Rare Corner Kick Goals in Football

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Watch some of the most unique corner kick goals of the last decade. Both direct corner kick goals & smart routines by players like Toni Kroos, Angel Di Maria, Neymar Jr, Thierry Henry, Mohamed Salah, Trent Alexander Arnold and many more.
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace 9 meses
Got this idea from Toni Kroos corner kick goal last night! 😳🧠
BMNND SONG Hace 4 meses
@Goal 11 งงง.ลลงงลงงง😇😇😇🤔😇😇😇😇งงง.งงงงง
Navneet Singh
Navneet Singh Hace 4 meses
That goal was from free kick
Satkrit Bahadur Dhungana
Satkrit Bahadur Dhungana Hace 4 meses
Satkrit Bahadur Dhungana
Satkrit Bahadur Dhungana Hace 4 meses
Tural Aliyev
Tural Aliyev Hace 5 meses
espost.info/download/v-deo/qm9_qHOYqpbSqqQ check this
Garcia Immanuel E. P Simanjuntak
Garcia Immanuel E. P Simanjuntak Hace 28 días
Christian Eriksen?
John Mainard
John Mainard Hace 2 meses
Mario Basler he scored corner goals like normal goals
KağıtKalem YT
KağıtKalem YT Hace 2 meses
No hamit altıntop? No Ianis Hagi?
Ziya Mert TELLİ
Ziya Mert TELLİ Hace 3 meses
Hamit Altıntop vs Kazakhstan goal? (Puskas!)
B4L FF Hace 4 meses
Iam arabic and ilke this video Yousf bililia croner goal and agleria Cuop africa
Ismail fasial fasial
Ismail fasial fasial Hace 4 meses
Adama traore is fastest and lagendary player
i ordoñez
i ordoñez Hace 4 meses
Que golazos de Dani Alves
Expresso Gaming
Expresso Gaming Hace 4 meses
Was that Mo Salah?
Beulah Sathish
Beulah Sathish Hace 4 meses
Where’s Trent’s goal?
BaldiLoveFight Hace 4 meses
It's in
Marek Rosiak
Marek Rosiak Hace 4 meses
Whos after napoli inter?
serkojaema - Roblox
serkojaema - Roblox Hace 4 meses
The thumbnail had no players next to the goal not even the goalkeeper
qnas Razanadraibe
qnas Razanadraibe Hace 4 meses
Matthew Chadwick
Matthew Chadwick Hace 4 meses
'Rare corner kicks' 15 of the same corner kicks. ;) love your vids, carry on doing them!
Arnon Sudasanoh
Arnon Sudasanoh Hace 4 meses
I hate Spain commentary if the goalkeeper do own goal he will said “golllllllllllllllllllllllllll”
Abdullah Hassouneh
Abdullah Hassouneh Hace 4 meses
1:38 not from corner
Amar_isthecrazy Bosnian
Amar_isthecrazy Bosnian Hace 5 meses
If Marcelo took corners I think he would make some cause of his curve
Sara Zeballos
Sara Zeballos Hace 5 meses
Wth man those goals are impossible to make.
Toasty Ways
Toasty Ways Hace 5 meses
Other ESpostrs:This video wouldve not been possible without *sponsor name*! Score 90':This video woulve not been possible without toni kroos!
laurence David
laurence David Hace 5 meses
Thorayya Hadrous
Thorayya Hadrous Hace 5 meses
I thought corner kick goals did not exist
mohd. faazz7
mohd. faazz7 Hace 6 meses
Neymar X alves😍
Армен Бармен
Армен Бармен Hace 6 meses
Самый крутой гол это гол Кроса
전설의순두부 Hace 6 meses
that is puskas goal
Banjitino Com
Banjitino Com Hace 7 meses
Liverpool team is good at coming up with creative corner kicks
Banjitino Com
Banjitino Com Hace 7 meses
Who else remembers Toni Kroos’ free kick from 2018 World Cup against Switzerland?
Soyut Rakun
Soyut Rakun Hace 7 meses
Where is Miroslav Stoch puskas goal?
Youcef Reggad
Youcef Reggad Hace 7 meses
وتاع المنتخب الجزائري تاع بلايلي
Čang TV
Čang TV Hace 7 meses
Dani Alves legend!
Arturo Bermejo Martinez
Arturo Bermejo Martinez Hace 7 meses
Chimy Avila vs Eibar?
