Håland is Good but... Messi & Ronaldo were Beasts at 19!

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Watch the best skills, passes & goals of Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi at the age of 19. This video is not meant to disrespect Håland, just to put everything into perspective.
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace 8 meses
This video is inspired by JN Football who made a similar video a year ago!
K K Hace 6 meses
@SS19 same here
andria koblianidze
andria koblianidze Hace 7 meses
TJ Kiom
TJ Kiom Hace 7 meses
Yea, the one about mbappe.
Elder_lpz Hace 7 meses
Score 90 nice video but u ruined it with the music
Luka TV
Luka TV Hace 8 meses
Yes for Mbappe
Master Wizard
Master Wizard Hace un día
How can I explain my 13 year old cousin that Barcelona and Man Utd were the best teams before🤦🏻‍♂️
Ethan Yale
Ethan Yale Hace 5 días
Messi won the champions league at 17 no one ever mentioned just because he got injured 🤕 in the semifinals against Chelsea
muh ashevliw
muh ashevliw Hace un mes
I mean are you people out of your efing mind? Comparing Haaland to Messi and Ronaldo???? All he’s done is score a couple of goals, that’s all
Liverpol Ynwa
Liverpol Ynwa Hace un mes
Haaland at 19 has better stats than messi and ronaldo when they were 19
Ibaad Malik
Ibaad Malik Hace un mes
Messi and ronaldo both are now insane legends and no one can beat them
Yahya aji Setiawan
Yahya aji Setiawan Hace 2 meses
Messi is the best Players
Brunowin21 a
Brunowin21 a Hace 3 meses
Ni siquiera se pueden comparar, juegan en distintas posiciones
luk11c4 Hace 4 meses
Messi is truly god of football.
Lijo Jacob
Lijo Jacob Hace 5 meses
It's just that haaland is scoring well than them in teenage, just like Neymar did when he was in Santos... Haaland is more similar to Ronaldo and not Messi or Neymar
MI Gamez
MI Gamez Hace 6 meses
Look at Harland now
Espen Hace 6 meses
Haaland is a player that scores. Ronaldo are a goal scorer and a littel skiller but Messi is a playmaker and can score and dribble, thats why i think messi is the best and greatest of all time.
Clutxhy_FCB Hace 7 meses
Haaland and Mbappe will replace Messi and Ronaldo
emmanuel Pagati
emmanuel Pagati Hace 7 meses
no were near
Selah 95
Selah 95 Hace 7 meses
Haaland is better than Messi & Ronaldo at 19 that’s factssss. You keep comparing the greatness they achieved later on in life to a 19 year old who’s already scored 40 goals in a season, 9 goals in one match. Messi & Ronaldo never did that @ 19😢
Ramadi MD
Ramadi MD Hace 7 meses
CR7 is the best.
winn Hace 7 meses
I hate Erling Braut Haaland
Giovanni Rosa
Giovanni Rosa Hace 7 meses
Håland Will be the best forward of the world, his agility, his pace, his accuracy, his movements are just incredible for a 19 year old boy. His destiny Is to become the best striker
Shaker Mobin Amin
Shaker Mobin Amin Hace 7 meses
who on earth with a mind has compared Halaand with the legends?
Kaushal Joshi
Kaushal Joshi Hace 7 meses
Everytime a young star player comes up, a new video is made to show him inferior to Messi and Ronaldo with highlights of them most of us watched several times.
Zaid Halai
Zaid Halai Hace 7 meses
Know its enough😂
فصوول المشعان
فصوول المشعان Hace 7 meses
No shit
AnthonyYT Hace 7 meses
What!!! Haland bad guy?😂😂😂😂
Potato GamerHD
Potato GamerHD Hace 7 meses
He’s youngest player ever to score 10 champions league goals
Rodrigo Escobar
Rodrigo Escobar Hace 7 meses
Haaland only scores goals bro
Bhaswat Bhaskarjya Medhi
Bhaswat Bhaskarjya Medhi Hace 7 meses
R u serious u r comparing haaland with these two beasts... Haaland is a jst a goalscorer he may beat messi cr7 in goal scoring but he cant beat them in playing... Never...
