Neymar Jr Magical Skills 2019/20

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The best dribbling, skills, passes & goals of Neymar Jr during the 2019-2020 season at PSG.
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace 11 meses
Neymagic 🎩 #Score90
mega monkey
mega monkey Hace 9 meses
1.. Tom Hanks 2.. Neymar 3.. Robert Deniro
Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye Hace 9 meses
yadav sunny ldmdmd,d,d,
Phoenix Hace 10 meses
Score 90 what’s your intro ?
sidahmed . jr
sidahmed . jr Hace 10 meses
Ney mar. Jr
Rajib Naik
Rajib Naik Hace 10 meses
sunny oiujkkhn
Chhantea Hlawnchhing
Chhantea Hlawnchhing Hace 21 un día
Imraan Hassan
Imraan Hassan Hace 26 días
This guy makes me fall in love with football. He brings the skill, the finesse, the style, the joy into the game. This is what is lacking in todays game. Teams are too technical. Thank you Neymar for bringing joy to this sport.
Dare Lived
Dare Lived Hace un mes
fortnite rap
Mr PesGam
Mr PesGam Hace un mes
Wow👏🇸🇴Neymar Is Unstoppable Like Christian Pulisic
David Asare
David Asare Hace 2 meses
Good skills
Hiya Moni
Hiya Moni Hace 3 meses
my best player neymar I like it
Freddy Rodriguez Choquehuanca
Freddy Rodriguez Choquehuanca Hace 3 meses
Como se estanco ney uu
Abdul razak
Abdul razak Hace 4 meses
anas anas
anas anas Hace 5 meses
Neymar did in 1: 07dua
Phenyo Shima2
Phenyo Shima2 Hace 5 meses
Fantastic player
Rudra Verma
Rudra Verma Hace 5 meses
You are awesome 19year old👍😉
SOCCER FB Hace 5 meses
If you're Neymar Jr fan watch this
ALIFF's Hace 6 meses
ALIFF's Hace 6 meses
AWav Hace 6 meses
so no ones gon' talk bout 6:05
Jerriffer Kel
Jerriffer Kel Hace 6 meses
He should go back to FC BARCELONA with messi
Sangay Doma Bhutia
Sangay Doma Bhutia Hace 6 meses
I love neymar I want to be neymar
Rachid Rachid
Rachid Rachid Hace 6 meses
Mohammad Baloch
Mohammad Baloch Hace 6 meses
Will you please tell me the begining song?
LPM tv
LPM tv Hace 6 meses
Para que te des un ligero quemon.. aqui esta tu video mejorado.. Mejor que el que subiste:
LM10 Productions
LM10 Productions Hace 6 meses
Workitu Gibe
Workitu Gibe Hace 6 meses
Neymar is the best
Mohamed Sanogo
Mohamed Sanogo Hace 6 meses
yassine nassiri
yassine nassiri Hace 6 meses
Bien dit
Daniel Hardy
Daniel Hardy Hace 6 meses
Maxamed Qaasim
Maxamed Qaasim Hace 6 meses
Fun Maza Masti
Fun Maza Masti Hace 7 meses
The Invader
The Invader Hace 7 meses
Guy might be the best in the world right now and still people say kylian is better?..Mbappe will be better in the future but Neymar at the moment is more unplayable than he ever was
이수지 Hace 7 meses
can someone tell me the name of intro's song?
l'homme Dine
l'homme Dine Hace 7 meses
Urmila P
Urmila P Hace 7 meses
WOS- world of soccer
WOS- world of soccer Hace 7 meses
I am great fan of Score90 If you are neymer fan just watch my videos also You might like
Llogo Sounds
Llogo Sounds Hace 7 meses
One of the best to ever touch the field
Abdul Wadood
Abdul Wadood Hace 7 meses
Naymar jr
Muhammedkutty M
Muhammedkutty M Hace 7 meses
Neymarr on fire
Ajay Gill
Ajay Gill Hace 7 meses
The incredible skill at 5:13 is worth watching again.
