The Art of Defending

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Watch the best tackles, goal line clearences and much more in the art of defending. Edited by Score 90.
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I'm a 20-year-old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favorite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig
Produced by: Filip Hennig
Computer used: Macbook Pro 15' Retina
Software used: Final Cut Pro X
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The main goal with this channel is to express my love for football in a creative and fun way. I dedicate hours upon hours to make every single video feel unique and inspiring. I really hope you will enjoy this channel!
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace 19 días
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Richard Edward
Richard Edward Hace 3 días
Kristo Eldev
Kristo Eldev Hace 9 días
Graj z Kuba,Speel met Kuba,Play with Kuba
Graj z Kuba,Speel met Kuba,Play with Kuba Hace 10 días
@เปรม'ม กระ'หรี่ englich
Graj z Kuba,Speel met Kuba,Play with Kuba
Graj z Kuba,Speel met Kuba,Play with Kuba Hace 10 días
Eke me
Bojken Sulejmani
Bojken Sulejmani Hace 11 días
I like the intro
Aleksa Cvetanovic
Aleksa Cvetanovic Hace 12 horas
Le Talek from Crvena zvezda vs Wilshire
Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar Hace 18 horas
ronaldo sucks
Ck Mishi
Ck Mishi Hace un día
Vsn dik should be here
Lotfi Zekhmi
Lotfi Zekhmi Hace un día
3:10 sadio vs virjil
Pes Love
Pes Love Hace un día
pes mobile skill
제자축 Hace un día
진정한 수비는 이런 태클이아닌 공을 막는것입니다 마라디니에 말중 이런 말이 있습니다 내가 태클을해야한다면 전 이미 실수를 저지른 것입니다
DaeYT Hace un día
6:56 Hasta a mi me dolió f por Messi xd
thije van driel
thije van driel Hace 2 días
The thing i love about this is im also a defender and i do this almost every week but than amateur
linh Huỳnh
linh Huỳnh Hace 3 días
0:38 đỉnh cao....
bla bla
bla bla Hace 4 días
so funny seeing ramos stopping penaldo. Also, Nesta really made messi frustrated. And speaking of nesta, I miss my AC Milan team of the early 2000s like no one can imagine. I have always told everyone that with the Milan team of that era (Nesta, Maldini, Pirlo, Cafu, Shevchenko, Seedorf, Inzaghi and Kaka) no other team, under no other manager would be able to oppose them in any way. Not Barca, not Real, not Man City, not Bayern, not anyone. The fun I have had between 2000 and 2007 when I have watched the magic of that Milan team.... no one can even compare today, and only those who have watched them live, 2 times a week for a decade like I have will understand and agree to what I've said.
Lorenzo Omar
Lorenzo Omar Hace 4 días
It is very sad for Liverpool that the best defebder in the world Virgil Van Dijk is injured and is eliminated before the end of the season
Adil Burabaev
Adil Burabaev Hace 4 días
Mutch attention is paid to the attackers on the football field, but the defenders also play a big role, withour goos defenders there will be no victories
Kaizer Hace 5 días
3:30 can anyone give me tittle of the song pls ?
Sevril K.A
Sevril K.A Hace 5 días
Maldini one of the best defender ever
RAPSOL_ BAAM Hace 5 días
Check video on my channel... 🔥🔥
David Andonov
David Andonov Hace 5 días
the offside trap though
BRO 'S LİVEE Hace 5 días
Where is VİDAA ?
Музычка кайфовая .особенно на 01:29
MA - 06NA 797264 Hazel McCallion Sr PS
MA - 06NA 797264 Hazel McCallion Sr PS Hace 6 días
This is so cool. I could never play soccer:(
Finason ft
Finason ft Hace 6 días
3:33 music name?
st Demetrio
st Demetrio Hace 6 días
1) first sound line (mb its music i dont know) is rubbish .2) in video : The ART of defending was`t Maldini or Nesta ? Are you serious ?
