Look How Good Martin Ødegaard Has Become!

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The best skills, passes & goals from Martin Ødegaard during his time at Real Sociedad 2019/20.
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace un año
"You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow" 🎵
ODI YT Hace un año
Wait it's Eminem lose yourself
Fotball Videos
Fotball Videos Hace un año
G Ansley yeah he is that guy
Gen Hace un año
Hafizur Mahdi
Hafizur Mahdi Hace un año
Dude, you could name the title "This Is Why Real Madrid Bought Him" !
Fotball Videos
Fotball Videos Hace un año
Score 90 im from norway bro and i know your from sweden🇳🇴🇸🇪 Filip do you think we take Sheffield on monday kom igjen Arsenal thank you for making this video
Max Steiner
Max Steiner Hace 8 meses
Ødegaar and haaland. There is your striker team.
Forza Juventus
Forza Juventus Hace 10 meses
My favorite midfielder ❤️🔥 Martín Ødegaard 🤩🇳🇴
Odegaard 21
Odegaard 21 Hace 2 meses
Forza Juventus me
Eric S
Eric S Hace 10 meses
Martin Odegaard and Frederico Velverde will be the main Madrid's midfield the next couple years
Kaaure Hace 10 meses
Great compilation man. You should make a compilation from all of the 2019, including Vitesse, Real Sociedad and Norway. Best goals, assists, passes, dribbles etc. :)
VP Hace 11 meses
Way better than Kai Havertz, at least he is consistent and not as expensive.
rp Damdul
rp Damdul Hace 11 meses
Norwegian Iniesta
24 Hace 11 meses
Florientino from ( Benfica ) Valverde Ødegaard *vs* Casemiro Kross Modric Ødegaard is mix of James & Ozil. Great future.
Conor Sedgwick
Conor Sedgwick Hace un año
Welcome to Manchester United sir!
A K Hace un año
He should work on his pace
Wan Alzheimer
Wan Alzheimer Hace un año
I see riquelmé
Great Snipe 2
Great Snipe 2 Hace un año
Odegaard and Pirlo share the same vision
Sunshine Hace un año
He's been good over years, but some haters are there calling him wasted talent am expecting one day one tym will get his deserved recognition👊
s matsu
s matsu Hace un año
Kubo !
Satyam Sharma
Satyam Sharma Hace un año
Skill+vision+passing .....if he can just increase his speed a bit as he is still young n put some muscle ......he will run riots in a white Madrid shirt......n i m a Barca fan.....
Chris Don't Miss
Chris Don't Miss Hace un año
His physical abilities already improved but he could gain more strenght. A bit more muscles and acceleration and his dribbling would be close to Messi's dribbling because he already got the tight ball control and technique.
biolf1 Hace un año
He moves like santi cazorla but just needs to release the ball alot quicker
Graffiti Boy
Graffiti Boy Hace un año
All the fucking retards saying he was a failure 😹 look at him now!
Erik Nerheim
Erik Nerheim Hace un año
People often forget his defensive skills, which is so rare combined with this incredible level of technique and passing. He is truly gift to all of us who love watching world class midfielders like his former coach Zidan, or Scholes / Pirlo
Chris Don't Miss
Chris Don't Miss Hace un año
That's what I'm saying all the time he combines the most beautiful style of football (technique, elegance, Ball control, skillful) with an extreme workrate and defenisve contribution. Most world class players are only in one spectrum of this but Odegaard can be a workhorse like Kante and a football artist like Iniesta. How often do you seet that in worldfootball from a player who is that young? Modric has also both attributes but even he doesn't have the elegance or technique Odegaard has in his style of play. It's very impressive how much Odagard is running threw the field when you look at his headmeap.
Hamza Farooqui
Hamza Farooqui Hace un año
Poor man's Santi Cazorla
Jan Kaszkiel
Jan Kaszkiel Hace un año
Its beautiful skills
Devendra Jadhav
Devendra Jadhav Hace un año
This guy will be really good replacement for mesut ozil
Humayun Kabir
Humayun Kabir Hace un año
Join Arsenal we need to replace ozil.
