Nicolas Pépé is Ending Careers in 2019/20!

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Watch Nicolas Pépé humiliate players during the 2019-2020 season at Arsenal. (Skills, tricks & goals)
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace 9 meses
Luke Shaw’s biggest nightmare 😅
Mustafa Abdullahi Year 11
Mustafa Abdullahi Year 11 Hace 6 meses
Arsenal’s biggest nightmare 9th
Mustafa Abdullahi Year 11
Mustafa Abdullahi Year 11 Hace 6 meses
Jack gralish better
Mustafa Abdullahi Year 11
Mustafa Abdullahi Year 11 Hace 6 meses
Martial way better then pepe
Blaze Ash
Blaze Ash Hace 8 meses
@Bdbdb Bdbdbd he smoking crap bro lol
Bansi Pande
Bansi Pande Hace 8 meses
@Mix You idoit, why would you spell please like pleaze!!
VTS Hace 5 meses
Pepe's weakness 1. Dribble too much when passing is suffice. 2. Shooting skills need alot of improvement. 3. Final pass is not good enough. Pepe is excellent in counterattack situations but his style need to readjust when playing possession football. Pepe need to learn how to work with a creative midfielder and time his running into the box. Thankfully Arteta knows about possession football and Ozil is a very good creative midfielder. Pepe might be able to learn or else Arsenal need to sell him, soon.
Meikäpoika Hace 5 meses
Footßall l 10 HD
Footßall l 10 HD Hace 6 meses
Pépé in leaster
Mustafa Abdullahi Year 11
Mustafa Abdullahi Year 11 Hace 6 meses
More like pepe ending his own career 😂🤣
Mustafa Abdullahi Year 11
Mustafa Abdullahi Year 11 Hace 6 meses
Ouattara Zié Bégnan Pepe shit mate
Ouattara Zié Bégnan
Ouattara Zié Bégnan Hace 6 meses
Dennis McGunnagle
Dennis McGunnagle Hace 6 meses
he is my faviorite player apart from pierre emerick aubameyang and alexandre lacazette.
Zoydor Hace 6 meses
They really need to buy a solid CB. A decent Mustafi in this second half of the season has made Arsenal not lose a game this whole year in the prem. Imagine if they actually had a solid CB and another CAM. This team would be unstoppable, especially if Auba stays.
StormTooNasty Hace 6 meses
No wonder Nicolas Pepe is my idol
Areeb Ahmed
Areeb Ahmed Hace 6 meses
His dribbling is amazing but his shots are inconsistent
MrSx Hace 6 meses
Edy Loi
Edy Loi Hace 6 meses
Hes much like CRonaldo first year in MU, work hard with the correct attitude and potentially a world class player in making. Otherwise ll be Nani in making
Kasco Kassi
Kasco Kassi Hace 6 meses
Mon joueurs préféré est Nicolas pépé
Boyd nyirenda
Boyd nyirenda Hace 6 meses
Football its entertainment we need this when we watch soccer.
Boyd nyirenda
Boyd nyirenda Hace 6 meses
Similar to ousuman dembele
Myers myers
Myers myers Hace 6 meses
Imagine thinking Pepe is a better dribbler than saint maximin and Adama
Pro Club Memes
Pro Club Memes Hace 6 meses
No I’m pretty sure all of these players still play
kong håkon
kong håkon Hace 6 meses
4 goals m8
omor abedin
omor abedin Hace 6 meses
i have a big problem with him cutting in ALL the time. This guy can dribble past anyone so why doesn't he run down the wing and stretch the team. His goals against utd and west ham are exceptions. probs bcs he has a ligue 1 mentality, hopefully he can model his game on the likes of sterling, salah, sane and mahrez then we have a quality player on our hands.
Reihan Pangestu
Reihan Pangestu Hace 7 meses
Are you editing for avhd?
misho kakashvili
misho kakashvili Hace 7 meses
Why he is 24 please tell me
Samson Wallen
Samson Wallen Hace 7 meses
Pepe ✅😄✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅😊😊😊😊😊😊
Teddy Mmui
Teddy Mmui Hace 7 meses
Did no one just see Andy Robertson sprint back to Scotland..💔💀2:33 min
Ugo Duru
Ugo Duru Hace 7 meses
Andy Roberson got done up that day
The demon hunter Chan
The demon hunter Chan Hace 7 meses
No problem with him the problem is he joined a shite team
Lazar Ristic
Lazar Ristic Hace 7 meses
He wears Adidas,Nike and Puma?!Whatt
Juan Antonio
Juan Antonio Hace 7 meses
Robertson’s worst nightmare
Dod Eddy
Dod Eddy Hace 7 meses
dod eddy
Bully Pupg
Bully Pupg Hace 7 meses
ngu vc
soedirman salim
soedirman salim Hace 7 meses
2:57 just like my comment
Chris Norris
Chris Norris Hace 8 meses
Yes, his own; he's a fucking fraud. He should be sued.
