Serge Gnabry Skills Will Leave You Speechless!

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Serge Gnabry Ridiculous Skills & Goals 2019!]
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace un año
Arsenal will forever regret letting him go! 🔴⚪️
apache tyson
apache tyson Hace 19 días
Even if they kept him he would of moved on to a big club like bayern + she tore up all the London teams so don't tell me his not good Enuff for EPL lol😂 ignorant pomies..
false Hace 5 meses
@Sahir Ahmed i mean he put 4 past spurs... and spurs are higher than arse senal...
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Hace 6 meses
@I’m not a Rapper looking on the past aren't we? UEFA coefficients from 2012-18 1. Laliga 2. Bundesliga 3. Premier league PL - one season wonder in 2019, now back to their cave
I’m not a Rapper
I’m not a Rapper Hace 6 meses
Neeraj vibez let’s compare the finals last season there was 2 english football clubs in the final for the europa League and also in the champions league, where was your Bundesliga then prick
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Hace 6 meses
@I’m not a Rapper you've seen what happened to spurs, Chelsea, arsenal and Liverpool? 🤣🤣
Aar Dalal
Aar Dalal Hace un mes
The twists and the turn will keep you guessing he is still improving that's the scary thing.
No Newnew
No Newnew Hace 2 meses
City should rid of sterling and buy gnabry
Life is a Game
Life is a Game Hace 2 meses
He destroyed Chelsea lol
Badman No.1
Badman No.1 Hace 3 meses
Arsenal will forever be gutted for letting him go...
Anirban Mondal
Anirban Mondal Hace 4 meses
He is the next Brazilian ronaldo
Football Funny Clips
Football Funny Clips Hace 6 meses
Hello, I'm football Fan I Have Projected Football Videos So I Need Your Subscribe Please let's took part my project 🙏😭♥️
Bill Oloo
Bill Oloo Hace 6 meses
Arsenal can you see what you forfeited
Realist Hace 6 meses
Whats fucked is.. Bayern wanted to sign him but we werent willing...So FC Bayen used Werder Bremen to sign him cheap to then sell him on the cheap to Bayern (But what was fucked... is this was supposedly a secret deal.. but it was know about by people in the know). Wenger allowed the people under him to make a mockery of transfers, (we lost tens of millions letting Donyell Malen go & not cashing in the like of Joel Campbell).
Микс Тейпъра
Микс Тейпъра Hace 6 meses
i can't wait for his fifa 21 card to be 79 rated with 80 pace just because he doesnt play for barca or real
Robert Langdon
Robert Langdon Hace 6 meses
he is ribery 2.0 phonzie is robben 2.0
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Hace 6 meses
No Coman - Ribery Phonzie - alaba Gnabry - robben Kimmich - lahm
Priangshu Sen
Priangshu Sen Hace 7 meses
6:44 song please
Atomic flea
Atomic flea Hace 8 meses
He is not very fast,not very skillful but he does the job
Everything is a Mind game
Everything is a Mind game Hace 8 meses
Top class talent scored 2 against Chelsea last night
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Hace 8 meses
Ruthless finishing is his highlight
Mohamed Abdi
Mohamed Abdi Hace 8 meses
Wenger with the 8d chess movie...smh
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Hace 8 meses
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Hace 8 meses
Not many can do that to Robertson
NCH Music
NCH Music Hace 8 meses
He is so OP in Pes 2020 lol . I used him as my main striker and he never fails to disappoint me
NCH Music
NCH Music Hace 8 meses
@Neeraj vibez although he is 82 . He shoots like Ronaldo
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Hace 8 meses
I use him on the right wing. KONAMI gave him 82 finishing. Disgraceful. It should be 92 or something
엘딩홀란드 Hace 9 meses
I like this moment 4:26
AOE 123
AOE 123 Hace 9 meses
He is better with the afro
жельо ненчев
жельо ненчев Hace 10 meses
U should put Capital Bra in the background music
Erdem Bayrak
Erdem Bayrak Hace 10 meses
Fucking Tony Pubis. Mug
Okay Okay
Okay Okay Hace 10 meses
Ad noget lort
LN01 Hace 10 meses
what's the commentator's name in the beginning when Ronaldo scored that free kick?
The Muslim Avenger
The Muslim Avenger Hace 10 meses
Best intro👍
حيدر دريد رعد
حيدر دريد رعد Hace 10 meses
Our sheef ♥️♥️♥️
muhamad akmal
muhamad akmal Hace 10 meses
when i am play fifa football,i am will buying him
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace 10 meses
The music was top notch
Adesh Sohun
Adesh Sohun Hace 10 meses
damn i have him in pes 20....first time i used him against Barcelona in superstar difficulty i panna 3 defenders easily..
Lalzuimawia Hmar
Lalzuimawia Hmar Hace 11 meses
James harden left the chat
Hasanul Banna
Hasanul Banna Hace 11 meses
His finishing is world class, his passing is world class, unbelievable dribbling with results, very fast, drop and help midfield, dedicated team player,,... A complete package,,...