GolazoFirst Hace un año
Jama Mohamed
Jama Mohamed Hace un año
It to bring him anfield liverpoool
Jama Mohamed
Jama Mohamed Hace un año
Come on liverpoool
Dag Ut
Dag Ut Hace un año
USA's new radar systems should be named Odegaard, his vission is top tier.
younes kazzouh
younes kazzouh Hace un año
he Reminds me of de bruyne's beginning
Spanish Montana
Spanish Montana Hace un año
He is slightly above average
Rusty Hace un año
Does Real Madrid still own him?
Osama Qtaitat
Osama Qtaitat Hace un año
Rusty yes
Marcelo López
Marcelo López Hace un año
Se que no juegan en la misma posición, pero este pibe es 10 veces mejor para el Madrid que Vinicius junior, el tema es que Zidane tiene fanatismo con los jugadores brasileños, entonces cree que todos pueden jugar como su amigo Ronaldo.
6 languages and 4 degrees
6 languages and 4 degrees Hace un año
not that impressive...
Dag Ut
Dag Ut Hace un año
Well, stats dont lie.
Jamil André
Jamil André Hace un año
He has a Michael Laudrup style, but with left foot
Josenaldo Júnior
Josenaldo Júnior Hace un año
he needs better teammates asap... so many chances he created that weren't converted in goals
DillaryHuff Hace un año
Lol, that problem has followed him ever since he played for Real Madrid Castilla.
Leo Einarsson
Leo Einarsson Hace un año
Imagine him and Joao Felix in the same team. The unbelievable ball control they have.
Nidhin Benny
Nidhin Benny Hace 9 meses
@Kuromori Good point. I hope it happens cos this kid could be a game changer.
Kuromori Hace 9 meses
@Nidhin Benny No, Atleti literally signed Marcos Llorente from us directly and also signed Mario Hermoso and Álvaro Morata, who are Real Madrid academy graduates, not to mention we signed Theo Hernández from them directly as well. Will it be hard? Yes. Impossible? No.
Nidhin Benny
Nidhin Benny Hace 9 meses
@Kuromori But even if he leaves, he might end up going to a different club since atleti won't let us (real madrid) sign him. I just really hope he ends up at real madrid.
Kuromori Hace 9 meses
@Nidhin Benny Joao is going to leave Atlético Madrid sooner than later, you can already tell he doesn't feel comfortable playing Simeone's style of play and he repeatedly criticizes him.
Nidhin Benny
Nidhin Benny Hace 11 meses
Real Madrid missed a huge trick by letting Felix go to Atleti. I always thought that getting Felix and Frenkie de Jong to the Bernabeu this season was the top priority. De Jong always wanted Barca, but letting Felix go to Atletico might just be the mistake of the century for Real Madrid. Instead they spent the 100 million on Hazard, who is quality, but not really what Madrid needed right now.
Rehan raza khan
Rehan raza khan Hace un año
Still needs polishing..his finishing is not upto mark
AK Hace un año
he doesn't need to be a finisher. He's a midfielder
King Ogar Music
King Ogar Music Hace un año
Halland and odergaad future Norway superstars
Roger Klotz
Roger Klotz Hace un año
Moms Spaghetti
BigFan10 Hace un año
Tom Garretti
Demian Hace un año
its the same story over and over again ... dont go to a big club until you are a real star. play for smaller teams and become confident and stabil.
Danny Sykes
Danny Sykes Hace un año
Nothing Special Slow as a fucking snail.Good ball control tho i will give him that that wouldn't survive in premier league defenders will break his leg...
Kalle Anka
Kalle Anka Hace un año
Ha Ha Ha .. Idiot! You don`t have a clue! He`s the player of the month (in September) in la liga because he`s a snail. You are a big joke!
William Mayer
William Mayer Hace un año
DillaryHuff Hace un año
The substance of your comment is unimpressive.
Rizky Akbar
Rizky Akbar Hace un año
trust the process
Odon Hace un año
This guy should play at Tottenham or Arsenal or PSG. He should never play at Real Madrid,Barca,Man Utd,Chelsea,Bayern..because his career willbe over
Kuromori Hace 9 meses
@Odon Had Real Madrid destroyed him as you're making it seem to be they would've shipped him off to somewhere in the Lithuanian 4th division or something along those lines, but instead they've been loaning him out to clubs where he can learn his trade and come back as a starter. First to Herenveen, then to Vitesse and now to Real Sociedad. Let's not forget Luka Modric isn't going to be playing forever and is already 34 years old, so by the time Odegaard's loan move ends, he'll be developed enough to take hold of the position as his.
