Most Beautiful *NEARLY SCORED* Goals In Football

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Watch some of the best goals that would have been in football.
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace 6 meses
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Ad-Patrick gg
Ad-Patrick gg Hace 5 meses
Ronaldo’s bicycle kick was in
Abi Hamilton
Abi Hamilton Hace 5 meses
Seven7 Football
Seven7 Football Hace 6 meses
Song name in the Starting plzz
Lucas Carvalho De Saules
Lucas Carvalho De Saules Hace 6 meses
OI amor tudo MAL os direitos reservados ao lado de aldeia do que não GALO de trabalho em equipe da minha mãe tá em equipe do país de origem do mundo e essenciais PARA a sua casa e a Riccio é underground d tudo bem como objetivo é underground d tudo bem
Score 90
Score 90 Hace 6 meses
Rahman Shaik - Awesome bro!
CoFLX Hace un mes
changed the title much did you
SAtYA Hace un mes
Why Everytime I was looking for the goal to happen 😅😅
GAMER NINJA Hace un mes
Sorry lucas there can only be one messi
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo Hace un mes
Var Didnt Exist At 0:48 Right?
John Inscienzo
John Inscienzo Hace 2 meses
1:00 I think it wasn't Messi wtf, he didn't touch the ball and left anyway, is an Alien, or is he being helped
Haxboy Hace 2 meses
1:31 looking to god for answers You should just rename this video to "When God aint on your side" XD
emon boy193
emon boy193 Hace 3 meses
Fast Music tar name ki brother 😕 sob video tay daw but pura music ta dorkar Place tell me
Chef Trainer
Chef Trainer Hace 3 meses
Definitely missed Hugo Rodallega vs Besiktas
Nemanja Tadić
Nemanja Tadić Hace 4 meses
0:48 put it on 0,25x it was a goal
Legendary Tanki Online
Legendary Tanki Online Hace 16 días
U can put it on x2 speed and still see
Bobby Shmurda
Bobby Shmurda Hace 4 meses
Anyone notice how Asensio tried a no look goal after making the turn
.00 53 that was a clear goal
Mavis Hugo Lestat Tubale
Mavis Hugo Lestat Tubale Hace 4 meses
Do you mean misses that would have been
NaMz _Apollo
NaMz _Apollo Hace 4 meses
What happend in the background on 2:58
Tara Pottinger
Tara Pottinger Hace 4 meses
stinky messi
MC tentaciòn
MC tentaciòn Hace 4 meses
Should have been also the almost goal of rakitic with national in Croatia-Spain 2-1
MC tentaciòn
MC tentaciòn Hace 4 meses
European 2016
MC tentaciòn
MC tentaciòn Hace 4 meses
1:54 who is?
Skander Touil
Skander Touil Hace 4 meses
poor piqué
Bang Soit
Bang Soit Hace 4 meses
Pogba 😁
Baby gurl watcho name
Baby gurl watcho name Hace 4 meses
Don’t leave us hanging, would have been what?
John Welldon
John Welldon Hace 4 meses
What player is at 3:10? thanks
王sk Hace 4 meses
Good video
P Vallarino
P Vallarino Hace 4 meses
Ronaldo's bicycle kick was in
Carlos Schroeder
Carlos Schroeder Hace 4 meses
4:43 he can rap like Eminem 😂
Subash Chandra Prusty
Subash Chandra Prusty Hace 4 meses
Ronaldos bicycle kick was a goal....
Dj Quaresma
Dj Quaresma Hace 4 meses
You didn't include Pelé in this video? What a crime!
박혜숙 Hace 4 meses
Cela Lara
Cela Lara Hace 4 meses
Why is this the top comment???
FIFA for life
FIFA for life Hace 4 meses
Tarun Kumaar
Tarun Kumaar Hace 4 meses
I think Ronaldo wants to score a bicycle kick so bad. He finally did it. Maybe it has something to do with Rooney's goal?
PepinoTheRuler Hace 4 meses
Petition to raise the crossbar so these count
Kyle Macdonald
Kyle Macdonald Hace 4 meses
How is kurt zouma vs ajax not here?