Adam Schneider
Adam Schneider Hace 8 meses
Still one of the only ones (if not THE only one) to skill Van Dijk in the EPL
Trans7 StillPhoto
Trans7 StillPhoto Hace 8 meses
He still adopting in epl.
Looch 1ner
Looch 1ner Hace 8 meses
song name...
2nd gr4vitixyellow
2nd gr4vitixyellow Hace 8 meses
Pourquoi on vous l’a vendu?
frank simba
frank simba Hace 8 meses
Lol he darn disrespek a lot o peoples
Billy Munford
Billy Munford Hace 8 meses
Dont want to see him leave arsenal. Same with most atm
Bansi Pande
Bansi Pande Hace 8 meses
He has ruined many careers!! Including Van Dijk and Robertson and Aké and Fleck and the whole Man United team including Rashford and Martial and De Gea and Wan Bissika and Fred but not Bruno.
Bansi Pande
Bansi Pande Hace 8 meses
bruh shut up. HAlf of these peoples careers were already ruined. Pepe does crap. This is bull. Most of them he just passes the ball
Aswani Jay
Aswani Jay Hace 8 meses
Robertson 2:33 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥
bray niga
bray niga Hace 8 meses
🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍 barça más tonta no la fechado
Stephen Hace 8 meses
Watch next season come on the arsenal
SpeedBoy 9
SpeedBoy 9 Hace 8 meses
He stop. What are talking about
Realist Hace 8 meses
I was aware of him at lille & he was my preference signing next to ziyech. I just worried when we signed him that he would be to easy to predict cutting inside (but he has the sharpest turn ive ever seen.. even though he barely has a right foot he can still go that way). I think he will be so incredible next season that he will be one of the best players in the league. (hes so powerful).
Realist Hace 8 meses
I really think Pepe on form at home to liverpool is the only chance at all of destroying their unbeaten record.
Realist Hace 8 meses
It was first game of the season.. but it was also Pepes debut (I have neve seen someone twine Van Dijk the way he did at anfield.. if he had just been calmer with his final ball/finish arsenal wouldve been a couple of goals up in that game).
Thayson André
Thayson André Hace 8 meses
Biggest nightmare and luke
Thayson André
Thayson André Hace 8 meses
Love music
Taz Ali
Taz Ali Hace 8 meses
Thought it said Nicolas Pepes career ends by joining Arsenal
jurex81 Hace 8 meses
Yea, he’s ending his own career by being a fraud and a flop. Deluded Arseanal fans
GB Block
GB Block Hace 8 meses
jurex81 not a flop, he Will come good hopefully
jurex81 Hace 8 meses
Yea, he’s ending his own career by being a fraud and a flop. Deluded Arseanal fans
Everything is a Mind game
Everything is a Mind game Hace 8 meses
This guy is Mr.Entertainment for sure But overrated
Jason Voorrheezzz
Jason Voorrheezzz Hace 8 meses
А он харош)
David Nuñez
David Nuñez Hace 8 meses
He would be perfect for Barcelona
SKRTT Hace 8 meses
he has ended his career as well
H͜͡A͜͡R͜͡D͜͡ D͜͡R͜͡U͜͡G͜͡S͜͡ P͜͡L͜͡E͜͡A͜͡S͜͡E͜͡
H͜͡A͜͡R͜͡D͜͡ D͜͡R͜͡U͜͡G͜͡S͜͡ P͜͡L͜͡E͜͡A͜͡S͜͡E͜͡ Hace 8 meses
Just a poor mans Bergwijn
Ruth Fujah
Ruth Fujah Hace 8 meses
Pepé and aubamyang are the only best players in arsenal
Everything is a Mind game
Everything is a Mind game Hace 8 meses
Shuheb ahmed
Shuheb ahmed Hace 8 meses
ESpost making him look like Messi when in real life his playing like sanoga
Tracy Morgan's Belly
Tracy Morgan's Belly Hace 8 meses
Guaranteed you don't watch him week in week out
Uncle Johns
Uncle Johns Hace 8 meses
Shuheb ahmed shut up
Jamil Akhtar
Jamil Akhtar Hace 8 meses
pepe has played amazing just unfortunely his team mates and unai emery used him wrong, i mean he was playing so deep under emery, because our back structure was so wrong
i'z keepingitisaac
i'z keepingitisaac Hace 8 meses
Amazing feet but zero end product, dribblling in the wrong places where a fast pass would be more effective
Yeboi Hace 6 meses
Arsenals play style doesn't help him, he often finds himself deep down in midfield instead in the attack because the midfielders can't carry the ball or bring it to the front. Which means he can't get as many goal scoring opportunities like Auba ...
Ramjet164 Hace 8 meses
Reality: He’s contributed to ending Emery’s and his own careers, no one else’s.
TheRoach182 Hace 8 meses
Ending careers... FUCK OFF!!!
Daniel & Sarah Wright
Daniel & Sarah Wright Hace 8 meses
Good player...wasted at the Arse. Should move to a top tier team soon though.
