Hakim Ziyech The Modern Playmaker

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The best passes, skills & goals from Hakim Ziyech during the 2019-2020 season.
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I'm a 19-year-old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favorite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace 11 meses
That left foot is magical. 🎩 ❌❌❌ #Score90
Aman Choudhary
Aman Choudhary Hace 9 días
Support your favourite team. Chelsea vs Southampton questnr.com/question/questnr_chelsea-vs-southampton--whom--388995615638591368-39775
Eureka Hace 11 meses
He better join Liverpool soon!
Anouar 0115
Anouar 0115 Hace 11 meses
Next player Amin Harit
7amza Bari
7amza Bari Hace 11 meses
Soufiane boufal next please 💕💕
Pedro Lucas
Pedro Lucas Hace 11 meses
Next vídeo Achraf Hakimi song:Alan Walker On My Way remix
Najmeddine Hace 2 días
being morrocan im very angey cuz he missed a penalty in the last minute against benin but yeah that happens in football and its not possible for me to deny his incredible talent.
L1llaCh1ps Hace 8 días
and he will ruin his caarer in chelsea
Aman Choudhary
Aman Choudhary Hace 9 días
Support your favourite team. Chelsea vs Southampton questnr.com/question/questnr_chelsea-vs-southampton--whom--388995615638591368-39775
Simon Nansup
Simon Nansup Hace 17 días
The ability to locate team mate is just spot on excellent vision.
Ewere Adaikpoh
Ewere Adaikpoh Hace un mes
Pure class. Ziyech, Kai, Timo, Pulisic Chelsea will be dangerous to play against this season.
VogonyoTV Hace un mes
United should have bought ziyech instead of vdb
nefret etmekten nefret ederim
nefret etmekten nefret ederim Hace un mes
Tube-Info Hace un mes
The Best Playmaker in the world 2018-2019
Illest Faded
Illest Faded Hace un mes
When it comes to Finishing give those strikers a zero sir F+
Top 10 Entertainment
Top 10 Entertainment Hace un mes
Just be anywhere ziyech will meet you there 👍❤️
Life is a Game
Life is a Game Hace un mes
He reminds me of Jao Felix
MIDDLE east Hace un mes
more like jao felix reminds you of him
Amit Utkarsh
Amit Utkarsh Hace un mes
of all the chelseas signing this transfer window i only fear this guy amd so much. others can take time to adapt and even flop. but this guy will sure achieve big here. premium baller. from an arsenal fan.
Adamya Saxena
Adamya Saxena Hace un mes
Ziyech Van de Beek and De ligt gone What will happen to Ajax.
Sasisybor Hace 2 meses
arabs great players and great historys Arab And Imazighen they are one
Sensei Hace un mes
Yes but he is amazigh.
Clifford Owiredu Danso
Clifford Owiredu Danso Hace 2 meses
Am still here to check my guy out..blue till casket
shash 06
shash 06 Hace 3 meses
Bruno and Kevin found their rival
Wahyu 05
Wahyu 05 Hace 3 meses
selamat datang di chelsea
Youssef Echchafi
Youssef Echchafi Hace 3 meses
Welcom 💙💙💙💙💙
Samuel Situmorang
Samuel Situmorang Hace 3 meses
The next best left foot after Messi?
Samuel Situmorang
Samuel Situmorang Hace 3 meses
@سلام الكلام thanks my friend
سلام الكلام
سلام الكلام Hace 3 meses
I agree 👌
Sam Daly
Sam Daly Hace 3 meses
Who’s here after he has trained for Chelsea
Have That
Have That Hace 3 meses
Can't wait to see him, Kante and Kovacic together
wewantfigures Hace 3 meses
Chelsea have theirselves a baller
Sabastine Noel
Sabastine Noel Hace 3 meses
I don’t get tired of watching this guy mesmerize players
PES ND mobile
PES ND mobile Hace 3 meses
Long ball expert✨
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo Hace 4 meses
Welcome to Chelsea
Tropical Land
Tropical Land Hace 4 meses
He's only good with passing?
سلام الكلام
سلام الكلام Hace 3 meses
Its a passing video . In other videos you can show Goals🤙🇲🇦🤩
Hassan Hussein
Hassan Hussein Hace 4 meses
Werner and Ziyech the prem title is coming back to the bridge trust in frank
Dhiyaul Nanda Ghifary
Dhiyaul Nanda Ghifary Hace 4 meses
Ansu Tagoo
Ansu Tagoo Hace 4 meses
I'm just seeing another Ozil. I don't think this guy can break into the epl.