Itz_Lil_Lizard Hace 7 meses
Bro, the bundesliga is not like laliga or premier league or liga nos, you can't compare them! And now football changed
Ari Livingston
Ari Livingston Hace 7 meses
🔥🔥 holds your attention to the end 1:51 🖤💘🔥 👇👇👇🥊
aku lelaki
aku lelaki Hace 7 meses
Cr Gigs Rooney Messi Ronaldinho Etoo Haaland ???
Domino Lol
Domino Lol Hace 7 meses
New generation : håland vs mbappe & neymar vs Hazard and Joa Felix vs ur mom
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos Hace 7 meses
No one should even compare haaland to messi and ronaldo
BOT_ Eskil
BOT_ Eskil Hace 7 meses
Messi and Ronaldo could drible
YouKnowLiam Gaming
YouKnowLiam Gaming Hace 7 meses
But if you would actually look at the stats then Ronaldo had 6 goals, Messi had 17 goals and håland has already 40 goals if you count With the goals in the austrian league, if you not counting the austrian league then he still has 12 goals and the season isnt even over
Bikash K Rai
Bikash K Rai Hace 7 meses
Neymar is good, but CR7 and Messi were beasts at 19 🤣
Bikash K Rai
Bikash K Rai Hace 7 meses
Mbappe is good, but CR7 and Messi were beasts at 19 😂
Bikash K Rai
Bikash K Rai Hace 7 meses
mohammed shahid
mohammed shahid Hace 7 meses
Messi fan happy if Ronaldo retire? Ronaldo Fan happy if Messi retire? The answer to both question is NO. Divided by choice united by competition 👍🏻 the day competition over everything over 🙏🏻
mohammed shahid
mohammed shahid Hace 7 meses
Ronaldo is Ronaldo because of messi and Messi and Messi because of Ronaldo. They’re incomplete without each other. If there was only Messi or Ronaldo they would have never became what they’re today. It’s the competition between them that has made them what they’re today. I’m a Ronaldo fan and I respect Messi. No matter if their game fades away as they age but they’ll always remain the best for me. Guys who fight Ronaldo best or Messi best, they’ll mourn the day either Messi or Ronaldo retires coz that’ll be the day this competition will be over, no Messi or Ronaldo fan would be happy the day Ronaldo or Messi retire be it Messi fan or be it Ronaldo fan. Peace ✌🏻
#julfootball Hace 7 meses
Incredible video, this is pure GOLD!!!!
STB Gags
STB Gags Hace 7 meses
notice how haland is actually making a difference in his matches by scoring. whereas messi and ronaldo are going on admittedly impressive runs, but runs that lead to nothing.
Nie.zam_ 92
Nie.zam_ 92 Hace 7 meses
Nie.zam_ 92
Nie.zam_ 92 Hace 7 meses
RP-FA TV Hace 7 meses
mbappe is gonna ruin messi's and ronaldo's career. watch...
Kr0w Hace 7 meses
You showed a literal quarter of Haaland's highlights. Disgraceful for a player of this current caliber
MMAoracle Hace 7 meses
To be honest, haaland is also a beast
YUNIS Hace 7 meses
He is no 9. Not winger. The video is not adequate.
HYDRA Hace 7 meses
Actually Haaland is extremely strong
Saad Balwa
Saad Balwa Hace 7 meses
They are wingers he’s a striker
Cristian Monroy Ortiz
Cristian Monroy Ortiz Hace 7 meses
7:26 alguien ha visto algo así antes??
Olívia Fernandes
Olívia Fernandes Hace 7 meses
I came for the goals but stayed for the music
iiNxghtmxre_ii Hace 7 meses
Messi and Ronaldo have built up such a legacy that even if Haaland ended up being better, no one will surpass their legacy
dageretdavid Hace 7 meses
I came here and 999 comments and now is satisfaction :)
Mufunwa Mudau
Mufunwa Mudau Hace 7 meses
Don’t forget the 9 goals
MusetheBOXHEAD Hace 7 meses
im actually excited for the youth who plays for barca, messi had ronaldinho, they have messi. who did ronaldo have in his time at real madrid and man utd. im genuinely asking because idk. kaka, beckham?
jason xx
jason xx Hace 7 meses
Haland who?
