un año
c'mon man choose some better songs
George Jimenez
George Jimenez Hace un año
Music’s trash!
saif Ilyas
saif Ilyas Hace un año
look likes hamsik perfect pass nice shoot and vision and n 17
Jamal adhan
Jamal adhan Hace un año
City should be glad having he is joy to watch him
mohammad habli
mohammad habli Hace un año
you can do better there is more clips of him fiving insane key passes and scoring outside the box
saredo alaale
saredo alaale Hace un año
This is for this season.
Rocket696 Hace un año
Forget Pogba, this is the real deal.
YourMy Hope
YourMy Hope Hace un año
This video is really shit. You are showing videos of him shooting and missing? What about those wonderful long range goals. What about those ground crosses or big through balls. Alot of wonderful assists are missing and instead you out lamer passes and shots.
Dylan Taylor
Dylan Taylor Hace un año
Outro song?
Phillip Pergens
Phillip Pergens Hace un año
Seen his first match as a teenager at Genk. After 10 minutes I knew enought and predicted to my friends: He's going to be one of the best players in the world. Had something extraordinary in his passing and some incredible vista. I'm glad we've got to see him in his early years ;-)
ND Aja
ND Aja Hace un año
Phillip Pergens wow
Huy Quang
Huy Quang Hace un año
0:28 What a pass !
Jeremiah K
Jeremiah K Hace un año
*the magic was never gone*
Email XYZ
Email XYZ Hace un año
He so amazing
Anuj Patil
Anuj Patil Hace un año
Ozil > De Brutne
Axel Vanderoost
Axel Vanderoost Hace un año
get real.....
Isaac Emiliano Padilla Santana
Isaac Emiliano Padilla Santana Hace un año
I cant found the song in youtube wtf
André Lima
André Lima Hace un año
Bernardo Silva De Bruyne and David Silva on the same squad damn How creative a midfield playmaker trio can be? Man City : Yes
Michaël Lejeune
Michaël Lejeune Hace un año
Add to that the likes of Sané and Gündogan..
Serbian MMA
Serbian MMA Hace un año
That happens when you let de Bruyne talk
Csokops10 Hace un año
Mgx gt
Mgx gt Hace un año
😂 😂 😂 he is my best player he has 5 assist and 1 goal in 5 matches
1000 subscribers with no videos
1000 subscribers with no videos Hace un año
Ozil in his prime was better than kdb stats even show this but ozil had a donkey of a striker that couldn't score (giroud)
村田清風 Hace un año
Emircan Öztürk
Emircan Öztürk Hace un año
Yellow Pele 👑👑
ニャラ男番長 Hace un año
before the game starts, he ask his team mates" how may i assist you today"
정준혁 Hace un año
When KDB's face turns red, enemy DF will fall in panic!! What a Great Player
alex kanyima
alex kanyima Hace un año
Don't piss him off
Maurhys Phillips
Maurhys Phillips Hace un año
Fave player in the premiership and this is coming from a United fan
Goal Tactics
Goal Tactics Hace un año
who is better? de bruyne or hazard
The Beast 24
The Beast 24 Hace un año
Why a Messi clip to start with maybe a Kevin one ??
UDIN KING90 Hace un año
Kdb: how many Assists you want this season? Pep: Yes.
jncdy gsgjk
jncdy gsgjk Hace un año
new özil !!!!
Prazol Raut
Prazol Raut Hace un año
Pray with god to not get him in injury again And you will see Messi being second in assist in Europe De bruyne will be number 1
Boni Gaming
Boni Gaming Hace un año
I think Score 90' is the most underrated Soccer Channel in ESpost. Really good quality video and awesome editing with awesome music selection.❤️ And thank you so much for uploading such a heart touching video of De Bruyne ❤️ Hope you will continue to surprise us ❤️
foodball TV
foodball TV Hace un año
I'm fan MU but i like kevin
Still Koh
Still Koh Hace un año
1.messi 2.KDB in my opinion 덕배!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up !!!!!!!!!!
Motivation Meditation
Motivation Meditation Hace un año
Wish James and Kevin played together
Joilson Aguiar
Joilson Aguiar Hace un año
3:32 Even his missing shots becomes assists. This guy's abilities is unreal!
Jesse Pinkman
Jesse Pinkman Hace un año
Best midfielder on the planet
esther vitoria
esther vitoria Hace un año
pimk Hace un año
Best playmaker in the World!
ジェコ Hace un año
Best attacking midfielder
Zilean Mbappé
Zilean Mbappé Hace un año
And the games that he played for Belgium?
GoTk {Legendas}
GoTk {Legendas} Hace un año
Best midfielder in the world , my opnion
GoTk {Legendas}
GoTk {Legendas} Hace un año
Best midfielder in the world , my opnion
Robert Langdon
Robert Langdon Hace un año
Chelsea's biggest mistake Salah wouldn't have grown into the player he is if he didn't leave Chelsea, but KDB if given the chance would've taken Chelsea to another level.
ry o.
ry o. Hace un año
Adi_chess Hace un año
What a playmaker!
Sher sher Mayers
Sher sher Mayers Hace un año
Anyone thinks kDB is gunna win ballon d or this year
Oliver Boisen
Oliver Boisen Hace un año
If win the League, the UCL and he breaks Henry's record of 20 assists, then he will
Renel Whitton
Renel Whitton Hace un año
Hell no, he's not
Thearch Hace un año
@GodplaysDice no "if"'ll never win's cup for adult not kid.
GodplaysDice Hace un año
No not this year. Maybe next year if Man City win UCL
Seán Kirk
Seán Kirk Hace un año
@Mohammed Ifkar City playing in the UCL final😂 good one
Rahf elshamraney
Rahf elshamraney Hace un año
Modric🎼✨♟️ De bruyne💪💙 Pogba 🐅💜
i am lyric
i am lyric Hace un año
he like lampard 2.0
IRON MAN Hace un año
Money buy Talent...
HunterMagpie Hace un año
He will be City Legend, and talked about years to come..
khalduum Mubarak
khalduum Mubarak Hace un año
Waw it's magical player
khalduum Mubarak
khalduum Mubarak Hace un año
Waw it's magical player
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