The Brilliance of Frenkie De Jong

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The best skills, passes, tackles, and goals from the Barcelona midfielder Frenkie De Jong 2019-2020.
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace 11 meses
Exciting talent, is he the future of Barcelona?
Muhzin Km
Muhzin Km Hace 10 meses
Dara Otl
Dara Otl Hace 10 meses
@Vicenzo Lampare I have never seen a more stupid and unfounded comment as this. Well done idiot
Erik Jakobsson
Erik Jakobsson Hace 10 meses
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace 10 meses
Why not?lol
Jael de Graaf
Jael de Graaf Hace 11 meses
Vicenzo Lampare no he is so good hi is 20
Sagamer9YT Hace 23 días
Best midfielder in the world
dimis Pip
dimis Pip Hace un mes
He is the future of barcelona now that messi is about to leave.
Malek Ahmad
Malek Ahmad Hace 6 meses
Everything is a Mind game
Everything is a Mind game Hace 8 meses
Incredible talent but no where near the level of busquets and Authur doenst fit barca style his too slow and indecisive barca should have bought Bernado silva over him in a midfield 3 with Busi and Authur yet thy waste the money on Griezmann smh.
Boer Joel
Boer Joel Hace 9 meses
De Bruyne is better though
ItzVeronica. Hace un mes
de Bruyne at another level. I respect him
Betzema Hace 9 meses
Leo Beenplakker
Leo Beenplakker Hace 10 meses
Wich young player settles in a topclub so quickly ? Being one of the topmidfielders after just half a season. People don’t realize how hard that is at his age.
Clair de Lawn
Clair de Lawn Hace 10 meses
Oh look! Cruijff and Iniesta had a love child.
Juan Andres Rojas
Juan Andres Rojas Hace 10 meses
Been saying this since he arrived at Barca. He needs to play CDM in the place of Busquets, its time to pass the torch.. #ValverdeOut
Megateck Soluções Térmicas
Megateck Soluções Térmicas Hace 10 meses
Normal player. In the Brazil there is others midfielder 1k x better than him. lol
Leo Beenplakker
Leo Beenplakker Hace 10 meses
Megateck Soluções Térmicas yet they still play in Brazil and no one knows them, strange eh?
Ruben Amsterdam
Ruben Amsterdam Hace 10 meses
I watched his brother "Youri de Jong"play a while back at 'ASV Arkel' a local amateur club where Frenkie started out as a young boy. The funny thing about his brother is that he got alot of the same movements as his brother only on a amateur level. I read somewhere that the mother of Frenkie alway said , "Don't fly above it cause otherwise you will fall very hard". Frenkie is One of the most down to earth players in the world. No Arrogant side what so ever. This is his best quality as a player. He sees Football like it should be. And the great thing about him when he plays bad hes always the first to say it. I love that.
Arie Boorder
Arie Boorder Hace 10 meses
Made in tilburg made big in amsterdam🇳🇱
Dara Otl
Dara Otl Hace 10 meses
What amazes me is his consistency. Haven't seen him get less that a 7/10 rating in a game. He plays such simple football, and it means he is always gonna perform. Big money move to Barca and it's like he's been here for years
Dara Otl
Dara Otl Hace 10 meses
@Ruben Amsterdam nah bro your English is quite good dw
Ruben Amsterdam
Ruben Amsterdam Hace 10 meses
@Dara Otl sorry im dutch haha
Dara Otl
Dara Otl Hace 10 meses
@Ruben Amsterdam true, cheap in this day and age.
Ruben Amsterdam
Ruben Amsterdam Hace 10 meses
Barca got him cheap, Ajax and Barca are like brothers so i dont mind really, but i thought it was like 75 million or so, in this day and Age its very cheap for a player with these kind of quality. it could have been 150 million.
Forza Juventus
Forza Juventus Hace 10 meses
My favorite midfielder ❤️🤙
Ami Hace 10 meses
This player has like Cruijff, van Basten and Gullit the Dutch top of the line ... Magic
NazzGuLL Hace 10 meses
@elkaiserdemichoacan Arjan robben Van persie
elkaiserdemichoacan Hace 10 meses
Ami but you forgot bergkamp
Ferran ajax
Ferran ajax Hace 10 meses
Ajax♥️frenkie 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace 10 meses
This guy does all this dribbles literally effortlessly so good for a young man wow.
