The Absolute Class of Kai Havertz

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The best skills, passes and goals of Kai Havertz during the 2019-2020 season at Leverkusen.
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I'm a 19-year-old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favorite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig
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Ajeet Jieroun
Ajeet Jieroun Hace 4 días
I hate the fact that Werner did all the hard work and scores a beautiful brace and also and assist and a goal to havertz name but our defensive aren't able to help maintain the lead thus winning
Oscar junior
Oscar junior Hace 24 días
Damn so cool, Chelsea star incoming
trupiil Hace 25 días
Everything about him says Real Madrid, but now he's at Chelski, which is maybe good because at Madrid you get benched so quickly. Hopefully he can play as a striker as well, I want more of his goals. They're all beauties.
Amaan Zubair
Amaan Zubair Hace 26 días
Here after his hattrick for Chelsea.
Alessio Cerda Mata
Alessio Cerda Mata Hace un mes
Technical high class
Gomez Lala
Gomez Lala Hace un mes
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Tengri Wolf Shamanic Music Channel
Tengri Wolf Shamanic Music Channel Hace un mes
Overrated Player... ZANIOLO from As Roma is much better
Byaru Ben
Byaru Ben Hace un mes
Next xavi bro
abcdefghijklmnop Hace un mes
Leverkusener Qualität🖤❤
Heinz Manfred Richterberg
Heinz Manfred Richterberg Hace un mes
What if he would take creatin
Young dagger Dick
Young dagger Dick Hace un mes
Viel Glück in London Bro
Shailendra Dwivedi
Shailendra Dwivedi Hace un mes
He's a reflection of prime and young ozil and he's gonna assist Timo Werner this season for Chelsea. This is going to be fun. 💯
The Joker
The Joker Hace un mes
Intro music?
William Steel The Gamer
William Steel The Gamer Hace un mes
Let Havertz Be havertz instead of comparing him He will make a name for himself
William Steel The Gamer
William Steel The Gamer Hace 8 días
@Kai Hughes I was typing while thinking what i was gonna write sometimes i get his name wrong so yea
Kai Hughes
Kai Hughes Hace 8 días
@William Steel The Gamer I’m not overreacting I just don’t get how you can spell his name wrong when it’s in the title
William Steel The Gamer
William Steel The Gamer Hace 8 días
@Kai Hughes It just a mistake Don't overreact
Kai Hughes
Kai Hughes Hace 8 días
It’s Havertz how can you get it wrong when his name is in the tite
Kintaro Oe
Kintaro Oe Hace un mes
baba bratan
baba bratan Hace un mes
He is waisted At chealse come to Bayern or real or in barca in a few years
Kendrick 2.0
Kendrick 2.0 Hace un mes
Welcome to CHELSEA FC💙Kai Havertz #29🔵💙🇩🇪💙💙
Emnette dios
Emnette dios Hace un mes
This kid is too soft 4 the premier league... They'll destroy him...
BreezeAgent Hace un mes
Keep crying
marem malung
marem malung Hace un mes
His long passes and lobs seems sooooo effortless. Wow..
Alex Sandro
Alex Sandro Hace un mes
Is that #akon voice 🤔?
Harry Lyan
Harry Lyan Hace un mes
I see young little KaKa. his goals and movements looks so ez for him.. I miss Kaka man
omwoyo erick
omwoyo erick Hace un mes
these talents are going to sack Lampard if he doesnt reward them with a title
davinci Hace un mes
What a player,,, midfielder, striker, defending...just wondering whats his goalkeeping like!!!!!
Nick Venjakob
Nick Venjakob Hace un mes
I am so sad
Life is a Game
Life is a Game Hace un mes
U r Happy
black leg
black leg Hace un mes
If he and mount on 2 cam. I just hope Def n goalkeeper are strong to hold not give them more then 1 goal sure every game will win more then 2-0
Saurab Adhikari
Saurab Adhikari Hace un mes
We are gonna win the chaimpions league
M. K
M. K Hace un mes
Seit Lothar Matthäus gab es keinen besseren deutschen Fussballer als Havertz 😍🤗💪 Wenn es ein deutscher Fussballer die Weltfussballer Trophäe gewinnen kann in den kommenden 10 Jahren, dann nur dieser Havertz ✌👌💪 Die besten Akteure seit 1980: "Lothar Matthäus und Kai Havertz"
Nene Afadzinu
Nene Afadzinu Hace un mes
On my 47th Kai Havertz video
TrapLover Hace un mes
Crazy vision and passes
Niklas R
Niklas R Hace un mes
Starker Spieler, hat uns sehr lange Spaß bereitet. Viel Glück in London!
Stewie Valte
Stewie Valte Hace un mes
Everyone in the comment section be like: ballack and ozil Me: that's the German Zizou
Khan Shamim
Khan Shamim Hace un mes
Absolutely correct bro....the left footed Zidan.....!!!!
Darryl Plays
Darryl Plays Hace un mes
Bye bye Mount, you did well but the big boy is here now.
