Neymar Jr Destroying Everyone in 2020!

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Watch the best skills, passes and goals of Neymar Jr during the 2019-2020 season at Paris Saint Germain.
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I'm a 20-year-old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favorite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig
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The main goal with this channel is to express my love for football in a creative and fun way. I dedicate hours upon hours to make every single video feel unique and inspiring. I really hope you will enjoy this channel!
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace 2 meses
Is Neymar currently the best player in the world? 🤔
king lotus
king lotus Hace 36 minutos
BARCA STUDIO Hace un día
Messi the no skills man but he is the best and 1st
Khadija Iyad
Khadija Iyad Hace 3 días
@Elektro Magma lllk k cad
MG.Football-HD Hace 3 días
Semsational editing ma brooi ❤👇 New SUBSCRIBER ❤❤👇 Lets Support each other ❤❤❤👌⚽🔴🔵..
muntazir dukroo
muntazir dukroo Hace 4 días
Hahahah bought
al3st0r Hace un hora
ESpost getting carried away with these damn 2 ads.
Visible Hace 6 horas
Quién cree que neymar es la mejor
Ainin Nursofiya
Ainin Nursofiya Hace 14 horas
Song frst
Fajar Firdaus
Fajar Firdaus Hace un día
gada obat neymar
JR Hace un día
I love Neymar jr he is my favourite player in football ⚽️ history
BARCA STUDIO Hace un día
O.1 to0.15
Yadukulan Balashanmugan
Yadukulan Balashanmugan Hace un día
I have one name, Aaron Wan Bissaka
Tanvir Ahmed
Tanvir Ahmed Hace un día
He is still a kid, no ballon, no golden ball, no golden shoe, no golden boot, no big individual awards, no nothing. Even he has no ucl scince he joined psg. Even he has no League 1 golden boot too. Fucking player 🥴🤣🤣
Kevin RuizVelasco
Kevin RuizVelasco Hace 2 días
talha ftb
talha ftb Hace 2 días
Hepiniz görüceksiniz
Halima Abdikarim
Halima Abdikarim Hace 2 días
Intro song plz
Haroon Muhammad Abubakar
Haroon Muhammad Abubakar Hace 2 días
AZL HD Hace 2 días
Greag work mate! ❤
Dejorn S
Dejorn S Hace 2 días
Proper editing 👌🏾
Lxval FC
Lxval FC Hace 2 días
I swear I love the intro
Daniel Brahma
Daniel Brahma Hace 2 días
King of skills 🔥
Bee Hd
Bee Hd Hace 2 días
But did you watch the game with Manchester United?? 😂 He cant get pass Awb...Fred and tuanzebe 😭
Nazmi Matrudin
Nazmi Matrudin Hace 2 días
A. Wan Bissaka Destroyed Mbappe and Neymar in Paris ... Wkwkwk
SHAFI SS11 Hace 2 días
Nice vdo man
Percayalah Aku Ada Di Mana-mana
Percayalah Aku Ada Di Mana-mana Hace 2 días
3:08 wow 👍
Legit Score
Legit Score Hace 3 días
Now that’s a damn beautiful thumbnail
Lucy Kumar
Lucy Kumar Hace 3 días
I am neymer's biggest fan
cook and chill with serah
cook and chill with serah Hace 3 días
Toxic gaming
Toxic gaming Hace 3 días
Sanit maximum is better
BADER CHAHID Hace 3 días
3:40 music name pls
İsmail Pürçüklü
İsmail Pürçüklü Hace 3 días
3:25 mal oldu
THEN Now Hace 3 días
Neymar all skills in this video :
THEN Now Hace 3 días
Pari Beh
Pari Beh Hace 4 días
Brilliant video liked it
CRAZZY KID Hace 4 días
Number of. Views are more than the subscribes lol
Js7 Productions
Js7 Productions Hace 5 días
cool bro
Khadim Ndiaye
Khadim Ndiaye Hace 5 días
Benjamin Ahonen
Benjamin Ahonen Hace 5 días
Neymar's and Mpabbe' chemistry is just something
Nanlouk Oham
Nanlouk Oham Hace 5 días
If i saw Neymar i miss Gusttava Lima so much .
Tamaz Turmanidze
Tamaz Turmanidze Hace 5 días
გენიოსი !
Guilherme g4mes
Guilherme g4mes Hace 6 días
Cadê os BR aki 🤙🏽
Paulo Roberto
Paulo Roberto Hace 6 días
Neymar até agora nada de Bola de Ouro, nada de copa do mundo, nada de exemplo o que resta e se jogar no chão e rolar
Maurício Delat
Maurício Delat Hace 6 días
M. irwansyah09
M. irwansyah09 Hace 6 días
Nice work man
Frankcis1980 Hace 7 días
Most overrated player I've ever seen. If the Brazil manager had Romario, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka and even Adriano in their prime to choose from, I don't think Neymar even gets in the squad.
