Philippe Coutinho is Simply Phenomenal in 2019/20!

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The best skills, passes & goals of Philippe Coutinho during the 2019-2020 season.
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace 10 meses
Barcelona have so many world class attacking players on their hands 😂
Orlando Fernandes
Orlando Fernandes Hace 5 meses
Eu so fã de Coutinho jogar muito 🇧🇷👍
Muhammadu N
Muhammadu N Hace 9 meses
And unfortunately a lousy president and a useless coach, who are going to sink the club, if they are not removed ASAP.
Khomba Thouna
Khomba Thouna Hace 9 meses
of course, but the coach don't know how to use them
Ivorzar Hace 9 meses
Koffee Kat he was stolen from Liverpool for 140m, Barca talking directly to the player flirting with him, then didn’t utilise him and sent him on loan to Bayern who now have him!!!! It’s a shame
Heng official
Heng official Hace 10 meses
Idol coutinho ❤
Taco Hace 2 meses
Yassine Zaaji
Yassine Zaaji Hace 2 meses
Who is here after he scores 2 goals vs barcelona
Alejandro Gutierrez
Alejandro Gutierrez Hace 2 meses
Nombre de la primera canción?
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez Hace 3 meses
Phonzie plz come to Barca and replace Alba because he is ageing
Микс Тейпъра
Микс Тейпъра Hace 4 meses
muller benches him every day :D our midfield is goretzka/thiago kimmich and muller
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez Hace 4 meses
I miss saying valverde out
Janik Weller
Janik Weller Hace 5 meses
lil s
lil s Hace 5 meses
Looks like He found the sauce in football
Orlando Fernandes
Orlando Fernandes Hace 5 meses
Jogar muito Coutinho 🇧🇷👍
Football 90 VN
Football 90 VN Hace 6 meses
what is first song s' name
xbl4ze Hace 9 meses
Well, nothing we didn't already know. Klopp told him he would become an average player at Barca... and playing with Bayern just goes to show he was right. He's playing like he used to now that he's out.
Emanuell Rodrigues
Emanuell Rodrigues Hace 9 meses
Finally he is playing in his real position,CAM,in Barca he will be played in CM replacing iniesta PS:i'm brazillian,sorry for my english
Teu Vonnarath
Teu Vonnarath Hace 9 meses
Countinho he like red
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez Hace 9 meses
The Barca board out
Rahul Mahela
Rahul Mahela Hace 9 meses
Proves how Bundesliga is easier than la liga...fact
MaRoOn MoNkEy747
MaRoOn MoNkEy747 Hace 9 meses
Just another magical Brazilian 🤩😉
Leonardo Martinez
Leonardo Martinez Hace 9 meses
Quien quiere que regrese al barca ? Like si tú quieres
Jesus Is King
Jesus Is King Hace 9 meses
Is it him or the red color? 😂
K '
K ' Hace 9 meses
Management is everything.
PoggoDoggo Hace 9 meses
Imagine him still at LFC
i.e.m. Hace 9 meses
Ratinho is good but he is no European / World champ
Nickenson Nicolas
Nickenson Nicolas Hace 9 meses
Ameer Qayyum Jahaya
Ameer Qayyum Jahaya Hace 9 meses
Buy him please bayern. Save his career and give barca cash
Michael Manning
Michael Manning Hace 9 meses
Very skillful player he is most dangerous when drop off on playing those long through balls
Mateo Llamazares Pereda
Mateo Llamazares Pereda Hace 9 meses
His skils are beautiful is a great player
Martin Calvo Pereda
Martin Calvo Pereda Hace 9 meses
He is good but not regular
pengguna youtube
pengguna youtube Hace 9 meses
The magicman
cohletrain Hace 9 meses
If only these videos had the commentary rather than the cringy teen music
#Pretty Boy Floyd ALM
#Pretty Boy Floyd ALM Hace 9 meses
Barca have a good future withthis guy
melissa Hace 9 meses
esse baixinho joga muito
arsen 1618
arsen 1618 Hace 9 meses
as a barca fan happy he's in great condition right now deserves that he is such a great player. don't how barca decide to bought him back then he is not a typical barca midfielder neither a winger he plays in the area that messi plays. and they have LORD VALVERDE on the sideline. what a mess barca
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo Hace 9 meses
Just Imagine Coutinho in Chelsea Midfield 🔥🔥🔥. Forget Sancho we need Coutinho. Very experienced and he’s also played in the premier league at the highest level
Kalakgaming Hace 9 meses
Good vid Trash music jeeezz
Jairo Pineda
Jairo Pineda Hace 9 meses
I would like He will play to real Madrid
Christopher Vassell
Christopher Vassell Hace 9 meses
I clicked on this video and it went straight to the video. No ads. What a great experience ESpost.
chet27 Hace 10 meses
Go back to Liverpool....