Derek Darks
Derek Darks Hace 7 meses
4:21 mad. What a pass
Jovin Vs
Jovin Vs Hace 7 meses
Jovin Vs
Jovin Vs Hace 7 meses
This can do . But only neymar
Saidhalavi Madathil
Saidhalavi Madathil Hace 7 meses
Su Per
Hamdi queen Sheikh
Hamdi queen Sheikh Hace 8 meses
I love you❣💋
Hamdi queen Sheikh
Hamdi queen Sheikh Hace 8 meses
My name is dimaria do you remember me i miss you neymar jr
Guru Velan
Guru Velan Hace 8 meses
Neymar foot strikes the magic strike. He is God's child
Canal Do Deni
Canal Do Deni Hace 8 meses
O melhor do mundo voltou
Rainer Kehek
Rainer Kehek Hace 8 meses
I footbal
Alina Curl
Alina Curl Hace 8 meses
He is Brazilian brilliant
Ngọc Thiện lê
Ngọc Thiện lê Hace 8 meses
0:7 link music pls
SrVenancio Hace 8 meses
Stephen Mukonda
Stephen Mukonda Hace 8 meses
MommaD Fun vlogs
MommaD Fun vlogs Hace 8 meses
Well done bro....
Benjamin Titcomb
Benjamin Titcomb Hace 8 meses
Yellow card
Nhân Võ thiện
Nhân Võ thiện Hace 8 meses
What is the name of the intro song??
LM10 Productions
LM10 Productions Hace 8 meses
Ronaldo fans here
Alexander Doney
Alexander Doney Hace 8 meses
Still 3rd best player imo
JM10 FF Hace 8 meses
Minha fonte de inspiração papo reto😭❤️
Igor K
Igor K Hace 9 meses
Good goal
Rex Lumjod
Rex Lumjod Hace 9 meses
magical 2:28
ben jamin
ben jamin Hace 9 meses
i know i will and have to InshAllah
ben jamin
ben jamin Hace 9 meses
i’m gonna make it pro
ابو امير فرج
ابو امير فرج Hace 9 meses
RAUL ATACANTE 9 Hace 9 meses
Carlos Cunha de Andrade Junior
Carlos Cunha de Andrade Junior Hace 9 meses
Drible , passe , chute , criatividade , velocidade... Um craque simplesmente completo. Podem crítica o Neymar como pessoa , mas como jogador ele é um fenômeno.
black odd
black odd Hace 9 meses
I just woke up, I was sleeping on neymar's passing.
Gulzada Perneeva
Gulzada Perneeva Hace 9 meses
sarah Hace 9 meses
who else be whatchin before their game ⚽️
Borussia Mönchengladbach
Borussia Mönchengladbach Hace 9 meses
Neymar pode ate ter cometido diversos erros na carreira, Mais falar que o cara nao e craque...Tem que ser fã do penaldo ou Mbacorre
Leonardo Oliveira
Leonardo Oliveira Hace 8 meses
Mais respeito por favor o Cristiano ronaldo tem 5 bolas de ouro
Accilles Terrance Gerunsin Terrance
Accilles Terrance Gerunsin Terrance Hace 9 meses
Neymar Can do magic skiil.
Simon BESSON Hace 9 meses
That’s The best skilled player u could ever know, power, precision, speed, macro game. Top 3 world champs
Sandhya Melpakkam
Sandhya Melpakkam Hace 9 meses
He's literally the best. Ppl hate him cuz he gets hurt a lot which makes no sense.just look at how amazingly he plays.
Axel Torregrosa
Axel Torregrosa Hace 9 meses
NJR 🤙🤙🤙
safar aleeyu
safar aleeyu Hace 9 meses
neymar magical skills
safar aleeyu
safar aleeyu Hace 9 meses
neymar magical skills
L M F A O L.O.L Hace 9 meses
0:46 This guy is really fast, he passed himself the ball from the corner and scored you can see again how fast he is at 1:05
AL SOL Hace 9 meses
the best world, o melhor do mundo
WagnerSk8 Hace 9 meses
um monte de jogada sem eficiência nenhuma, já foi muito melhor...