TY7 TY7 Hace un mes
@Life is a Game I don't think it will. Every team has improved. Chelsea , Arsenal , Everton , wolves , etc.. are improving
Life is a Game
Life is a Game Hace un mes
@TY7 TY7 Tell him but Pl Is gonna be boring because the big teams will dominate small teams but anything can happen I will still watch tho but not so much just highlights.
TY7 TY7 Hace un mes
Mount will still play. Frank Will rotate the squad
ptv news, tv
ptv news, tv Hace un mes
Welcome to Chelsea
The pixelbust
The pixelbust Hace un mes
Viel Erfolg noch Kai. Danke, für die tollen Jahre bei uns.
Winston Bradley
Winston Bradley Hace un mes
He's good but overrated
Ihsan 2609
Ihsan 2609 Hace un mes
Imagine Giroud, Werner & Pulisic get a frequent quality assist from Kai & Ziyech = whole Lotta goals
Peter Pan
Peter Pan Hace un mes
Half of his genius passes are missed by its teammates. In Chalsea he will have better colleagues and will be score high in assists next season
Mark Farmer
Mark Farmer Hace un mes
That boy is class!
NikoLaus Hace un mes
He seems like a player from fifa12... unrealistically good! Welcome to Chelsea my boy!
Remi10pm Hace un mes
Am I supposed to be impressed?? Gonna get bullied in the premier league lmaooo #GGMU
Nabeel Ahmed
Nabeel Ahmed Hace un mes
Salty Manchester utd fans lol
Sponge The king
Sponge The king Hace un mes
Lol 😂 how is he gonna get bullied 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dr. Münchhausen
Dr. Münchhausen Hace un mes
Er wird sein weg gehen, er erinnert an den jungen draxler...
Redzuan Hisham
Redzuan Hisham Hace un mes
Ozil + ballack = kai harvert
Craig O neill
Craig O neill Hace un mes
What foot is he?
Sayan Kundu
Sayan Kundu Hace un mes
Ray Abdu
Ray Abdu Hace un mes
Just can’t wait 💙💙💙🕺🙂
Kelvin Aziken
Kelvin Aziken Hace un mes
Can't be the only one here even after chelsea has signed this lad.
Poojan Thakkar
Poojan Thakkar Hace un mes
Chelsea fans here after his announcement 🙌🏼
Stephan Franke
Stephan Franke Hace un mes
Was ein Gefühl im Fuß 🥰
Aong thunder 9
Aong thunder 9 Hace un mes
Welcome to chelsea kai havertz
John Walker
John Walker Hace un mes
reminds me of Ozil
Falco de Vienna
Falco de Vienna Hace un mes
3:45 Look at his technique, this slight touch of the ball
Leka Azemi
Leka Azemi Hace un mes
Havertz welcome too chelsea
irfan marwat
irfan marwat Hace un mes
who is here after the signing confirmed
ade 27
ade 27 Hace un mes
Turgay K Official Youtube
Turgay K Official Youtube Hace un mes
Talisca is better than than Havertz and coats only 20 Mio.
1_Abhishek Sen Sarma
1_Abhishek Sen Sarma Hace un mes
Nice joke dude
But Why
But Why Hace un mes
My word. Playing football makes him high
L Wi
L Wi Hace un mes
He looks average at best, going to be too lightweight for first few seasons lampard sacked by Christmas with all these new players & nothing too show
Messy GodQ
Messy GodQ Hace un mes
Want some salt with those chips as a replacement CF he grabbed 6 assist and 9 goals in 10 games the statistics say it all no need to be sad
Omobo Jah'swill
Omobo Jah'swill Hace un mes
Calm, cool and confident. Kai is a baller! ⚽
Karasu Sama
Karasu Sama Hace un mes
Who here after havertz announce??
Francis Lali
Francis Lali Hace un mes
I am here I am happy that Chelsea will sign him
Kirmizi Kara
Kirmizi Kara Hace un mes
He said, Özil was his Idol
Abu Abdillah
Abu Abdillah Hace un mes
Abu Abdillah
Abu Abdillah Hace un mes
Kirmizi Kara
Kirmizi Kara Hace un mes
Next Özil
arthurspooner Hace un mes
brazillian touch of ball meets german accuracy = kai havertz
Khan Shamim
Khan Shamim Hace un mes
Absolutely.... The highest quality he's got....!!!
Paul Nwankwo
Paul Nwankwo Hace un mes
I never comment on videos but this is a masterpiece
Robin Anjimbi
Robin Anjimbi Hace un mes
This boy is fabulous..chelsea we r gonaa be lit
Cool Kid96
Cool Kid96 Hace un mes
Now I have to watch Premier League and Chelsea From Bundesliga and Bayer Leverkusen
Prithvi Biju
Prithvi Biju Hace un mes
Nice skills
ALBERT KIM Hace un mes
As a man u fan..I am not comfortable with this guy coming to Chelsea..I mean hes really good.