Odon Hace 9 meses
Look at Lo Celso, nobody really talks about him... But trust me he will develop into one of the best.... Have you seen Fred lately!!!.. He's on fire..... But did you remember his first & second year at the club... He was a disaster.. All because of the pressure & expectations.....he is genius to stay calm all that time..... He start to sit on the bench most of the time and fans start to not pay too much attention.... And then now he burst into the scene out of no where...
Odon Hace 9 meses
@Kuromori of course they do but not like the other clubs I mentioned. You see when you are neymar , expectations will be high everywhere you go. But this odegaard is just a kid... He has the talent but no where near world class... He can become world class but right now he is not. He should look up to Eriksen... I remember when every club wanted to sign Eriksen, but he moved to tottemham.. Now look at him, he has developed himself into one of the best midfielder in the world. We've have already seen that Real Madrid was in hurry signing Odegaard, look what they did to him..... Every young footballer needs time to develop themselves, their mentality is soft, they can easily be distracted easily. That's why they need relief from shear pressure of fans, club, people etc. Nowadays the pressure & the expectations are too high that it destroyed so many young players career....
Kuromori Hace 9 meses
@Odon You also have expectations at Arsenal, Tottenham and PSG. Just because those three aren't as big as the others does not mean fans don't expect you to perform. If you want to play at a club with zero expectations from fans then just go to China.
Odon Hace 9 meses
Because of the style of play and the expectations from fans....
JUAN Hace un año
Another star that falls at the hands of Zidane
Rizqi Bayumantari
Rizqi Bayumantari Hace un año
His vision is dangerous. Looking him doin accurate pass is very satisfying.
Eirik Jarl Mikkelborg
Eirik Jarl Mikkelborg Hace un año
bayu mantari look closely in slow motion, he has ABS vision. He looks up, down, up, down (on the ball), up, down several times before he shows his class with master passes. Combined this with his understanding of the game makes him a true maestro and he is only 20.
rockzs74r Hace un año
This is why his first touch is rated at 20 in Football Manager.
Ponch Hace un año
Sometimes you gotta build yourself up as a player at loan with smaller teams to build confidence and swagger. If you go straight to the top *cough* Vinicius *cough* you are more likely to flop because of large expectations.
Abhishek Kharvi
Abhishek Kharvi Hace un año
Lol same Vinicius who destroyed top class defenders last season? The problem lies with Zidane being a piss poor coach for young players... There's a reason why likes of Dani alves & Ronaldinho believe he's the most talented teenager.. All he needs is a manager who can develop him like Sir Alex for Ronaldo & Guardiola for Messi
Vihan Subramaniam
Vihan Subramaniam Hace un año
@Pao Chongloi vini has good vision and tracks back in defense often. You obviously don't watch him play. I have watched nearly every game he has played
Pao Chongloi
Pao Chongloi Hace un año
Vinicius JR 🤣 don't even talk about that guy. He just know how to run fast.. no reading no gameplay. Just run. He is already flop by football standard.
arctic 1878
arctic 1878 Hace un año
Ok this song without the vocals was almost unbearable 😅 Constantly "waiting" for the song to start
TicTac Tech
TicTac Tech Hace un año
This needs better music
Juan Esteban Kruh Sanmguel
Juan Esteban Kruh Sanmguel Hace un año
Lacks elegance
yazzo atala
yazzo atala Hace un año
That assist vs Sevilla is football porn
Mitchell Barrios
Mitchell Barrios Hace un año
He would real go to the next level at Man City...
Kuromori Hace 9 meses
Gilberto Valenzuela
Gilberto Valenzuela Hace un año
Håland, Ødegaard and Berge, what a good generation Norway will have for the future
lbhtdc zz_
lbhtdc zz_ Hace un año
They are all so different aswell, and magnificent
Alexander Glisic
Alexander Glisic Hace un año
You should do sensi next
iBFP Hace un año
2:27 No way this wasn't Messi!!! 🤯😱
iBFP Hace un año
@Chris Don't Miss maybe but Messi does both tbh and im not a Barcelona fan
Chris Don't Miss
Chris Don't Miss Hace un año
​@iBFP Nah Messi can nutmeg players but he rather looks for the dribble than for the pass. And when he passes the ball after a skill it's more a chip pass and not a strong flat laser pass like Odegaard did against the whole Alaves defence.
