Marcus Rashford Crazy Skills Show 2019/20!

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[Marcus Rashford Crazy Skills Show 2019/20!]
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I'm a 19-year-old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favorite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace 11 meses
This is how many goals Rashford will score in his career: 👇🏼
Oluwajomiloju Odukoya
Oluwajomiloju Odukoya Hace 2 meses
531, he will score more than tha.
I love pancakes R
I love pancakes R Hace 5 meses
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Hace 6 meses
No, I think the number of comments is more accurate 😆
Ben Flanagan
Ben Flanagan Hace 6 meses
439 solid
Dawid Bakula
Dawid Bakula Hace 6 meses
BigBoyMuscleCheif Schønebech
BigBoyMuscleCheif Schønebech Hace un mes
Why are there so many pens? Actung like taking a penalty is a rare skill
BigBoyMuscleCheif Schønebech
BigBoyMuscleCheif Schønebech Hace un mes
Rashford: dives United fans: what a pen hes gotten there amazing skill
Lusimo Bwalya
Lusimo Bwalya Hace un mes
he will forever remain my favorite player no matter what aka Rash flash
TTV Protraplayer
TTV Protraplayer Hace 2 meses
Rashford is yoo good
Oretuyi Nifemi
Oretuyi Nifemi Hace 2 meses
Marcus rashford is a great player and to me one of the best winger in epl
Joseph Sunday
Joseph Sunday Hace 2 meses
Nice player
Ekene Okeke
Ekene Okeke Hace 3 meses
Rash should change that hair cut style. Archaic.
Rock n' Roll
Rock n' Roll Hace 3 meses
Rashford tiene mucho talento, y debido al mal momento del Manchester United no lo podemos ver en plenitud, pero créanme que es demasiado talentoso, y está muy infravalorado justamente por el mal momento de su equipo...
Fernando Hace 4 meses
@00:33 He learnt with the Brazilian player Rivelino!
Martin Azcurra
Martin Azcurra Hace 3 meses
Ronaldo Fenómeno...
mustapha elghazlany
mustapha elghazlany Hace 4 meses
احسن لاعب شاب في الدوري الانجليزي
Fill Freire
Fill Freire Hace 4 meses
the kings jewel of man u! he's just awesome. i was there when he did the nutmeg. i pissed my pants! ON PURPOSE!
This is the best name i could come up with
This is the best name i could come up with Hace 4 meses
Wait wait no no, what if he did 4 nutmegs, i say 4 nutmegs! Including the referee, the goalkpeer, 2 players, and then scored a goal, all in one move...Would you then purposefu.... dfnewkjhfgezfgerizfgrzu ferfrfrrrrrrrrrrfrfref4furh7fghr46ftg6666666666666666666666666ge36dg3e6tdg3fr5df66666666666666gde6dgezfgezfguzefgezfghuehcuehfuifhuehfuhuheuhfuhfeufheff BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!
This is the best name i could come up with
This is the best name i could come up with Hace 4 meses
Wait, what if he did 2 nutmegs and scored a goal with a third nutmeg on the goalkeeper? Would you piss, shit and cum in your pants on purpose too?
This is the best name i could come up with
This is the best name i could come up with Hace 4 meses
What if he did 2 nutmegs in one move, would you shit your pants on purpose too?
Jovan Gunawan
Jovan Gunawan Hace 5 meses
Jovan Gunawan
Jovan Gunawan Hace 5 meses
Legend in the making in United🔴🔴
Jovan Gunawan
Jovan Gunawan Hace 5 meses
simeon udom
simeon udom Hace 5 meses
This guys future holds a place for him as a balon d'or contender
Risky_ Azriandhy
Risky_ Azriandhy Hace 5 meses
First song title please?
