Here's Why Virgil Van Dijk Deserved Ballon d'Or 2019!

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The best defending, passes & goals by Virgil van Dijk during the year 2019. Video edited by Score 90.
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I'm a 19-year-old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favorite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig
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The main goal with this channel is to express my love for football in a creative and fun way. I dedicate hours upon hours to make every single video feel unique and inspiring. I really hope you will enjoy this channel!
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Unal Yilmaz
Unal Yilmaz Hace 22 horas
sagar kshetri
sagar kshetri Hace 18 días
He is one season wonder
Leo Liu
Leo Liu Hace un mes
Fam what did Messi do that year Van dijk should have won it 😡
xX EvilSpirit75 Xx
xX EvilSpirit75 Xx Hace 12 días
Yes and 2018 Ronaldo and 2013 or 2014 i don't remember sorry 😂 Ribery.
oscuro pro
oscuro pro Hace 4 meses
Esas imagenes de virgil muestra confianza y seguridad quisiera marcar asi
Ayush Zaveri
Ayush Zaveri Hace 4 meses
Massively overrated. 91 on FIFA 20? Lmao
Bayek Hace 3 meses
Overrated? Lol. He's just too good. Best defender 💪💪
Jesus777 E
Jesus777 E Hace 4 meses
When you get bullied in school (2:50 ) zoom in on son's face
GC KAPHÊ Hace 4 meses
Yes game
Eduardo Silva
Eduardo Silva Hace 5 meses
O zagueiro bom do mundo
Eduardo Silva
Eduardo Silva Hace 5 meses
O zagueiro mais bom do mundo
azurit malakit
azurit malakit Hace 5 meses
Art of defend
koch 8
koch 8 Hace 5 meses
Those pinpoint passes are so satisfying to watch 👌
Enes Blub
Enes Blub Hace 5 meses
This is fuck*in art...
MR. SOUXA Hace 5 meses
Everyone already know what happen on 6:48
Naveed Iqbal
Naveed Iqbal Hace 6 meses
It was indeed unfair with him, but now if any defender wins a Ballon d'Or ever, that will be more unfair with him
MATT BLUE Hace 6 meses
One day we are going to tell our grandkids that when we were young we saw a legend that changed football history
Ikeh Franklin
Ikeh Franklin Hace 6 meses
This guy defend so clean without receiving a yellow card
Zakhariah Chowdhury
Zakhariah Chowdhury Hace 6 meses
How is it possible to be this good at long passes
Willian Gomes
Willian Gomes Hace 7 meses
4:02 And the good vibe that this song and video editing has now passed
Zombieseb Hace 7 meses
Christopher Metcalfe
Christopher Metcalfe Hace 7 meses
I see so many fouls here. And most of the tackles he wins aren't Ballon d’or worthy...
Bayek Hace 3 meses
Fuck outta here soft boy
Matthew Hrmich
Matthew Hrmich Hace 6 meses
Like what? Put timestamps of fouls that you see. They're probably very soft and you're a hater
VUKKS Hace 7 meses
How to use idk League 1 video but without getting copyright?
Aman Saleem
Aman Saleem Hace 7 meses
angelo mokanza
angelo mokanza Hace 8 meses
Weldon Sirloin
Weldon Sirloin Hace 8 meses
Why does every football compilation video's music is so fucking trash?
Azhar Waheed
Azhar Waheed Hace 4 meses
Matthew Hrmich probably
Matthew Hrmich
Matthew Hrmich Hace 6 meses
I think because if they use good music it will get copyright claimed
Yolo Finn
Yolo Finn Hace 8 meses
TBH i think messi should've but i understand why you think that vvd should've won cause i think that messi had the best year but vvd had the best season
je kale oma
je kale oma Hace 8 meses
Big Boss
Milo Hace 8 meses
1:13 That james faces when he hit a fucking truck. Thousand of regrets 🤣
YO JIREN Hace 9 meses
The prototype CB his size and speed is not human
Martin Azcurra
Martin Azcurra Hace 9 meses
True Ballon d' Oro Winner...
Sunita Oberholzer
Sunita Oberholzer Hace 9 meses
#100 tackle
Ridho Hakim
Ridho Hakim Hace 9 meses
Speed. Gesture. Passing. . The great wall.
Larry Hace 9 meses
....I remember when people thought Thierry Henry was robbed when he came 2nd after scoring 39 goals all competition. If Messi scored only 39 then he would be off form... he tops goals and assists ....deadly in any situation open play or deadball. I would have been happy if Van Dijk won because he had such a beastly year ....Messi (and Ronaldo) should be put in a different category from the normal players.
