Mateo Kovačić is Dominating Everyone 2019/20!

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The best skills, passes and defending of Mateo Kovačić during the 2019-2020 season.
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace 11 meses
Chelsea’s football is so damn entertaining! 👏🏼
Kruxxy Hace 2 meses
@Let’s talk Football! First half of the 19/20 when chelsea uses youth played good and entertaining football. 2nd half of 19/20 chelsea used giroud/willian etc to grind out result thus not playing good/entertaining football.
Sa123 Hace 4 meses
@Thabani Ndlovu i do too 💙💙
Let’s talk Football!
Let’s talk Football! Hace 5 meses
I think it’s boring
Abz 16
Abz 16 Hace 5 meses
Thabani Ndlovu no he supports arsenal
Thabani Ndlovu
Thabani Ndlovu Hace 6 meses
Score 90d do you support Chelsea because I do
Lovre Marovic
Lovre Marovic Hace 10 días
I wish he plays like this in Croatia team
Victor Mwenda
Victor Mwenda Hace 10 días
watching this video made me realise we haven't seen the best of Kovacić since the start of the new season
Veki Paz
Veki Paz Hace 20 días
Small country. Big players😁🙌🇭🇷
Dr Kyaw Myo Thant
Dr Kyaw Myo Thant Hace un mes
I don’t like him
The Abyss
The Abyss Hace un mes
Tf is this music
Iaan Asif
Iaan Asif Hace un mes
am i the only one who noticed that abraham was almost offside in all of them
darshan Trivedi
darshan Trivedi Hace un mes
Dont know what were Madrid thinking when they sold him
Alabi Lekan Emmanuel
Alabi Lekan Emmanuel Hace un mes
Having headaches of who would have to sit it out between him, Kante and mount. I wamy to see them all on the pitch
John Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald Hace un mes
I want to see kovacic mount havertz play together
Dhyey sheth
Dhyey sheth Hace un mes
he has potential to be the best midfielder right now!
Sahal Safwan Hamidon
Sahal Safwan Hamidon Hace un mes
he will be much better new season ....since he have kai harvetz to carry the passing and assist in last 3rd ..... he now can concentrate to thwart opponents pass in self half ........ last season he needs to do 2 jobs .....wingers not much help ....
Real Snow
Real Snow Hace un mes
Good player but so underrated 😖
Omar Ogle
Omar Ogle Hace 2 meses
Kovesic is chelsea player of th year 2020
VogonyoTV Hace 2 meses
So basically kovacic is to chelsea as fred is to United
Wai Tseng Chong
Wai Tseng Chong Hace 2 meses
I need someone to describe what's the strength and weakness of Kovacic please
Luck Voltia
Luck Voltia Hace 2 meses
Anyone here after FA?
Abdisamed Osman
Abdisamed Osman Hace 2 meses
Kovasic has every thing midlfielder needs every thing except calmness. He can dribble and pass opponent lines much more than every other mildfielder now in Europe, he gets the ball from defenders always he can dominate the mildfield of every team. when he was in real he was the ball position of real madrid when theyre playing against Barcelona he presses the opponents every single minute. zidane said when kova where here we were using him to follow messi now. But he need to be calm when he passes three or two opponents he's so hurry some times his pass not prisise. But in that mildfield he is dictator with no creativity 🤣🤣🤣.
Life is a Game
Life is a Game Hace 2 meses
Overrated horse shit
Marina fejzić
Marina fejzić Hace 3 meses
Mateo kovacic is 🐐middelfelder
Now adays look to the new maestro Brozovic guyz he is so brilliant
Vel Grg
Vel Grg Hace 3 meses
Kovacic out 🐌🐢
Tiago Adel
Tiago Adel Hace 4 meses
as arealmadrid fan iam very sad seeing him in onther team i wish him stay in madrid
Adrian Mjeshtri
Adrian Mjeshtri Hace 4 meses
Just remember that hat he did to messi in el classico. Dominating him in tackling. Even messi showed him gratitude. Tho when i see him touching the ball i get iniesta vibe. Sad that he is way to underrated.
De jarni 0509
De jarni 0509 Hace 4 meses
Kovacic ko yo babayo main E .. mambaok boLa solo RUN e ko Nan babayo a... nyo mangaleong se sorang manggocek e .. yo patenn .. Ehh lai adoh nan ngarati komenan den ko .. urang e inggris se sado e a .. matai se lahh ... yg peNting den ngomenn
football is my life
football is my life Hace 4 meses
He is just dominating himself.. Boring player.... He is slow like other chelshit midfielder...
Al Hemmings
Al Hemmings Hace 4 meses
What I wouldn't give to have these silky skills.
the castle gate
the castle gate Hace 4 meses
¿Saben cuál es la primera canción de este video?
