Legendary Team Goals

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Watch the most beautiful team plays in football. Featuring Tiki Taka, Counter Attacks, and Set Piece Routines by the best footballers. Edited by Score 90.

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I'm a 19-year-old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favorite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig

Produced by: Filip Hennig
Computer used: Macbook Pro 15' Retina
Software used: Final Cut Pro X

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The main goal with this channel is to express my love for football in a creative and fun way. I dedicate hours upon hours to make every single video feel unique and inspiring. I really hope you will enjoy this channel!

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Score 90
Score 90 Hace 5 meses
What team is playing the most beautiful football? 🤔
LilPrimo Hace 9 días
old barca
HosseinHD7 Hace un mes
espost.info/download/v-deo/lHuHr6yAotWje6Q Best passing player
ajaytiruvalla Hace un mes
@ayuubka xuux can you write one time please
ajaytiruvalla Hace un mes
Paris Saint Germain
HosseinHD7 Hace un mes
Tristan Sleutel
Tristan Sleutel Hace 4 días
In my opinion, these are the most beautiful goals, because it shows how well a team can work together
Aryan Jangra
Aryan Jangra Hace 5 días
Barca 6-3 Real...this could have been 50-3 if this guy had watched all Barca games from 2008 - 2017...... NO GOALS FROM PEP'S TIKI TAKA ERA and HIS SPELL AT CITY??!! This guy doesn't seem to like Pep and Barca too much.....
Maxos Ř
Maxos Ř Hace 9 días
1:28 Rosický 😱⚽😮💥🔥
Obsidian gaming
Obsidian gaming Hace 10 días
This shows arsenal has super team play;)
sreehari KS
sreehari KS Hace 19 días
how u get this clips. pls say +
Aswin R
Aswin R Hace 23 días
MSN scored most of the goals ,the best trio of all time.
Aswin R
Aswin R Hace 23 días
how many of you noticed most of the team goals have Neymar's part, that is why he is the best playmaker
Vibha Mishra
Vibha Mishra Hace un mes
great music and tune and it mixes with the commentry also
WIZARD o_o ULTIMA Hace un mes
seeing the name of the video itself i knew that xavi and iniesta will be the ones appearing in the video
DonnyPlus Hace un mes
8:05 turned the speakers up for this and my bro was asking what artist it was 😂😂
DonnyPlus Hace un mes
8:05 new favorite rapper 😂😂
Riley Adams
Riley Adams Hace un mes
I just gotta say... BEST SOCCER INTRO EVER!
Bilal Hazami
Bilal Hazami Hace un mes
rafaelski Hace un mes
2:17 - 2:33 awesome sound in my opinion
Vixtor Palma
Vixtor Palma Hace un mes
When you surpass eminen
DIMITRI Hace un mes
Md Samir Ansari
Md Samir Ansari Hace un mes
Wow nice teme
Sensable Sagittarius
Sensable Sagittarius Hace un mes
You mean tiki taka, well only the legendary Barca
victoria helburn
victoria helburn Hace un mes
BD Hero
BD Hero Hace un mes
Ankit Debbarma
Ankit Debbarma Hace un mes
The commentaries are soo fake
Football 77Media
Football 77Media Hace un mes
Azis Mulyadi
Azis Mulyadi Hace un mes
Jago Sekali Trik Skil Nya
Adam Benko
Adam Benko Hace un mes
Wasid khan
Wasid khan Hace un mes
first song name
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh Hace un mes
Most of them were of Barça and PSG
Matei Gheorghiu
Matei Gheorghiu Hace un mes
Maybe it's just my opinion, but it is pretty annoying for the camera angle to change 3 times during a goal. Would be nice to see the action from one angle than in the reply it can be however. I know this editing makes it spicier but it disturbs the beautiful flow.
FF Sword Clips
FF Sword Clips Hace un mes
Who is indian
Varun Trivedi
Varun Trivedi Hace un mes
I love how MSN trio keeps coming in after every 5 clips.
Zitakys Hace un mes
Olympiacos vs Panathinaikos season 19/20 in the playoffs the 2nd goal was amazing
Kevin Gooner
Kevin Gooner Hace un mes
Mostly Arsenal and Barcelona.. Ozil at the centre ahh pure bliss
Clemente Perez
Clemente Perez Hace 2 meses
No goals of the Spanish national team. Spain used tiki-taka just to control the game but goals came from other individual and fast actions.
Azzam Yuda
Azzam Yuda Hace 2 meses
Love how Ozil is in most of them True artist
Keisam Yuvraj
Keisam Yuvraj Hace 2 meses
everyone misses the xavi-iniesta era
bLaCkBacK Hace 2 meses
whats first music
Arhan Shorup
Arhan Shorup Hace 2 meses
Neymar the true artist
Dien Vu
Dien Vu Hace 2 meses
Edit like sh*t
Remruatpuia Ralte
Remruatpuia Ralte Hace 2 meses
Who else came here to comment that spanish comentator
Chai Man Hon
Chai Man Hon Hace 2 meses
You just can't deny that the fact that Ozil is one of the best playmaker in the football world.
Kicau Indah
Kicau Indah Hace 2 meses
Ryan Rafi
Ryan Rafi Hace 2 meses
Which one's the intro song?
Ab007 ABDULLAH Hace 2 meses
Is that uri boyka at 1:25
VeeVex Hace 2 meses
Please subscribe my channel. I have enough watchtime but I hardly get subs..you can unsubscribe later if you dont like but Your subscription will really help me alot. Plz subscribe me!❤🙏🙏🙏