Nikki P
Nikki P Hace 9 meses
Watching him ping those 40/50 yard passes all over the park is mesmerising. And the fella can tackle and head and score and read the game like few others can. Alan Hansen has a challenger to his "best Liverpool defender ever" title. Never thought I'd ever say that!!
Finn the awesome commentor
Finn the awesome commentor Hace 9 meses
This music is awful
LeTheGenD Hace 9 meses
cool video but shit song
quick sandvano
quick sandvano Hace 9 meses
Greatest defender ever
moses Fabulous
moses Fabulous Hace 9 meses
This guy is just a complete defender
Enes Doğan
Enes Doğan Hace 9 meses
He is best cb.
Riemer Jager
Riemer Jager Hace 9 meses
His passing and calm attitude is so great to watch. It might actually be best to get rid of the Ballon d'Or in the current style and reward one to a defensive player and an offensive player, based on clear guidelines (do you pick the player that won the most that season, e.g. Bernardo Silva this season, or do you pick the best player, even if he didn't win anything special, like Messi)
Alex Karimi
Alex Karimi Hace 9 meses
Bruv u gotta put a hype song man the song wanna make me lazy
Dani Bahamondes
Dani Bahamondes Hace 9 meses
3:09 ?
Kassu Hace 9 meses
3:09 dirty
Chris Mascarenhas
Chris Mascarenhas Hace 8 meses
That’s how u play on the streets bro
Some_ _Unearthly
Some_ _Unearthly Hace 9 meses
Virgil makes Defending look like a New/Different Sport
Yahya Cakan
Yahya Cakan Hace 8 meses
defending is part of playing football
Peppa Shep
Peppa Shep Hace 9 meses
3:46 Raheem has used potion of strength V
Peppa Shep
Peppa Shep Hace 9 meses
all all he does is just bully people
Piopon Konkon
Piopon Konkon Hace 9 meses
Striker and Foward: I'm gonna score this one. Virgil: Hold your goal.
adam Lavin
adam Lavin Hace 9 meses
0:50 where's the other part from that game when he gets dribbled past and the attacker scores top bins?
Matthew Hrmich
Matthew Hrmich Hace 6 meses
Wow one time somebody cut inside. Let's not forget the many times that has happened to ramos or anybody else every month
Jouberte Rocha
Jouberte Rocha Hace 8 meses
Because it's a Van Dijk video not a Gnabry video :)
SFAAPK7 Hace 9 meses
He didn't really get dribbled past though. Gnabry dribbled alongside him then got the shot off. That's like me saying im running alongside someone is the same as me passing them.
O221THEmonkeyking Hace 9 meses
Please do not leave Liverpool
O221THEmonkeyking Hace 9 meses
Hé makes everything look soooooooooo easy
Adi Tohanean
Adi Tohanean Hace 9 meses
every football video has to have shitty music...
OG_Ric. Hace 9 meses
Wtf is this ariana on crack music doing here?
Messi the goat 10
Messi the goat 10 Hace 9 meses
Candice Hamant
Candice Hamant Hace 9 meses
Are u saying he deserved the ballon dor because he was good at pushing
Daan Kliek
Daan Kliek Hace 9 meses
Virgils head is like magic
Dude!!! Bad
Dude!!! Bad Hace 9 meses
Suck BGM
Los De La Luna
Los De La Luna Hace 9 meses
Restart video to avoid the ads
Bjorn J
Bjorn J Hace 9 meses
or.. install an Add blocker ;-)
Eoin Fennell
Eoin Fennell Hace 9 meses
everybody talking about van dijk as if hes the best ever but we have seen the exact same in recent years : vidic ramos pepe pique ferdinand and so many more that never won the ballon dor either but all you liverpool fans salty and worship van dijk
Leo Beenplakker
Leo Beenplakker Hace 9 meses
Vidic had Ferdinand and Pépé had Ramos And Vice versa. That United team was already esthablished, Same for the Madrid team. Virgil came into a poor Liverpool side ( defensive wise ) and changed them completely.
Purge CODM
Purge CODM Hace 9 meses
Go fuck yourself
K K _ B E A T S
K K _ B E A T S Hace 9 meses
this music is lit bro keep it up
Amar Patel
Amar Patel Hace 9 meses
He makes it look so damn easy
Alex Nguyen
Alex Nguyen Hace 9 meses
AGREE !!!!