Douwe Bloot
Douwe Bloot Hace 10 meses
What a gracefull player. To bad for him there is no flow in barca at the moment. If he stays fit this prince will be King one day.
mickytea81 Hace 10 meses
Nice video, thanks for making and sharing. I have to say though, that track is awful to listen to.
Syahmi Aiman
Syahmi Aiman Hace 10 meses
He has a lot of Iniesta DNA
Ritwiz Aryan
Ritwiz Aryan Hace 10 meses
Antonio Gutiérrez poma
Antonio Gutiérrez poma Hace 10 meses
Frankie un craa ⚡⚡
Lazim Ali Navas
Lazim Ali Navas Hace 10 meses
I'd love it if you would name the songs you use in the description as well😉✌️
KCIRCE Hace 11 meses
Fuck this music!
M Shabangu
M Shabangu Hace 11 meses
He has a bit of Andres Iniesta in him
SWAT 1611
SWAT 1611 Hace 11 meses
Barcelona have a very good squad, but the management is shit. They are doing nothing for the future, they just waste money on big signings and valverde ruins those signings by playing them in the wrong position. They need someone who can deputize for messi when he is not playing and even when he retires.
Wout Stevens
Wout Stevens Hace 11 meses
Fantastic player😁
J Cheung
J Cheung Hace 11 meses
Ligt het nou aan mij dat ik De ligt en Frenkie echt in Ajax mis of …… 😂
Sjak Hace 10 meses
Als ze waren gebleven, had Ajax de CL gewonnen dit jaar.
Yoloboy 2.0
Yoloboy 2.0 Hace 11 meses
when did frenkie leave ajax and why do he play now in barcalona it is very stupid because you need to go to juventus.
alex kanyima
alex kanyima Hace 11 meses
😂😂😂😂 Barca for him
SquatsnDeads812 Hace 11 meses
The Dutch are making a comeback firmly in the mix to win 2020
Kumar Music
Kumar Music Hace 8 meses
SquatsnDeads812 thnx to Frenkie!
je kale oma
je kale oma Hace 11 meses
Pure class
Dong Beetle
Dong Beetle Hace 11 meses
Nice tune man, good video! Thanks
Aadarsh Kainthola
Aadarsh Kainthola Hace 11 meses
His style of playing is very similar to toni kroos
Everything is a Mind game
Everything is a Mind game Hace 8 meses
Good joke
Mark Hace 10 meses
Dont forget how good his defensive skills are.
Mourad Chaouch
Mourad Chaouch Hace 11 meses
Aadarsh Kainthola rather iniesta
LeGarsVeRt Hace 11 meses
C’est quoi ta musique d’intro?
carrier Hace 11 meses
Hopefully a future Barcelona captain.
Frankezzz NL
Frankezzz NL Hace 11 meses
Epic skills... love this guy
#woury el fenomeno olldia
#woury el fenomeno olldia Hace 11 meses
If only barcelone has a good coach wawww😩
Lost Gems
Lost Gems Hace 11 meses
It's impossible to watch this video without smiling
goat de jong
goat de jong Hace 11 meses
No Rodrigo? No Fabinho? No Fernandinho? No Casimiro? No Jorginho? No Barrios? No problem we have De jong!
Sagamer9YT Hace 23 días
I subbed to u cuz of ur name and profile pic 😂😂
And roid
And roid Hace 11 meses
the best thing about De Jong, he does not listen to Valverde's instructions (if there is any), he is amazing at assessing what's necessary to do and therefore you will find him playing at any position. He is like Messi and Suarez, who don't need a manager to tell them what to do, there rest in FCB, who are more likely to wait for instructions, are suffering highly under Valverde's coaching,
alex kanyima
alex kanyima Hace 11 meses
True he play in his own freedom
TheJDGuy Hace 11 meses
WTF was that noise playing all the way through the video .. sounded like rap crap. Shame, it spoiled the whole video.
Adam Aliff
Adam Aliff Hace 11 meses
remind me the style play of maestro andrea pirlo n a bit of ricardo kaka
Mark Hace 10 meses
Dont forget how good de Jong is defensively.
Priceless Earth
Priceless Earth Hace 11 meses
Jack Wilshire was nearly this guy... He could just step past a player then you create space for forwards because some one has to come to you from them... It's a shame he never really made it
Moravcik 25
Moravcik 25 Hace 11 meses
Beautiful footballler who just glides over the pitch. He could play in the snow & not leave footprints.