Mandeep sandhu
Mandeep sandhu Hace 6 días
hey whats the name of ur intro song its sounds amazing! :)
Paul Baiju
Paul Baiju Hace 6 días
MALICK DAO Hace 7 días
Regade me these really a football
Mishka Kavalski
Mishka Kavalski Hace 7 días
Likith Kalva
Likith Kalva Hace 7 días
b ro intro song pls
moazzo hossain
moazzo hossain Hace 8 días
Real Madrid 5 : 2 Barcelona .
Omed Saed
Omed Saed Hace 8 días
Hatice Özen
Hatice Özen Hace 8 días
What is the name of song? Ending is 3:15
Oppong Godwin
Oppong Godwin Hace 8 días
Phil Jones😍🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jeffery Oppong
Jeffery Oppong Hace 8 días
4:58 The legendary Phil Jones. That masterpiece is so underrated
Tom Cornelius
Tom Cornelius Hace 8 días
I'm glad Jonesta made this video. Truly one of the greats
Aflah P
Aflah P Hace 8 días
Who watching this you are an defender😊
Morium Akter Mishu
Morium Akter Mishu Hace 8 días
Richard A. Holt
Richard A. Holt Hace 8 días
When I coached the young kids, they all wanted to play offense. I emphasized to them that with a great defense, if you never let the other team score, they can never win. You could see their little light bulbs exploding.
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina Hace 8 días
Fouls are not defending.
tiruwork tadese
tiruwork tadese Hace 8 días
close to 1 million , excellent channel
Paweł Ryta
Paweł Ryta Hace 9 días
That video is absolutely awesome. Pure joy to watch. Great job, S90.
Zibran Hace 9 días
I don’t know why but the dedication level of these players are bringing tears on my eyes
FrayzPlayz Hace 9 días
The Best 4:59 LOL
Bahi Smart
Bahi Smart Hace 9 días
I liked to see seprated part for stopping Messi & Ronaldo
Auj Playz
Auj Playz Hace 9 días
Stopping messi and ronaldo were lucky chances since both can't really be stopped except for maybe ronlado
Pritam Mitra
Pritam Mitra Hace 9 días
Just 1 clip of Pique and Puyol and only 2 of Ramos?
Ivar Dagsvold
Ivar Dagsvold Hace 9 días
rsn2 Hace 9 días
When defenders are better then goalkeepers...
Ryan Shawaluk
Ryan Shawaluk Hace 10 días
4:35 #rocket league #groundpinch
DonJuanTorquemada84 Hace 10 días
Nesta and Maldini?
W_key Thomas
W_key Thomas Hace 10 días
1:40 he Got smashed
hsyn Cftc
hsyn Cftc Hace 10 días
respect for all defenders or goalkeepers who are very underrated. respect dude for all your videos
Chaos Kaotix
Chaos Kaotix Hace 10 días
6:55 That went from 😅 to this 😦 real quick
Ahmad Qaied
Ahmad Qaied Hace 10 días
Please tell me song name please please please please please please please
Kidus Zerihun
Kidus Zerihun Hace 10 días
I loved that offside track
Egle Os
Egle Os Hace 10 días
There was also an amazing save from James Milner against bornemouth
Riswan Hashim
Riswan Hashim Hace 10 días
Most underrated football video ever seen
Kn Maheri Jaya Tp
Kn Maheri Jaya Tp Hace 11 días
4:47 my man jonesta!
Where is Melih demiral
Aaron Martinez
Aaron Martinez Hace 11 días
Imagine being so good that there’s a whole category about successful tackles on you
Teresa Atkins
Teresa Atkins Hace 11 días
You don’t know anything about to defending
Team bros Yo
Team bros Yo Hace 11 días
brilliant video man like if u guys agree
Niranjan Ranjith
Niranjan Ranjith Hace 11 días
What a save
Betty James
Betty James Hace 11 días
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Matteo Blu
Matteo Blu Hace 11 días
Destructa Phoenix
Destructa Phoenix Hace 11 días
I love how there's a separate section for the goats
Asher Atubra
Asher Atubra Hace 11 días
3:08 and this is y big Virg is fire!
