Memphis Depay is Ridiculously Good!

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[Memphis Depay best skills & goals during the 2019-2020 season with his own song "No Love" playing in the background!]
♫ Music:
Memphis Depay - No Love
Produced by: Filip Hennig
Computer used: Macbook Pro 15' Retina
Software used: Final Cut Pro X
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace un año
All clips from the 2019-2020 season. 🚀 #Score90
Darren Jude
Darren Jude Hace un mes
I really hope Barcelona doesn't buy this guy. They need to give ansu fati a good chance because i believe he is the future of Barcelona's attack.
Darren Jude
Darren Jude Hace un mes
Dude is just a poor man's neymar
Erik Hingst
Erik Hingst Hace 7 meses
Hope he recovers from his knee injury, in order to be ready at 100% for the european championships in 2021 ! With him as a predominant and decisive player Holland can become champion !! And then he can go to any big club.
Flo A
Flo A Hace 7 meses
Rara Mag
Rara Mag Hace 8 meses
J’aime son style de jeu❤️💪🏿
Claudiu Ambrus
Claudiu Ambrus Hace 9 meses
Pentru cei romani,ati observat ca la inceput comentatorul parca spune:Bateee Cristianooooo !!!!!
24 BBALLER Hace 10 meses
Ac Milan hellooou you need a winger there he is
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace 10 meses
His actually a beast.
Effy Bosako
Effy Bosako Hace 11 meses
"Getting abused a big part of my life, you say understand, but you don't feel my pain..."
Bengedoes Hace 11 meses
memphis = boss
24 Hace 11 meses
AC MILAN please get him
KI K9U Hace un año
Sambal bij
Sambal bij Hace un año
Hij heeft ook een dikke nosso
Leapheng LENG
Leapheng LENG Hace un año
Poor Man Utd. He eh
Freedom of hate speech
Freedom of hate speech Hace un año
Memphis is a little bit hyped up. He is not the player you are going to see @ a top 5 in europe. Adama traore is for an example a better wing player
Marko Hace un año
Adama has pace and strength thats about it , Memphis have actual football skills in terms of creativity, flair and a good shot
Marko Hace un año
dutch haha what
Arhan Solo
Arhan Solo Hace un año
Wow, this song is so amazing! What a nice song. Why did I never hear this. He should stop playing football and start a music career... What a talent!
Calvin Gallen
Calvin Gallen Hace 4 meses
Does both
Homosimius Ratus
Homosimius Ratus Hace un año
Easy league.
blaZe a
blaZe a Hace un año
In farmers league, even Cristiano jr would run riot😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace 10 meses
Yea the French league might be trash but still it's very hard to play football plus Christiano jr is still a kid u moron
blaZe a
blaZe a Hace un año
In basketball we have this so called "hot hand".... If u don't know.. Just google it...maybe he is on a " hot leg" who knows...😂😂😂
Jelle Terpstra
Jelle Terpstra Hace un año
his the best in the natuinal team against teams like germany france italy etc
Up SCOMO ! Hace un año
blaZe a so what about his form for the Netherlands ?
PG RA Hace un año
Memphis or Sane? Who u got
Zidane Bryan
Zidane Bryan Hace un año
Asokwonye Clinton
Asokwonye Clinton Hace un año
Plz score90 whats the tittle of the second song u uploaded I love it like 😍....reply back
Joyo PGH
Joyo PGH Hace un año
Manchester United made Depay and Pogba to become average players. Maybe United should be the club banned to sign new players
Gram Hace 8 meses
Pogba got better at United you clown, Depay just wasn’t epl ready at the time, he is now
Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar Hace 8 meses
Joyo PGH Hahaha seriously? When Depay came to Utd he was actually not really ready to play in PL . The move came too soon for him. And For Pogba he came to a team which had a lot of problem. If now Depay and Pogba are in Utd then they will show their class
Wesley Van Reen
Wesley Van Reen Hace un año
Jan de Boer
Jan de Boer Hace un año
He was good. But he has lifted himself up. Football is having skills, training, caracter e.g. Most of the skillfull players don't have enough healthy caracter spend there money on parties, cars etc. You can do that and play good as well but they're minor.
Bikram Bhandari
Bikram Bhandari Hace un año
TaT Hace un año
I really want Barcelona to sign him so he can play as second striker with griezman
TaT Hace un año
Cas Douwsma Griezman is not a pure 9 he can play as rw behind the striker and as a second striker so he will not take suarez role and even if he took he will not play well
Cas Hace un año
@TaT I don't think suarez is on his last year but if he is, then they're gonna select Griezman anyway. I'd rather have memphis play somewhere where he actually plays.