Kevin Kaskade
Kevin Kaskade Hace un mes
Dennis Bergkamp
Ollie grigg
Ollie grigg Hace 9 meses
Moravcik 25 well he would
jimmy van haren
jimmy van haren Hace 11 meses
Nice shots of frenkie🔥🔥💥
Don Juan
Don Juan Hace 11 meses
As an CM he is great. Regarding his All-Round Skill I would put Kimmich above him.
messi9991 Hace 11 meses
Reminiscent of Beckenbauer.
hari ramesh
hari ramesh Hace 11 meses
Guy just walk out of tight situations
Gut S
Gut S Hace 11 meses
Quiet normal player...
Yohannes Hace 11 meses
New iniesta?
Marina vD
Marina vD Hace 11 meses
He is Frenkie de Jong. A modest guy from Arkel. He is unique. Ofcourse he ain't a new Ieniesta. :)
information halt
information halt Hace 11 meses
He is very different to iniesta
Nagani Hace 11 meses
Remi - Dutchman - Put
Remi - Dutchman - Put Hace 11 meses
❌❌❌ AJAX AMSTERDAM ❌❌❌ ⚽️👍®
Moravcik 25
Moravcik 25 Hace 11 meses
Such a shame great clubs like Ajax, Celtic, Benfica, Anderlecht, etc lose all our best young talent so early because of the money being provided to UEFA's favourite 5 big leagues. It's disgraceful that especially English clubs with barely 20,000 fans can steal the best talent from massive, proper working class supporters clubs like Celtic & Ajax who sell out 65,000 every week. If the money was more evenly divided they could not compete with us!
Christopher Edward Martin
Christopher Edward Martin Hace 11 meses
Gay Music..but good video
drater31591 Hace 11 meses
He dictates the pace
alex zandberg
alex zandberg Hace 11 meses
a lot of people think he is a hyped player(not my opinion)what do you think??
tono ricardo
tono ricardo Hace 11 meses
From erik ten hag to valverde 😔😔😔 what a downgrade
StefanoDeRover Hace 11 meses
Youre taking good care of Jim Ajax ❤️barca
StefanoDeRover Hace 11 meses
Vicenzo Lampare
Vicenzo Lampare Hace 11 meses
You can make any player look brilliant if you just happen to be selective enough. He's definitely overhyped and will most likely never be a part of Barcelona's future squad, like Iniesta or Xavi. Do people even watch entire fixtures instead of a couple of clips on ESpost? Surely they would see how poorly he's performed so far and how little support he provides both offensively and defensively. Just to mention a couple of facts as examples: he rarely retrieves ball possession, as he never chases his direct opponent to gain it. Even worse, his passes are extremely safe and the vast majority of these could even be executed by Barcelona's 3rd goalkeeper to be fair. The worst part is that he even jeopardises his fellow defenders behind him by simply giving the ball away far too often due to a lack of involvement, insight and diligence. Is that what you would call a "brilliant player?"
Tom Baas
Tom Baas Hace 11 meses
Total BS! so almost every top coach wanted him in their squad and praise him for the games he played till now. But you say they're all wrong? Please leave it up to the professionals
alex zandberg
alex zandberg Hace 11 meses
you are making yourselves lokking like an idiot with this assasment,saying something with no backgroundcheck of his previous years with ajax(that s why barca bought him)saying that he is performing poorly says something about your intelligence(not exsixting i guess)
Max Marxs
Max Marxs Hace 11 meses
All of these clips are from the past three months, so not much room to be very selective. You could add his Ajax and Oranje heroics from the past years and make a 30 minute video, easily. He always has a 90 percent completed pass rate or more, plus almost always passes forward. I don't know about the exact stats at Barca but at Ajax he was the player who attempted the most dribles in the league last season yet conceded the least possession (this is a fact). He also performs 1.9 successfull tackles per game for Barca. He runs more than any other player yet barely gets substituted or rested. He is supposed to be the successor to Busquets, but is already better than him (Busquets makes a lot of mistakes lately), and trusted more by Valverde, who starts him every match. Next to that he is adored by the fans, his teammates and the press ( recently rated him among the top ten players in the world). So almost everything you just claimed about him is wrong. Obviously it is too soon to tell if he will be a long-term success at Barcelona, but there is no doubt what a great and exciting player he is at the moment.