enzo ackerman
enzo ackerman Hace 6 días
Ronaldinho ? T un ouf
Dung Đặng
Dung Đặng Hace 7 días
Panchanan Borah
Panchanan Borah Hace 7 días
love u neymar . joi aaai axom . from assam : india
Romario Mattos
Romario Mattos Hace 7 días
Hes been playing better than messi and CR lately hes the best nowadays
TrueEdge Hace 7 días
I upload free football clips/no watermark
TrueEdge Hace 7 días
I upload free football clips/no watermark
TrueEdge Hace 7 días
I upload free football clips/no watermark
Google Store
Google Store Hace 8 días
TigerStyle 🐅
Soumia Senouci
Soumia Senouci Hace 8 días
Love neymar😘😘
Mohammad Shareef
Mohammad Shareef Hace 8 días
Pwoli njr
Schweiz Sport Suíça
Schweiz Sport Suíça Hace 9 días
Neymar 🇧🇷 4 vs Peru 🇵🇪 3 2020 👇🏼
Efe Turat
Efe Turat Hace 9 días
I love you NEYMAR JR 😃
Daniel Imani
Daniel Imani Hace 9 días
LOve his footwork....he is my fav soccer player
Score 90
Score 90 Hace 9 días
Score 90
Score 90 Hace 9 días
Hamed Ostaz
Hamed Ostaz Hace 9 días Ronaldo skills
Schweiz Sport Suíça
Schweiz Sport Suíça Hace 9 días
Neymar 🇧🇷 4 vs Peru 🇵🇪 3 2020 👇🏼
Linkon Hasan
Linkon Hasan Hace 9 días
I am like neymer
Sianlianpao Zou
Sianlianpao Zou Hace 9 días
My best players
Matheus Ferreira Barbosa
Matheus Ferreira Barbosa Hace 9 días
VR Hace 10 días
hola capoo
Kanwal Hamid
Kanwal Hamid Hace 10 días
Messi is better
DIO Hace 10 días
Hey this is the guy who stream on twitch and play csgo
LUKKA Hace 10 días
There was football at 2020?
Kamlenmang Kamlenmang
Kamlenmang Kamlenmang Hace 10 días
Neymar is the only using simple skill to drip which make me and teach me to drip out between my opponent
Abrahan MercaDou
Abrahan MercaDou Hace 10 días
My fucking God
the afterr
the afterr Hace 10 días
rabinarayana Ojha
rabinarayana Ojha Hace 10 días
My best player 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Reynaldo Fabrizzio Alvarado Matos
Reynaldo Fabrizzio Alvarado Matos Hace 11 días
That pool man doesn't even know how to play, he should be an actor as soon as they touch him, they break the leg of that exaggerated person in the preliminaries against Peru and if I'm Peruvian, if someone sees Neymar, tell him that a robber thief actor doesn't even know how to play, they shouldn't consider him the best player in the world. if not one of the most cheating and stupid
Seiler G
Seiler G Hace 11 días
The king ❤️
Jason Talonia
Jason Talonia Hace 11 días
He not currently the best player. HE IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍
Gabriel Mota
Gabriel Mota Hace 11 días
if psg had one more good midfielder, would win the champions, ney played alone
Chungkholam Singson
Chungkholam Singson Hace 11 días
Ha ha🤣😊😊😊😊😊
Dipanjan Ghosh
Dipanjan Ghosh Hace 11 días
When legends of football comes, we forget another player is also a professional football player.
MaxLife&Motivation Hace 11 días
Better Skills than Messi, messi boring AF
Malachi Lopez
Malachi Lopez Hace 11 días
At the moment I personally think he is the best trickster in the world
wings of arts
wings of arts Hace 11 días
Neymar fans like
wings of arts
wings of arts Hace 11 días
Alexis Camargo
Alexis Camargo Hace 12 días
No solo es la habilidad es los valores ; neymar no merece estar ahí
Alexis Camargo
Alexis Camargo Hace 12 días
Neymar lo peor de Brasil 👎🏻💩
Edwin Collazos
Edwin Collazos Hace 12 días
The best actor around Soccer World A creation of media
Marco Carrion
Marco Carrion Hace 12 días
Im not agree, Neymar is a good player but he never be like CR7, Pele, Maradona, Messi, Ronaldinho and others
Sulthan 10
Sulthan 10 Hace 12 días
Father of dribling, Neymar 😍😘
Sebastian Hace 12 días
Good actor
Anonimo Hace 7 días
@Drinkz Lol Yes he's smart because Neymar is a cheating actor.
Drinkz Lol
Drinkz Lol Hace 12 días
Ur not very smart
ROHAN TAMANG Hace 12 días
He may dive but u can't ignore his skills 🤣
Soni Agustiana
Soni Agustiana Hace 12 días
Siapa idola Neymar?
RADiT tia herpapi
RADiT tia herpapi Hace 12 días
Naymar gg
Forlorn- Hace 12 días
With such talent comes inevitable arrogance 🤨
Qhuzairy Zizry
Qhuzairy Zizry Hace 12 días
Neymar side quests: nutmeg and rabona
Bryan Steven Calle Morales
Bryan Steven Calle Morales Hace 13 días
God player
epicvbucker Hace 13 días
I couldn't find the second song does anyone know it?
Omar Coly
Omar Coly Hace 13 días
Nice neymar est le meilleur
Nakale Salom
Nakale Salom Hace 14 días
Neymar best
Nakale Salom
Nakale Salom Hace 14 días
Respect neymar
MAKSIM 510 Hace 14 días
That first song with Neymar skills is just perfect
5 MINUTES GAMING Hace 14 días
Sometimes i think who is the 🐐
Srikar Iyer
Srikar Iyer Hace 14 días
Ney was always top 3 for me
ossama karim
ossama karim Hace 14 días
El mas talentoso si? Si
AddiCtzZz 145
AddiCtzZz 145 Hace 14 días
song name plz at 3:55
lini pv
lini pv Hace 15 días
Neymar ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💖💖
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