The Brilliance of Karim Benzema 2019

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[The Brilliance of Karim Benzema 2019]
- The best skills, passes & goals from Karim Benzema during the year 2019 at Real Madrid.
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I'm a 19-year-old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favorite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig
Produced by: Filip Hennig
Computer used: Macbook Pro 15' Retina
Software used: Final Cut Pro X
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The main goal with this channel is to express my love for football in a creative and fun way. I dedicate hours upon hours to make every single video feel unique and inspiring. I really hope you will enjoy this channel!
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace un año
Patryk Rogacki
Patryk Rogacki Hace 6 meses
@N SafieGJ9 is much better player, on the field and outside of it
03 Alif Okta
03 Alif Okta Hace 11 meses
Tom Nikolaisen
Tom Nikolaisen Hace 11 meses
DMN man! You're a pro! Please do a summary of every Ødegaard match from now on ;)
Tom Nikolaisen
Tom Nikolaisen Hace 11 meses
one minute into the video my thought is; Benzema is great, but the guy putting this video together is even better...
Benzema The GOAT
Benzema The GOAT Hace un año
Laki Kahn
Laki Kahn Hace 21 un hora
Insha allah iam going to play laliga
YOUTOPIA Hace 4 días
Yahia Alhariri
Yahia Alhariri Hace 10 días
Everyone makes luis suarze famouse due to thier fans but if we take a look at benzema he is more talnted than him but people do not talk about him
Liris Nomis
Liris Nomis Hace 19 días
BENZEMA | BIG BENZ | Real Madrid Striker | Best Skills, Goals & Assists (2020)
This is the best name i could come up with
This is the best name i could come up with Hace un mes
1:18 that curve..
Yes Yes
Yes Yes Hace un mes
Karim le footballeur qui a presque réussi à me faire arrêter de regarder les vidéos de Zizou ZZ
Lonaj Gamer
Lonaj Gamer Hace un mes
Surprisingly He has no red card
Rawda Ibrahim
Rawda Ibrahim Hace 2 meses
Gfgkb due on December ssf
d bourke
d bourke Hace 3 meses
Benzema is the guy who creates all the magic when Real Madrid scores a goal. He is the cook who mixes all the ingredients together and goes even further to make a dessert for you.
Mister Magic
Mister Magic Hace 3 meses
PPL are sleeping on Real Madrid wait until hazard comes back at full strength + their young player have great potential they just need a RB and maybe someone to replace Bale and they have a chance for the UCL
Mani Khan
Mani Khan Hace 3 meses
Underrated player
mg Hace 3 meses
Yoel FT
Yoel FT Hace 3 meses
Mas videos asi porfa 😅 uno nuevo ya
Miffy Sansa
Miffy Sansa Hace 3 meses
He is playmaker no doubt about this 👌👌
Abdikarim Farah
Abdikarim Farah Hace 4 meses
Gabriel Santos da Silva
Gabriel Santos da Silva Hace 4 meses
Jean-Christ Djelhi Yahot
Jean-Christ Djelhi Yahot Hace 4 meses
benzema’s ball control and dribbling is so under rated one of the best in europe
vision Hace 4 meses
Why is he so underrated
EMus Mustofa
EMus Mustofa Hace 4 meses
Whats name Music your intro ??
Expert Only
Expert Only Hace 4 meses
Stupidity real madrid
Expert Only
Expert Only Hace 4 meses
Coll Barcenola
shaheer kariyath
shaheer kariyath Hace 4 meses
Ersin Eken
Ersin Eken Hace 4 meses
It was a nice video, I am making these kinds of videos, don't forget to check my channel !! Neymar Skills =
augusto Calero
augusto Calero Hace 4 meses
Legendary KB9 ⚽
Akila De silva
Akila De silva Hace 4 meses
However good he is he's not Messi/CR7 level. I'm glad that France won 2018 WC without him
RM 4Ever
RM 4Ever Hace 4 meses
There are a lot of fans who hate Benzema and hope he will leave Real Madrid, but this is really a better Benzema than Levandowski and Suarez for Real Madrid I repeat (for Real Madrid) because Benzema is technically and in offensive activation is better than Lewandowski and Suarez, when you have players like Neymar Technically, Messi, Robin, and Ribery are the best in the world. You will need a classic striker, such as Lewandowski, Suarez, and Harry Kane. When you have players like Gareth Bale and Ronaldo, technically weak and not dribbler ,you will need a striker like Benzema. His role is to create spaces. And attract the opponent's defenders to create spaces for players who are quick
THIAGØ DRØID Hace 4 meses
Name music 4:30
Pharos Pix
Pharos Pix Hace 4 meses
It will be difficult for Mbappe to be better than Benzema. Wait and see. The bar is high.