RAYÁNO Hace 5 meses
Some of these goals should have been
zz234 lol
zz234 lol Hace 5 meses
Have been wat?
Sports United
Sports United Hace 5 meses
Juan José Alonso Ramírez
Juan José Alonso Ramírez Hace 5 meses
Udham Singh
Udham Singh Hace 5 meses
I never saw 3:43 before
W for Wavy
W for Wavy Hace 5 meses
Messi’s last free kick in the World Cup final against Germany hurt
Jose Zuniga
Jose Zuniga Hace 5 meses
Ronaldo didn’t miss the goal it missed him
Soggy Mufinz
Soggy Mufinz Hace 5 meses
7:24 pretty sure thats in
Nathnael Alemu
Nathnael Alemu Hace 5 meses
There should be half goal or something like that😂😂😂
Minwoo Yu
Minwoo Yu Hace 5 meses
This is how many times Paul Pogba and CR7 appeared in this video | | | V
Ndalamo Nthambeleni
Ndalamo Nthambeleni Hace 5 meses
Roni (ronaldo)was so pissed this entire video
Ndalamo Nthambeleni
Ndalamo Nthambeleni Hace 5 meses
Benzema was so unlucky
Muhammad Maaz
Muhammad Maaz Hace 5 meses
7:39 Get glasses or a doctor
Luka Opančić
Luka Opančić Hace 5 meses
If I was the keeper and we re leading 4-0 in 89'min I woud let one of these get in
games and more gamez
games and more gamez Hace 5 meses
1:53 is thor playing football
charliechaplin 448
charliechaplin 448 Hace 5 meses
it was goal 0:45
Arsenal765 298
Arsenal765 298 Hace 5 meses
Adrian Paz
Adrian Paz Hace 5 meses
You are the best
Bazitheboss studios
Bazitheboss studios Hace 5 meses
The ronaldo byci did go in watch closly
влад Hace 5 meses
omggg that hurts me
Facts and Reason
Facts and Reason Hace 5 meses
6:31 listen, ronaldo, you are probably the best physical type striker the world has seen but doing all that and disrespecting your team and country over one goal is a little too much.
DB VVorkout
DB VVorkout Hace 5 meses
SirChuksAlot how did he disrespect the country lmao? He got mad because the goal was cancelled and it shouldnt even have been, Nani headed the ball once it was over the line anyway. Who wouldnt get mad over that
Vortex YT
Vortex YT Hace 5 meses
If i be the President of FIFA, i would have still given all of those Puskas awards
DABBERWRLD Hace 5 meses
6:55 I don't understand why is that not a goal?
Luke Francis
Luke Francis Hace 5 meses
Hit his hand
Mario Baek
Mario Baek Hace 5 meses
날강두 불편해보이는 모습 보기좋다
Panos Vs Manolis
Panos Vs Manolis Hace 5 meses
No one is gonna say something about mbappe rabona miss?
subhaan nurani
subhaan nurani Hace 5 meses
Goals that could have been What??
ALPHA GAMING Hace 5 meses
That ronaldo goal was legit and they should have given it but i think it was the time when there was no VAR
Fav Hace 5 meses
7:31 that was a banger Was the ref blind?
justin cunha
justin cunha Hace 5 meses
letian zou
letian zou Hace 5 meses
what a f*cking referees
SYAF AQUA Hace 5 meses
Özil ❤️
Patrik Perutka
Patrik Perutka Hace 5 meses
This is like the saddest video on ESpost
tanisha ghangas
tanisha ghangas Hace 5 meses
3:34 That was one hell of a trajectory. What a free kick by Pirlo, incredible enough to deceive any goalkeeper.
pes gaming channel
pes gaming channel Hace 5 meses
Jack Fredrik
Jack Fredrik Hace 5 meses
The ronaldo bicykle was a Goal
Uzair Child
Uzair Child Hace 5 meses
The officials are two bad.they even see the ball goes over the line
Elena Kunadis
Elena Kunadis Hace 5 meses
0:48 if you pause the vid then the ball is clearly over the line
Legendary Tanki Online
Legendary Tanki Online Hace 16 días
Pause? Mate u can clearly see its over with one eye closed playing on x2 speed
hahaha_kimi Hace 5 meses
1:32 That behaviour is disgraceful. No matter what religion, you shouldn't talk to god like that, pointing gestures rudely. Its clear he's saying something like "why God do you do this to me"
Mahibul wahab nabil
Mahibul wahab nabil Hace 5 meses
Other stars:Ahh that would have been one hell of a goal.... Paul pogba: First time?