Hasanul Banna
Hasanul Banna Hace 10 meses
@*love & Peace is never guaranteed who is Bernard silva??
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace 10 meses
Yea his pretty special but Bernard Silva is better then him any day.
Robert Langdon
Robert Langdon Hace un año
bayern has knack in finding diamonds among forsaken players
Mohamed Farah
Mohamed Farah Hace 10 meses
haha he was good player everyone knew that, he didnt get the chance at west brom which was the big problem
krushnach Chandra
krushnach Chandra Hace 11 meses
true indeed
George X
George X Hace un año
I am bayern fan but his skills doen't leave me speechless, Finishing does
maximiliano marigo
maximiliano marigo Hace un año
05:54 what a sprint!
Aminulloh Usman
Aminulloh Usman Hace un año
Harden's celebration
Smokin_Doobs Hace un año
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace 11 meses
Meh indeed😅
Betelgeuse Romanee-conti
Betelgeuse Romanee-conti Hace un año
Next Robben
Mostafa Elmehy
Mostafa Elmehy Hace un año
is this repeatable scenes should make me speechless u know a guy named messi
Heelspur Hace un año
next video süleyman luş.
hEl Swedetya
hEl Swedetya Hace un año
Arsene will forever regreat all the loans that turns the man out of arsenal
Dr Bud
Dr Bud Hace un año
1 Dislike for the song in the video
pGreats Hace un año
Who is here after 7-2😂😂😂😂
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow Hace un año
He is like Rashford, but with a brain
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace 11 meses
Lev1 Hace un año
video came out just after he scored his super hatrick against Tottenham
SETH Hace un año
2:33 that move was cleeeeean
zzz L
zzz L Hace un año
great sub for robben !!!!
antu sebayan
antu sebayan Hace un año
Arsenal fan would regret this man...
apache tyson
apache tyson Hace un año
His a freak of a player just getting better and better. Bayern got a bargain!!!!! Rumours say that real Madrid want him but he won't leave.
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Hace 8 meses
He won't
Nicholas Kojane
Nicholas Kojane Hace un año
Name of outro song?
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace un año
Good baller⚽🙌
Sumeet Chand
Sumeet Chand Hace un año
Ente Süß sauer
Ente Süß sauer Hace un año
I love the way he’s playing football ❤️
Abdlazz Jeez
Abdlazz Jeez Hace un año
im just know him nowyears. but he skills and talent are lit🔥
Sack Reis
Sack Reis Hace un año
Arsenal seems to be the english version of Hamburger SV... 😂
Sack Reis
Sack Reis Hace un año
One reason, why Arsenal should completly overthink their scouting system...
Kkwazzawazzakkwaquikkwalaquaza '* Zzabolazza
Kkwazzawazzakkwaquikkwalaquaza '* Zzabolazza Hace un año
Denixon Estrada
Denixon Estrada Hace un año
Please do a david alaba, joshua kimmich and benjamin pavard video please🙏🏾
Pratik Pathak
Pratik Pathak Hace un año
Bareyn has the best talent only club that understands the real place of player where he should be playing #coutinho
timoti official
timoti official Hace un año
joshua mathew
joshua mathew Hace un año
My God, Gnabry is a fresh breeze of air. There is literally no good right-wingers anymore so few.
Trainer Zard.
Trainer Zard. Hace un año
@Brendan Kane Messi winger? Call a doctor.
Brendan Kane
Brendan Kane Hace un año
Messi must play golf
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace un año
Yea his only winger that hold their width rather then cutting in like Robben and his got an good skill set to beat defenders his Raw talented⚽💯
golden Happy
golden Happy Hace un año
This Gnabry lewandowski pair is amazing together.
andrehagl16 Hace un año
2:14 erinnert sehr an Gareth Bale. Der Bua is klasse.
Peter Udoka
Peter Udoka Hace un año
Good job Arsene for selling this brilliant talent.
Paul Oswald
Paul Oswald Hace un año
imo bayern has one of the best Teams in the Moment.. Would be no surprise if they come far in the Champions league This season
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Hace 6 meses
@Joel Maharaj we're doing much better and keeping clean sheets over the last two months with Boateng and alaba thanks to flick. When sule and Hernandez comes back we'll be alright
Joel Maharaj
Joel Maharaj Hace 6 meses
Neeraj vibez what u mean not anymore our defense is still kinda wack
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Hace 6 meses
@Joel Maharaj not anymore
Joel Maharaj
Joel Maharaj Hace 10 meses
Captain Jack Sparrow we got the best attack and midfield but defense is wack
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow Hace 11 meses
Maybe because Lewandowski is playing like a God right now
Jesse Taylor
Jesse Taylor Hace un año
DennyCraneReloaded Hace un año
hes a good player! One day he might become a worldclass winger
Score 90
Score 90 Hace un año
Emmanuel Enyinwa
Emmanuel Enyinwa Hace un año
Watching this video makes you appreciate how many chances Bayern create in a game. Imagine how many goals they would score if their strikers--including Lewandowski, who flubbed a few sitters here--wete more clinical.