werner van gelder
werner van gelder Hace 11 meses
More football videos with horrible music ... switch off after 20 secs
BeanzMeanzHeinz Hace 11 meses
This lad will go down in history
Franky ZR1
Franky ZR1 Hace 11 meses
That shit looks like FIFA20🤣 Nice Music. Nice Vid. Nice skills of a talented guy who grows under Messi...
alex zandberg
alex zandberg Hace 11 meses
messi is a great player,but de jong growed with ajax,barca won t buy a player who still has to improve a lot
mv11000 Hace 11 meses
Such an elegant player it's such a delight to watch him
Leo Beenplakker
Leo Beenplakker Hace 11 meses
He is Barca’s engine, creator and balancer into one, Valverde is using him as a workhorse, to compensate how slow, static and unathletic his teammates are. And he is still performing every game. How many player got destroyed by idiot coaches, or playing out of position, or having a complete different role as With your previous team. Simply unique and world class.
Adolfo Barreto
Adolfo Barreto Hace 11 meses
Why a music of nigga's?
Zhen DING Hace 11 meses
is he better than rijikarrd? i'm wondering......
Phiwa Halala
Phiwa Halala Hace 11 meses
Good Player
Steelleey Hace 11 meses
Welcome to Norwich.... heard it here first!
Moravcik 25
Moravcik 25 Hace 11 meses
Is he going on a Hoseasons boating holiday ?
Txc Ghost
Txc Ghost Hace 11 meses
Such an underrated player. So calm on the ball
Abishek Madhu
Abishek Madhu Hace 11 meses
Frenkie De Jong, Breaker of Lines.
John Mckinney.
John Mckinney. Hace 11 meses
Most exiting player in years!
Jesse Pinkman
Jesse Pinkman Hace 11 meses
Dutch 🔥🔥🔥
Marc de Boer
Marc de Boer Hace 11 meses
Would be nice without thhe trash music in the background
Dylan Carmenate
Dylan Carmenate Hace 11 meses
One of the best
SvenPlaza Nederland
SvenPlaza Nederland Hace 11 meses
Thx your for this video, its a pleasure to watch, what a player!
BSV DRAGON Original BitCoin
BSV DRAGON Original BitCoin Hace 11 meses
He is soooo good at staying calm and away from the players just the right distance so they think they got him but then he just explodes with speed and takes them on he makes it look simple.
BSV DRAGON Original BitCoin
BSV DRAGON Original BitCoin Hace 11 meses
He is good and I dont say that often
Palo olaP
Palo olaP Hace 11 meses
WC 2022 third place Belgium 2nd place
Jack Hoogland
Jack Hoogland Hace 11 meses
this guy is winning the ballon d;'or some day
Dara Otl
Dara Otl Hace 10 meses
I really hope so. He's not always as flashy as some players, but he is amazingly consistent. I follow Barca and I'm pretty sure his lowest match rating so far was 7/10, even on his bad days he is one of the best on the field.
Rachid G
Rachid G Hace 11 meses
zz power
zz power Hace 11 meses
He will be even better when the team will act like a team not to depend only at some individuals .. perhaps it will happen when Valverde's gonna be sacked
zz power
zz power Hace 11 meses
Filippo Sala yepp you're right .. its my dream
Filippo Sala
Filippo Sala Hace 11 meses
this team needs Ten Hag
M. V.
M. V. Hace 11 meses
Sometimes people forget that he’s defensively as good as offensively
francelo nelo
francelo nelo Hace 11 meses
even he play as cb sometimes while at ajax
Siddhant Saraf
Siddhant Saraf Hace 11 meses
As bartomeu once rightly said Frenkie will mark his own era 👏🏻👏🏻
A. Warner
A. Warner Hace 11 meses
Nalin Myhand
Nalin Myhand Hace 11 meses
Aadriaan Tsao
Aadriaan Tsao Hace 11 meses
Hij heeft alles.
KidAAA Hace 11 meses
The ultimate all-round footballer, he could play in any position and not look out of place
Wolfie XD
Wolfie XD Hace 10 meses
@Max Verstappen suarez can so he probs can lol
edymasta Hace 11 meses
Striker lol
Jacob Lunn
Jacob Lunn Hace 11 meses
He almost always advances the ball forward from where he received it, hes so good at breaking through the lines by dribbing and passing
Hasnain Butt
Hasnain Butt Hace 11 meses
Mane Suarez/Griezman Messi De Jong Busquets Havertz Alba Lenglet Umititi Semedo Ter Stegen Coach: Erik Ten Hag This is how barca should look like at the start of next season.
