How Coronavirus Ruined Football

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How Coronavirus Ruined Football. Neymar, Dybala, Arteta and more are featured.
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I'm a 19-year-old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favorite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig
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The main goal with this channel is to express my love for football in a creative and fun way. I dedicate hours upon hours to make every single video feel unique and inspiring. I really hope you will enjoy this channel!
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace 7 meses
Rhys 9
Rhys 9 Hace 7 meses
Score 90 I love ⚽️⚽️
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Top Gear Bristol Used Cars Sale Hace 7 meses
how did it ruin football
Hafizur Mahdi
Hafizur Mahdi Hace 7 meses
Please make a video "Those beautiful Arsenal Days"--Arsenal skills, goals and moments
Mot I
Mot I Hace 7 meses
Yo arsenalvideoshd
AZO GAMING3 Hace 7 meses
Kath Beck
Kath Beck Hace 2 días
Liverpool hooligans are murderers. I hope their Chelsea blaming chairman got it. #Heyselnojustice
Michael McNamara
Michael McNamara Hace 14 días
now people realized, football is nothing without the audience
TEAM GODSENT Hace un mes
Nice intro❤️❤️❤️❤️
Osian D
Osian D Hace 4 meses
Football without fan is nothing, but fans without football is boring.
victoria helburn
victoria helburn Hace 5 meses
Manjit Bajwa
Manjit Bajwa Hace 6 meses
It s a best channel
Fares Chouihi
Fares Chouihi Hace 7 meses
Why is this video not public
Matheus Marqs
Matheus Marqs Hace 7 meses
Matheus Marqs
Matheus Marqs Hace 7 meses
Matheus Marqs
Matheus Marqs Hace 7 meses
Saudade do futebol
Radziuu Hace 7 meses
Atletico id the worst one club in The Champions league
Jakub TV Gaming
Jakub TV Gaming Hace 7 meses
Dubala tested positive
ευτυχία πηλίγκου
ευτυχία πηλίγκου Hace 7 meses
Football is my life
Imran Muktar
Imran Muktar Hace 7 meses
Paulo Dybala just tested positive for Coronavirus too! #KickOutCoronavirus
Savage Cabbage
Savage Cabbage Hace 7 meses
Whoever put that bat in a probably already nice bowl of soup is off to join the ice age baby in hell
Andy O
Andy O Hace 7 meses
all because someone decided to scran a bat 😔🤬🥺
panenka 7
panenka 7 Hace 7 meses
Top Footballer Activites During Coronavirus vol. 2
Adriatik Karrabecaj
Adriatik Karrabecaj Hace 7 meses
Fuk football stupid people tolking about football we are all human who gives the Fuk about football
faze mati77
faze mati77 Hace 7 meses
alguien sabe la music the intro
Joike Kakungu
Joike Kakungu Hace 7 meses
Great video well done🙌🏾❤️
Zeha Jr
Zeha Jr Hace 7 meses
Corona is changing the world fast hopefully this wont be the end of us all
Muhammad Salmaan
Muhammad Salmaan Hace 7 meses
Who are feeling bad for the players like
Raya Azriel
Raya Azriel Hace 7 meses
I dont like corona virus
ΒΑΣΙΛΗΣ Γ Hace 7 meses
Humanity destroy football.. Think of that..
Jinxx 61127
Jinxx 61127 Hace 7 meses
Covid19 just jealous and wants attention
EMIR 0201
EMIR 0201 Hace 7 meses
kick out Corona virus
Lester Moreno
Lester Moreno Hace 7 meses
I feel bad about Dybala because he has the corona virus
krishna prasad
krishna prasad Hace 7 meses
who clicked on the video just cause Ronaldo wore a mask
bun ronny
bun ronny Hace 7 meses
Rana Ali
Rana Ali Hace 7 meses
Jeez it feels bad
Fresh m8
Fresh m8 Hace 7 meses
Bro you can't complain the dortmund fans with the psg fans😂
Jan Leibetseder
Jan Leibetseder Hace 7 meses
Bitter dass der Championsleague-Sieger schon wieder draußen ist.Youll Never Walk Aline.