Francisco Avila
Francisco Avila Hace un año
Coman for Ribery Gnabry for Robben Bayern can sleep well...
Derrick Angbing
Derrick Angbing Hace 3 meses
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Hace 8 meses
@Kyle say that again 😂😂
Joel Maharaj
Joel Maharaj Hace 10 meses
Kyle overrated sure maybe underrated unlike your sterling
Kyle Hace un año
gnabry is overrated
Ma91827538 Hace un año
1:08 nasty
DreamsIntoReality Hace un año
Boring im still speechfull
Nasengold Hace un año
1:12 is a genius cut my dewd - pretty epic
BillySnowball Hace un año
Gnabry vs Oxlaid. LOL. Gnabry vs Walcott MEGA LOL
Granry!! Malen!! Arsenal leave
ScarfaceFranckRibery Hace un año
Overrated AF
IAMOKAN Hace un año
I came here after he scored 4 goals againts Hotspurs XD
Kostas Kollector
Kostas Kollector Hace un año
Amazing player 0:59 i was there btw ( AEK -Bayern )
Cochies 17
Cochies 17 Hace un año
First it was heilrj , then teocri and javiernathaniel, then sen31 now its score 90. Good edit bro
Gaara Hace un año
Spurs worse nightmare 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥
S G Hace un año
2:05 best part :)
HD SPORTS Hace un año
name of this song plz
HD SPORTS Hace un año
name of this song plz
G L Hace un año
Serge is coming into his prime and he’s looking like he could be the next Rahim Sterling. BM got him for peanuts. So explosive 🧨
Spha Mbatha
Spha Mbatha Hace un año
The next raheem sterling 😂😂😂😂😂😂
ApoxYZ Hace un año
u missed his goal agains netherlands the best one
IE Hace un año
Better than Son Heung Min.
maleku Hace un año
Disslikes from Tottenham fans 😝
Dagobert Fuck
Dagobert Fuck Hace un año
Tottenham: ..
Arjun अर्जुन्
Arjun अर्जुन् Hace un año
0:44 in slowmotion
Sok Senheng
Sok Senheng Hace un año
Who are here after 2-7?
Lala Lili
Lala Lili Hace un año
Whosssssss come here after watch bayern baked Spursssssss
Clockwork violet
Clockwork violet Hace un año
4 vs tottenham 👏👏👏👏
John Higgins
John Higgins Hace un año
Who’s here after his demolition of spurs😂
Adan Omar
Adan Omar Hace 8 meses
😂😂😂after chelsea too
HisAjabness Hace un año
HHH. How did you know? He was the best I have seen him. It is not a fluke. Rashford should watch how this guy runs. He doesn't always run at full speed. Rashy is always flying and has no plan to what he will do once he arrives at other end! He could be as good as this guy as long he starts to playing with his brains!
Kaka' Hace un año
My guy went mad! His 3rd goal was just 🔥
LazzoTV Hace un año
Aaron Shone me hahahağ
Josue' Mbenga
Josue' Mbenga Hace un año
This boy you know I want him to come back at Arsenal tho
AM 7
AM 7 Hace un año
RIP spurs
Decree Okoli
Decree Okoli Hace un año
whos here after he scored 4 against spurs?
Thrustler Hace un año
Greets from Tottenham! 😂
Pipkin Hace un año
Clown wasnt good enough for west brom
Eric Zion
Eric Zion Hace un año
H3nru huh?
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace un año
Yea but now his ripping apart the German league how's that for being a clown😂
Paulie 44
Paulie 44 Hace un año
He will always be the One that got away. Was electric since his debut, ripped Spurs apart, made the right wing his own for the brief time he was fit and thriving. The biggest mistake Arsenal made was mismanaging him through his injury, awful loanspell, picking Walcott, Campbell over him, playing Ramsey, Wilshere at RW instead of Serge. Piss poor from Arsene.
R Schwalboss
R Schwalboss Hace un año
@Heinz Doofenshmirtz so true mate
Heinz Doofenshmirtz
Heinz Doofenshmirtz Hace un año
> Ripped Spurs apart Oops, he did it again.
Jacobob Master
Jacobob Master Hace un año
Easy one of the best german player at the moment Maybe even the best
Randy andy
Randy andy Hace un año
@Paul Oswald No, not Havertz. His skills are not up there ...
Paul Oswald
Paul Oswald Hace un año
Kimmich's and havertz's skills Are compareable
yavuz neyis
yavuz neyis Hace un año
@Only Hydro injured
Only Hydro
Only Hydro Hace un año
@Jacobob Master what about Sané?
Azlan Khan
Azlan Khan Hace un año
He has a same style of play like mbappe
The Owl from Duolingo
The Owl from Duolingo Hace un año
He somehow reminds of Alexis Sanchez
The Owl from Duolingo
The Owl from Duolingo Hace un año
Prof. Brot Alexis Sanchez four years ago
official swlr
official swlr Hace un año
Wtf Sanchez is bad af, he isnt any similar to Gnabry
Dora Theodor
Dora Theodor Hace un año
Better than Messi
dailypaper TM
dailypaper TM Hace un año
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ skills
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