The Brilliance of Roberto Firmino 2019

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[The Brilliance of Roberto Firmino 2019]
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Produced by: Filip Hennig
Computer used: Macbook Pro 15' Retina
Software used: Final Cut Pro X
Im an 18 year old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favourite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace un año
Every attacking player dreams of playing next to Roberto Firmino! 🔝🔥
Up the reds!
Up the reds! Hace 3 meses
@Esosa Osayi LOL
akivito yeptho
akivito yeptho Hace un año
Esosa Osayi laca is good but come on firmino is more than a striker!! He's something else
akivito yeptho
akivito yeptho Hace un año
Arthur _ it's for sure for those who understand and appreciate football
Henry 6ryan
Henry 6ryan Hace un año
Arthur _ that’s ok, nobody asked you.
Mike Tan
Mike Tan Hace un año
Neymar is a lucky man
Azouz Lazalou
Azouz Lazalou Hace 2 meses
Another version of benzema ❤️world classe bobby
ramjaurmez Hace 4 meses
slowly ronaldo
Divyesh Got2
Divyesh Got2 Hace 4 meses
This video was blocked..why?👀
Hming Thana
Hming Thana Hace 4 meses Check out
Sujata Mohanty
Sujata Mohanty Hace 4 meses
King of fake skills
Sujata Mohanty
Sujata Mohanty Hace 4 meses
I want a video on The brilliance of Score90 videos 🙂
Sujata Mohanty
Sujata Mohanty Hace 4 meses
Made in Bundesliga
Hamid Abdramane
Hamid Abdramane Hace 5 meses
This is my best players
วีระศํกดิ์ จันธเขต
วีระศํกดิ์ จันธเขต Hace un año
i wish he stays at liverpool till he's retired
Outrafita Hace un año
Brasiliano Soares Filho
Brasiliano Soares Filho Hace un año
Luiz Thrash Metal
Luiz Thrash Metal Hace un año
Firmino além de um atacante matador é muito inteligente jogando. Não joga tão bem na seleção por causa do treinador tite.Tite tá matando o futebol dos jogadores.
The Dunya done ya
The Dunya done ya Hace un año
*roberto "the system" firmino*
Shine banana
Shine banana Hace un año
Best moments of mane firmino and salah
Futbol Drones
Futbol Drones Hace un año
Trump-Firmino for President 2020-Making Liverpool Greater Again-No Collusion 2020
Simon Chuks
Simon Chuks Hace un año
He is a joy to watch
Simon Chuks
Simon Chuks Hace un año
The engine room of the attacking trio, he sacrifices himself for the other two.
sledger2003 Hace un año
Bobby is the secret in the secret sauce ...
robs Hace un año
ai chega na seleção pior que G. Jesus
Jimmy John
Jimmy John Hace un año
Welcome to FC Barcelona 2020/21 season!
Joshua Chandra
Joshua Chandra Hace un año
I heard michelle lee's voice from astro supersport
Nduduzo Malunga
Nduduzo Malunga Hace un año
He is on his own level👌, a true reflection of a number 9!!!
Bagas Hace un año
The best bobby
Askild Olsson Strand
Askild Olsson Strand Hace un año
Roberto firmino are the fucking best player in the world
Ray Mullababii
Ray Mullababii Hace un año
Not a liverpool fan but world class footballer
Eric naldo
Eric naldo Hace un año
Best "9,5" in the world Firmino
kiki rani
kiki rani Hace un año
0:25 Rihanna is that you?
Hendrik Pardede
Hendrik Pardede Hace un año
❤👍👍bobby..great skill..
w w
w w Hace un año
3:48 reminds me a bit of MSN
khoa đăng
khoa đăng Hace un año
who firmino fans take attendance
MrAds80s Hace un año
Gonna need to update this video with this recent piece of art v. Newcastle:
Kennedy Sousa
Kennedy Sousa Hace un año
E por que ele não joga tudo isso na seleção? O esquema do tite tem que mudar pro futebol do Firmino aparecer na seleção!
Mohamed Ayyad
Mohamed Ayyad Hace un año
The best player on the team, without him Salah or Mane do not get 1/2 of their goals. I am glad that he is on our team. Go Liverpool
Najib Rahman
Najib Rahman Hace un año
This needs to be updated after his double assist vs Newcastle.