TaT Hace un año
Cas Douwsma also we wouldn’t be looking for a pure 9 if we are not lacking
TaT Hace un año
Cas Douwsma also we wouldn’t be looking for a pure 9 if we are not lacking
TaT Hace un año
Cas Douwsma yeah we lack strikers we have wingers suarez might be on his last year and griezman isn’t a pure 9
The Whiz Kid
The Whiz Kid Hace un año
"I open up my bible and pray"
Mo E
Mo E Hace un año
Ziyech is better than him and doesn't get half the recognition, smh...
Mo E
Mo E Hace un año
@SANTIAGO ROSERO BOLIVAR and your mum is gay.
@Mo E and?
Mo E
Mo E Hace un año
@Thijs Verkade Ziyech is lightyears ahead of this guy ib technique and decision making. He's a flop in united, don't forget ;)
Thijs Verkade
Thijs Verkade Hace un año
Depay is waaaaaayyyyyy better
Massimo Bakker
Massimo Bakker Hace un año
Ziyech is An attacking midfielder or winger, meanwhile Memphis usually plays as a striker and has a different playing style, can't compare them
Pablo_XX Hace un año
But he had attitude problem, that's why many big club still hesitated to sign him
ALE RETOS Hace un año
but messi also
محمد رفيق • Mohamed Rafik
محمد رفيق • Mohamed Rafik Hace un año
He is not that good.
Raymon Verberne
Raymon Verberne Hace un año
He is...
marwaan yare
marwaan yare Hace un año
Raymon Verberne
Raymon Verberne Hace un año
marwaan yare i think you are still shitty dickhead, this man scores and playes great against every big team so shut up...
Lecastorbleu Hace un año
No he's not come on wathc his games with Lyon. Just a flashy rapper that does a good game every month
Raymon Verberne
Raymon Verberne Hace un año
Lecastorbleu scores 11 goals and gives 10 assists in his last 17 matches for Holland.. already scored 4 goals and gave 1 assist this season for lyon. He is the best player they have, just amazing ..
Reinier Broer
Reinier Broer Hace un año
I miss the freekicks
Maicol Scumaci
Maicol Scumaci Hace un año
Depay deserve a better team than Olimpique Lyon. He deserve to plays in Bayern München, Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City, Atletico Madrid ecc...
Emmanuel Nguema
Emmanuel Nguema Hace un año
En plus de bien jouer il rap cool
Dave Hace un año
Depay a rapper ?!
Anoniem373839 Plzzz
Anoniem373839 Plzzz Hace un año
He is a fantastic player but is just a shame that he is inconsistent
Peet Hace un año
Music is fucking awful, his play isn't.
Het Hok
Het Hok Hace un año
everybody can sing with autotune. but a very good footballer
Martijn Hace un año
@Het Hok what music do you make?
Het Hok
Het Hok Hace un año
i'm a producer, you don't want to hear it without autotune. only reason i can think about to use it is that you can't sing, nice ffect tho
Stângu Alexandru
Stângu Alexandru Hace un año
Does anybody else notice that he doesn't wear football shins?
Tom Hace un año
He wears really tiny ones
Hiphopspotworldwide Hace un año
I Still think he becomes a great player at a big club
Mik Muis
Mik Muis Hace un año
Netherland heeeee🇳🇱
Kwasje Titty
Kwasje Titty Hace un año
Memphis Depay> Manchester United + fans
tripping kip
tripping kip Hace un año
Jammer van die rap weer
Bakfiets Hace un año
Jammer van die nutteloze bijdrage weer
drater31591 Hace un año
The lion is back! 🔥
Daan Jongbloed
Daan Jongbloed Hace un año
Where is his panenka penalty aginst France??!
Ji 2E Z
Ji 2E Z Hace un año
was last season those clips are only from this 2019-2020 season
Barf O
Barf O Hace un año
Amazing talent bu the one thing that keeps him from breaking through is his ego, it is obvious in almost all decision making that his ego plays a role. Some periods more than others. If he gets his head in order he will be world class. Also he obviously likes to hit the gym, but it has made has def decreased his agility, most of th e times when he hss to dribble side to side with a defender and sqeeuze out a shot he can only manage a bad shot at goal and has no body control left to make an accurate and powerful shot, this also happens after a good dribble a lot of the times.
Bakfiets Hace un año
​@Martijn doe is kalm, pik
Martijn Hace un año
@Bakfiets heb je echt niet genoeg hersencapaciteit om die spelfout zelf aan te vullen tot een kloppend woord of maak je een grap?
Bakfiets Hace un año
Barf O coller?