Bereket Digafe
Bereket Digafe Hace 5 meses
keep it up bro from 🇪🇹🇪🇹ethiopia🇪🇹🇪🇹
Awad Oy
Awad Oy Hace 6 meses
I wonder if a player ever skills a lot just because he wants 5 star skills on fifa
Noufal Oman
Noufal Oman Hace 7 meses
Rashy and bruno
Gerald Kariuki
Gerald Kariuki Hace 8 meses
Pity for that Brighton defender.ouchh
Gerald Kariuki
Gerald Kariuki Hace 8 meses
Pity for that Brighton defender.ouchh
Gerald Kariuki
Gerald Kariuki Hace 8 meses
I think he is the closest thing to mbappe
MRnobody Hace 8 meses
overated shitty player.. not world class and its players like him that make man united a weak team.. I miss the old United with great players like giggs scholes ronaldo.. this is not man united anymore
Tommy James
Tommy James Hace 9 meses
The boy is going places
Cassio Oliveira
Cassio Oliveira Hace 10 meses
Parece com marrony do vasco
useless memes
useless memes Hace 10 meses
hey jasper seddon channel has copyrighted this video
Uareafool Hace 10 meses
In France, Spain, Italy...he is considered a great talent with room for improvement. In England, the media will say he is already the winner of 3 ballon d'or
Salah Dias
Salah Dias Hace 10 meses
I see ronaldo and ibra in him
Allala Alallala
Allala Alallala Hace 10 meses
I'm pretty sure the people who call him rubbish don't even watch football they just don't want to admit that United actually have a good player in their team
Sacrist Hace 10 meses
New Gen YorkeXCole RashXMartial
Morocan Magician
Morocan Magician Hace 11 meses
He should learn to score tap ins
Gabriel Mendoza
Gabriel Mendoza Hace 11 meses
Antonio Wanderson
Antonio Wanderson Hace 11 meses
Estilo dele parece um pouco do Cristiano Ronaldo
MBH Hace 11 meses
Rashford and Martial’s touches are better than Lukaku’s when it comes to the Premier League. Lukaku was a beast at Everton but Mourinho is the reason why Lukaku’s confidence became so low. #prayforrashford #prayforlukaku #prayformartial
TRD GAMES Hace 11 meses
Rashford IS RED
James Pitcher
James Pitcher Hace 11 meses
Martial's return to the team has really helped Rashford's form lately. I just hope Martial can stay injury free now, because he really does help elevate Rashford's game to another level.
Dane Cadette
Dane Cadette Hace 11 meses
His potential is really frightening. Top 5 player in the world type potential in my opinion.
Jim Abraham
Jim Abraham Hace un mes
@Neeraj vibez the only player,i would consider in your list is havertz only,because he can play better in all situations,haaland does get break down against tough defences,but havertz can easily making terrific long passes with his sniper vision and can also easily net goals,for havertz, he indeed doesnt need much support from his mates,haaland can be quite good up the list but definitely not better than havertz,sancho and felix are just big match flops,they fail to give that end product in big matches,sancho's stats are good since he plays well against bottom placed teams augsburg,bremen but when playing against big teams like Munich,PSG etc,he fails,felix is the same as sancho,i think rashford is much better than sancho and felix,he has 34 goal involvements this season out of which 29 comes from PL,a much tougher league than bundesliga,whereas sancho has 34 involvements in bundesliga,which not so better than rashford noting its a much easier league with the league's defensive quality being quite awful,rashford clearly stands better than sancho and felix.
fc arsenal
fc arsenal Hace 5 meses
Hahahaah top 5 lmao. He is average
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Hace 6 meses
@Naruciak Uzumaki well felix dipped in form but 5 months ago when I made the comment he looked like one of the best potential players
Naruciak Uzumaki
Naruciak Uzumaki Hace 6 meses
Neeraj vibez Felix is shit now
Naruciak Uzumaki
Naruciak Uzumaki Hace 6 meses
Neerja vibez hahaha Felix??? Really??? OMG
Sơ g
Sơ g Hace 11 meses
goal with liver ???
Voetballer gyan
Voetballer gyan Hace 11 meses
Thando Ntshangase
Thando Ntshangase Hace 11 meses
Because of the high expectations we have for him we often take him for granted
Eden Kaya
Eden Kaya Hace 11 meses
peoples likes to forget he is only 22
2000's Hace 11 meses
Mbappe or Rashford??