XHEI GAME2 Hace 7 meses
damn you coronavirus
Oh My Goal
Oh My Goal Hace 7 meses
Aboner in my Chanel
Anwar El maghraoui
Anwar El maghraoui Hace 7 meses
Football=only love💔😔
Ranjeet Sohanpal
Ranjeet Sohanpal Hace 7 meses
Stay safe folks , everything is not permanent
Bozo Boris
Bozo Boris Hace 7 meses
There's some dumb arses in the English Football Association. Do they really think the season will reconvene in a couple of months with the country's infrastructure in tatters ? When the season is supposed to resume in their tiny minds, the virus will be at its peak in the UK.
Hazel & Tommy O Callaghan
Hazel & Tommy O Callaghan Hace 7 meses
About 400 adds
WaQar KhaLiFa
WaQar KhaLiFa Hace 7 meses
F*ck Corona Without Football Life is Sh*t 😌
abdou karim diagne
abdou karim diagne Hace 7 meses
I'm sorry but with coronavirus any one pollute the environnement
Solly Abraham
Solly Abraham Hace 7 meses
i am very sad
Anjela Devi
Anjela Devi Hace 7 meses
What is the intro song pls?
sawai kaviya
sawai kaviya Hace 7 meses
Bro he do not ruined football he ruined all sport
2020 worst year soo far 😢
PR0XZT Hace 7 meses
My friend : scores the winning goal at the last minute 1:14 Me: 1:17
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football Hace 7 meses
i like your moms
Shivnarain Thakur
Shivnarain Thakur Hace 7 meses
This all his happening just because of china 😡😡😡😠😠😠
RD10 RD10
RD10 RD10 Hace 7 meses
All we can do is hope that this wull end soon
Peter Chan
Peter Chan Hace 7 meses
Hirdaypal Singh
Hirdaypal Singh Hace 7 meses
People from india 🇮🇳 click the like button and link to see incredible india 😍♥️
Samarpan Ghoshal
Samarpan Ghoshal Hace 7 meses
⚽⚽ We are missing u a lot 😔😔
Yanuar Setiawan
Yanuar Setiawan Hace 7 meses
No football No party🔥
Getachew Melkesa
Getachew Melkesa Hace 7 meses
I want football I'm gonna cry 😥😥😥😥😥😯😪😪😪😪😫 nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo huuuu
N3MESIS Hace 7 meses
"Football is not just a game, its a religion" -Péle
MrRXD Hace 7 meses
Getachew Melkesa
Getachew Melkesa Hace 7 meses
Im angry
Bee Gà LOL
Bee Gà LOL Hace 7 meses
Can i have you intro song?
NMR X10 Hace 7 meses
You really needed to put that stupid ass thumbnail like that 🤦🏻‍♂️🗑
Novelino _10
Novelino _10 Hace 7 meses
Palulo Dybala like👍 C. Ronaldo Komen🗨
Jaden Robertson
Jaden Robertson Hace 7 meses
Stop putting these stupid thumbnails
James Atlas
James Atlas Hace 7 meses
thumbnail 👎 maybe show PSG match with empty stadium
funny gamer19
funny gamer19 Hace 7 meses
Not to be rasist if I even spelt that right but China just have to eat bats man like what were they thinking
diouff izzat
diouff izzat Hace 7 meses
Nice photoshopped thumbnail
Iyc Jesus
Iyc Jesus Hace 7 meses
It’s soccer
Ninja Warrior
Ninja Warrior Hace 7 meses
I love this game ❤❤❤❤
Danny Boyd
Danny Boyd Hace 7 meses
the beautiful game will be back 🙏😥
Jennifer Caskie
Jennifer Caskie Hace 7 meses
paul brindley
paul brindley Hace 7 meses
To be honest who gives a fuck about football at this moment in our existence. You should be more concerned about your loved ones and the future of the globe . Wake up ffs
Blanka Weg
Blanka Weg Hace 7 meses
did someone had a coronavirus in football becaus I Iike football
The Pet House
The Pet House Hace 7 meses
also affected my animal show . god save us
ekim andersom
ekim andersom Hace 7 meses
When all the clubs are broke, and all the sponsors will have no money to sponsor next year, all the small businesses and people are too broke for a new season ticket. Then maybe football will become normal again, with normal prices and salary's for players. I hope so, and if not, fuck it, its only a dumb game.