OozyAbdou Hace 2 meses
intro song pls
uciphd Hace 2 meses
A nice collection, but for true "legendary" go back more than 10 years.
welldoer interior works
welldoer interior works Hace 2 meses
Please support my interior works channel
Taguotafe Cedric
Taguotafe Cedric Hace 2 meses
Was neymar are that it was a pass to Suarez?
AzizulJohan Hace 2 meses
komar chucky
komar chucky Hace 2 meses
Mo salah, Mane, Firmino
RightBackInRehab Hace 2 meses
Wilshere's goal 7:48 is a thing of beauty.
Sheikh Mbaba
Sheikh Mbaba Hace 2 meses
We the best 🔴⚪🔥
be case
be case Hace 2 meses
Germany destroy Brazil ( Brutality)👌
Christopher Swayne
Christopher Swayne Hace 2 meses
This is what I love about soccer. Sure, the skills and tricks are fun to watch, but it is the creativity of the game that dazzles me. The one twos, the great first touches are what excite me. I love how creative these teams are, especially Barcelona. I’m a football player and I am entertained by this.
Harsh Kulkarni
Harsh Kulkarni Hace 2 meses
Damn not one City goal in the video.. either you forgot or a United/Liverpool fan 🤣🤣
Double O Seven
Double O Seven Hace 2 meses
The pony tail and moustache though ...
Mandella Nelson
Mandella Nelson Hace 2 meses
The more I see this video I really impressed
Never Mind
Never Mind Hace 2 meses
lol that audience at 8:47 couldn't give a fuck
Maths by Nancy Grover mam
Maths by Nancy Grover mam Hace 2 meses
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo Hace 2 meses
6:09 Argentina 6 Serbia 0. Great argentinean team in that WC
сергей акулюшин
сергей акулюшин Hace 2 meses
9700 +++
Raj Sampat
Raj Sampat Hace 2 meses
How can Ozil be hated ????? Best player,💙
SIDDHARTH CR7 Hace 2 meses
Love the way they are co-operating
Amit T
Amit T Hace 2 meses
Jerky camera work ruining great Football moments
Jarko Limbo
Jarko Limbo Hace 2 meses
Har dot watch. . It would be nice if we could see the play unfold in a simple wide shot, instead of quick cuts and 'fancy' editing. Too bad.....
Johnny K
Johnny K Hace 3 meses
Nothing can really top Jack Wilshere's goal 7:50
Nathan Robinson
Nathan Robinson Hace 3 meses
Please cool it a little with the effects. Some of these were hard to watch
Am Hace 3 meses
Arsenal during wingers good years
Padblock Hace 3 meses
1:00 ese es mi Chile querido. Nos hicieron sendo golazo pero no importa xD
Swapan Zameen
Swapan Zameen Hace 3 meses
Nothing can beat Argentina vs Seriba Montenegro in 2006.
Ferry Ebol
Ferry Ebol Hace 3 meses
Love Messi and Ozil! 💙
jimcorbett gaming
jimcorbett gaming Hace 3 meses
Dislike for clickbait
No Brain No Pain
No Brain No Pain Hace 3 meses
8:06 *Eminem*
Jordan Thomas
Jordan Thomas Hace 4 meses
7:48 is the craziest team goal I've ever seen. All the Norwich defenders were like what the fuck is going on here lol. Absolutely insane goal!
Andrew Hall
Andrew Hall Hace 4 meses
The Misleading thumbnail implies that 62 passes are made on a single possession. Am I the only one who thought that was the video subject?
Oliver Cromwell
Oliver Cromwell Hace 4 meses
8.05 prepare for hyper speed
Oliver Cromwell
Oliver Cromwell Hace 4 meses
Ferry Hunowu
Ferry Hunowu Hace 4 meses
Best barca..
Shantanu Inamdar
Shantanu Inamdar Hace 4 meses
That pass from Ozil..
Kevnuh Hace 4 meses
This literally be me in FIFA
Varga András
Varga András Hace 4 meses
Great goals. But the video is full of unnecessary cuts. All the actions was cutted in pieces, other camera views, replays etc. Please let an attack to go to the end, then cut it as you wish. After all, thank you for picking these teamworks up!
Jericho Tse
Jericho Tse Hace 4 meses
PSG is playing the best cuz neymar is in that team
CruelAngel Die
CruelAngel Die Hace 4 meses
6:00 Hey Cambiasso!
Unauthorized Hace 4 meses
A lot of those goals were offsides
Bagel Hace 4 meses
Arsenal and barcelona best clubs at this
Chanel Nur iman
Chanel Nur iman Hace 4 meses
Gua bantu subscraibe
GSF123459 Hace 4 meses
Florian Mintgrün
Florian Mintgrün Hace 4 meses
Name of the Intro please
Nasrizal Nasir
Nasrizal Nasir Hace 4 meses
camera change defference angle to many make me peninggg
FootballManiacs Hace 4 meses
TOPINHO Momoh Hace 4 meses
Of course Arsenal has to be herw
Yay im the 600,000 th subscriber
MSB Hace 4 meses
Anyone who watches the video and doesn’t know much football will think Arsenal are a good team 😝
Leabs Z
Leabs Z Hace 4 meses
De La Koshty
De La Koshty Hace 4 meses
Time when Arsenal was so good
GOAT of football
GOAT of football Hace 4 meses
How to avoid copyright on videos? Please Replay
相沢豊後守 Hace 4 meses
D Ace
D Ace Hace 4 meses
Where is that 62 passes goal. Couldn't find it
Social Little Tricks
Social Little Tricks Hace 4 meses
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OKLAYM Hace 4 meses
Check my new video. Im trying to make some football content. Sorry for self ad. espost.info/download/v-deo/Z4GSi5iCl9qUfJQ
Ankan Mukherjee
Ankan Mukherjee Hace 4 meses
Leo 😍♥️💜
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