This is the best name i could come up with
This is the best name i could come up with Hace 4 meses
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow Hace 11 meses
He's so underrat.... Wait wrong player 😂
florence s
florence s Hace 2 meses
Harsh he is underated
Jacky So
Jacky So Hace 11 meses
Not sure if it’s just me, I feel like he’s matured a little this season. His slightly less selfish (but still selfish by any standards) and more aware of his teammates’ positions so he is creating better chances. I also feel like he is too used to carrying the ball, requiring multiple touches to prepare for his shots, which is why I think he misses a lot of easy tap-in’s. If Solskjaer could work with him to prepare for a shot with less touches, he may reach a whole new level. Solskjaer himself was a master at this. Maybe make Rashford play in practice drills where he needs get a shot out within 3 touches, then 2 touches, then just a single touch. So he learns to plan ahead and prepare his body for a shot before he receives the ball
joao simoes
joao simoes Hace 11 meses
That song name in intro
xd_ jeb
xd_ jeb Hace 11 meses
Rashford can’t shoot stfu
Arie Setyawan
Arie Setyawan Hace 11 meses
Excuse me brother i want ask for song of de bruynee songs, whats the title ? Thanks brother
RashBeanz Hace 11 meses
nice 50 second outro
Dayan VSM
Dayan VSM Hace 11 meses
i see a lot of Ronaldo in his playing
Homosimius Ratus
Homosimius Ratus Hace 8 meses
Ronaldo is Is his Idol. All that could be said many young forwards today. But Rashford is closer to his style and skills. He is more than just goals.
Rollerbear712 Hace 10 meses
His chop flick and Cruyff turn also reminded me of Ronaldo’s younger days
what if
what if Hace 10 meses
Yeah exept ronaldo was a bit more skilful and rashford is a bit more powerful , but yes this flip flap nutmeg and the free kick is ronaldesque , he has all strenght and weakness of a 20 years old ronaldo
Per T pesc
Per T pesc Hace 11 meses
He's greatest skills are that he needs 25 shots to hit the goal one time. And that he runs 20% less than hes team mates.
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Hace 11 meses
Exactly. He's the typical English media hyped overrated player
Yannickao Hace 11 meses
He runs 20% less really ?
puertorricane Hace 11 meses
Where were the skills? All I saw was a lot of running, falling down and simple plays. Nothing special.
This is the best name i could come up with
This is the best name i could come up with Hace 4 meses
@Archer Patrick 1 free kick and 1 solo goal happens even to the worst players, i'm not saying Rashford is bad, but you really gave a bad example for a comparison
Zaky 26
Zaky 26 Hace 9 meses
puertorricane damm u have some srsly high standards..
puertorricane Hace 11 meses
@Archer Patrick They were nothing special
Archer Patrick
Archer Patrick Hace 11 meses
I guess u don't like anything good.. The freekick and solo goal were what??
BLACK BLOOD FPP ꧁꧂ Hace 11 meses
Video is really cool.... but this shit music . meeeen.
Marv Mark
Marv Mark Hace 11 meses
Wayne Rooney's 2006/07 Played 55 Goals 23 Assists 15 (Goals+Assists per games = 0.69)... Cristiano Ronaldo's 2006/07 Played 53 Goals 23 Assists 21 (Goals+Assists per games = 0.83)... Marcus Rashford's 2019/20 Played 17 Goals 9 Assists 3 (Goals+Assists per games = 0.71)... Anthony Martial's 2019/20 Played 10 Goals 5 Assists 3 (Goals+Assists per games = 0.80)... United fanbase who is pessimistic should make judgement cum May 2020 after both Marcus & Martial played at least 53-55 games for United whether they could emulate Rooney & Ronaldo or not
CrunkKing232 Hace 5 meses
Marv Mark Coronavirus spoilt your prediction
Media Experiment TV
Media Experiment TV Hace 11 meses
His mental is world class.. i bet he will be a manager of United someday
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Hace 11 meses
@Media Experiment TV genius if this is the sunday league
Media Experiment TV
Media Experiment TV Hace 11 meses
@Neeraj vibez he is genius, smart and ruthless
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Hace 11 meses
You gotta be joking. He's got speed and skills, but no brain
array s
array s Hace 11 meses
The day Rashford understood how to score ugly goals, he'd be unstoppable.
TBO Hace 11 meses
That's what Ole keeps saying. He can score the brilliant goals no problem. He needs to learn how to get in position for the scrappy tap ins, and he'll be doing 30 goals a season easy
Intel Kore
Intel Kore Hace 11 meses
He nose what he's doing.
Saux Saux
Saux Saux Hace 11 meses
He needs to improve his shooting and be more clinical. That’s all he need.
