Rare Goals in Football

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Watch some of the most creative & unusual goals we see in football. Edited by Score 90.
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I'm a 20-year-old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favorite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig
Produced by: Filip Hennig
Computer used: Macbook Pro 15' Retina
Software used: Final Cut Pro X
- Mail: info@score90.org
- Instagram: @filiphennig
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The main goal with this channel is to express my love for football in a creative and fun way. I dedicate hours upon hours to make every single video feel unique and inspiring. I really hope you will enjoy this channel!
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace 2 meses
I hope you enjoyed this one! 😉
Hakim Irro
Hakim Irro Hace 4 días
Yes and thank you, it felt like a minute
Tomalo111 Hace 17 días
Absolutely perfect football material. And I dont know if I ever called any movie that way. No bullshit, great shots, amazing content. Big thumb up
Petersen Ralf
Petersen Ralf Hace 17 días
You made a pretty good choice of best goals, thanks!
lee wetten
lee wetten Hace 18 días
I watching football tonight
lee wetten
lee wetten Hace 18 días
The Prince of Darkness
The Prince of Darkness Hace 13 horas
Great video
Mousumi Chakraborty
Mousumi Chakraborty Hace 19 horas
Olds did the real tricks 💖
Aniket Jaswal2
Aniket Jaswal2 Hace un día
Where is Gareth Bale's bicycle kick? It was at one of the biggest stages of football. Nevertheless, a great video. Appreciate your efforts
Warda choudhary Warda Choudhary
Warda choudhary Warda Choudhary Hace 2 días
Never seen ✌🏻
Marjorie Vega
Marjorie Vega Hace 2 días
You con not do free kicks in penultimately box the other goals are ok
Varasalvi2 Hace 2 días
Throwing the ball into the opposition when doing throw-ins is hilarious. Would that be allowed today, or would that be a yellow because the guy that got hit fell down in pain?
Flint Hardesty
Flint Hardesty Hace 3 días
@ 5:00 the ball was out of bounds....
PorkEatingCrusader Hace 3 días
Arent all goals rare? i thought they where only made once each
Offensive Harry
Offensive Harry Hace 3 días
Great intro
ParkChriS -
ParkChriS - Hace 3 días
Nick Cochran
Nick Cochran Hace 4 días
I'm a goalkeeper in an over 40 league. I saw a Scorpion goal last year and I just clapped. I never had a chance.
IK 9 Gᴀᴍɪɴɢ
IK 9 Gᴀᴍɪɴɢ Hace 4 días
What a great video
certibil4wal Hace 4 días
Quaresma king of trivelas
Owen Kogei
Owen Kogei Hace 4 días
4:20 was robbed the Puskas
Andrija Andrija
Andrija Andrija Hace 6 días
Iv_ chadtwong
Iv_ chadtwong Hace 6 días
Free kicks in penalty area?
sead k
sead k Hace 7 días
espost.info/download/v-deo/j51saJlfgZnTrYY best
Joel Nzeka
Joel Nzeka Hace 7 días
Free kicks in the penalty area. Looks new to me
jairo lieveld
jairo lieveld Hace 7 días
Good Vidio keep it up 💪
Don KING Hace 7 días
Mario Balotelli: 7:27😵
Silvana Benfatto
Silvana Benfatto Hace 8 días
Bravissimi 💎💎💎💎🎆🎆🎆🎆😘
old fart
old fart Hace 8 días
Maradona Hand of god ??
Ruben N
Ruben N Hace 9 días
Gol of Mendieta Valencia-At. Madrid
Roy Long
Roy Long Hace 9 días
missing bale's incredible bicycle kick, but a great compilation nonetheless.
PabloSanti H
PabloSanti H Hace 9 días
The editing is nicee
holger druide
holger druide Hace 9 días
Vyshak Ps
Vyshak Ps Hace 10 días
Who all notice that there is no goals of messi😂
Moor Noor
Moor Noor Hace 10 días
Sambath Kheng
Sambath Kheng Hace 10 días
Liammjohston02 Hace 10 días
Should've put Bale's 2018 champions league final bicycle kick in there
Bullerumeur 457
Bullerumeur 457 Hace 11 días
OM-leipzig Payet ???