Siddhartha Yadav
Siddhartha Yadav Hace 4 meses
Jersey Number - 17: Dribbles just like Hazard 💓
Tomxy TGamin
Tomxy TGamin Hace 4 meses
To be frank tammy misses alot of easy chances
Rumpel JA
Rumpel JA Hace 4 meses
I think he is better when he play on the right side of a midfield 3. We need a midfielder like RLC or Mount playing on the left side, because they have more goal and assists in there games. Very good player.
Samuel Musandirire
Samuel Musandirire Hace 4 meses
The man should be arrested for what he did to Alexander-Arnold 😂
ran hyde
ran hyde Hace 4 meses
better than Brozovic....same level with Isco Prime...
Brian Hace 4 meses
Low center of gravity, good body strength, good technique, packs a solid pass. This guy is definitely our player of the season. He will blossom into one of the world’s best ball carrier / box to box mf. KTBFFH!
SANJOY PODDER Hace 4 meses
He is one of the Chelsea's Trump card.
SpectraLab Hace 5 meses
Do mason mount video
LeADbiTTeR Hace 5 meses
Pogba stats: 66%Passes per match, 41 accurate long balls, 55%Tackle success, 3 interceptions, 5 clearances, 42 duels won and 40 lost. Kovacic stats: 63% passes per match, 77 accurate long balls, 58% Tackle success, 19 interceptions, 12 clearances, 156 duels won and 96 lost . Kovacic has been much better than pogba this season
arjun p
arjun p Hace 5 meses
As a man United fan, I want pogba to play like him.... Fearless in dribbling, hard tackling, quick, tireless. But seriously.... What do these Croatian midfielders eat and drink!! Amazing players..
Firefist Ace
Firefist Ace Hace 5 meses
Box to box midfielder.
Jonathan Philip
Jonathan Philip Hace 5 meses
Most underrated player in England
omi Hace 5 meses
i dont know, actuallh i follow him since inter day, there are some issue with the way he passing. very unstable, and have weird posture.
Laurie Moon
Laurie Moon Hace 5 meses
Such a great player at bringing the ball and attack forward and most players would take on a 30yd shot on goal after going on a run like that but not him he always looks for the best option
mathazeem Hace 5 meses
croatian miedfielders are world class !
Patrik. K
Patrik. K Hace 5 meses
At least we are gonna have someone when modric retariers
SpectraLab Hace 5 meses
Most underrated midfielder in this season!
Snips Gaming
Snips Gaming Hace 5 meses
Just a reminder real Madrid sold him to us
Randy Pranata
Randy Pranata Hace 5 meses
chelsea dun need sign in midfielder more Kante, Kovavic, Jorginho, Mount, and Barkley is enough
sootydog 001
sootydog 001 Hace 5 meses
So underrated 🙌🙌🙌💙💙💙💙💙
NSX 55
NSX 55 Hace 5 meses
Best midfielder in the league this season, after De Bruyne.
Mohammad Yasin
Mohammad Yasin Hace 5 meses
Totally in love with this amazing man 💙 Love you Kovacic thank u for joining blue 💙🔵 We're all blues 🔵💙CFC
Sean Omari
Sean Omari Hace 5 meses
We only need a striker and consistency at the back, Kovacic 😎
Ess Ess Jay
Ess Ess Jay Hace 6 meses
Imagine him and Oscar
TQV Streetking Football
TQV Streetking Football Hace 6 meses
thích nhất koivacic
Alex Karver
Alex Karver Hace 6 meses
Kovacic should start for Chelsea always, I feel like he's more consistent than Barkley
Renjith Rajendran
Renjith Rajendran Hace 6 meses
Madrid has done a mistake by let him go for keeping old players. I think in ceballos case they're going to do the same.
Onuwemene Uche
Onuwemene Uche Hace 6 meses
The guy is very good
bbartk3 Hace 6 meses
thats the worst fucking music to a football video i heard
W.C. W
W.C. W Hace 5 meses
It's not bad. Stop hating
hihihihihi Hace 6 meses
I think he is one of the most midfielders in the world
John Jola
John Jola Hace 6 meses
Thank you so much real for Kovacic🔥
John Persson
John Persson Hace 6 meses
wtf is this song lol
Tech Knowledge
Tech Knowledge Hace 6 meses
Cant waiy for Kovacic to play along side Billy Gilmour
Sharif Zaim
Sharif Zaim Hace 6 meses
he's hazard but in midfield
Raphael Otojareri
Raphael Otojareri Hace 6 meses
He has great balance which helps him dribble pat people easily feeling no pressure
nutriman Hace 6 meses
All he needs to work on, is releasing the ball on time and shoot more often...
W.C. W
W.C. W Hace 5 meses
If he starts shooting more accurately it's game over for the opposition..,
Jeff Grove
Jeff Grove Hace 6 meses
He is a great player ,the mid field is solid with Kovacic playing ,We have great players at the club ,joy to watch .