iBFP Hace un año
@Donesfito yeah man He literally apply what Messi doing every week
Donesfito Hace un año
Messi to Jordi Alba
MJ Hace un año
La liga bole lh , cer masuk epl , kompom flop jgk
Salzwasser for ever
Salzwasser for ever Hace un año
Nix außergewöhnliches:/
Dan DA little Man
Dan DA little Man Hace un año
Better than the entire Real Madrid squad 😂
Vihan Subramaniam
Vihan Subramaniam Hace un año
Benzema is the player in the league atm
DillaryHuff Hace un año
Lol! Wish it wasn’t so difficult for me to disagree with you on statement.
Vihan Subramaniam
Vihan Subramaniam Hace un año
Real Madrid is first on the table dipshit
Andy Blaze
Andy Blaze Hace un año
I'm addicted to reading comments, i don't even get to watch the damn video...
ThePionbordo Hace un año
el es mejor que Pogba
Faiz Afiq
Faiz Afiq Hace un año
His passes are so sexyy , remind me of Ozil
Pertama Kedua
Pertama Kedua Hace un año
Glad he's back .. Let's give crazy expectations again and treat him as if he's the best player ever born on earth ever.
sntm87 Hace un año
@Chris Don't Miss You're absolutely right, but the expectations was not for a wonderkid. It was for a world class player that is expected to deliver at the big stage. Ødegaard was not ready for that despite as you correctly describes his extreme vision, technique and raw talent. His physique was a small teenager's as was his experience level. This has changed because he has been allowed to develop, especially in Netherlands where he has been given the chance to fail and learn without enormous pressure.
Chris Don't Miss
Chris Don't Miss Hace un año
@sntm87 He was praised as a wonderkind and not as the best player ever. That's a difference. He was at 14/15 much much better than few years older players he played against and became the youngest player for the norwegian nationalteam ever. His vision in his young age is unique, technique already worldclass when he was a teenager. As a creative midfielder it was definitely not wrong that he was praised as a wonderkid becauese you barely see a youngster who's that dominant in the game wherever he plays. People had a wrong expections about him because they thought he would become immediately a starter at 16/17 years of age in a team where world class midfielders like Modric, Kroos, James and Isco had their prime. Of course he wouldn't because he wasn't even physically in the condition to play on that high level. He was too long in the Castilla team which wasn't really a competition for him. He already played very good at Heerenveen and was their best (and youngest) player in trash team. Since 18/19 at Vitesse he plays on an extreme high level and he would be immediately the best midfielder at Real Madrid alongside Kroos.
sntm87 Hace un año
Back? He's never ever been even close to the level he's at right now. La Liga player of the month in September and Norway's unquestionably best player. You're right about one thing tho. The expectations he recieved as a 16 yo was crazy and laughable. But right now, he has proven his level, that he belongs there, and should cope with the pressure.
Harald N
Harald N Hace un año
Ødegaard was as good all the time.He has grown muscles and thats it.
Chris Don't Miss
Chris Don't Miss Hace un año
@Harald N That's true. Odegaard didn't had the right treatment at Real Madrid, Zidane was bad in his Castilla days. Odegaard has the special ability to become immediately the most important key player wherever he plays. From Stromsgodset IF to Real Sociedad - always ruled the midfield but before Vitesse he played in much worse teams like Herenveen with trash forwards who couldn't finish his passes. He was also physically weaker but he still got past defenders easily. Vitesse was far from world class but this team partly knew how to trust Odegaard and his actions on the field became more effective. I remember some Castilla matches where he was so good that he dribbled half of the opponent team but then dribbled backwards again because he felt so unchallended of the league. His teammate weren't on his level and Zidane didn't knew how to handle the situation. That's why the media blamed Odegaard who was just 16/17 years old when Castilla had a crisis. Now he plays better although he didn't even change much except getting physically more stronger and having a better workrate. Again better than most midfielders in the whole league and he's not even in his prime.
Harald N
Harald N Hace un año
@DillaryHuff i did see Ødegaards first goal inn Tippeligaen live. Unfortunally against my team.He was 15....and did not lack any confidence.He had all the confidence inn the world.Then after coming to Real and met arrogant players that had a such big ego that envyed that the worlds best talent got more focus from journalists than themselves....yes, he was too young to handle that scenario.....Zidane was not the right coach at that time.Ødegaard should have been lokked inside the Weight Room from day 1. Real needs a better coach.I would like to see the trainer of Vitesse continuing with Ødegaard in Real.