Zaibo Bozai
Zaibo Bozai Hace 4 meses
Cristiano : Hold my List
Dark033Production Hace 5 meses
The nani fuck up would never be forgotten
Arga Wibisono
Arga Wibisono Hace 5 meses
Ezechiel Ndouassel vs Persija 2017, Raphael Maitimo vs Madura United 2017, Michael Essien vs Madura United 2017..
Herkert Hace 5 meses
Let’s just be grateful for the amazing savings instead
Haymar Prods
Haymar Prods Hace 5 meses
10:23 That had to be a goal
Haymar Prods
Haymar Prods Hace 5 meses
@No Salad you think?
No Salad
No Salad Hace 5 meses
Haymar 10:23 doesn’t exist
Haymar Prods
Haymar Prods Hace 5 meses
7:36 how did that stay out
Arsenal765 298
Arsenal765 298 Hace 5 meses
It went in.
Haymar Prods
Haymar Prods Hace 5 meses
2:48 should be a goal no question
Rohan Chivukula
Rohan Chivukula Hace 5 meses
More like ‘Goals that SHOULD’VE been’
Bijay Cristiano
Bijay Cristiano Hace 5 meses
Ronaldo on fire.Imagine those going in👑
Ari Hace 5 meses
Can you imagine what a difference it would have made if the people who made goals made them just a bit bigger
Noor Madrid [KSA]
Noor Madrid [KSA] Hace 5 meses
Nani 😕😕😕
Adam Playz
Adam Playz Hace 5 meses
7:27 ok the referees are officially blind, u don't even need to watch it in slow mo
Adam Playz
Adam Playz Hace 5 meses
7:11 is the ref blind? it didn't even touch ronaldo
Adam Playz
Adam Playz Hace 5 meses
ok if ronaldo is not cursed idk what is
Adam Playz
Adam Playz Hace 5 meses
0:47 if u watch this part in slow mo, u will see that it is a goal
Ivy Hace 5 meses
5:21 he used to make gestures like that when he scored great goals.But now does it cause thats the best he can do truly a sad fall from grace.
xd Hadron
xd Hadron Hace 4 meses
onizuk a what are you talking about, he’s still easily one of the best in the world.
Anonymous Hace 5 meses
2:57 Was that lightning?!
Raymond Lew
Raymond Lew Hace 5 meses
David Jiang no
Adam Fruhauf
Adam Fruhauf Hace 5 meses
Eriksen freekick vs AC Milan
Abasi-Iyanga-Owo Utuk
Abasi-Iyanga-Owo Utuk Hace 5 meses
Just to point out, the music is quite nice
AaDIth Kizhakkayil
AaDIth Kizhakkayil Hace 5 meses
Intro song?
olamide balogun
olamide balogun Hace 6 meses
nice vid
Oluwadamisola Balogun
Oluwadamisola Balogun Hace 6 meses
Mr Ozioma
Mr Ozioma Hace 6 meses
Thanks for the sudden Damzy
Mr Ozioma
Mr Ozioma Hace 6 meses
Amacooco this ozi
Oluwadamisola Balogun
Oluwadamisola Balogun Hace 6 meses
yo ozi chinedu wassup
Kaloyan Hristov
Kaloyan Hristov Hace 6 meses
Joao felix vs getafe?
Iliesse Bennour
Iliesse Bennour Hace 6 meses
I am a big fan of all football ESpostRS, and I really want to succeed in yt. Please help me and support me on my channel. Give me some ideas and I will take them on consideration.👍😇
MOH FERIADI Hace 6 meses
Indonesia ada?
Moiz Faisal
Moiz Faisal Hace 6 meses
The road of this channel for millions of subscribers isn't far away!
Viviana Chacon amorocho
Viviana Chacon amorocho Hace 6 meses
Aero Boris
Aero Boris Hace 6 meses
Second one was in
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