Bayu Adhitama
Bayu Adhitama Hace un año
The best
Just Some Guy
Just Some Guy Hace un año
The greatest Brazilian to play in the premier league no one even comes close
Pertama Kedua
Pertama Kedua Hace un año
Do you know the benefits of having unsung hero like firmino? You can sell your "fake heroes" to rich clubs at very high prices, and your club will keep playing well because the real best players are still in your club.
kitipan Taesuwan
kitipan Taesuwan Hace un año
This is such a pleasure to watch.
โบ โมบาย
โบ โมบาย Hace un año
forshippingon34 Hace un año
10 years from now, we’ll be privileged to claim Bobby as one of ours.
Thom Leo
Thom Leo Hace un año
Freddie Herdman
Freddie Herdman Hace un año
I could watch him forever
Aaron Hace un año
Good video, but to understand just how complete a player Firmino is and why he's so important to Klopp's setup you have to include the defensive side of his game, especially how he's the key to the counterpress. No one does it better than this guy.
Julian A
Julian A Hace un año
Forever and ever Brazilian Benzema, it's my dream for the past 5 years to see me in white.
Deadeye1967 Hace un año
He loves it at Liverpool, he won't leave, perfect fit where he is.
Shomari Grant
Shomari Grant Hace un año
Yo, everything about this video was awesome🔥 Nice work!
ʀɪғғs 's
ʀɪғғs 's Hace un año
Hasaan 03
Hasaan 03 Hace un año
too good yet too underrated
johnatan Brito
johnatan Brito Hace un año
Joga muito
johnatan Brito
johnatan Brito Hace un año
Ishwaren Ponnen
Ishwaren Ponnen Hace un año
How could 131 dislike this videos🤦‍♂️
DC9 DC9 Hace un año
Good song keep up the post malone
męninø Ňęý !
męninø Ňęý ! Hace un año
Argentina is una mierda
Frizzz Ace
Frizzz Ace Hace un año
the backbone of liverpool,without him liverpool cant be close winning the uefa champions league
Victor Henrique Perreira
Victor Henrique Perreira Hace un año
TrippyTippyNippy Hace un año
Was bought the same time with look at the difference
ixigui brabo
ixigui brabo Hace un año
Na seleção joga nada por culpa do Tite põe na pocisao errada
Amierul Aiziq
Amierul Aiziq Hace un año
How is one playstyle shows selfishness and humble? It just tactical. There's no morality and values involve. Its just what he needs to do based on his strength and weaknesses.
Vinícius Figueiredo
Vinícius Figueiredo Hace un año
Drible, passe, finalização e faro de gol. Um baita atacante!
Abah Nafis
Abah Nafis Hace un año
obviously he is the most developed player in the last couple years....from good, to brilliance to the best ever....
Nah Dats not Me
Nah Dats not Me Hace un año
Liverpool have the luckiest goals on football for the past 2 years
Deadeye1967 Hace un año
It's not luck.
Mark Jones
Mark Jones Hace un año
Bobby is the teams engine. If he is having a good game the whole team play very well. A bad game by Bobby and we seem to struggle. Let's hope he is on fire against Chelski on Sunday and helps provide that sixth win in the league and Man City slip up against Watford :-)
Danny James
Danny James Hace un año
The song though 😁
Manraj Singh
Manraj Singh Hace un año
New age Benzema 🤙🤙
Adonias Feitosa
Adonias Feitosa Hace un año
Firmino 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Shakeel Malik
Shakeel Malik Hace un año
Liverpool legend.
J Scooby
J Scooby Hace un año
firmino is strategy
Instinct B.E
Instinct B.E Hace un año
Thanks for making video about Bobby he deserves it. He always smiles n make everyone happy 😂😂😂
Reze Hace un año
0:34 no card?
AHMED DAWOOD Hace un año
better comes to RealMadrid!