Bobby Zamora
Bobby Zamora Hace 6 meses
Kovacic, brozovic, rakitic, modric.. croatia has the best midfield
yen nguyen
yen nguyen Hace 6 meses
hope u can give me the name of the song. Please admin
Toivo Pehovelo
Toivo Pehovelo Hace 6 meses
Even Gorgenhino I can't compare to him
Chelsea Forever
Chelsea Forever Hace 6 meses
If he played for liverpool.. he will recognise as best midfielder.. underated
Yosep Ryan Agusta
Yosep Ryan Agusta Hace 6 meses
I know he's good. But damn, he's much better than I thought. He's gonna make Real crying river.
Matty Shilunga
Matty Shilunga Hace 6 meses
The first is so lit🔥🔥🔥 please Title of the song and the name of the Artist guys, help me
Oldboy 7
Oldboy 7 Hace 6 meses
Shame on you Madrid why did you give up on this great player, he's So Brilliant and so talent Why ? 🤷‍♂️😒💔
dayne moodley
dayne moodley Hace 6 meses
I miss football so much 😭
Mislav Miklez
Mislav Miklez Hace 6 meses
Modrić aside he is the best Croatian to play in the PL, our country needs a top PL player since our best players play in Spain and Germany.
Selva David
Selva David Hace 6 meses
I never seen him lose possession since he joined chelsea
Rowan CFC
Rowan CFC Hace 6 meses
If this man gets 10-15 goals or assists a season he will be talked as one of Europes best
Aodhgan O.
Aodhgan O. Hace 6 meses
why would anyone even try to press mateo. absolute baller
vanlalruatdika sailo
vanlalruatdika sailo Hace 6 meses
Any one who can mention the song😃😃
B E N N E T T Hace 6 meses
What is it with Croatian players and being incredibly underrated throughout their careers? Modric, Rakitic, Mandzukic, Perisic, Kovacic, the list goes on.
W.C. W
W.C. W Hace 6 meses
I have never understood why. At least Modric got the balon d or he deserved. I see Rakitic getting stick from fans despite being one of Barça's best players. Mandzukic, too. Is that prolific guy at Atalanta a Croatian as well?
Luka Hace 6 meses
God Kovacic is actually the most underrated midfielder in Europe it's kinda gross cause his skills my lord 🔥🔥🔥
ANIOKE EMEKA Hace 6 meses
Chelsea best player this season
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson Hace 6 meses
He deserve to be chelsea player of the year
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson Hace un mes
He did it
Boris Kamenik
Boris Kamenik Hace 6 meses
probably our best player so far
Tony Chukwunwike
Tony Chukwunwike Hace 7 meses
Most underrated player in the league
NS LOP Hace 7 meses
Chelsea player of the season for me!!! Cant wait to see his partnership with ziyech!!!
TONY #10
TONY #10 Hace 7 meses
Complete midfielder 💪🏻⚽️🔥Amazing vídeo👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Julio Vazquez
Julio Vazquez Hace 7 meses
I really miss u in real madrid
Callum_jl 8
Callum_jl 8 Hace 7 meses
Most underrated midfielder ❌🧢.
alexis reyes
alexis reyes Hace 7 meses
Damn the time has gone so quickly.. i remember when Inter bought kovacic when he was just 18 .. he came in January and it was given number 10 ... we Inter fans felt in love immediately with his playing style ... even just 18 it was almost impossible to take the ball from him and he was a regular starter too as a teenager.. hope i see one day again with Inter shirt .
yugo. topia
yugo. topia Hace 8 meses
0:40 puhhh bye Arnold
Alex R
Alex R Hace 8 meses
croatias 5th choice central midfielder...... 😅😮😳
Gazimbo Hace 8 meses
best signing in years imo, what a player.
hellina spice
hellina spice Hace un mes
Very good player
the Game
the Game Hace 8 meses
I would have Kovacic over toni and modric anyday anytime...
DangerHawk 87
DangerHawk 87 Hace 8 meses
Watch Pogba get toty instead of Kovacic
Zaur Rüstəm
Zaur Rüstəm Hace 9 meses
Kovacic fantastic midfielder
Eli Boskovic
Eli Boskovic Hace 9 meses
His time is coming I can see him in 2-3 years as one of 3 best players in England well done Kova
cl lai
cl lai Hace 9 meses
Initially, he doesn't deserved to be a Chelsea player, merely a panic but due to the transfer ban, he definitely is proving me wrong by his game this season, hope the best of him will be keeping up.
Matt White
Matt White Hace 10 meses
Croatia 💋💕❤️✌️
benberkovic Hace 10 meses
Eldridge Coutinho
Eldridge Coutinho Hace 10 meses
He's so important to Chelsea this year
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