Here’s Why Eden Hazard Was Worth €100m

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The best skills, passes & goals from Eden Hazard at Real Madrid during the 2019-2020 season.
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace 11 meses
We all know he is world class, just be patient with him 🙏🏼
Aditya Pangerkar
Aditya Pangerkar Hace 3 meses
waiting for the 2nd leg his return in England🔥 ps: I am a City fan
WB Utama
WB Utama Hace 6 meses
Just Chelsea class, not the world
Scots Grey
Scots Grey Hace 8 meses
he is shit
Gabriel Hace 10 meses
Just ask real madrid fans to do that.
Shahid ALI
Shahid ALI Hace 10 meses
Someone please tell me about this song! 🙌
MouMou Khir
MouMou Khir Hace 24 días
Achraf Ifi
Achraf Ifi Hace 4 meses
hmm nothing special here
MethodMan a.k.a. Mencata
MethodMan a.k.a. Mencata Hace 4 meses
Can't wait till Sunday we're Back !!! Madrid will create a Monster Again the coming 21/22
dj akis s
dj akis s Hace 5 meses
Give him time because he is not scoring doesn't main he is bad and he needs comfidents to prove who he is
Paul Sharma
Paul Sharma Hace 6 meses
He maybe is bad this season and we all have lows in life but more importantly you stupid Madrid fans have turned on him already. That’s why people hate Real Madrid and its fans
WB Utama
WB Utama Hace 6 meses
Running like headless chicken
28_Shahmeer Khan
28_Shahmeer Khan Hace 6 meses
Whats the intro song?
Pedro Lendário Game
Pedro Lendário Game Hace 6 meses
Joga biey
Saleh Alharbi
Saleh Alharbi Hace 7 meses
Saleh Alharbi
Saleh Alharbi Hace 7 meses
Hazard one of the best player in the word
Lastorld _
Lastorld _ Hace 7 meses
I personally think Eden hazard would play much better at a CAM position because I see him more as a play maker than a goal scorer and he’s good at the wing he’s fast but his stamina isn’t all that good.
Mikael Smith
Mikael Smith Hace 7 meses
This guy has no leadership. Just a bunch of skills.
abhishek maitra
abhishek maitra Hace 7 meses
Overhyped player not a justice for Jersey number 7..king cr7 no one can beat him
Fabio Esposito
Fabio Esposito Hace 7 meses
E.. Un here is why you are a target individual serio e fatto bene non c'è?
Educational Videos
Educational Videos Hace 7 meses hazard injury
Marco Zanardi
Marco Zanardi Hace 8 meses
Is Juve the team in your intro? Yes It is
Henry Bose
Henry Bose Hace 8 meses
Y is an open net miss on his best moments
Chamitha Ekanayake
Chamitha Ekanayake Hace 8 meses
When him isco and benz playing togather😍
Joseph Ashwin
Joseph Ashwin Hace 8 meses
Was he though?
029_Zahid Mustafa
029_Zahid Mustafa Hace 8 meses Experts PenaLdo Fans,Hazard Is not in LukaKu Level... aT the Same Time They will compare PENALDO with GOAT MESSI. LOL sometimes Goalscorer vs Playmaker,sometimes PLAYMAKers cannot be compared with Goalscorers. TOTAL ASSHOLES
Ꮗajid Hamid Khan
Ꮗajid Hamid Khan Hace 8 meses
He is world class player and team player,no body is going to judge him on scoring,his game,his role and his class contribute to the team.he will dominate laliga,and upcoming soccer era,he is now in the best club it's good for him and good for real Madrid as well.he is unselfish player.he just need to be patince and working hard.
Mohamed Jafferali
Mohamed Jafferali Hace 8 meses
What is the name of the song??
Lord Zoldyck
Lord Zoldyck Hace 8 meses
He was not is
İsmail Channel
İsmail Channel Hace 8 meses
2:09 WTF
ethical life
ethical life Hace 9 meses
GAULE PARIWAR Hace 9 meses
How the hell is you guys seen him great best player can't you guys see he is a trash only one goal on offence to hazard fan but facts says all you can see by your self
Ellis Haindobo
Ellis Haindobo Hace 9 meses
Two words: Organized Clumsy 😻😻
Duncan Odhiambo
Duncan Odhiambo Hace 9 meses
He is a beast. Yet to unleash his fires. And it is very evident that Real Madrid is struggling on his wing as he is out recovering from injury
Syed Arhaam
Syed Arhaam Hace 9 meses
Can anyone tell me the song name😁
Julian Israel
Julian Israel Hace 9 meses
bang average for a Real Madrid player
Sukden Tamang
Sukden Tamang Hace 9 meses
Mine idol
FortniteBCC Hace 9 meses
Whats the name of the first music
raffaele Siniscalchi
raffaele Siniscalchi Hace 9 meses
I m sad for hazard is after Messi the bast player in tre world sad for this sesason
Anto Gacha Anto UnU
Anto Gacha Anto UnU Hace 9 meses
music intro?
