Look How Good Mattéo Guendouzi Has Become!

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[Look How Good Mattéo Guendouzi Has Become!] I originally uploaded this video on my Arsenal channel (ArsenalVideosHD) but that video got blocked!
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Produced by: Filip Hennig
Computer used: Macbook Pro 15' Retina
Software used: Final Cut Pro X
Im an 18 year old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favourite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace un año
I originally uploaded this video on my Arsenal channel (ArsenalVideosHD) but it was blocked by PL so I figured I could upload it here instead!
Zane on linear yt
Zane on linear yt Hace un año
Good thinking they are just jealous
omhaz Hace un año
@ArsenalVideosHD i was thinking someone took a video from someone else 😅
ifie ejiroghene
ifie ejiroghene Hace un año
@ArsenalVideosHD What? I didnt know you had another channel. Wow you are so talented men.
Aritra Mazumder
Aritra Mazumder Hace un año
Good thing you diversified way back 🔥🔥
Hulk Hace un año
Ya I didn't realize, I was like I've seen this video before 😅.. anyways awesome video
Son Of Cherve
Son Of Cherve Hace 17 días
so good arsenal just loaned him out. Probably cos david liuz didn't like hishair.
Kopf Furz
Kopf Furz Hace 18 días
Hertha bsc schalalalalalal la lalalalalal
Nass jun Junior
Nass jun Junior Hace 2 meses
Good gameplay No good behaviour
Muhtasim Alvi Ryem
Muhtasim Alvi Ryem Hace 3 meses
I'll be so upset if he leaves us.Such a young prodigy,defensively tough,so capricious for the opponent,Long rangers AND the reason why we're so foolishly desperate to let him go is,the passion and fight he offers .No prob we'll regret after a couple of years when he becomes the next Busquets in Barcelona and we'll have to cry like Gnabry's case.
RandomS Hace 19 días
matteo is better than any midfielders in our club and I rank him at the same level as Frenkie de jong and he can become one of the best midfielders in the world
dng992 Hace 3 meses
fucking useless player. offers nothing. hes the reason arsenal have been shit amongst other reasons. xhaka, ceballos, torreira. all MILES ahead
Jason Ong Himself
Jason Ong Himself Hace 3 meses
He doesn't do 1-2 passing. He slows things down sometimes and always pass sideways. Arsenal's games are normally consisted of short passes and high tempo with lots of 1-2 so Guen may not be suitable. And he can't shoot very well. 57 premier league match, how many goals?
Ivan Lim
Ivan Lim Hace 3 meses
He's a genius, sad that he's going to leave arsenal
Flavio-nator Hace 3 meses
Plays like ozil but in a deeper role
Sumdum Canadian
Sumdum Canadian Hace 3 meses
Please arsenal don't let him go!! Ultimate mid fielder at age 20, wins tackles is confident with the ball. Hell even stands up for the team when it gets rough! He's a special talent it's only a matter of time before he starts scoring multiple goals per season.
Kevin Clinton
Kevin Clinton Hace 3 meses
If you can Humiliate de bruyne you've got to be good..
Akan Lb
Akan Lb Hace 3 meses
Bad management. We are looking to sell him and keep Xhaka who is totally useless
Daishinkan Hace 3 meses
Guendouzi, de jong, puig, barça perfect midfield
Kelvin Kamau
Kelvin Kamau Hace 3 meses
Arsenals de bruyne
Salvatore Inzerillo
Salvatore Inzerillo Hace 3 meses
In england there isn t pressing and the players are quiet In italy there is very pressing adn you must be quickly to pass the Ball. Two football very different
MT1120 Hace 3 meses
Still can't see whether it's David Luiz or Guendouzi
Brian Schlaf
Brian Schlaf Hace 3 meses
Arsenal needs that agitator on the team with skill and that’s Matteo Guendouzi
Arthan Russian
Arthan Russian Hace 4 meses
Barca need this boy
Raghav Modi
Raghav Modi Hace 4 meses
finesse merchant
finesse merchant Hace 4 meses
He's shit lol.