Deanna Henry
Deanna Henry Hace 9 meses
He shooting is amazing but yes improvement would make him dangerous
Seringe Ndiaye
Seringe Ndiaye Hace 11 meses
Meilleures joueurs du monde
kayden toh
kayden toh Hace 11 meses
rashford: scores a free kick that’s arguably better than ronaldo also rashford: misses an open goal that even my grand could score with her eyes closed
Apdoe Qanih
Apdoe Qanih Hace 11 meses
Better than ronaldos free kick? That's where you were wrong kid
sovanndara soun
sovanndara soun Hace 11 meses
Isaac Hace 11 meses
I feel like Rashford has been hanging out with Lingard less
Cloy d Ejukator
Cloy d Ejukator Hace 4 meses
: Sonson
: Sonson Hace 4 meses
He should.
nokeif Hace 5 meses
Bro is that you
Deanna Henry
Deanna Henry Hace 9 meses
@Roger Rabbit ikr
Deanna Henry
Deanna Henry Hace 9 meses
Me too, there careers are changing
Fonze Bronze
Fonze Bronze Hace 11 meses
That song name 4:14-4:24
BigWeed Hace 11 meses
Intro music?
Kaustav Saha
Kaustav Saha Hace 11 meses
Excellent editing.
Jeroxvids Hace 11 meses
should improve on his passing in the final third...been wasting our chances of winning games by his poor passing
Thèm Football
Thèm Football Hace 11 meses
Christopher Swaby
Christopher Swaby Hace 11 meses
Marcus is amazing just need a lil more confidence to unlock a goalscoring animan and plus he's a very good dribbler and we all know about the pace
swazer72 Hace 11 meses
is that Orla Gartland???
Γιάννης Παπαδόπουλος
Γιάννης Παπαδόπουλος Hace 11 meses
Show some respect to my guy Rashford.
chuck lombardo
chuck lombardo Hace 11 meses
He has brilliant skill still don't think he will ever be a prolific striker though
iman afdar
iman afdar Hace 11 meses
yes, like mou said he need space so he is fit more to be winger than central even tho both isnt pure striker
Davi Luz
Davi Luz Hace 11 meses
He is already becoming a prolific winger and can get up to 20 goals a season that way
Vee Logs
Vee Logs Hace 11 meses
Brilliant player, but needs support. Could become one of the Uniteds legends
MufcOneLove Hace 11 meses
Love the lad
Orator Hace 11 meses
A legend in the making to me. He's not perfect by any means but he's achieved a lot for someone so young and has a long future ahead.
Abz 16
Abz 16 Hace 11 meses
Ganners Yh that’s what I said he had achieved a lot for somebody who is only 22
Zeha Jr
Zeha Jr Hace 11 meses
muzzammil m
muzzammil m Hace 11 meses
2:47 that freekick tho🔥
Yusuf Hoosein
Yusuf Hoosein Hace 11 meses
if he could be more clinical in front of goal he would be 1 of the best center forwards in the world when he is playing to his best
Morocan Magician
Morocan Magician Hace 11 meses
He is a winger
Saffron Hace 11 meses
he would do so well in a team like dortmund or ajax
Anisa Mohamed
Anisa Mohamed Hace 11 meses
Best player in man u
dark man
dark man Hace 11 meses
Shitiest music ever
inzagee Hace 11 meses
our front 3 is solid and will hurt any team in the world and has done when they are fit. It's the midfield who needs strenghtening. They need to be able to create chances and get a hold on the ball. We need midfielders who can passs the ball over the line or through it because the once we have are just doing 1-2 yard passes with no risk involved and they are not tat technical.
Hirachn shougaijam
Hirachn shougaijam Hace 11 meses
we are always stand for Man United"Red Devil".Go United...........
Sky Fives
Sky Fives Hace 11 meses
Rashford and Martial surely have a good connection
The Batman
The Batman Hace 11 meses
He should stick to inside forward/LW, he's more dangerous that way
Jim Abraham
Jim Abraham Hace un mes
@iman afdar yeah,youre right,i think the same,both of them arent no.9 material,i would prefer Greenwood at no.9 with martial and rashford in the wings,it would be deadly,i think,greenwood possess better threat than martial or rash,infront of goal,rash and martial are very good in creating chances and greenwood is perfect for finishing things off.
iman afdar
iman afdar Hace 11 meses
agreed rashford need space unlike martial even both isnt pure striker
Kshitiz Singh
Kshitiz Singh Hace 11 meses
@Abz 16 definitely him as LW and Martial at centre seems to be the best scenario
Abz 16
Abz 16 Hace 11 meses
Bart Allen Yh I agree
Adeleke Adedamola
Adeleke Adedamola Hace 11 meses
SHF Prodz
SHF Prodz Hace 11 meses
Great job!