eboiin Hace 4 meses
Benzema > Lewa, today and forever
Firell Parker
Firell Parker Hace 4 meses
He should have his World Cup medal
brandon chevalier
brandon chevalier Hace 5 meses
Benzema or Aguero???
Bryan Guerra
Bryan Guerra Hace 5 meses
Mbappe would love to play next to him for one season. Imagine all the goals that would be scored.
Asterios Gougoy
Asterios Gougoy Hace 5 meses check ❤️🙏🏾
sallah at
sallah at Hace 5 meses
Nature Z
Nature Z Hace 5 meses
The Di Stéfano of the XXI century.
Sajad Kamil
Sajad Kamil Hace 5 meses
Sajad Kamil
Sajad Kamil Hace 5 meses
Forza Juventus
Forza Juventus Hace 5 meses
One of the best strikers in the world
Ousmane camara
Ousmane camara Hace 5 meses
Antonio Wanderson
Antonio Wanderson Hace 5 meses
Um atacante excelente de movimentação e passe e gols
MrizalaunurR Hace 5 meses
this man is so consistent, 10 years in RM and still unreplaceable 🔥🔥
Azwan Zainal
Azwan Zainal Hace 5 meses
Benzema always my second favourite at RM after Ronaldo
God's Own Country Kerala
God's Own Country Kerala Hace 5 meses
Ovidio Prudencio
Ovidio Prudencio Hace 5 meses
Best 9.5 (half 10/half 9) in the game.
hunter 45 fishing
hunter 45 fishing Hace 5 meses
He was the top scorer before he left OL, that's why he is special, now zidane love him surely he perfoming well.
Arturo Diaz
Arturo Diaz Hace 5 meses
glad, that he stayed instead of higuain
Na2s _
Na2s _ Hace 5 meses
Na2s _
Na2s _ Hace 5 meses
trop nul benzema
Jose Maria Ladron de Guevara
Jose Maria Ladron de Guevara Hace 6 meses
Cuando quiere es un fenómeno ⚽️🙌👏👏👏🙌
rapowy maradona
rapowy maradona Hace 6 meses
I dont like him,but hi is top class
Zakaria Benayad
Zakaria Benayad Hace 6 meses
Only people Who know football love benzema🖤
Hat trick of Karim Benzana
Ssj Hace 6 meses
Suarez so much better
real madrid
real madrid Hace 5 meses
Haha next joke
Abdus Samad
Abdus Samad Hace 6 meses
He might not be in the national team and he might not be liked by many people but still he is loved by many people like me he is a legend and also he has literally beaten Neymar to get a place in my dream team. WOW....what a player
Ramdibaaz Londa
Ramdibaaz Londa Hace 6 meses
He is not fastest Nor best dribbler Nor best finisher Nor strongest But most important thing is that he is better than most at all this things 😁
Barcelona News
Barcelona News Hace 6 meses
Benzema topçu falan değil arkadaş
Cash Flow
Cash Flow Hace 6 meses
And yes it’s 2019.... Unbelievable Kb9!