Barf O
Barf O Hace un año
@Bakfiets Hmm wauw, je bent een stuk coller dan de meeste. Mijn complimenten
Bakfiets Hace un año
Slaap emote, viel bijna ik slaap van jou open deuren tekst.
super naruslam
super naruslam Hace un año
One of the most underrated players in the history of football he surely needs a better team
klo schuessel
klo schuessel Hace un año
lorenzo whop i dont want him anyway.
lorenzo whop
lorenzo whop Hace un año
@klo schuessel yeah but left is grabry already so they still dont have room for depay lol
klo schuessel
klo schuessel Hace un año
super naruslam proved that at barca Hes cm or cam
klo schuessel
klo schuessel Hace un año
super naruslam coutinho isnt a left winger
super naruslam
super naruslam Hace un año
@SABRI A yeah that would be great but he can only play as left winger or striker... Bayern already have coutinho and Lewandowski in those positions so...
Gregory Ho
Gregory Ho Hace un año
Everyone is good in the farmers league...
Hilltycoon Hace un año
Hes also very good for the Dutch team (vs Germany for example)
gingermarshy007 Hace un año
Utd buy back clause?
kqmasi Hace un año
gingermarshy007 fuck utd
NOMAN freezy
NOMAN freezy Hace un año
Best 1
Brad Sorensen
Brad Sorensen Hace un año
Memphis Depay is ridiculously good outside England
Bakfiets Hace un año
Noone does well at united atm. Zlatan was probably the only attacker that was consistent last years.
TOP 5 Hace un año
He was only 21 that time
Sushil Kumar
Sushil Kumar Hace un año
I think he was not ready when he was in MU
Geralt von Riva
Geralt von Riva Hace un año
He sucks. Otherwise he would be in a big club... Simple as that, not consistent enough...
Colin Xiong
Colin Xiong Hace un año
This dude was young af on Man U
Benjamin Mellin
Benjamin Mellin Hace un año
used his song too bad ass video
Fernando Godinez
Fernando Godinez Hace un año
He is brilliant but inconsistent that's why he shines about 1 time in 5 games
Fernando Godinez
Fernando Godinez Hace un año
@goodness jonathan yes if u watch football u should know bro
goodness jonathan
goodness jonathan Hace un año
1 in 5 games?? 🙄
Doug Wong
Doug Wong Hace un año
cry7 scored ZERO free kicks in 2 years, your opening video is funny
João Pedro
João Pedro Hace un año
You’re Wrong
You’re Wrong Hace un año
Memphis Depay is fucking trash
Man 2 Man
Man 2 Man Hace un año
he was exposed to early to the no 7 shirt
Siebe Van Eijk
Siebe Van Eijk Hace un año
no he just went to soon to a huge club
Son Nguyen
Son Nguyen Hace un año
MU don't like this :v
kapil yadav
kapil yadav Hace un año
Creates quite a confusion,is he a footballer or singer
kapil yadav
kapil yadav Hace un año
@ADF Ryo I know dude
ADF Ryo Hace un año
kapil yadav music is just his hobby
Alisher Kairatbek
Alisher Kairatbek Hace un año
Score90, please, re-update this awesome video "Mesut Ozil the best playmaker 2018",
kimmkroo Hace un año
he is better than anything bayern has to offer
Sirius Mind
Sirius Mind Hace un año
@kimmkroo Before Coman got injured he was even better then Gnabry is now. If were making this a winger only discussion then idk if I'd take gnabry over depay. I think both can be more consistent. Depay is far and away the better national team player
kimmkroo Hace un año
@Sirius Mind i am talking about wingers only, but after yesterday gnabry made an impression
Yung Ritalin
Yung Ritalin Hace un año
yeeeeeeeee right
Sirius Mind
Sirius Mind Hace un año
You are on drugs... I like him as a player but if you rate him more than Coman, Kimmich, or Alaba your nuts.
ThisAndThat765 Hace un año
Thats a bit over the top. You do realise he plays in the french league
Molamin Kinteh
Molamin Kinteh Hace un año
Ed woodward Get Him 😭
No Name
No Name Hace un año
How many times do you want Manchester United keep destroying him?