Muhd Syamil
Muhd Syamil Hace 9 meses
La liga is league of football n currently game played like team brazil + argentina + spain with mostly take important of skill individual ability. Much like play rondo.short passing, control ball possesion. Dribbling ( beautiful football). Not like epl which playing, most of physical contact, sizing, energizing, tackling, aerial ability, clinical n most important is sprint n tempo.
Shah Fahad safi
Shah Fahad safi Hace 9 meses
Me:😆😆😆 At::2.12..
Voreth Hace 9 meses
all i am going to say is HAHHAHAHAHA !!!! delete this u are embarrassing ur self
Lamin Saidy
Lamin Saidy Hace 9 meses
Ittirod bunkhong
Ittirod bunkhong Hace 9 meses
2:12 that the reason why he worth 100mil
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali Hace 10 meses
Good edit. Loved the video🔥🔥🔥
Breh Breh
Breh Breh Hace 10 meses
He is shit ! 👎🏼💩
Hussein Jafari
Hussein Jafari Hace 10 meses
Hazard should play number 10 place like joker in the center for he Will be free
KASPER YT Hace 10 meses
Intro music name plz ?
Ahmet Çağlayan
Ahmet Çağlayan Hace 10 meses
shit edit!!
Mayank Yadav
Mayank Yadav Hace 10 meses
What is intro song of this video? Can someone please tell me?
AB Football
AB Football Hace 10 meses
People are criticising him too much. Let him settle down a bit in Madrid. Besides he's not even doing that bad.
sion sebastian
sion sebastian Hace 10 meses
at last come on hazard. Love from chelsea fan
*ERROR* Hace 10 meses
I Don't Think He Is One Mil He Is Defenitly Not Worth It!!!
P.Honglem Phom
P.Honglem Phom Hace 10 meses
Eden hazard you are my favorite football players love you😘😘😘
Yuli Pratama
Yuli Pratama Hace 10 meses
umang mehta
umang mehta Hace 10 meses
Eden is great but hard to see him ever lift the UCL. There’s just no replacing the man who wore the no 7 before him.
Vihaan Darshan Shah
Vihaan Darshan Shah Hace 10 meses
Eden Hazard is so good I want to meet him
Shahid ALI
Shahid ALI Hace 10 meses
Someone please tell me about this song. 🙌
Esteban Torres
Esteban Torres Hace 10 meses
Interviewr like why u paid 110€ for him coach like couse his a hazard to the opposing team
Real finally got a team player
Oscar Hace 11 meses
Hazard is an hazard he sometimes has those psycho-skill moments like Messi where he just decides to dribble aganist an entire team.
Maria Asif
Maria Asif Hace 11 meses
Wait and see🤫↗️😮😧
Daniel Bastidas
Daniel Bastidas Hace 11 meses
Hazard will make history in Real, just wait and watch!
S D Hace 11 meses
He needs to lose some weight. Looks a lot slower than his Prem League days
Getroy Hace 11 meses
People compare him and Ronaldo as if he is the direct replacement for CR7 but i think he will be start getting booed in future
Emrah K
Emrah K Hace 11 meses
How can missing an open goal show your worth?
ATK .17
ATK .17 Hace 11 meses
He needs to get greedy and no I don’t mean in that way🤣
JiaYu Shen
JiaYu Shen Hace 11 meses
He can’t be 7
T2A Aries 14
T2A Aries 14 Hace 11 meses
Why he dont scored? Ans:He is unselfish
Davis Kimweri
Davis Kimweri Hace 11 meses
I really dont see anything worth 100M
Luffy Hace 11 meses
Hazard + Real Madrid = 💜
Татьяна Ханларова
Татьяна Ханларова Hace 11 meses
Salim Saed
Salim Saed Hace 11 meses
One goal in 15 games over rated
f Hace 10 meses
You probably haven't watched those games,you're the same type of keyboard warrior arm chair critic who didn't understand Benzema's False 9 role when Ronaldo was the de facto goal scorer!Now that he's scoring freely your type is surprised by his quality,but that is why you will never be a coach anyway,too narrow minded viewpoint. Hazard has been absolutely sublime so far and is just what Real needed,piling on the pressure on that left side and taking defenses on making them sweat while linking up superbly with Benzema and Marcelo.Real are a very formidable team with him on that left side.