DillaryHuff Hace un año
It’s not just the muscles he put on. It’s clear that his confidence has grown substantially. His playing style has become more direct, and his final product has a lot more commitment behind it. It wasn’t all that long ago when he would play himself into great, attacking positions just to let himself down by being indecisive or releasing the ball hesitantly.
Enrique Sanchez
Enrique Sanchez Hace un año
Needs to work on weak foot
Salman Mohammed
Salman Mohammed Hace un año
When you realize Real Madrid's youth is bossing Europe everywhere Martin Vinicius Ashraf Brahim....
lbhtdc zz_
lbhtdc zz_ Hace 10 meses
@Chris Don't Miss yeah they'll get use too it
Chris Don't Miss
Chris Don't Miss Hace 10 meses
@lbhtdc zz_ at the end of the season nobody is going to question his world class. Sometimes people need time to realize world class brilliance.
lbhtdc zz_
lbhtdc zz_ Hace 10 meses
@Chris Don't Miss odegaard is world class now
Chris Don't Miss
Chris Don't Miss Hace un año
@THEN and NOW Nobody said world class although Odegaard is very close to world class. Give him one more season with a top team and he became world class at 21 years of age. Already top level and the best U21 midfielder in europe right now.
Musab Hace un año
Kubo. Rodrygo
p0kerviK1N67 Hace un año
Just watch him when he returns home next season.. #HALAMADRID
Nabil Hace un año
But will he get a chance to be a real madrid player? Because there's already so many young wingers in real madrid right now (vinicius, rodrygo, kubo, brahim diaz, even asensio)
Sourojeet Maitra
Sourojeet Maitra Hace un año
He needs oneore year in sociedad
Sack Reis
Sack Reis Hace un año
Don't hype teenager!
James Sins
James Sins Hace un año
He also became very ugly. Lol
BigFan10 Hace un año
Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger Hace un año
This is a compliment, but why does it look like he is overdoing things?. I felt like his movement could be more efficient with the skill that he has got.
Hahahahah Ahahaha
Hahahahah Ahahaha Hace un año
Only Norwegians can like this🔥
DillaryHuff Hace un año
I’ll be the first to prove that Norwegians can dislike your comment, as well. Get your attention elsewhere.
Novair Ahmed
Novair Ahmed Hace un año
I am begging madrid to bring him back please.
kishan l
kishan l Hace un año
He plays like a hybrid of Messi and ozil
younes kazzouh
younes kazzouh Hace un año
de bruyne
Vandav 1
Vandav 1 Hace un año
@lbhtdc zz_ haha you know nothing
Random Shite
Random Shite Hace un año
Vandav 1
Vandav 1 Hace un año
Ødegaard got extreme skills but lack pace and acerlation like messi
lbhtdc zz_
lbhtdc zz_ Hace un año
@Vandav 1 hold kjeft
Mahesha Agusto
Mahesha Agusto Hace un año
He play like ozil
RD 10
RD 10 Hace un año
Perfect player for barcelona
DillaryHuff Hace un año
He admittedly looks much more like a typical, Barcelona- style player than a Real Madrid one. Which is pretty ironic.
sojournmd Hace un año
FIFA MOBILE ya haha too bad hes a Real Madrid player
Himanshu Borah
Himanshu Borah Hace un año
I don't know but I am so happy for this lad...people who called him a wasted talent 😅😂
Aryan 13
Aryan 13 Hace un año
Papa Perez never disappoints 😏
Proved ME wrong
lbhtdc zz_
lbhtdc zz_ Hace un año
Yes hahah
뱅상 Hace un año
He looks like he reached next level
Avneesh Kumar Golam
Avneesh Kumar Golam Hace un año
Unpopular opinion: martin odegaard is better than frenkie de jong
ODI YT Hace 10 meses
Diff position de Jong plays defensive odeegaard plays attacking style so dont compare them
Chris Don't Miss
Chris Don't Miss Hace un año
@Chilibux Gaming Odegaard outperformed De Jong already last season in the Eredivisie although Odegaard played in an average team. Imagine how he would have tortured De Jong if he would have a team like Ajax on his back. Odegaard overshadows De Jong in almost every possible way, even defensively they're on the same level although De Jong plays deeper and has expierence as a defender. If you compare Messi and Odegaard you will see that Messi was always a natural goalscorer and played always as a forward. Of course he was more of a winger at the beginning of the career but he always looked for the goal when he was dribbling. Odegaard is a natural passer and creator. He has the characteristics of Ozil who always wants to create something for his teammates and not for himself. Maybe he will socre more goals in the future but I don't think he will ever be a real goalscorer. On the other hand he will be soon a better playmaker than Messi because Odegaard has the natural gift to become the most dominant playmaker the world haven't seen for so long. I don't know who will rule world football in the future. Mbappe is lucky to play in a dominant team in the ligue 1. He needs to join a better league and then we can see. Odegaard would be much better when he plays in a top team and yes he has the potential to become one of the best players in the next ten years.