Mirradoor Mulonso
Mirradoor Mulonso Hace un año
If there was a an award for most improved player it would go to Memphis Depay
Up SCOMO ! Hace un año
klo schuessel I can understand why u would be pissed at him but put ur self in his shoes, ur the only good player in ur team, ur team are doing horrible and ur constantly getting disrespected by the fans, people are quick to judge but he’s probably living hell, I know he’s making a lot of money but money can’t buy happiness and pogba is a living example of it, and he is not overrated, did u see when ole first arrived and the whole team was actually playing well how he shined, there were no world class players around him but simply having players who are playing half decent allowed him to show the beast he is
Matthew 72
Matthew 72 Hace un año
klo schuessel ahahah nice one mate, you thought I was getting my knowledge from Fifa?😂😂 You sound completely and utterly ridiculous and once again he was top scorer, top assister for ur team last season and the only reason you dont like him is because you cant accept ur team are now a small team, you have lost and drew ur last 3 games against shit sides and when he leaves next season the only world class player u will have is De Gea. Your team are only getting worse because of fans like you shouting for Pogba (Your TOP SCORER and ASSISTER last season just to remind u once more) to be replaced😂😂😂 have a good day mate, this conversation clearly isn’t worth my time at this point.
klo schuessel
klo schuessel Hace un año
Matthew 72 he was known for it. He was called the kraken you fuckhead. Go watch him in 2012-2014. It was only after pirlo left that he thought of himself as pogballerina. + i said he took a lot of pens. Which is true... Its as if you have two strikers. One is scoring in the game and one is simply collecting goals by scoring the pens. If both have 20 goals but the one guy scored 5-8 in pens... thats not the same. If you dont get that simple fact, im sorry. And its true that you dont play 2019 pogba in fifa. And i simply assumed thats where you are getting your knowledge about him. Since you obviously arent watching him play for manu
Matthew 72
Matthew 72 Hace un año
klo schuessel First of all, Imagine saying that he only took penalties to take care of his statistics. Does that mean nobody should be aloud to take penalties because it helps prove you wrong? 😂😂 and secondly, imagine comparing players in Fifa to real life😂😂😂 Pogba has never been known for his tackling, he is known for being a world class attacking midfielder with world class attributes in that role. When he played with Juve he was the best in the world at that role and if he played with Juve now he would still be the best in the world at that role.
klo schuessel
klo schuessel Hace un año
Matthew 72 yeah. Took a ton of pens. 👍🏻 Hes taking care of his statistics. Thats what that is. And increasing problem among certain players in sports. Same in american football and basketball. Doesnt change the fact that hes shit for the team and working back. Which he once did and was pretty good at. What made pogba special was that he was a great tackler and good going forward. Thats what still makes him amazing in fifa today Yet he doesnt play that way anymore
Cristol Dsouza
Cristol Dsouza Hace un año
Big fish in a small pool
Ronaldo Owino
Ronaldo Owino Hace un año
He is inconsistent af. He would not be capable of surviving in any top team.
Bakfiets Hace un año
parra09876 that still makes for a good player. Might not be world class, but who said he was world class in the first place? Its just your misplaced expectations.
Victor Gören
Victor Gören Hace un año
@Ronaldo Owino Memphis Depay for Lyon this season in: 7 games, 5 goals and 1 assist and for Holland in the European Qualification: 4 games, 4 goals and 7 assist. Yes he’s inconsistent af or something...
J chock Lifestyle
J chock Lifestyle Hace un año
Omg stop he might not be top class but he’s still a good strong player wherever he plays. Watch how he got there in the first place.
Jos VES Hace un año
And unlike with his singing/rapping, autotune can't help him on the pitch....
the knewme
the knewme Hace un año
Highlights can make anyone look good. I saw him play against barca in cl last season he was dreadful
Siphokuhle Gila
Siphokuhle Gila Hace 10 meses
@goodness jonathan obviously he didnt no player plays well every match
goodness jonathan
goodness jonathan Hace un año
Did you watch him play against MANCITY?? I guess not
Sham Kujur
Sham Kujur Hace un año
Hey bro you didn't get copyright strik for this type of video please reply
123 456
123 456 Hace un año
maybe they got permission from Memphis
sorsok meng
sorsok meng Hace un año
He not that depay anymore
SavageDamian Hace un año
Im dutch so i know him very good, he is very good but he needs to be consistent. In the last 2 matches he started at the bench. If he is consistent and change his attitude he wil be very very good.
Bakfiets Hace un año
“I know him very good” Strak verhaal pik.
Jorik Hace un año
He is striker on netherlands netherlands has the best national team on the moment
Bakfiets Hace un año
jasper r the guy is an imbecile, if he wanted to put up a little bit of a contest he shouldve said frenkie instead of de roon.
jasper r
jasper r Hace un año
@Jorik would agree with van dijk being better than varane, But lyon's depay being better than Barcelona's griezmann is a joke, de roon being better than pogba is a joke and wijnaldum being better than kante is a joke. Im pretty sure you know it is and your just being biased. I also know you play FIFA so just look at the ratings on fifa. The difference is to big to even compare them in real life.