AddictedToNothing Hace 7 meses
Health > family >football. im happy for the footballers they are able to spend more time with their family. Letting go of the craving to anything is one of the biggest lessons you can learn in life.
jacopo grasso
jacopo grasso Hace 7 meses
Ali Rehman
Ali Rehman Hace 7 meses
bro if u did not dybala corona virus test were also positive
Shishi Shishilo
Shishi Shishilo Hace 7 meses
I miss football so much
SALEH M Hace 7 meses
I wish i could stop corona virus very fast and make it never come back so i could watch my idol cristiano ronaldo play and fans watching him play
Ray Alejandro
Ray Alejandro Hace 7 meses
If we all work together we can defeat coronavirus
Pampa Chakraborty
Pampa Chakraborty Hace 7 meses
Score 90 administrator... U are doing an e excellent job.... I'm one of those who watch videos but doesn't subscribe much....... But my heart is now melted by seeing your determination in making these type of videos...❤️ It's a request to post 1 video in a week👍 Truely deserving🙏
Iwona Lipska
Iwona Lipska Hace 7 meses
No serie a tim Atalanta Bergamo
Iwona Lipska
Iwona Lipska Hace 7 meses
Koronawirus super of europa
bybrezz Hace 7 meses
haven't seen the video and I won't. I'll just give you a dislike for that thumbnail. Do better
Marco Mangano
Marco Mangano Hace 7 meses
Corona 🦠
Παναγιώτης Γεωργίου
Παναγιώτης Γεωργίου Hace 7 meses
Corona ruined LIFE
Ayaan Rashid
Ayaan Rashid Hace 7 meses
The only game on earth which makes you forgot everything in your life and all the hard times your going through, and once you step on that field your a completely different person, Only Football can make you feel like this ⚽️❤️
NOOBIZ GAMER Hace 7 meses
May god bring back our #FOOTBALL
SS19 Hace 7 meses
Coronavirus will win Ballon D'Or 2020. Mark my words.
Papercorn Productionz
Papercorn Productionz Hace 7 meses
I’m crying
The Mountain Man
The Mountain Man Hace 7 meses
God I miss Football more than anything. Never ever thought we'll see this day in our entire life. It's a difficult moment for everyone Stay Healthy Stay Safe🙏
Jaheim Raheim
Jaheim Raheim Hace 7 meses
Nice to see liverpool get knocked out again
føfan Hace 7 meses
Barca fans still salty? lololol
Bayram Ali SERİN
Bayram Ali SERİN Hace 7 meses
friendsndo you think i liked a t-shirt about footall? the site is reliable
Arshad 2
Arshad 2 Hace 7 meses
These type of videos always blow up felt so nostalgic watching this
SUHAIL _X0 Hace 7 meses
"Without Fans Football is Nothing"
OhBrandon PET Broghan
OhBrandon PET Broghan Hace 7 meses
It is true
Sean Dube
Sean Dube Hace 7 meses
The toilet roll is the best way to keep yourself busy
joey blaq
joey blaq Hace 7 meses've decided to rub it in ehh? 😷😭😷
Mr. Felippelli
Mr. Felippelli Hace 7 meses
Sam Rahman
Sam Rahman Hace 7 meses
Fuck football it's ruining lives
VaNtEd more
VaNtEd more Hace 7 meses
Listen health is more important than football,I love football but you will have to wait until the people get better
Jinxx 61127
Jinxx 61127 Hace 7 meses
Am an 18 year old kid in Senegal I love football and wish to become pro it hasn't be working out . covid19 just made it worst besides that I love what your doing your video's inspires me to keep to pushing through despite what anyone says hopefully I will meet you one and thank in person
VITGRAB Hace 7 meses
Carona virus is fake!!! It is caused because of 5G network!!! #DONOTBEAFRAID I play soccer. But everything is cancelled!!
Abubakar Rasheed
Abubakar Rasheed Hace 7 meses
I feel it's very boring because without crowd and fans
Yusril Maulana
Yusril Maulana Hace 7 meses
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