The Gaming Dude
The Gaming Dude Hace 11 días
Goalkeeper: I make the best saves The guy on 0:48 hold my bear
Gamerboy69 69isagoodposition
Gamerboy69 69isagoodposition Hace 11 días
Me trying to score a goal in Rivals be like: 0:42
Stalin Fernandez
Stalin Fernandez Hace 12 días
5:11 luis suarez alredy celebrated
MFP INDIAN Hace 12 días
Arsh Thakur
Arsh Thakur Hace 12 días
I like how there's a different section for stopping Messi and Ronaldo
ReQ Hace 12 días
Music intro?
Dawn Hightower
Dawn Hightower Hace 12 días
nice video
David Cede
David Cede Hace 12 días
1:28 goal⚽️🔥
jakogamer 27
jakogamer 27 Hace 12 días
Im looking live a Italian save
Afghan Boy
Afghan Boy Hace 12 días
Defenders are goalkeeper's cloest friends on the pitch
Florian Games
Florian Games Hace 12 días
nsndǝ dlʞɐ uɐ dɹɐʍpǝ 🇸 🇿 🇹 🇴 🇸
Its Me
Its Me Hace 12 días
4:59 was legendary
eltoro gillz
eltoro gillz Hace 12 días
Maguire could have seen this but unfortunately ed Woodward bulked at the wifi company's £120 for fast internet asking price
Sinister Hace 12 días
Wish Maguire could do this
Kushal prakash
Kushal prakash Hace 12 días
Keith Savio
Keith Savio Hace 12 días
this makes you wonder what the goalkeeper was doing
Bhavya Mittal
Bhavya Mittal Hace 13 días
Let's see how many people are watching this video in October 2020
mu'az .n
mu'az .n Hace 12 días
Suárez pensó que era gol
AMD Noor
AMD Noor Hace 13 días
Defenders are only the wall and hope of team Don’t think defending sucks
How to do ANYTHING- Ft. Zaid & Alia
How to do ANYTHING- Ft. Zaid & Alia Hace 13 días
7:01 That’s not Messi or Ronaldo!
Sam Heron
Sam Heron Hace 9 días
The new Messi and Ronaldo
TwoNil Hace 13 días
400 comment
Beny Hulpea
Beny Hulpea Hace 13 días
I'm like all of them. At my school there's two teams the football team vs rugby team but still go to the same school at lunch. Me and my best mate play defence and I. But I do the most work clear and defend. take hits and nearly get injured badly from just trying to get the ball away. Out of all my tackles and duels over 70% were successful
alexxan Hace 13 días
4:41 Mario Rui was trying to command Koulibaly to go cover the left side but Koulibaly was having none of it
Azerki Yt
Azerki Yt Hace 13 días
Subbing to everyone who subs to me
Subbing to everyone who subs to me Hace 13 días
I pray every one who read my name becomes successful
alexxan Hace 13 días
First Song? Name?
Red Sus
Red Sus Hace 13 días
I hate how underrated defending/defenders are 😔
Hannah Lancaster
Hannah Lancaster Hace 13 días
Thumbs up to Laurent Koscielny👍
Bellhop Logistics
Bellhop Logistics Hace 13 días
Davud Kovačević
Davud Kovačević Hace 13 días
Is it just me or did Suarez already started celebrating after shooting the free kick
Nashe Mbano
Nashe Mbano Hace 13 días
thank for the the way you made us know the type of defense
The SpeciaL OnE
The SpeciaL OnE Hace 13 días
3:10 Mane vs Vandijk 😂
The SpeciaL OnE
The SpeciaL OnE Hace 13 días
0:37 Florensi vs Muller was insane!!!
Kasper Lakshitha
Kasper Lakshitha Hace 13 días
4:58 *If defence is an art he is the artist*
Mann Chaturvedi
Mann Chaturvedi Hace 13 días
Legendary Goals
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