Utkirbek Khodjaev
Utkirbek Khodjaev Hace 8 meses
he brings beauty to the game but not the result
Nick Richards
Nick Richards Hace 8 meses
shame hes added nothing to the shit arsenal team. worst squad we've had in as long as i can remember
Jamil Akhtar
Jamil Akhtar Hace 8 meses
Time for pepe to be more aggressive and hungry thats all he needs, and to make runs of the ball! then he can be more like a henry type of player, even 50% of henry aggression and positioning will be so fruitful to arsenal, we need him to fir eon all cylinders, no more lazy style
Everything is a Mind game
Everything is a Mind game Hace 8 meses
So true thats what missing from his game that little bit of oomph I thought when he went to Arsenal he could see how lazy Ozil is and try to do more this far his out put has been poor as his work rate but skill wise his one of the best if not the best.
Vivek Maru
Vivek Maru Hace 8 meses
Kylian Mbappé vs. Nicolas Pépé. Who is better?
Audiorack Company
Audiorack Company Hace 8 meses
Incredible balance!
Ginge Cole
Ginge Cole Hace 8 meses
Wolves fan here let's be honest his no adama traore is he lol 72 million for Pepe should be a crime when wolves only spent 18 mil on traore
Jason Hace 8 meses
Best dribbler in PL right now
Lutfi Hakim
Lutfi Hakim Hace 8 meses
all I can see is him destroying his own career 😂
Uncle Johns
Uncle Johns Hace 8 meses
Lutfi Hakim how? People like you just talk bullshit cos ur haters.
Jüri Kajava
Jüri Kajava Hace 8 meses
Yoan Hristov
Yoan Hristov Hace 8 meses
He actually made the so called best LB now Robertson look silly
Lutendo Eugene
Lutendo Eugene Hace 8 meses
He's allergic to scoring though so he can destroy careers all he wants...
sync232 Hace 8 meses
Too bad he cant score or assist.
kamalsutra Hace 8 meses
2:54 haha VVD...
Financier !
Financier ! Hace 8 meses
Light as feather. Fast as panther.
shakari kari
shakari kari Hace 8 meses
watch him play 90 minute absolutely rubbish can’t pass defender, no teamwork,selfish in the ball and always lose the ball. stupid player i’ve ever seen play for arsenal
Everything is a Mind game
Everything is a Mind game Hace 8 meses
I mean this his first season its gonna take time to build team chemistry with Pepe
Lily Jenkins
Lily Jenkins Hace 8 meses
Ruining careers Including his own
olabiyi taye abolaji
olabiyi taye abolaji Hace 8 meses
TheTakchio Hace 8 meses
That is real joker of soccer
black odd
black odd Hace 8 meses
Occasionally gets carried away and "ends his own career".
Avisek Ganguly
Avisek Ganguly Hace 8 meses
Only career he has ended is probably his own. By signing for Arsenal 😂🤣
Mohamad Ikhwan
Mohamad Ikhwan Hace 8 meses
He is like another gervinho....if he train for finishinh more, he will be better
Ethan Auguste
Ethan Auguste Hace 8 meses
Naww dis nigga firee mane
I M Hace 8 meses
He sells people better than anyone in the game
Rahul Dev
Rahul Dev Hace 9 meses
Pepe ending careers in 2019... Including his own ...
Paul Rose
Paul Rose Hace 9 meses
Allow the shit music would rather hear the crowd raw when hes goes round people
Samuel Adedeji
Samuel Adedeji Hace 9 meses
This guy is good, why all these hates from Man United and Chelsea fans?
thangstheking Hace 9 meses
I hate the fact that he is being too cautious in EPL. I’m excited when he take on Defenders with his speed and dribbling
Everything is a Mind game
Everything is a Mind game Hace 8 meses
U need patience in the premier league this league is already fast paced If not your legs get taken out and Pepe knows this thus being cautious.
Антон Чернов
Антон Чернов Hace 9 meses
5:25 name of the track pls!
First name
First name Hace 9 meses
sorry I would say hes not good enough. his style didnt really helping the team yet. need to improve his gameplay
It's Lexo
It's Lexo Hace 9 meses
watch here 1:02 1:02
Tbilisi_Warrior Hace 9 meses
Once i saw Van Dijk respect him in the first game against liverpool i knew we had a gem
Nas Karim
Nas Karim Hace 9 meses
Lol sad times for that
James Hace 9 meses
Ball control akin to the great Dennis, if he can hone his finishing then he has the potential to be up there with the rest of the greats
qwecy Hace 9 meses
Hes best game came vs Liverpool and united
Dunu Obinna
Dunu Obinna Hace 9 meses
He is below average this season
Marven Praisoody
Marven Praisoody Hace 9 meses
I think arteta might be playing him too wide - he’s more of a goal scoring winger (quite ironic) than a provider
The Mac
The Mac Hace 9 meses
He'll end his own career if he doesn't sort his end product out
Jim Hace 9 meses
i think i respect pepe more after this video
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