Deadeye1967 Hace un año
Artemis Mizó
Artemis Mizó Hace un año
Yeah my boy❤❤❤ The perfect false 9✌ Master of No Look Goal✌ Bobby you'll never walk alone💪💪💪
Stamatis Paleocrassas
Stamatis Paleocrassas Hace un año
Liverpool is so lucky to have Firmino. He is the mastermind behind a lot of the goals on our team. Him and our wing backs I believe had more than 30 assists last year in just the PL. It's a great system that Klopp is running, one without many flaws.
Mag Dog
Mag Dog Hace un año
Bobby is amazing,! Pinpoint passing, literally knows the exact speed and style of the wingers, draws out defenders, never selfish, and always humble. E veryone talks about Salah and Sane, he makes them look good every day...
Mervat Elgamal
Mervat Elgamal Hace un año
Gotta love Firmino!
The Colossus
The Colossus Hace un año
I love Firmino, one of my favourite LFC players of all time. The sad fact, he's a striker who plays as a CAM, if he were to be considered an attacking midfielder he'd be considered one of the best attacking midfielders around, but as he's a CF/ST people always seem to find a reason to say "well, he's a striker who doesn't score a lot" rather than appreciate the absolute shift he puts in every game, how completely unselfish he is on the ball and how many chances he creates.
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace un año
The most underrated footballer in the world period.
suharu Hace un año
Manchester united ansu
SheriffShereef Hace un año
Criminally underrated
Kc Onse
Kc Onse Hace un año
The only good thing we got from Brendan Rodgers. Unfortunately too he was playing him as a wing back when he introduced 3-5-2. Thank God for Klopp
Deadeye1967 Hace un año
Milner, Studge, Couts , weren't bad.
Rich Connor
Rich Connor Hace un año
Good video, great player. Shame about the shite music.
Nick Harmoush
Nick Harmoush Hace un año
as a hardcore Liverpool supporter, I believe Firmino is the most influential player the reds have got. Just fantastic.
Alexander Hewett
Alexander Hewett Hace un año
Only criticism is that you should have included that flick over Ceballos against Arsenal in our most recent game with them
Still Koh
Still Koh Hace un año
Fantastic my favorite player
Kaydenn Hace un año
Tell u what if the brazil international team decides to use his ability and make him the heart of their attack like Liverpool. Im sure their attack will be the best.
Kaydenn Hace un año
worlds most underrated player. He always performs. Maybe doesnt always scores or assist but he does give Liverpool balance. I'd say he is the heart of the liverpool attack.
kjLFC Hace un año
This video already needs to be updated
darkghostgaming s22
darkghostgaming s22 Hace un año
Liverpool's attack are like the pieces of a puzzle, they fit in perfectly but have different shapes
darkghostgaming s22
darkghostgaming s22 Hace un año
Not only that he has the best celebrations too!
He’s so cocky, he thinks he’s world class when he’s just good 🤦🏼‍♂️
Still a great video good music and editing 👏🏽
ניר מורגן
ניר מורגן Hace un año
The best player in the world and my favourite player and Phill coutinio back to Liverpool I hate salah he is bad player
Jonathan Gadzini
Jonathan Gadzini Hace un año
F*cking amazing dribbler & playmaker I’m never so relaxed watching a ball game as I am watching Liverpool lately. All year really
เนย์ ชาแนล
เนย์ ชาแนล Hace un año
marcsirasit Hace un año
so smooth and clean
chonlaphat surakamheang
chonlaphat surakamheang Hace un año
The next level play 🤙❤️
Joshwele Acho
Joshwele Acho Hace un año
You Sir You Thank You For The Great Video You Really Get the best Highlight of Bobby ...Hope To see more from Videos from you thank You
Filip Drmanovic
Filip Drmanovic Hace un año
this is faul, he use his arms to push away.. 0:32
이상화 Hace un año
the most perfect false nine ever!
Malligrub 1
Malligrub 1 Hace un año
Awesome vid, great music. These 3 guys together are completely unplayable.
Frank Franky
Frank Franky Hace un año
Firmino Liverpool's Messi !!!
ikhsan_dian_nugraha Hace un año
The man who make Brazil lit the trophy again
Prashant Bairagi
Prashant Bairagi Hace un año
The finesse of a Brazilian and the workrate of a scot..the perfect blend..what a player..take a bow señor.
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