Jorik Hace un año
@jasper r wijnaldum is better the kante depay is better then antoine de roon is way better then pogba van dijk is 4x so good as Varane and matuidi is very overrated
jasper r
jasper r Hace un año
@Jorik hahaha how, how is a team with mbappe, griezmann, kante, pogba, varane, umtiti and matuidi nothing compared tot the Netherlands?
Jorik Hace un año
@jasper r Erm jasper, before netherlands were not the best but now they are man. France is nothing if you compare it with the netherlands.
Vivek Daware
Vivek Daware Hace un año
From which website you download the free full matches in 1080 HQ ?
Senji Hace un año
And he got 3 star weak foot in Fifa thats a joke
Lesego Segole
Lesego Segole Hace un año
BxniiCW-Senjii how awkward are those fifa rating reveals for players?
7Criska Hace un año
@Gabriele Porru I mean CR7 can clearly dribble with his left foot and do skills with it and almost has the same shot as with his right.
Gabriele Porru
Gabriele Porru Hace un año
@7Criska because he can use almost indifferently his right and left foot? Maybe, that's a suggestion In case you didn't know that characteristic about him
7Criska Hace un año
@Gabriele Porru Then how does neymar have a 5*?
Gabriele Porru
Gabriele Porru Hace un año
Do you all fucking even know what weak foot stars stand for? From what was showed in the clip, he used his weak foot, the left, only in a few occasions, and shot only with the right
Emilio Hidalgo
Emilio Hidalgo Hace un año
Quiero decir que muy buena la cancion y Depay es un crack para jugar el balon
vincent fred
vincent fred Hace un año
Thanks for this amazing song, now I can't listening to it. Good vid also 🔥
super naruslam
super naruslam Hace un año
It's Memphis depay's song "no love"
la pioche
la pioche Hace un año
MAN UTD should trigger the buyback clause 🔥🔥
Zeus Pautu
Zeus Pautu Hace un año
Yeah...depay is good👍👍👌👌
manuel rosales
manuel rosales Hace un año
The BEST player
HXF 7 Hace un año
Killing everything on his way 🔥🔥 No Matter if it's Football or Rap 🙌💪
Homosimius Ratus
Homosimius Ratus Hace un año
He almost killed his career In United.
HXF 7 Hace un año
Oh sh*t :p
zEpick Hace un año
Sou Hace un año
U mean rap...not rape
DON OMAR Hace un año
Rape ?
AJ Football
AJ Football Hace un año
Amazing man
Fastest World Gamerz
Fastest World Gamerz Hace un año
Hamza mtk
Hamza mtk Hace un año
Soufiane boufaf palyer marocain
GolazoFirst Hace un año
Victor Gören
Victor Gören Hace un año
77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 Hace un año
I love this kind of striker,not only can finish well but also do fantastic dribbling as well.
Sushil Kumar
Sushil Kumar Hace un año
And also sings so well
- Hace un año
77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 he’s short and strong as well that’s why he can play as a striker, these types of strikers are rare.
Hafizur Mahdi
Hafizur Mahdi Hace un año
Want Coutinho
Ask Ugh
Ask Ugh Hace un año
His pants is short
Jos VES Hace un año
That's why it's called 'football shorts'
caleb Hace un año
hes my fave player!
Gebherel Hace un año
mine too bro
Mironov Football
Mironov Football Hace un año
Kristóf Szabó
Kristóf Szabó Hace un año
When you can see his skills and hear his song 🤩
byz99kaz Hace un año
dams. damir
dams. damir Hace un año
No love by Memphis depay
AF10HD Hace un año
Incredible skills ❣️
Iscodisco Hace un año
Song choice is amazing
MrMan777777 Hace un año
Fantastic dribbling and technique but poor finishing
Douwe Jan Vellinga
Douwe Jan Vellinga Hace un año
Ramón François en dan hebben we het nog niet eens over zijn assists. Ik dacht dat hij bij iets van 21 goals betrokken in die 17 wedstrijden
Ramón François
Ramón François Hace un año
@Douwe Jan Vellinga Scored 11 goals in 17 games for the Netherlands since Koeman is our coach. Not that bad isn't it?
Douwe Jan Vellinga
Douwe Jan Vellinga Hace un año
MrMan777777 he’s an amazing finisher
Kazi Abid
Kazi Abid Hace un año
Score 90 may I use a bit of this footage for my video
Tom Frankham
Tom Frankham Hace un año
It’s not his footage...
PradyProds Hace un año
The Best Depay vid ever
Jakaria 26
Jakaria 26 Hace un año
Ansu fati next
Titan Gamer
Titan Gamer Hace un año
Joga muito 🔥
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