Louie Lennon
Louie Lennon Hace 11 días
Where Harry Kane halfway line goal
Matthew Cevallos
Matthew Cevallos Hace 11 días
The goal from minute 4:56 is wrong, that was already out when Thiago Silva shoot...
M. Fadhlu Ridho
M. Fadhlu Ridho Hace 12 días
It's not RARE.. It's LEGENDS
0anant0 Hace 12 días
There was the 'Why Me' goal! :-)
Fortnite Eli
Fortnite Eli Hace 12 días
Yo your subs are flying up please give me a shout out
Nikola Stevanovic
Nikola Stevanovic Hace 12 días
5:00 i think is out
LMAO Hace 12 días
OMG the music annoys me
Bbushra bsh work
Bbushra bsh work Hace 12 días
HITMAN FLASH Hace 13 días
No angle goals? Only one was from no angle, ie on the line. Rare goals should have had Chicharito's hilarious header.
Alessandro Gentile
Alessandro Gentile Hace 13 días
Where is ilicic
M.S.G Hace 13 días
Zlatan vs England should be here. That was unique
paresh bhoi
paresh bhoi Hace 13 días
H y
Bra Xbrain
Bra Xbrain Hace 13 días
Let's make it 1.5k...let's do this. God bless u for doing this.
Monda Chewon
Monda Chewon Hace 13 días
Brilliant compilation thanks
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith Hace 13 días
who else loves the intro?
Go TroniX
Go TroniX Hace 13 días
Zlatan is god among the football
Bentley Leatham
Bentley Leatham Hace 13 días
How did he have a free kick in the box
yasri priatna
yasri priatna Hace 14 días
U means ibra goals
randar1969 Hace 14 días
i miss the real rare classic ones for example : espost.info/download/v-deo/pIB7Z3OHjbHSn4o
Prudence Pitts
Prudence Pitts Hace 14 días
shrtlink.ca/2340nlypussygirlsxxx වේදනාව නොතකා මිනිත්තුවක් පමණ ඔහු හැකි තරම් ගැඹුරින් හුස්ම ගත් අතරජල මට්ටම ඉහළ යාම ක්‍රමයෙන් ඔහුගේ හිස යානයේ උපකරණ පුවරුවේ ඉහළ කෙළවර සහ පියාසැරි තට්ටුවේ සිවිලිම අතර කෝණයට තල්ලු කළේය ඔහු කිමිදුණා
Betty James
Betty James Hace 14 días
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Christabel Florent
Christabel Florent Hace 15 días
Nice background music
Bráulio Sabino Salongue - BSS
Bráulio Sabino Salongue - BSS Hace 15 días
So Ibra is the mister rare goals
Mohammed Ouallal
Mohammed Ouallal Hace 15 días
Where is Rivaldo bicycle kick against Valencia in 2001 ?
Jackson Anderson
Jackson Anderson Hace 15 días
On Ronaldo’s bicycle kick goal the other teams person near him looked terrified
J.A.V Hace 16 días
Very nice….
Beie Hace 16 días
5:00 the ball was clearly out 😂
verdy skill
verdy skill Hace 16 días
Why are they not kicking penalty?
saleem fathy
saleem fathy Hace 16 días
There is an amazing goal for the Egyptian goalkeeper Essam Elhadary when he was playing with Egyptian Al Ahly sporting club in the African championship
Daniel Son
Daniel Son Hace 16 días
I am new to football and dont understand how you can take a freekick in the penalty area can someone explain?
Roz Sa
Roz Sa Hace 16 días
You can't have a compilation of inside the area free kicks without including Batistuta's at San Siro vs Milan. But I guess the creator of the video found football in 2015.
Lazar Bidžovski
Lazar Bidžovski Hace 17 días
3:06 me when rapping Eminem's godzilla
aymen Metoui
aymen Metoui Hace 17 días
Great job But No messi goal ??? How ??
Harith Farhan
Harith Farhan Hace 17 días
Where is faiz subri's freekick goal?