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace 11 meses
Never happening😅
chapa two
chapa two Hace 11 meses
Are you crazy?? Arthur is better than Havertz And Dembele> Sadio Mané
Hasnain Butt
Hasnain Butt Hace 11 meses
2:40 messi is that you?
Ajnjaajn Hace 2 meses
No that’s frenkie de jong
Wolfie XD
Wolfie XD Hace 10 meses
Dutch version of him, yes and different body and hairstyle and etc you get the point
Himanshu Verma
Himanshu Verma Hace 11 meses
Frenkie is only reason for me to continue as barca fan after messi.
Jake Leon
Jake Leon Hace 11 meses
He’ll make 21 an iconic number
Sagamer9YT Hace 23 días
That's also what I wear In my football club juss cause frenkie wore it plus everyone goes for the 10 these days and not 21
Andria Prostoserdov
Andria Prostoserdov Hace 10 meses
Was already made by Luis Enrique
Pradeep 23
Pradeep 23 Hace 11 meses
He has no form He has class!
unforgiven heart
unforgiven heart Hace 11 meses
I love this guy. 😍
Chris Staknes
Chris Staknes Hace 11 meses
Amazing talent, almost as good as Ødegård💪🏿
alex zandberg
alex zandberg Hace 11 meses
yep thats why odegaard played a few years in holland loool
Goonercow X
Goonercow X Hace 11 meses
Damn this is the best video I’ve seen about Frenkie de Jong 💪🏻 and very nice song
mk private
mk private Hace 11 meses
Frenkie is the closest thing to Cruyff on earth....his simplicity is pure brilliance. And just 21 years old....WOW
Max Marxs
Max Marxs Hace 11 meses
It is so typically Dutch to accuse one and other of being typically Dutch. And yes, I am also Dutch.
Football HD
Football HD Hace 11 meses
@mk private De relevantie van het benoemen dat ik Nederlands ben is dat ik deze jongen ook geweldig vindt. Alleen is het zo simpel om alle talenten de nieuwe dit of dat te noemen. Messi, Zidane en Cristiano Ronaldo zijn toch ook niet de nieuwe weet ik veel wat. Elke speler is uniek en heeft zijn eigen stijl. En dorp? Vooroordelen, ook zoiets Nederlands. Kom gewoon uit Amsterdam. Kritisch denken is niks mis mee, denk dat dat juist een klein landje als Nederland ver heeft gebracht. Btw vind ik Frenkie fantastisch en ben ik er van overtuigd dat hij gaat heersen op het middenveld de komende 10-15 jaar.
mk private
mk private Hace 11 meses
@Football HD So am I...WTF does being Dutch have to do with anything? PS: it is soooooo Dutch to criticize others' opinions.....hahah. That little village mentality is why I left 18 years ago. Success in het dorp!
Football HD
Football HD Hace 11 meses
Stop with mentioning Cruyff and Frenkie in one sentence, complete nonsense. Frenkie is Frenkie and Cruyff was Cruyff. And im Dutch.
Oxydane Hace 11 meses
is it me or does de jong = iniesta???
Bharath krishna
Bharath krishna Hace 11 meses
Bro intro song plzz😇
tiberio135 Hace 11 meses
Do NOT see any brilliance......JUST AN AVERAGE FOOTBALLER. Those who glorify him.....are like Ansu Fati cheerleaders.
tiberio135 Hace 11 meses
@Max Marxs dude, wtf?.....punctuation & style??? was that the subject discussed? Go f*** yourself.
Max Marxs
Max Marxs Hace 11 meses
I didn't criticise your grammar, rather your punctuation and style choices. And now I'm criticising your word choices, because your swearing further confirms you are a pubescent child, regardless of age this time.
tiberio135 Hace 11 meses
@Max Marxs Grammar, the last recourse of a LOSER. Fu,ck you and de jong.
alex zandberg
alex zandberg Hace 11 meses
i would suggest a few years more at school and a visit to the opticien(to get some glasses because you must be blind)
Max Marxs
Max Marxs Hace 11 meses
@tiberio135 Your use of elipsis and caps make me think you must be no older than 14. Not saying that makes you too young to voice your opinion, but you're definitely too young for me to trust your judgment.
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