Phil Haynes
Phil Haynes Hace 4 meses
He’s absolutely gash 😂 Offers absolutely fuck all but a slightly above average passing ability. Other than that he’s fucking awful
miz528 Hace 4 meses
He's shite m8 ik
josh routley
josh routley Hace 4 meses
This aged well
ALMY Hace 4 meses
Bhahbhabha he sucks He's always messing with other players AND WAIT FOR IT 1 ASSIST IN 24 GAMES BHAHBHABHA ARSENAL FANS : HE GONNA BE THE NEXT HENRY 😂😂😂😅🤣
Conor Evans
Conor Evans Hace 4 meses
He’s shit
Games shadow
Games shadow Hace 4 meses
Player Moroccan 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦
Asumani Hace 4 meses
If he's given chance to grow he will be Arsenal's next Viera
Alex Ferguson
Alex Ferguson Hace 5 meses
Reminds me renato shanches
Yung TT
Yung TT Hace 5 meses
Way to disrespected for some stupid reason idk. Especially among Assna fans
Deepak D.K7
Deepak D.K7 Hace 6 meses
from where do you download videos
Guendouzi lima
Guendouzi lima Hace 6 meses
Nice video
PR7 Hace 6 meses
I remember his 1st game for us it was against city at our home obviously we lost the game but i was really happy that we had got ourselves a amazing young talent who had the maturity of a senior player
Andy Evidence
Andy Evidence Hace 6 meses
I miss watching guendouzi
Prince Olimiwinyi26
Prince Olimiwinyi26 Hace 6 meses
Future Captain...You can take screenshots for future reference
Oyster Card
Oyster Card Hace 7 meses
All these clips are actually wank😂
Gamer boy
Gamer boy Hace 8 meses
i like the passes and tackles from Him ❤️❤️
Realist Hace 8 meses
makes xhaka look like a boy
Carlos Jesus Andres Cazares
Carlos Jesus Andres Cazares Hace 8 meses
Promesa 💎
Muhannad M
Muhannad M Hace 9 meses
Name of second song guys ?
surat khun.
surat khun. Hace 9 meses
Mikel Ateta, Arsenal's one-ball player, is very good. But a player like Mattao Guendouzi is not in the system to lose balance, should sell this player. Is a barrier to the team He can't play football at the leading club level. Even if you practice 10 more
Tomi Haastinen
Tomi Haastinen Hace 10 meses
The only thing which make him look nasty is his hair
Nathaniel Rohde
Nathaniel Rohde Hace 10 meses
He's also good at american football tackling Zaha
J cardenas
J cardenas Hace 10 meses
Can someone set Guenduzi up with classical music, please?
Elizebeth John Andapi
Elizebeth John Andapi Hace 10 meses
hero of Arsenal ever and ever.
LRTV Hace 10 meses
Guendouzi 🇫🇷👉 espost.info/download/v-deo/nmqumpmnfNOSeno
Manuel Fernando
Manuel Fernando Hace 11 meses
Arsenal have a wealth of talent in the squad but I dunno what the fuck Emery is doing with it
weex weex
weex weex Hace 11 meses
Kevin Abstract
Kevin Abstract Hace 11 meses
*O V E R R A T E D*
Marc Kazlauskas
Marc Kazlauskas Hace 3 meses
Coz you're dumb😂, everything will be overrated to you, even your mind and brain is overrated since it's good at making you waste data unnecessarily watching videos you shouldn't be watching.
Peaceganjareggae Hace 11 meses
Stephen Fourie
Stephen Fourie Hace 11 meses
What does everyone see in guendouzi?? Torreira is way better that him. Yes still 19 Y/O but still bad for lack of good creativity and most times looks clueless with the ball.
TheHappy2for2Burger Hace 11 meses
guendouzi’s hair is better than modric ballen dor
SeiWeng Yap
SeiWeng Yap Hace 11 meses
He plays like a sissy and pornstar can feels that on a man. Now every team when played with Arsenal sure hopeful that Guendouzi would start the game and gets pwned.
Gaurav Saikia
Gaurav Saikia Hace 11 meses
Not good enough...looses ball possession carelessly and passes only sideways and backwards
Leeyon Hace 11 meses
Thats so annoying that France has too many beasts because they can’t all play imagine the 2nd team of France : G: Maignan D: Umtiti, Laporte, Digne, Kurzawa M: Guendouzi, Ndombele, Tolisso or Fekir A: Lacazette, Martial, Lemar
Greg Denys
Greg Denys Hace 11 meses
Most of these players have several passports. They need to choose wisely.
yuri Hace 11 meses
Tuhin Babu
Tuhin Babu Hace 11 meses
What is his country??
Trọng Tình Mai
Trọng Tình Mai Hace 11 meses
The future of Arsenal
Michiel Vorster
Michiel Vorster Hace 11 meses
I speak again after the TACKLE
Billy Hicks
Billy Hicks Hace un año
Arsenals best player right now and should be Arsenal future Captain.
NAPOLEON Hace un año
put him and willock or ceballos witha proper defensive midefielder , youll see a good arsenal .
Thomas Ma
Thomas Ma Hace un año
Sidestep Bob 😂
Humayun Kabir
Humayun Kabir Hace un año
He plays with full passion about football and he also loves Arsenal and want Arsenal to achieve greater things. I hope greedy about money and other things doesn’t ruin him and he continue to perform consistently for the club.
p0kerviK1N67 Hace un año
one day this player will be WORLD CLASS
Nathan James
Nathan James Hace un año
£7million bargain!