Pos 2gosis
Pos 2gosis Hace 10 meses
Next ----> Sane , Son
Hashtag skirt
Hashtag skirt Hace 10 meses
He's wasn't bad in barca as well.. it's just the expectation was too much from him. He was bought to replace Iniesta but Valverde thought he was bought to fill void left by Neymar.
023achilles Hace 10 meses
Coutinho was really good even at Inter. Problem was he was still young, Serie A is tough defensively (esp for a little guy) and usually he only had one striker helping him in attack, never mind any other attacking mids or wingers! But his long range shooting, dribbling, and passing was already on display back then.
Hazim Shukri
Hazim Shukri Hace 10 meses
I think cotinho only can show his form when he wearing red jersey...
Diego Hace 10 meses
Seriously can anyone say anything bad about cou? Hopefully Bayern buy him or if he’s gonna come back to Barcelona, let it be when Valverde gets fucking sacked.
Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns Hace 10 meses
I want to see him success at barca , but barca style can't make coutinhou success,
soccersensation Hace 10 meses
That's a bit of a stretch. He had a few really good games at Bayern but that's about it. He was relegated to the bench for a period of time and recently had one outstanding game. He's been just as inconsistent at Bayern as he has at Barcelona lol. Slightly better if anything
Amar Rahimi
Amar Rahimi Hace 10 meses
Tap in, Penalty this is not Coutinho we all want to see. I hope he get his full potential same as he play for Liverpool shirt
Cheeseburger Hace 10 meses
Barcelona: *faceslaps in regret*
Imroj Imtiajmds slu ananl
Imroj Imtiajmds slu ananl Hace 10 meses
He got his position
Markiroku Hace 10 meses
I want this Coutinho at a Barca without Valverde. That would be magical
Asher Reece
Asher Reece Hace 10 meses
He should've stayed at Liverpool Like if agree
Ubiself Growtopia
Ubiself Growtopia Hace 10 meses
We profited on him we bought VVD and Alisson and won the UCL
Rasmus Lamp Posselt
Rasmus Lamp Posselt Hace 10 meses
Happy to see him do well again. Leaving LFC at the time he did, must still hurt though
Kusay Adwan
Kusay Adwan Hace 10 meses
I fucking hate valverde.
JFN9 F Hace 10 meses
Thanks Bayern, Coutinho play for the team, not for players. With you go to Barça you have to play for messi.
rotgruenblauJasper Hace 10 meses
imagine he would go back to liverpool liverpool = unstoppable
David Cooper
David Cooper Hace 10 meses
Just what Chelsea need next to kova in the midfield. Pure class
Übel Yildmar
Übel Yildmar Hace 10 meses
What he needs is consistency. The problem is that he played so good in 4-5 matches that he got the Motm awards, but in others matches he was almost invisible. Bayern Fan.
sr gutierrez
sr gutierrez Hace 10 meses
he really isnt
Fausto Silva
Fausto Silva Hace 10 meses
Coutinho only plays well in red teams
Rizki Ramadhan
Rizki Ramadhan Hace 10 meses
Amazing brazilian football🤙🤙
Zim Situation
Zim Situation Hace 10 meses
We need him back in Barcelona
Zim Situation
Zim Situation Hace 10 meses
Why ?
Samreen Parvez
Samreen Parvez Hace 10 meses
Rafin Muhammad
Rafin Muhammad Hace 10 meses
Completely Genius..
Carvajal Hace 10 meses
Highlights are making him look better than he's playing. Doesn't contribute as much to the team as Mueller does. Only decent game he's had is against Bremen.
hamzah zziwa
hamzah zziwa Hace 10 meses
Coutinho in playing in his natural habitat number, is a beast
Cristián Silva
Cristián Silva Hace 10 meses
I would really like to know who and when invented these stereotyped football videos; shitty teenager autotune pop music with images of the player's face in slow motion during the intro of the song, and then when the song starts it does along the player doing his stuff; it ocasionally fixates on the celebration of the goals rather than on the actual plays.
Johannes Pitkämäki
Johannes Pitkämäki Hace 10 meses
Doesnt count germany is shit league
BAYERNstudio Hace 10 meses
From whre you get this full matches video?
rem Hace 10 meses
bayern is like the saviour team for players who fell off
what a bitch
what a bitch Hace 10 meses
Samsung Samsung
Samsung Samsung Hace 10 meses
I disagree . Phenomenal was ronaldinho
ᑭᕼIᒪIᑭᑭ :D
ᑭᕼIᒪIᑭᑭ :D Hace 10 meses
Dear Barca, can you really be that dumb?