PROF MedTV Hace 5 meses
6:22. What a amazing goal. Waw waw
Justin De Agrela
Justin De Agrela Hace 5 meses
Bruno Fernandes and Hakim gonna light up the prem 🍿🍿
วิศรุต วิวัฒน์วงตระกูล
วิศรุต วิวัฒน์วงตระกูล Hace 5 meses
ฮาคิม ซี เปิดบอลเเม่นยำ เท้าซ้าย
Karim Scaterovic
Karim Scaterovic Hace 5 meses
Ziyech in RW 🥶
Gus Superavit
Gus Superavit Hace 5 meses
en hora buena ziyech
Vadim Sheva
Vadim Sheva Hace 5 meses
Welcome to Internazionale!
Saad Brahim
Saad Brahim Hace 5 meses
Big players
Random Name
Random Name Hace 5 meses
Love him hes my idol❤❤🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️👑👑👑
Abednego Nuhu John
Abednego Nuhu John Hace 6 meses
Nice and wonderful performance
surat rut
surat rut Hace 6 meses
BANG WUT KRABI Hace 6 meses
Welcome to chelsea
Jorge Castillo
Jorge Castillo Hace 6 meses
Chelsea never will forget him xd
Şükür Şükür
Şükür Şükür Hace 6 meses
He is an ordinary player
ABDEL ADEL Hace 6 meses
Chelsea catch a big fish👏👏👏
What a player WELCOME to Chelsea football club Hakim💙🎉
citizen smith
citizen smith Hace 6 meses
Hopefully he can adapt well to the premier league and do well for Chelsea. Cmon hakim!!
Iyan Kusuma
Iyan Kusuma Hace 6 meses
how if ziyech can play with CF like drogba or RVP?
Ibrahim jm
Ibrahim jm Hace 6 meses
Ziyech is in Chelsea sorry
Haikal Haziq
Haikal Haziq Hace 6 meses
Like ozil
adamu a
adamu a Hace 7 meses
Ozil+Fabregas +Di Maria = Hakim Ziyech
Vitdix Raffa Abqary
Vitdix Raffa Abqary Hace 7 meses
Welcome to london💙💙💙💙💙
M Ridwan Mansyah
M Ridwan Mansyah Hace 7 meses
Dimaria style
Klay Easton
Klay Easton Hace 7 meses
His long distance passes me reminds me of Xavi Alonso!
Ayo Ade
Ayo Ade Hace 7 meses
Not sure the premier league will give him that time to think on the ball. Chelsea fan here
Dan Welch
Dan Welch Hace 7 meses
Messi long pass hazard dribble long shot ronaldo damn chelsea's got a damn gem on there hands
Omair Sheikh
Omair Sheikh Hace 7 meses
Honestly it boggles my mind that he wasn't hunted after even a couple of seasons ago. Super consistent talent in terms of goal contribution, and a steal in today's market
Juan Vistra
Juan Vistra Hace 7 meses
Welcome to Stamford bridge.
mr PEPE Hace 7 meses
Playmaker 💥
Davelicious TV
Davelicious TV Hace 8 meses
Umpan nya mematikan..
soumadeep khan
soumadeep khan Hace 8 meses
Hope Chelsea uses him properly.
ashin antony
ashin antony Hace 8 meses
Can pulisic be able to connect with zyech like promis.
Maxmillion comedy bothinsportsandglobalnews
Maxmillion comedy bothinsportsandglobalnews Hace 8 meses
Grealish Madison 80m Ziyech 38 Underated champions league semi final list
Dan DK
Dan DK Hace 8 meses
Are you all going to ignore the fact that this is 98% in the netherlands. Did you watch Rober Skov for instance in The danish Superliga - He had similar seasons with tons of goals and assist and crazy skills. The end of his story is that he went to germany ending up on the bench. Netherlands, Scandinavia etc. is just not the same animal as England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France. Sorry to say he will most likely be bang average.
Pablo Mejias
Pablo Mejias Hace 7 meses
Dutch league has always produced top notch talent.
Ibra Hace 7 meses
Are we gonna forget all the time he performed against spurs,chelsea,madrid,valencia in the Champions league?