Exuperius Mutabuzi
Exuperius Mutabuzi Hace 17 días
The last goal though💥💥💥💥
aaron nzoli
aaron nzoli Hace 17 días
l found pure gold
P. Luchs
P. Luchs Hace 17 días
Hurts that bales bicycle kick was not included. That was a thing of beauty
Farith Aidil
Farith Aidil Hace 17 días
#presave untd.io/r/AA7UVKyFEeGm
Zain Shariff
Zain Shariff Hace 17 días
This big goal I can beat it smiply the goal come and bet the goal the I sae the ranldo is top player
Declan Keown
Declan Keown Hace 17 días
Zalatan can do anything
Yute Hube
Yute Hube Hace 17 días
That last one by Bergkamp, I can't believe what I am seeing even if I watch it a thousand times.
Marco Ruschel
Marco Ruschel Hace 18 días
fail in min 4.18
Chris Williams
Chris Williams Hace 18 días
Missed Rooney's halfway goal, recieving the ball with his back turned against the opposition, defender and all in the way turned and scored. Fuck off ! This is an instant DISLIKE
Real HIFI Help
Real HIFI Help Hace 18 días
Just 40 years ago, you couldn't even turn the football half as much in the air. (spin)
Pandiga Rosyad
Pandiga Rosyad Hace 19 días
Where is Jesse Lingardinho goals?
EazyTV Hace 19 días
99% of the goals: ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIĆ 1% of the goals: OTHERS
mikojan85channel Hace 19 días
7:43 best
Amir Majeed
Amir Majeed Hace 19 días
I only heard " qataru qataru qataru..."
Marcos Caceres
Marcos Caceres Hace 19 días
3:04 bokita el mas grande papa
Kai Xx
Kai Xx Hace 20 días
Why does everyone forget Coridon's scorpion kick? Oh I remember, it was back when PSG were just percieved to be an also ran Ligue 1 club with no history...
saul alejandro elvir rivera
saul alejandro elvir rivera Hace 20 días
Ibrahimović make every type of goal the exist in football
vivitarasconnais yves chanteur
vivitarasconnais yves chanteur Hace 20 días
bone continuation
Ekitikan EkitikanLanre
Ekitikan EkitikanLanre Hace 20 días
Rubbish,wer is Gareth bale bicycle kick against Liverpool
Anhelas Cooking
Anhelas Cooking Hace 20 días
Which type of goal do you want score? Halfway line or bicycle??? Ibrahimovic: YES
Caoimhín Ó Caoimh
Caoimhín Ó Caoimh Hace 21 un día
I'm sorry but it is criminal not to include Bale's CL final bicycle in this.
Zzzzct Hace 21 un día
0:25 - 1:00 How the hell this is possible? And I’m not talking about the goals, I’m talking about a free kick in that area
Yongmuk T Bulei Bulei
Yongmuk T Bulei Bulei Hace 21 un día
When the goal style is out of name Unique goal
eM. Dosêl
eM. Dosêl Hace 21 un día
0:55 The goalkeeper seems brainless ?! 😬🤭 7:29 😅😅😅
Amir Ashraf
Amir Ashraf Hace 21 un día
Faiz subri goal is the unique goal
Audrey Watson
Audrey Watson Hace 21 un día
nice Performance
Faiz Patel
Faiz Patel Hace 21 un día
Indian see like this
Zoltán Kiskopárdi
Zoltán Kiskopárdi Hace 21 un día
The funiest and my favourite goal is 7:43 next to halfway line best goals from 1:45 and the best ever goals are 7:07 Carlos, 7:20&6:44 Ibra and 6:37 Ronaldo:-)
John Davies
John Davies Hace 21 un día
The rarest goal is the one that wins the premiership for man utd in 2021, it aint going to happen
Devanand K S
Devanand K S Hace 22 días
Free kick inside penalitybox,amazing😐
Birdfogle126 Hace 22 días
How are there free kicks in penalty area?
Birdfogle126 Hace 22 días
How are there free kicks in penalty area?
Mohd Ibtisyam892
Mohd Ibtisyam892 Hace 22 días
can anyone explain what is indirect free kick? how referee decide it?
Chloe Clarke
Chloe Clarke Hace 22 días
I can’t wait until we see women’s games in these vids too
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