Ali B
Ali B Hace un mes
He just has the most ridiculous technique. Doesn’t even look like he has to try, completely effortlessly and seems to not have any real weaknesses. Scoring different types of goals and love how he plays a lot on pure instinct. Great feel and love for the game! Can’t wait to see him in a chelsea shirt 😁
Theo Tsoraklidou
Theo Tsoraklidou Hace un mes
@Patrick #COYB 🔵🔵
ApexZA Hace un mes
@Patrick keep crying
Patrick Hace un mes
Shitty Ch£l$ki Fan 🤮
Jo Hace un mes
Especially remarkable is his coolness and stress resistance before scoring
Drogba81 mika19
Drogba81 mika19 Hace un mes
Look like oscar...welcome to chelsea havertz....
Amar Shemsedin
Amar Shemsedin Hace un mes
He will be a competitor to de bruyne next season..A great challenge for Kevin He is so calm and comfortable with the ball
GODZDOM Hace un mes Kai is also on this top ten future players
KWAME GODRIC Hace un mes
Masterclass 3 in 1 playmaker wonderkid Great piece of video bro.
Jos P
Jos P Hace un mes
His composure and calmness on the ball for his age is sublime !!! Just can't wait to see him officially be chelsea player 💙
Vincent Weber
Vincent Weber Hace un mes
Him, Sané, Gnabry, Brandt and Werner will play together in the german national team for the next years. This might get very interesting.
Lesotho Englebert
Lesotho Englebert Hace un mes
He’s worth more than 90M
Jordan Bishop
Jordan Bishop Hace un mes
Cannot wait to see this man in a Chelsea shirt great signing come on boys!!!
Elvis Nelson
Elvis Nelson Hace un mes
Damn he is not overated 😲😲😲😲
Joey Hackney Chelsea FC fan #ChelseaCrip
Joey Hackney Chelsea FC fan #ChelseaCrip Hace un mes
*Welcome to Chelsea fc💙🙋🏾‍♂️*
Fuhrer nithin
Fuhrer nithin Hace un mes
The finishing from the leverkusen players is dreadful
Young Eric
Young Eric Hace un mes
Plays like OSCAR
Reh Hace un mes
Daaamn he kinda remind me of oscsr
Tony Chukwunwike
Tony Chukwunwike Hace un mes
Extraordinary talent 🔥🔥 welcome to Chelsea
Alexander Otto
Alexander Otto Hace 2 meses
Come to Besiktas
Felix A A
Felix A A Hace 2 meses
He’s like Ozil and Kroos put together. Unreal baller.
Robert Ant
Robert Ant Hace 2 meses
He is the most complete player I’ve seen at that age
Segun Tgo
Segun Tgo Hace 2 meses
haverts = Ozil+neymar+kanu nwan
Segun Tgo
Segun Tgo Hace 2 meses
If chelsea can sign this guy, they will produce world best contender for the first time
Oliver dark dj
Oliver dark dj Hace 2 meses
Wellcome to REAL MADRID!🙋‍♂️
Oliver dark dj
Oliver dark dj Hace un mes
Shidqi Rahmanza
Shidqi Rahmanza Hace un mes
Yurhomi 12
Yurhomi 12 Hace 2 meses
garde lapeche
garde lapeche Hace 2 meses
Amazing how he just GLIDES through the pitch, reminds me of Zidane
boban boban
boban boban Hace 2 meses
BTEC Hazard
Buddy Smooth
Buddy Smooth Hace 2 meses
Der hat schon ein feines Füßchen
Baller. Mac Anthony
Baller. Mac Anthony Hace 2 meses
Havertz is quality 🔥🔥🔥
Sammy Famak
Sammy Famak Hace 2 meses
Welcome to Chelsea 🥰
Johnson Osarodion
Johnson Osarodion Hace 2 meses
Good composure
LeGod De'What
LeGod De'What Hace 2 meses
Winger, Striker, CAM, central midfield, box to box - yes.
j j
j j Hace 2 meses
He will destroy the premier league
Kwarta Okta Fidiyanto
Kwarta Okta Fidiyanto Hace 2 meses
Ozil and kaka combined
Muh Ruslan
Muh Ruslan Hace 2 meses
Imagine Onana Reece. Cristensen. Upamecano. Childwell Rice. Tonali Havertz Ziyech. Werner. Pulisic
Kai Hughes
Kai Hughes Hace un mes
How are you telling me you haven’t included kante and kovacic not only that but rice if we sign him would be a cb that can move to a cdm role when kante ain’t fit and you put Christensen on defence that tells me enough about your football knowledge
Muh Ruslan
Muh Ruslan Hace 2 meses
Elegant 😎
Edwin Asare
Edwin Asare Hace 2 meses
Chelsea fans here to scout havertz
Mutenda Jaoharah Mugalu
Mutenda Jaoharah Mugalu Hace 2 meses
Come to Chelsea 😀
Gyandeep Das
Gyandeep Das Hace 2 meses
1:23 that pass reminded me of the özil's pass to Kolasinac
Kai Hughes
Kai Hughes Hace un mes
Except havertz has the potential to become a even better than ozil
You Can't Teach Vision Like Mesut Özil's..
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