Neyma Agiota
Neyma Agiota Hace 10 meses
Razee Taushif
Razee Taushif Hace 10 meses
Barca took him for a replacement of iniesta, played in the position neymar and then tagged him as a flop.... This eventually made him question on himself, breaking his confidence.
ki kito
ki kito Hace 10 meses
Really im happy to see him come back in good level , cotinho is player for ballan'dor
Joe dirt
Joe dirt Hace 10 meses
Chelsea should have bought him, 🔵🔵🔵🔵
Gabriel Hace 10 meses
Muita classe, joga demais.
Adil Vanker
Adil Vanker Hace 10 meses
Not as good as 2013-2018
Maciej Chojnacki
Maciej Chojnacki Hace 10 meses
This film just shows how much LaLiga is outperforming other leauges, bundesliga is no where near LaLiga, and Coutinho was just very terrible at Barca cause of better players that can actually think not just run after the ball :).
Mr. Cool
Mr. Cool Hace 10 meses
Coutinho is technically one of the best midfielders he doesn't run after balls he controls them plus Coutinho mentally he might have been shuddered but he was played out of position so that was valverde fault but now his doing well for Bayern and that's all that matters.
Haggai Katito
Haggai Katito Hace 10 meses
Guy Coutinho is incredible, if he would be put together with sane Bayern Munich would be very dangerous
jkickass Hace 10 meses
how do you even find this terrible music
Mr. Cool
Mr. Cool Hace 10 meses
U r free to mute btw
galeri chanel
galeri chanel Hace 10 meses
Aneh lihat cou main di bayern rasanya
Ade Le
Ade Le Hace 10 meses
great vison, great passes, great dribbler, exactly what klop needs rn come back pls youre always welcome
Slav Hace 10 meses
Best futballer in world
Magno st
Magno st Hace 10 meses
If Bayern win champions league Philippe Coutinho will be the best in the world
Mikkel Andresen
Mikkel Andresen Hace 10 meses
He ain't phenomenal
Jacob Vandross
Jacob Vandross Hace 10 meses
Barca fan here. I love Countinho and its painful to see how Barca failed to position him properly. Bayern know exactly how to position him and which formations bring out the best in this lad. Hoping he comes back to Barca!!
Black Blassom
Black Blassom Hace 10 meses
miss this lad he made a huge mistake that he doesn't trust our boss YNWA
Elyptica Hace 10 meses
have to say, valverde is shit plus bundesliga is a step down in quality as well
Cano Hace 10 meses
he wants to prove valverde wrong so bad
Ricardo Torquato
Ricardo Torquato Hace 10 meses
He is amazing, really is!!!!!
T-K-O-S HD Hace 10 meses
The Best One Of Him
Alex Makrachev
Alex Makrachev Hace 10 meses
I'm barca fan. But Cou is a great player, glad to see him find his way again. Valverde - almost buried him... Fckn clown! Hail from Russia, love Coutinho!
Empi _
Empi _ Hace 10 meses
Haters complaining for Werder Bremen... let me tell you these five words... ...This is only the beginning...
Rami Elhage
Rami Elhage Hace 10 meses
He plays like messi.
Stefan Wallner
Stefan Wallner Hace 10 meses
Intro Song?
Gabriel Nobre
Gabriel Nobre Hace 10 meses
He is the kind of player that, if used right, will create at least 3 big goal chances in a match (It will be up to the scorer do his job).
UM Mellow
UM Mellow Hace 10 meses
He is the best football player
ThisAndThat765 Hace 10 meses
Lol what are u talking about. He's not even that good. Also the bundesliga is not really a hard league
niggalicious 69
niggalicious 69 Hace 10 meses
I think it has changed a bit it's a bit more competitive
FrittenFriseurLPs Hace 10 meses
Don't get me wrong: Couthino is a skilled and very good player - but phenomenal? I won't say that sorry. He's not that outstanding player in Munich. And I would say he's not the best Bundesliga-Player either.
Aundre Nelson
Aundre Nelson Hace 10 meses
Very happy he is playing often n doing so well. I never knew him b4 barca but i enjoyed watching him play, never wanted him to go on loan n i really hope barca don't end up selling him. He is an asset in my eyes
cedric monneron
cedric monneron Hace 10 meses
Yeaah okayyy!!! But hes not phenomenal enough to play at LFC😂
cedric monneron
cedric monneron Hace 10 meses
@20y_Creamz lol
20y_Creamz Hace 10 meses
Bayern is better than lfc
Marlon Campbell
Marlon Campbell Hace 10 meses
He is a quality player and Bayern seem to have him playing some of his best stuff! The league is easier than the Spanish or English league so perfect for him to revive his career.
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