Damie Ricketts
Damie Ricketts Hace 11 meses
This guy could be so much better if he had a coach like Pep.
The KING Hace 11 meses
He is finished,like Kaka...
Mehol Jamnadas
Mehol Jamnadas Hace 11 meses
Real Madrid did not pay 100m to get a guy who only dribles but one game changer which Hazard is very far.
Eden Hace 11 meses
He looks so odd in all white.
ulbricht73 Hace 11 meses
Don't tell me you're satistified swatting flies like Galatasaray. That doesn't prove anything for Hazard. He can't seem to replace Ronaldo, but than again both Ronaldo and Hazard have their own qualities, but in terms of scoring Ronaldo is way better.
현주희 Hace 11 meses
Wail F
Wail F Hace 11 meses
Gereth Hace 11 meses
Give him the free role and he'll show his worth. My man can dribble past the whole defence
Chung Biaka
Chung Biaka Hace 11 meses
I just realize how good Ronaldo was in real madrid
İhsan Koray
İhsan Koray Hace 11 meses
How they give 7 kit to him?
krupesh333 Hace 11 meses
hope he flops in Madrid and come back to Chelsea for half price
Sugeng Hartono
Sugeng Hartono Hace 11 meses
He didnt make Chelsea a big club, Chelsea made him best
Wisely Lenanyokie
Wisely Lenanyokie Hace 11 meses
Can Ronaldo beat this guy
John Oduntan
John Oduntan Hace 11 meses
His dribbling and passing are so clean and flawless but what about goal. I wish he hadn't gotten the t-shirt no 7 not until JANUARY he must have been used to Real Madrid style of playing and adapt to more scoring of goals.
myaayavi -
myaayavi - Hace 11 meses
The title should be why he isn't worth 110$M
MrHell 9114
MrHell 9114 Hace 11 meses
I thought this was a sarcastic video😫
Lethal Duke
Lethal Duke Hace 11 meses
Nothing in this video is worth 100mill
BSV DRAGON Original BitCoin
BSV DRAGON Original BitCoin Hace 11 meses
so he doesnt score for shit
hayder Dragovic
hayder Dragovic Hace 11 meses
What a waste Real madrid Destroyed chelsea legend
Nerd Stark
Nerd Stark Hace 11 meses
2:10 seriously? you included that?
Lil dude from across the street
Lil dude from across the street Hace 9 meses
Mo Playz
Mo Playz Hace 9 meses
Anodaimu footage
Anodaimu footage Hace 11 meses
He is good.. but his body cant keep up with the skills and reaction.. if he is back to his form, he will do more i think..
Mj VS Hace 11 meses
he is good but this team would have been nightmare with ronaldo..for opponents
silver alavi
silver alavi Hace 11 meses
agan videos con esas musicas
Andy Hace 11 meses
Shame he wasn't playing at Liverpool, he be fantastic there, fantastic player
Syahir Kamal
Syahir Kamal Hace 11 meses
He’s good but lack of finishing. Cr7 can score from different position and condition header long shot one on one but hazard just a playmaker he need a partner that can score a goal for him or create chances for him or at least play with him. Benzema too old to play with hazard that play with high intensity every match. Real madrid need to find another clinical and creative finisher like lewandowski or aguero
SmithN' Wesson
SmithN' Wesson Hace 11 meses
Whats funny is Pulisic has outplayed Hazard so far 😆 I'm sorry but it is hilarious
Carlos around the world
Carlos around the world Hace 11 meses
Nothing special at all. Sorry
Iya Kan
Iya Kan Hace 11 meses
Pulisic's better than him.
Asaad Salem
Asaad Salem Hace 11 meses
Not so extraordinary
Itqan samsudin
Itqan samsudin Hace 11 meses
I love hazard.he is my favourite player 😍
David West
David West Hace 11 meses
What's the name of the 2nd beat used in this video? I'll be more than grateful if I get it.
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