Alton David
Alton David Hace 11 meses
This is the best name i could come up with
This is the best name i could come up with Hace 4 meses
Turkce s
Turkce s Hace 11 meses
محمد محمد
محمد محمد Hace 11 meses
Ex General
Ex General Hace 11 meses
Mason greenwood ??? Haha lol
Maanka 11
Maanka 11 Hace 11 meses
Filip Plz Next American beast! Christian Pulisic plz....🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😥 I swear U're edition🥰, All Your Videos are absolutely phenomenal❤👏👏👏
Score 90
Score 90 Hace 11 meses
Wow thanks bro
Navid Ahmed
Navid Ahmed Hace 11 meses
He should join the join a big club in the world or to wait until someone change United like Klopp did in Liverpool. He is a great player
Abdirahman Abdullahii
Abdirahman Abdullahii Hace 11 meses
Lol machester united is a big club you probably don't know anything from football go watch your cartoons
Brandon Simpson
Brandon Simpson Hace 11 meses
Man unt is the biggest club in the world ?
Robert L.
Robert L. Hace 11 meses
You gotta add the 2 foot miss from last week
Chris Mascarenhas
Chris Mascarenhas Hace 11 meses
I’m kind of ashamed I believed he was complete utter shit and this vid proved me wrong he’s actually pretty good just needs to learn to play striker or needs to play winger
Morocan Magician
Morocan Magician Hace 11 meses
@Chris Mascarenhas Rashford is not good as young ronaldo ,but young ronaldo was in a great team as well as played under a great coach
Chris Mascarenhas
Chris Mascarenhas Hace 11 meses
Trapping all Day I only started to watch him with mourinho he’s pretty alright don’t ever compare this guy to young Ronaldo ever Ronaldo is and was so much better
Trapping all Day
Trapping all Day Hace 11 meses
Chris Mascarenhas you don’t watch him play that’s why he’s never been shit he’s been misused mourinho said he’s a winger a wide forward he’s not a striker he isn’t clinical enough he’s direct and liked running at defenders a bit tricky reminds me of a young Ronaldo maybe goal scoring will become his obsession as he gets older but he’s only 22 and when he’s 26 27 hopefully he will be banging 30 goals a season
Adeleke Adedamola
Adeleke Adedamola Hace 11 meses
Winger is his best position he scores lots of goals there he isn't that good as a striker.
AJ Football
AJ Football Hace 11 meses
AF10HD Hace 11 meses
We Up
We Up Hace 11 meses
Sick video man
Score 90
Score 90 Hace 11 meses
Thank you
Анна Огородникова
Анна Огородникова Hace 11 meses
Three lions future🦁🦁🦁Rashford❤️
Lucas Braga
Lucas Braga Hace 11 meses
Анна Огородникова ⁝⁞⁝⁞ʕु•̫͡•ʔु☂⁝⁞⁝⁝
Ronnaldo Farias
Ronnaldo Farias Hace 11 meses
underrated player
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Hace 6 meses
@The Invader i know he's pacy and got skills but he's severely lacking the footballing brain to be a top striker like Lewandowski and suarez who can score and create goals. Rashford has 0 holdup play
The Invader
The Invader Hace 6 meses
@Neeraj vibez I dont know about that but he has a great attitude..He is talented, works hard, is pacy and has skills..If he can bring his finishing to a good level and if his team wins trophies he might become a contendor
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Hace 6 meses
@The Invader nope. Do you really think he'll be a balon d'or contentor? Coz some think so
The Invader
The Invader Hace 6 meses
@Neeraj vibez its true
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Hace 11 meses
U must be joking
LANDLORD Hace 11 meses
Tammy Abraham > Marcus Rashford
Utsav Basu
Utsav Basu Hace 10 meses
@Julian Nwakaeme tell the dumbfuck who compared first
Julian Nwakaeme
Julian Nwakaeme Hace 10 meses
@Utsav Basu rashford is a winger Tammy is a typical cf
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Hace 11 meses
@Redchester United nope
Redchester United
Redchester United Hace 11 meses
You mean He "WAS" lmao.
DmizzMOB Hace 11 meses
@Neeraj vibez that's great but he'll be retired by the time they reach there prime.
N ey
N ey Hace 11 meses
Dembele or Forlan
Martin Calvo Pereda
Martin Calvo Pereda Hace 11 meses
Great video and an amazing player.The FUTURE
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