Kiki A
Kiki A Hace 7 meses
Ker kul gol Toni Kroosa😰😰😰
Tips and Tricks Malayalam
Tips and Tricks Malayalam Hace 7 meses
Please add isl also , see kerala blasters 2nd goal against HYDERABAD , what a planned corner
arild nykorsmond
arild nykorsmond Hace 7 meses
Lynne Scullion
Lynne Scullion Hace 7 meses
Every LFC fan:Trent must be on here
David Lopez
David Lopez Hace 7 meses
What had happened to the old Toni Kronos?!
Sebiya Aflah
Sebiya Aflah Hace 7 meses
Verupees Verupees
Verupees Verupees Hace 7 meses
Toni poli മോനാ
ashfak Pm
ashfak Pm Hace 8 meses
Muhammad Anas
Muhammad Anas Hace 8 meses
Look how this boy scoring the goal espost.info/download/v-deo/ZoeegmRfrtWUZaA
SPHYCO GAMER Hace 8 meses
Nirvaan kale
Nirvaan kale Hace 9 meses
Dam good boy
광고에요! Hace 9 meses
👍👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍😍so good
Abdou Algeria
Abdou Algeria Hace 9 meses
Belaili's corner goal must be the first... Where is it??
Mathew Albaashike
Mathew Albaashike Hace 9 meses
I love your vids
Asraf Safwan
Asraf Safwan Hace 9 meses
Badhri Radzi(piya) from malaysia, corner kick goals and free kick.
thanos the mad titan
thanos the mad titan Hace 9 meses
In malaysia, we also have a player can do that. He make corner goal almost 4 or 5 times, his name is badri radzi piya..
quran pak
quran pak Hace 9 meses
espost.info/download/v-deo/g2mkioiVa5faqoo watch 😎 killer😯
Gianmarco Crispino
Gianmarco Crispino Hace 9 meses
B mcGoo
B mcGoo Hace 9 meses
Love the music - completely muted.
Big Man
Big Man Hace 4 meses
brooklyn6kid sly
brooklyn6kid sly Hace 9 meses
They totally ignored youcef blelie's goal..
matt pollard
matt pollard Hace 9 meses
Joe Jacobson for Wycombe wanderers this season
Solo ASK
Solo ASK Hace 9 meses
Wehre is the europe league goal from Goiginger (lask) against rosenborg
lekon Guardner
lekon Guardner Hace 9 meses
Trash editor 10/10
Lara Che
Lara Che Hace 9 meses
MarceN nN
MarceN nN Hace 9 meses
Song name? pls
Alisuhari Hace 9 meses
alter minimal
alter minimal Hace 9 meses
Es joda??? Y el chino???
TaWonga Hace 9 meses
If Trent isn't here. I swear!
Football Fifa
Football Fifa Hace 9 meses
Search Budescu goluri din corner.. he is the Best :)
Żelson Hace 9 meses
0:01 name of song?? Plz
Ian Jones
Ian Jones Hace 9 meses
@Żelson I meant that all that crap sounds the same
Żelson Hace 9 meses
@Ian Jones but I want name of song not "just Google"
Ian Jones
Ian Jones Hace 9 meses
Just google top 40..it all sounds like one song 😁
Rinor Abarth500
Rinor Abarth500 Hace 9 meses
Wo ist das Tor von Zidane gegen Leverkusen?
Julian E
Julian E Hace 4 meses
Das war doch kein Eckball!?
shashi kant
shashi kant Hace 9 meses
very very interesting
G Vids
G Vids Hace 9 meses
Where is ziyech this dude has a canon in his leg you didn't show us his goal against Chelsea
Williams Productions
Williams Productions Hace 9 meses
That wasn't a corner
Vitamin D
Vitamin D Hace 9 meses
Started off with corner kick goals but went down to corner kick assists 🤣
Adhil Abdul gafoor
Adhil Abdul gafoor Hace 4 meses
This is froud
Adhil Abdul gafoor
Adhil Abdul gafoor Hace 4 meses
Yes this froud
renga bashyam
renga bashyam Hace 9 meses
Anybody know Bruno pelissari beating world's tallest keeper van hout in isl
Brady Liam
Brady Liam Hace 9 meses
What's the name o this instrumental music used... Please help me find it
Tashi wangdü
Tashi wangdü Hace 9 meses
Rare? This video is abusing that word 😂😂
Karen G
Karen G Hace 9 meses
Also ich bin kein Experte, aber nachdem ich diesen Beitrag von Anfang bis Ende analysiert habe, alle Aspekte und Möglichkeiten beachtet, basierend auf meiner intellektuellen Kapazität und meinem umfangreichen Wissen, von Anfang an taktisch und vorsichtig geprüft, insbesondere im Lichte der Geistlichen evolution bin ich zu einem konkreten, eindeutigen und fundierten Ergebnis gekommen, dass ich nichts sagen kann, weil ich, wie anfangs erwähnt, kein Experte bin !!!!