Emkeea Hatjo
Emkeea Hatjo Hace 9 meses ...more ved
Robin Alam
Robin Alam Hace 9 meses
Neymarskill goodneymerbestplauer
Alberto Knoll
Alberto Knoll Hace 9 meses
La canción del inicio como se llama?
A to z Mi
A to z Mi Hace 9 meses
Wow Jr 11 skills
Alex Kurian
Alex Kurian Hace 9 meses
0:18...that zoom up doh
josepraveen josepraveen
josepraveen josepraveen Hace 9 meses
Who love ✌NEYMAR✌
Саша Маша
Саша Маша Hace 9 meses
Sumit Gautam
Sumit Gautam Hace 9 meses
Real skills
Dulal Hossain
Dulal Hossain Hace 9 meses
Shad0W Hace 9 meses
neymar + health = disaster for every club on planet
Johny Ryntathiang
Johny Ryntathiang Hace 9 meses
he is a sklfll ftbllr in the world
KawN Hace 9 meses
neymar n'était pas censé quitter Barcelone
Henry lings
Henry lings Hace 9 meses
New song
Felipe Cursino
Felipe Cursino Hace 9 meses
Melhor do mundo!!!! Essa bola de ouro agora vai ser dele.
Felipe Cursino
Felipe Cursino Hace 9 meses
Melhor do mundo, essa bola de ouro agora vai ser dele!!!
mag-tv Hace 9 meses
Believe or not this talent has no ballon d'or and modric has one
Ras D the king
Ras D the king Hace 4 meses
Very sure man.
Rudra Verma
Rudra Verma Hace 5 meses
Modric is a midfielder, according to him he doesn't need to perform skills, but Neymar has to.
Leo Nardo
Leo Nardo Hace 7 meses
RandomPerson are you talking about neymar? Cuz he CLEARLY wasn’t healthy. He played two friendlies before the world cup against Croatia (yes, croatia) and Austria. He came from the bench and he was really, really slow, he tried dribbling but couldn’t because he couldn’t even run properly... but still, he’s so good that he scored in both games two AMAZING goals... and therefore people thought “see? He’s fine!” But if you watch the games and not only the goals you’d see he was like 50% fit. It was the same for the first couple of games in the world cup. He was slowly getting better, but still, at the time against belgium, he was around 70-80% fit. He still managed to be the best player for brazil in that match but unfortunately brazil had Fernandinho which scored an own goal and had one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen...
X N Hace 7 meses
It's cause you're thinking of the balon d'or wrong. Modric may have not been #1 but he def deserved it more than Neymar or an attacker with more talent.
KubesC37 Hace 8 meses
RandomPerson Croatia had the luckiest draws in the world cup lol. They played Denmark and russia. The only team that could’ve given them a little more challenge was England. Brazil had to face Belgium (which is arguably the best team in the WC) and if they would’ve made it past them, they would’ve either faced Argentina or France.
ãs̃ãs̃ĩãñ gamer
ãs̃ãs̃ĩãñ gamer Hace 9 meses
I loveu neymer
Joao Vitor
Joao Vitor Hace 9 meses
O mal do Neymar é ele ser brasileiro pq os brasileiros só crítica ele , mais se agr ele fosse de outro país os cara ia ter ele como ídolo os brasileiros não sabe da falar a bom jogador
Criptz _VG
Criptz _VG Hace 9 meses
And we’ve all made fun of the guy 😤
Bruu YT
Bruu YT Hace 9 meses
I love Neymar Jr so much he inspired me of being a soccer player!
Mengão Melhor da América.
Mengão Melhor da América. Hace 9 meses
Neymar como sempre uma lenda...só que eu acho que ele jogava mas no Barça do que no Paris mas sempre mitoo..
Football11 HD
Football11 HD Hace 9 meses
Nice bro, 👉
Vinícius Hace 9 meses
Neymar King of the drible
killer gamer killing
killer gamer killing Hace 10 meses
Love uuuuuuu
josephine syiemlieh
josephine syiemlieh Hace 10 meses
It is cudlod neymar
Yomendra Kr Rai
Yomendra Kr Rai Hace 10 meses
कुमार इस माई रियल hero
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