DreamWalker886 Hace un año
He's got a very accurate passes, long or short.
Supernova TV
Supernova TV Hace un año
Guendozi on for triple captain
alfred rizaldhi
alfred rizaldhi Hace un año
Guendouzi is extraordinary a real talent...good vision, motivated n tireless, so mobile but i think he needs to gain more strengh like Viera or Pogba...
k halim arkitek
k halim arkitek Hace un año
Luis Figo
Luis Figo Hace un año
best player in the world
Aziz Ali
Aziz Ali Hace un año
If Unai benches Xhaka for willock or Ceba, Arsenal will be a threat from the midfield. Xhaka is a liability while defense. He’s too aggressive and gets booked all the times, which is not helping the team. He can’t jump. He can’t play with his right foot. He’s slow. He’s most powerful attribute (Long shots taker ) not helping with Arsenal playing style
Derek Torrico
Derek Torrico Hace un año
Guendozi and Torreira would be a perfect duo in the middle. I don't understand what Xhaka is still doing in London
gerghgh herb
gerghgh herb Hace un año
Guendouzi is a beast on PES, intercepts absolutely everything
FTW DaZe Hace un año
The three youngsters I love Ansu Fati (barcelona) Guendozi Junior (real madrid)
Willy Rhama
Willy Rhama Hace un año
Arsenal is a good place for young players
Rhymez Official
Rhymez Official Hace un año
Great job guys
Arsenal Victoria Concordia Crescit
Arsenal Victoria Concordia Crescit Hace un año
M Zulnaeman
M Zulnaeman Hace un año
i dont think so..we will see
Michael Burnham
Michael Burnham Hace un año
if only we had strikers who could finish!
Abduljelil Malemi
Abduljelil Malemi Hace un año
Who says arsenal don't have a creative midfielder
London's RED
London's RED Hace un año
great player work rate is phenominal
Abdullah 70
Abdullah 70 Hace un año
Hermoine in full flow
Isaac Janssen
Isaac Janssen Hace un año
We have so many great young players! It makes me so excited to see these talents playing
Isaac Janssen
Isaac Janssen Hace un año
He's got great control, good and calm on the ball which is exactly what emery wants with his tactics. Should easily take xhakas place. #guendouzi+torreira
panther moon
panther moon Hace un año
He is the next pirlo
Chika Chika
Chika Chika Hace un año
I wish unai start playing matteo, torriera and özil as arsenal's 1st choice mid.. that would make arsenal's mid creative as well as reliable.. playing ceballos, xhaka and Matteo is just not working for me.. it simply takes the creative part from the mid
bananabread tan
bananabread tan Hace un año
It's a shame this kid doesn't play w/ Ozil in front of him
panupong amasaya
panupong amasaya Hace un año
I would like to xhaka see him that how to playing on the field......
Cot Adrian
Cot Adrian Hace un año
More power in shot und denn......
Pa3stel33 Hace un año
feel bad for ozil... not doing much but still havin a slight impact on the impact
Super Champ
Super Champ Hace un año
Like a pirlo
Abdirahman Hussein
Abdirahman Hussein Hace un año
Future perfect💦
Aquatic Almighty
Aquatic Almighty Hace un año
I like his passion, I like his hairstyle, I like his style of play.. Almost everything.. My number 1 Favourite Arsenal player at Clown Emery era.. But honestly he shouldn't do those finger thing at Watford.. It's arrogant for us.. I know what those Watford boys try to do to him on the pitch.. Luckily he's smart enough and escape that.. But anyway, hope he keep developing and don't learn those arrogant thing with score on finger and show it to opponent fans because it's no good.. No matter what it is, keep it PROFESSIONAL !! Then he will be WORLD CLASS for sure.. Even WORLD BEST..
Ramsey Merdassi
Ramsey Merdassi Hace un año
Are you fucking kIdding me. Guendouzi is shite.
MGK Hace un año
Granny voice Lee
Granny voice Lee Hace un año
Great lad. He's only 20 and already has over 50 games for Arsenal first team. Hope he stays
Afolayan John
Afolayan John Hace un año
The only reason i haven't subscribed to your channel is cos your intro video shows Messi scoring against my country. 😊😊😁😁
Martin Seguya
Martin Seguya Hace un año
Arsenal as a team, we're still struggling with identity
Mohau Sekgothudi
Mohau Sekgothudi Hace un año
reminds me of KaKa
ANT Tech
ANT Tech Hace un año
This guy has barca DNA. Or wengers Arsenal DNA. Promising kid with huge potential 👏
Jolito Camusua
Jolito Camusua Hace un año
this one is fantastic player end great midfielder he look like Rabiot
Ken Lau
Ken Lau Hace un año
Should start for France ahead of the lazy one.
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