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan Hace 9 meses
David Beckham's goal for LA Galaxy??
le moum
le moum Hace 9 meses
Your intro song plz
Jam Moi
Jam Moi Hace 9 meses
Hhh😁😁 belloumi the algerian player to score a ten goal groin like that
Ricardo Hace 9 meses
In a goalkeeper farmer
R17HY Hace 9 meses
Today is my birthday and I wish everyone have a great day
R17HY Hace 9 meses
Pynshngain Syiem thank you brother
Pynshngain Syiem
Pynshngain Syiem Hace 9 meses
Happy birthday
PAK V3NOM Hace 9 meses
Williams Productions
Williams Productions Hace 9 meses
That wasn't a corner
Rap.hu Hace 9 meses
سبحان الله وبحمده
سبحان الله وبحمده Hace 9 meses
Uploader, dont u know Recoba was THE master of direct from corner to net goals?!
MosesAfc Hace 9 meses
Origi goal is something else 😹😹😹
Luis Silva
Luis Silva Hace 9 meses
Red Nad
Red Nad Hace 9 meses
Yousef Belaili's Goal (Algeria 🇩🇿 VS Botswana 🇧🇼)
Matteo Benichou
Matteo Benichou Hace 9 meses
Algeria 💪🏼
حسن Iam.
حسن Iam. Hace 9 meses
0:01 song??
hi Hace 9 meses
HASAN JONES Twinztrack-infinit
Γιωργος Τσοπρας
Γιωργος Τσοπρας Hace 9 meses
Where is the corner goal from Konstantinos Fortounis (arsenal-olumpiakos)?
Eduardo tulove
Eduardo tulove Hace 9 meses
My frends Soccer 😍
Riccardo Alain Amico
Riccardo Alain Amico Hace 9 meses
Never disappointed with your videos
Franky ZR1
Franky ZR1 Hace 9 meses
Damn your vids are serious quality ! Nice to watch and your music is also nice👍
Mirko Jankovic
Mirko Jankovic Hace 9 meses
This song will never be anything else than the theme of JavierNathaniel’s Leo Messi 14/15 Crazy Dribbling Skills’ video
Kebail Abla
Kebail Abla Hace 9 meses
Mo Playz
Mo Playz Hace 9 meses
There is a player in the team alhilal he scored 3 goals from the corner place his name is Thiago Nevas (he’s no longer in alhilal but he’s great)
Mo Playz
Mo Playz Hace 9 meses
If tony kroos didn’t score that this wouldn’t have been a thing 😂
BA Hace 9 meses
Bruh, Hamit Altintop's Puskas awarded goal is missing
bingS4 Hace 9 meses
Annoying camera effect edits and jumpy perspective changes. Otherwise good content but really hard to watch.
Hamlili Medtb
Hamlili Medtb Hace 9 meses
We want vidéo about Adam ounas
양앤서니 Hace 9 meses
Kroos is better than de bruyne
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Hace 9 meses
gtergxsxvhjjv Hace 9 meses
Hamit Altintop?
Nuno Deodato
Nuno Deodato Hace 9 meses
Hoang Vo
Hoang Vo Hace 9 meses
Mày hên thôi kroos vì m chẳng bao giờ bằng ozil và m đã làm ozil mất tất cả .
Antonio Dominiković
Antonio Dominiković Hace 9 meses
Rare corner become common in this video
Zubair zubair kurikkal
Zubair zubair kurikkal Hace 8 meses
balaam dorian
balaam dorian Hace 9 meses
Just missing the Henry direct corner goal
MarcoLotus 14
MarcoLotus 14 Hace 9 meses
2 corner kick goals in 1 match. => Nguyen Thi Tuyet Dung of Viet Nam 🇻🇳
Tong Jirayu
Tong Jirayu Hace 9 meses
ไหนลูกยิง ธีราทร อะ hahaha
Anar Məhərrəmov
Anar Məhərrəmov Hace 9 meses
Where is Hamit Altintop's goal to Kazakhistan ?
Anar Məhərrəmov
Anar Məhərrəmov Hace 9 meses
Where is Carlos, Mihajlovic, Nakamura, Veron, Riquelme' goals ?
Popatop42 Hace 9 meses
Yeah most of these are either crosses that happened to go in or short passes to a build up. Carlos for Tenerife looked up seen keeper off his line and scored a scteamer of a goal. Disappointed.
Anar Məhərrəmov
Anar Məhərrəmov Hace 9 meses
Where is Vagif Javadov's goal to Manuel Nouer ?
M 16
M 16 Hace 9 meses
Any Indians
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