Noelle Raza Raza Noëlle
Noelle Raza Raza Noëlle Hace 6 meses
The best Real m
Patryk Rogacki
Patryk Rogacki Hace 6 meses
Benzema formula 1 is much slower than Giroud carting, that's why karim sukcs, he is not even in top 50 world strikers. :D What kind of person shit on teammates more that asshole, national team is for the best of the best and he's not one of those :D
yo k
yo k Hace 6 meses
Le meilleur...malgré la pression il est toujours là
Chris Lukusa
Chris Lukusa Hace 6 meses
Can play 9 and 10 easily to much talent
Justice Hace 6 meses
Some say he swift like F1
manuel rueda
manuel rueda Hace 6 meses
Tha cat benzema
dodo wd
dodo wd Hace 6 meses
Vihan Subramaniam
Vihan Subramaniam Hace 6 meses
And people say Giroud is a better player lol
dodo wd
dodo wd Hace 6 meses
Are you imagine??Lol
CanonNikonMan241 Hace 7 meses
As a Liverpool fan who knows the value of Firmino to his team, I think RM have a hidden gem who makes the whole attack work 🔥
Мухаммед Hace 7 meses
better dribbler than cr7
Mohammed Abdouh
Mohammed Abdouh Hace 7 meses
Este video esta robado
36 That's a Kilo Gloves not Included PGP is Must
36 That's a Kilo Gloves not Included PGP is Must Hace 7 meses
Sergio ramos +modric +benzema That is the spine of real madrid You don't stay 10 years plus in real madrid for jokes
DAMI Hace 7 meses
julius awuku
julius awuku Hace 7 meses
Always benz improve himself
Josué Matos
Josué Matos Hace 7 meses
Uma pena ser intrigado com a seleção da frança😞
AMDdotcom Hace 7 meses
Deceiving video that doesn’t reflect the truth
G Force
G Force Hace 6 meses
240 goals for real madrid
raswan ali
raswan ali Hace 8 meses
Benzema is rubbish and underrated
Mehdi Bb
Mehdi Bb Hace 8 meses
Les algériens ont un touché de balle magique ...
habz mahmud
habz mahmud Hace 8 meses
The best striker in world football
sito alvarez
sito alvarez Hace 8 meses
Mataooo que eres un Mataooo. Gato malo. Sin sangre ni naaa.
incog 18
incog 18 Hace 8 meses
He should play over giroud at the Euros
K-1 Fighter
K-1 Fighter Hace 8 meses
Real madrid better have a great striker like Benzema when they already sold all their best players otherwise Real madrid will become in the level of Eibar and Rayo Vallecano !
Abrahan Gomez
Abrahan Gomez Hace 8 meses
The most complete 9 ever , can do everything , pass , score , 1 vs1 , play without the ball , dribble
Mounim ELMOUSSAOUI Hace 8 meses
Le joueur que la France a crucifié et que le Réal Madrid et Zidane ont ressuscité
Farid Ayadi
Farid Ayadi Hace 8 meses
Bofbof pour la france.
caracuero w
caracuero w Hace 8 meses
el mejor delantero con vision de juego y marca goles tambien.
조성욱 Hace 8 meses
Still in world class
Timo Werner
Timo Werner Hace 9 meses
Big benz
Ashwin K
Ashwin K Hace 9 meses
Only man who knows who is benzema is cristiano .. Cristiano is actually missing our big benz 💞
iwangyo Hace 9 meses
He is Lord Benzema!! He is wak Ajii!!
Jon Sk
Jon Sk Hace 9 meses
I hope he retires at Real Madrid alongside Ramos and Marcelo....these guys are at the club since I started supporting the club at 2009
jogso novski
jogso novski Hace 9 meses
Legend ❤
MrX Hace 9 meses
The only player who remind me of R9 with the way he moves, if he had the pace, he would be more amazing.
Arifa Hussain
Arifa Hussain Hace 9 meses
When he will again play international football????🤔🤔🤔🤔
Matt97 Chanel tv
Matt97 Chanel tv Hace 9 meses
KB9 legend of real madrid
Om Smak
Om Smak Hace 8 meses
Mr.Scientific Temper
Mr.Scientific Temper Hace 9 meses
His ability to play in close spaces is amazing
Agha GEDE Hace 9 meses
He is like a leader in the Battle field
Agha GEDE Hace 9 meses
1:23 EPIC
Invalid Ll
Invalid Ll Hace 9 meses
I’m not a Real Madrid fan but is a better version of Karim benzema 👏
idag bu
idag bu Hace 9 meses
The emperor
Gitesh Ff
Gitesh Ff Hace 9 meses
Song name plz
Karim Benzema 2020 - IMPOSSIBLE TO STOP
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