SuorinAirLover420 Hace 9 meses
Worst song I have ever heard
car Hace 9 meses
Ok ngl AWB is just as good as him this season if not better
Shorty Batty
Shorty Batty Hace 9 meses
next year he better win
NRA Recon
NRA Recon Hace 9 meses
Hahaha ye
PFA Gaming
PFA Gaming Hace 9 meses
Score 90 u have no idea about football
- A T -
- A T - Hace 9 meses
This fake Eminem rapping in the background kinda ruined this
^^^ Hace 9 meses
What a leader.
Kars Mooiweer
Kars Mooiweer Hace 9 meses
Virgil deserves it for sure best player 2019
Jar No
Jar No Hace 9 meses
Wolf 32
Wolf 32 Hace 9 meses
He certainly gets the getting away with handballs award.
Oscarengenes _
Oscarengenes _ Hace 9 meses
3:10 he broke his foot
TobiReviews Hace 9 meses
i dont know
i dont know Hace 9 meses
Now do the same video but on messi. Then you'll notice the difference
Varun Ch
Varun Ch Hace 9 meses
1:07 99 physical
brahim hawkn
brahim hawkn Hace 9 meses
I love van dijk but I think Messi deserve it more than him
GlyconX Hace 10 meses
hes so fast aswell
GlyconX Hace 10 meses
he bodys people so hard
Rahmad Putra
Rahmad Putra Hace 10 meses
I reccomend Ballon d'or using categories like, Best Striker,Best Keeper etc.
louis rowsell
louis rowsell Hace 9 meses
There are already awards for that
tobias svendsen
tobias svendsen Hace 10 meses
Van Dijk would have won Ballon d’Or if Liverpool didn’t throw away the Premier League Trophie... But still Messi deserved it
Roberto Hernández Gutiérrez
Roberto Hernández Gutiérrez Hace 10 meses
He remind me to Rafa Márquez in his better time in Barça, but better.
Kiera Lai
Kiera Lai Hace 10 meses
Messi 50+ goals 20+ assist Van Dijk was amazing there are other amazing defenders but if you watch Messi there’s really no comparing what he does with anybody else
Gokul Kanna
Gokul Kanna Hace un mes
Ramos was out of form that season,pique was awful,.Etc.thiago silva 2018/19 season.After that in ca 2019 and 2nd half of the year he gave good performances.
Seba Hace 10 meses
i don't think so, is a good defender, nothing more
Salim K
Salim K Hace 10 meses
great video but the song is trash
Yahya farah
Yahya farah Hace 10 meses
Honestly am not a fan Reds but this guy right know is the best defender in the world at the moment.Last few years it was btw Ramos and Thiago silva but know it is Koulibaly and Him who are dominating the beautiful game👏
0251_ L
0251_ L Hace 10 meses
Music with football video’s: nahhhhh bro😔😔
Elis Derwas
Elis Derwas Hace 10 meses
Liverpool fanboy
Taking None
Taking None Hace 10 meses
shitty music ruined the vid
pecfree Hace 10 meses
No one can rap like Eminem. No one cares about the lyrics of others.
by gamer go
by gamer go Hace 10 meses
Es el mejor defensa q el visto
BLACKDIAMOND Hace 10 meses
Maravilloso vídeo 💥🖐️
Javier Jiménez
Javier Jiménez Hace 10 meses
Best in the world. 100%.
Vuyani Jaka
Vuyani Jaka Hace 10 meses
Virgil is a whole brick wall
Owen James Farrugia
Owen James Farrugia Hace 10 meses
What is it with all the shit songs?!?
Kno_CT Hace 10 meses
Messi did nothing special this year van dijk deserved it DEFINITELY
Yeet Neet
Yeet Neet Hace 10 meses
Lmao what the actual fuck
Azfar Hace 10 meses
The world doesn't revolve around messi fanboys
Rezcuz Hace 10 meses
Showing the tackle on Mertens that should've been a red, yikes
VRAU 777
VRAU 777 Hace 10 meses
Alguém sabe o nome das músicas?
Paulo Ricardo
Paulo Ricardo Hace 10 meses
Sem dúvidas o melhor do mundo !!!!
Harvey Adams
Harvey Adams Hace 10 meses
Another video for this could be Messi vs Liverpool away
Chinechem Okere talks
Chinechem Okere talks Hace 10 meses
He didn’t, why because he did not top any defensive stat in the prem last season. He is overhyped and trash for the pay tag. Prove me wrong
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