Razorlance Hace un año
@Chilibux Gaming you are right. But I think, tactically, his best position is CM because it makes use of his work rate, his pressing, his press resistance and his eye for a beautiful pass
Chilibux Gaming
Chilibux Gaming Hace un año
@Razorlance Messi did not make tons of goals from the age 17-20 so Ødegaard will make much more goals as he gets older. Besides he play everywhere right wing, he can be a 10 and he can play cm. His talent is extreme.
Avneesh Kumar Golam
Avneesh Kumar Golam Hace un año
Actually ive seen some people saying odegaard is overrated yet he is one of the best midfield rn at just 19.
Jimmy white
Jimmy white Hace un año
Your title is fucking cringe worthy!!!!!!!!!
Devendra Pathak
Devendra Pathak Hace un año
This is how a midfielder should play..... Composure, dribbling, control, possession everything...and he is developed with all those qualities....all the best for Martin's future......I hope he accomplishes that in his awaited revolutionized career ahead
De-Graft Asafo-Adjei
De-Graft Asafo-Adjei Hace un año
Odegaard and Valvede's collaboration.....Madrid midfield will be fire next season
Sushila Kujur
Sushila Kujur Hace 4 meses
Unless modric moves he can't fit in the squad bro!
14thWolf Hace un año
Alex B
Alex B Hace un año
Make a vid on lautauro Martinez 🇦🇷
Prkrtr Hace un año
He is among top 5 midfielders of the world already.. His chance creation stats and grace on the ball shows it. Future Ballon D'Or winner for sure.
ODI YT Hace 10 meses
@Vihan Subramaniam mate he could be top 10 top 5? Nah
Vihan Subramaniam
Vihan Subramaniam Hace un año
@Vandav 1 he is one of the best, the creation stats show it, he is top 5 in la liga meaning he is one of the best in the world.
Vandav 1
Vandav 1 Hace un año
I am also norwegian
Vandav 1
Vandav 1 Hace un año
@Vihan Subramaniam what a stupid question is that???. Kevin de bruyne is the best midfielder now. From KVD lvl to ødegaard lvl is a diferent world! I did see ødegaard recently vs Romania. They smashed him in that game. Very poor performance.
Vihan Subramaniam
Vihan Subramaniam Hace un año
@Vandav 1 have you seen Odegaard play?
Fahad Chowdhury
Fahad Chowdhury Hace un año
I hope he can takeover from luka modric from next season..
Nishan Acharya
Nishan Acharya Hace un año
Yup. Odegard Eriksen Pogba in mid field
Elias Chase
Elias Chase Hace un año
Reminds me of Martin Odegaard the way he dribbles
Chris Don't Miss
Chris Don't Miss Hace un año
Plays more like like Odegoat
Chinechem Okere talks
Chinechem Okere talks Hace un año
NEZ new word 😂😂😂😂👊🏻
HollowBoy Hace un año
Nah, He is lot better than Martin Odegaard.
nope Hace un año
His vision is very Odegaardesque, mind you.
Cena • 12 years ago • Updated
Cena • 12 years ago • Updated Hace un año
Razorlance stupid kids he has clearly gotten the playing style of Martin Odegaard, you guys are out of your mind.
AzzWalk Hace un año
This is average talent for someone who was once considered a wonderkid and is now 20 years old. He still needs to tighten his shooting and dribbling, the latter of which is pretty loose and watery. He has no chance for the starting xi of Real Madrid.