Maggot Brain
Maggot Brain Hace 8 meses
Dan DK so what? crazy discussion. Remember Robben, Ziyech is made of porcelain. He will adjust, so will the Chelsea playing style. Forgot about Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink.
old Nan
old Nan Hace 8 meses
Dan DK you sure they all did? Start doing some reseach before you tell something.
Dan DK
Dan DK Hace 8 meses
@old Nan These players moved way before 26 years of age. Got their start 20's education in bigger leagues
ฉี่ก็ม่วง ง่วงได้ไง
ฉี่ก็ม่วง ง่วงได้ไง Hace 8 meses
OVR 89 Long shot 87 Pass 93
Lamar Thomas
Lamar Thomas Hace 8 meses
Well done chelsea we finally sign a worldclass player
Henry Kisitu
Henry Kisitu Hace 8 meses
Fantastic player
IMRAN ROOX2N_ Hace 8 meses
Arif Sabar
Arif Sabar Hace 8 meses
Modern Pirlo
Shoaib Ahmed
Shoaib Ahmed Hace 8 meses
My man playing FIFA with all that long range passing. What a player! Welcome to Chelsea.
Habib Elalaoui
Habib Elalaoui Hace 8 meses
Big boss wow . Thank you hakim
driss el fadel
driss el fadel Hace 8 meses
The best passer in the whole world since football started and Beckham after him
Hamza Jon
Hamza Jon Hace 8 meses
looks like chelsea made a good deal
Zamzami Zumizola
Zamzami Zumizola Hace 8 meses
Welcome to ziyeck
Zree Gaming
Zree Gaming Hace 8 meses
who's here after knowing he's coming to chelsea
alan duncan
alan duncan Hace 8 meses
Wtf is a modern playmaker?
Fun Guy
Fun Guy Hace 8 meses
best videos
best videos Hace 8 meses
Ajax is niks meer
SystemExclusive Hace 8 meses
Blij voor hem. Verdiend al een tijdje een grote transfer
『The・10 』 D
『The・10 』 D Hace 8 meses
นี้มัน xavi สมัยพีคๆ ชัดๆ 😱😱👍👍
Chidiebere Promise
Chidiebere Promise Hace 8 meses
The guy is simply Amazing and Promising... Can't wait to see him in action blues jersey🔵
Duck Yellow
Duck Yellow Hace 8 meses
He is Wingplayer not playmaker yet.
RafaMiura1 Hace 8 meses
No he is an attacking midfielder who best position is 10. You can use him as winger but that's not his position
ahmed omar
ahmed omar Hace 8 meses
So happy Ziyech is blue, welcome to chelsea my bro MashAllah
giofi Hace 8 meses
Cant wait to see him in our colours 😍. Finally
Miki :D
Miki :D Hace 8 meses
What a signing!
เปรม ทัศบุตร
เปรม ทัศบุตร Hace 8 meses
HRJ 77
HRJ 77 Hace 8 meses
Chelsea have got themselves an ABSOLUTE BALLER 🎩💯
MVVpro Hace 8 meses
47 m is a steal for this quality.
onahjosh Hace 8 meses
Premier league is a league of animals who can run 90 minutes non stop, you guys should be worried about him succeeding in premier league
constantin korov
constantin korov Hace 8 meses
onahjosh he played against monsters in africa cup you should think the premier league is not that bad if mahrez and the likes can manege he can too
Azovi Tlau
Azovi Tlau Hace 8 meses
Welcome to Chelsea
Jack Knife
Jack Knife Hace 8 meses
Great 👍 video
CC Hace 8 meses
He is too thin for the pl
Žiga Štromajer
Žiga Štromajer Hace 8 meses
Welcome to Chelsea Ziyech! What a talent, what a bargain.
Neil Creamer
Neil Creamer Hace 8 meses
Superb passing skills. An ideal replacement for Willian at Chelsea.
aqwluffy1 Hace 8 meses
Akowuah Solomon
Akowuah Solomon Hace 8 meses
He is now ours..... blues for ever ....🇬🇭
Nina Hace 8 meses
Only Quaresma could cross like that.
SR Hace 8 meses
Welcome to Chelsea 🙏🙏❤️
Typical Zain
Typical Zain Hace 8 meses
Welcome to Chelsea FC
mindine agheu
mindine agheu Hace 8 meses
And Chelsea just got the lad
Rizky Hidayah
Rizky Hidayah Hace 8 meses
who's here after Ziyech done deal to Chelsea?
——————— Hace 8 meses
Welcome to Chelsea 💙
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