Chris Don't Miss
Chris Don't Miss Hace un año
​@Mr. Pots Everyone who watched him since he was 15 knows that the term "wonderkid" wasn't wrong for him. This dude had a better passing game at the youngest age than most so called world class players today. His technique is already world class since day one, his vision for his age is unique. Ball control and dribbling reminds of Messi. And he's very smart defensively and he's far from his prime. This dude is a progidy and had most of the abilities he's showing right know already as a teenager. You don't getting chased by the biggest clubs in europe by mistake, you don't become the youngest professional national player for your country by mistake, you don't became the best key player in every team you play by mistake, you don't became in two different leagues the youngest top 3 player although you play in an average team. Maybe he was a bit overhyped because of the wrong expectations that he would become a starter at 17 years of age in a team where world class midfielders and wingers like Bale, Cristiano, Modric, Kroos, James, Casemiro and Isco had their prime. That was even for Odegaard unrealistic but that doesn´t take away his amazing talent.
Mr. Pots
Mr. Pots Hace un año
@Eric Zion tbf he didn't declare himself a wonderkid did he? It's always the media and the people who hype up good young players. He sure was making waves starring for the national team at 16 back then. Everything aside, what matters is he's showing his worth now as arguably the best player in laliga so far this season and he is still just 20 and unlike uncountable "wonderkids" he didn't get lost into the Oblivion of the modern day football. But then again it's a matter of personal opinion just like when he was hyped as a wonderkid back then. And if anything else i can only see him achieve greater things.
Eric Zion
Eric Zion Hace un año
Mr. Pots he‘s kinda right I guess
Harshvardhan Kanthode
Harshvardhan Kanthode Hace un año
Lol did you come straight out of 2014?
Mr. Pots
Mr. Pots Hace un año
What are you high on?
Chetan Anand
Chetan Anand Hace un año
Come to ISL.
Kmimad Hace un año
I thought he’s perfect for Milan’s reborn
Ricardo Bingling
Ricardo Bingling Hace un año
Good 🙄 he's been great since the season started, currently the best midfielder in the league
Ricardo Bingling
Ricardo Bingling Hace un año
@Jk Relax the only thing he may be slightly better at is passing and it's not even by far, odegaard overall is a freaking balla!
Chilibux Gaming
Chilibux Gaming Hace un año
@Jk Relax what de Jong can do with a football Ødegaard can do with a ping pong ball. Ødegaard is the reason Pogba Will never play for Real Madrid. They don't need him cause Ødegaard is already better at everything.
Jk Relax
Jk Relax Hace un año
Ricardo Bingling f de jong is better
AF10HD Hace un año
Bendick lieng johansen
Bendick lieng johansen Hace un año
trykk like om du er fra Norge 🇳🇴
GRRAXX Hace un año
He deserved La Liga’s player of the month
IAMOKAN Hace un año
Real Madrid should bring him back !!
Abdulaziz Al Qahtani
Abdulaziz Al Qahtani Hace un año
Who’s the flop now?
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Hace 11 meses
Real made the right decision. He was not good enough for to play for the first team, so now he's on loan to develop. By the time the loan spell is over, he'll be good enough to play for the first team
ODI YT Hace un año
@Harish no u
Istiak A. Sakib
Istiak A. Sakib Hace un año
Eden Hazard (Real Madrid) Also
Arman Bakhshi
Arman Bakhshi Hace un año
@Afiq Ismail he's on loan they didn't sell him
Afiq Ismail
Afiq Ismail Hace un año
Real madrid
White Trash
White Trash Hace un año
I am just happy for him after all that bulls*it he had to deal with...#belive
brasileiros Silva
brasileiros Silva Hace 7 meses
@Chris Don't Miss Reinier is doing better in Castilla ate age 17, than he did, I think that Reinier will be the next replacement for Modric if he keeps doing the way he plays now he will the next big thing I am telling you
Chris Don't Miss
Chris Don't Miss Hace un año
@patrick andersson He moved to Real at 16 and maybe that was too early although I think he could have already be an important player at Real if he would have got the right treatment but Ajax plays in the farmers league and he way too good for the farmers league. He already proved that in his time at Vitesse when he even outperformed De Jong in the Eredivisie.
patrick andersson
patrick andersson Hace un año
Indeed, but there is no doubt he made a mistake by joining Real Madrid at the age of 17.. Odegaard should have stayed in Norway for another 1-2 years before moving to a club like Ajax.
Cena • 12 years ago • Updated
Cena • 12 years ago • Updated Hace un año
@Demtings bro, he was kidding and then the other guy started being all like "Then show me your highlights" he didnt understand the joke
Demtings Hace un año
Cena • 12 years ago how is that a woosh? People piss me off when they don’t understand how to even woosh correctly
Zaid Shah
Zaid Shah Hace un año
Klopp should sign him
Kuromori Hace 9 meses
He's still on Real Madrid's books.
Chris Don't Miss
Chris Don't Miss Hace un año
@Pakistan Zindabad I think he would. Imagine how much assists he could provide for Mane and Salah. He's also a workhorse and runs a lot and he coul combine very well with Trent, Firminho or Salah because he a mix between a Number 10 and a right midfielder.
Pakistan Zindabad
Pakistan Zindabad Hace un año
Would love but doesn't duit his style
Ed McGuigan
Ed McGuigan Hace un año
Very one sided.
FutbolKrazy Hace un año
Reminds me of a young Mesut Ozil with Real Madrid: the grace, elegance, and technique of this man is unique to someone so young. So excited to see him play as a number 10 playmaker for real madrid. A midfield of Kroos/Modric, Casemiro, and Odegaard a little ahead of them along with the attacking firepower with probably Mbappe next season will be fire
Chris Don't Miss
Chris Don't Miss Hace un año
@Kevin Ramirez He is a mix of Iniesta, Özil and Messi in my opinion. His pure style of play is unique and incomparable to one single player.
Bradley Kandhai
Bradley Kandhai Hace un año
If he stays with Madrid that will be disappointing.
1711991 are you stupid ? Go and look at ozil in Madrid he was godly even his first 3 seasons with arsenal you clowns just started watching football like a year or two ago
Kevin Bayer HES been decling in the last 2 years he’s still a world class player going forward thou 🤷🏻‍♂️ yaya toure hardly played for city when pep arrived was he poor ?
Lostintime Hace un año
@Razorlance please "number 8"? what does that mean?
guilherme amoroso
guilherme amoroso Hace un año
Arsenal please look this!!!!!
vincent Hace un año
he is real madrid's player sad case
Gagan Nn
Gagan Nn Hace un año
Yo his palms are sweaty knees week arms are heavy .... Oops wrong vedio 😅
Imtiaz Sk
Imtiaz Sk Hace un año
Next Ozil ?
Chris Don't Miss exactly finally someone who knows football when ozil was at Madrid he was the main. Reason their counter attacking play was so fast because he always positioned him self at the 18 waiting for the ball and start the move but idiots want him to run around like an headless chicken ... at arsenal he often covered more ground than Alexis but nobody ever took time to look at that
Chris Don't Miss
Chris Don't Miss Hace un año
@04 FOREVER INVINCIBLE People say that because they only remember the "lazy" Özil. I can see the point because even when I'm talking to Real Madrid fans they say Özil was world class but it's good that he's gone because he was most of the time lazy on the pitch especially in important games. These people really don't understand that the way Ozil is carrying, running and controlling the ball seems to look like lazy although it's pure elegance. Only his last season at Real Madrid wasn't that good (some honestly lazy performances) but still world class imo. KdB makes brilliant passes and knows the basics very well but Ozil honestly had that Zidane style.
Chris Don't Miss true I agree ozil has declined but it hurts when clowns say kdb is better than prime ozil
Chris Don't Miss
Chris Don't Miss Hace un año
@04 FOREVER INVINCIBLE Ozil in his prime was the best playmaker in the last ten years after Iniesta. In my opinion better than KdB although I like KdB because he's absolutely world class but Ozil was on his own level at Real Madrid and his first three years at Arsenal. I still believe Odegaard can become better than Ozil because he has a much better workrate, better defence skills, he's faster, dribbles more, has a similar good vision although he's just 20, his technique was already worldclass when he was a teenager, his passes are on a extreme high level and if he stil improves more his passes he could beat Ozil in that. Maybe he won't get that many assists because it depends of the position he will play in the future and how good his teammates are but he definitely can become as good as Ozil if not better.
Nihal Reddy those useless passes has assisted 253 goals second highest only behind messi and created 1030 chances most of any player since 2006 ozil in his prime was levels and I mean levels above this guy
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