Cole Parton
Cole Parton Hace 7 meses
This should be: Messi and Ronaldo were good at 19, but Haåland is a beast at 19!
William Frøyslid
William Frøyslid Hace 7 meses
Strikers and wingers are buildt different, and has different playstyles
DasArmin Hace 7 meses
Eyyy, always remember what Cruyff said! "Never compare a goal scorer to a good player!"
Jenish Jyoti Shakya
Jenish Jyoti Shakya Hace 7 meses
well they both both were wingers but haland is a cf so he doesn't have to get past 3 4 players so less work less standards
Paul McCharmley
Paul McCharmley Hace 7 meses
Halaand is just a pure goalscorer. He will never reach Messi and Ronaldo's technical ability.
Paul Hace 7 meses
Remember that haland is not technically gifted like messi or ronaldo he is one who you need if you want goals.Remember this!
Paul Hace 7 meses
want to score goals for a comeback or to win at a big goal difference*
Sir Noob Wulf
Sir Noob Wulf Hace 7 meses
It is really unfair to compare them to Ronaldo and Messi. It's just so much pressure on them.
maddoxranger Hace 7 meses
just remember that they played against all time greats of the world at the time like puyol maldini carlos, etc Haaland is yet to prove himself. Scoring in their time was also comparitively more hard than now
hasnain ahmed
hasnain ahmed Hace 7 meses
And now just compare all three of them with neymar at 19.Only then you will get to know what type of beast ney was💥💥
andre dwi
andre dwi Hace 7 meses
Definitely trash content, how come you compare haland to those players,he got different style of playing, you compare a very clinical player to great dribbler player, it doesnt make any sense and your comparison is not on point
Lil PH
Lil PH Hace 7 meses
These types of videos are stupid. Obviously there will never be a young star as good or even better than Messi and Ronaldo, but these kinds of videos shame them. It's pointless.
Logan Hace 7 meses
Just saying if he keeps up his goal ratio he will have the best goal ratio ever
Kome Okeregha
Kome Okeregha Hace 7 meses
Not really fair to compare an great talent two the future 2 best players of all time
TJ Kiom
TJ Kiom Hace 7 meses
The thing is Messi and Ronaldo wanted it too badly. They knew it was the only way out of poverty, so they have that huge determination. I’m not saying that no one else can be as good as them, but Messi has outstanding talent and Ronaldo has incredible determination as well as physique.
tangbein Hace 7 meses
Sanders is good, but Jefferson and Washington were beasts when they were president candidates.
Amoon RA
Amoon RA Hace 7 meses
Bundesliga is a weak league. He cant do this in epl.
SANI MALIK Hace 7 meses
People use to criticize Messi with Maradona and Cr7 with Brazilian Ronaldo but now both are better than them so stop your shitty comparison
Jaffar Rambo
Jaffar Rambo Hace 7 meses
What’s the song for halland witch remix?
Shayne Landry
Shayne Landry Hace 7 meses
Am crying why ??
Noah Hill
Noah Hill Hace 7 meses
Who else is here after seeing “mbappe is good but Ronaldo and Messi were monsters at 19!”
mir Saqib abro
mir Saqib abro Hace 7 meses
Only Cristiano ronaldo
Sub to Josve
Sub to Josve Hace 7 meses
Are you on crack haland is a beast at 19
tystar123 H
tystar123 H Hace 7 meses
Halaand is a very different player and I am certain we all know that Messi and Ronaldo can't keep up with halaand level of goalscoring but they are still better player than him
Sreeraj A
Sreeraj A Hace 7 meses
Stop this shitty comparison. Haaland has time and we can see what happens. Hope he will make some benchmarks
Muhammad Younis
Muhammad Younis Hace 7 meses
The only better thing about halland than Messi and Ronaldo is the video quality.
espost.info/download/v-deo/Z4d6h3OCfbOsdqg RONALDO
Biped Emporer
Biped Emporer Hace 7 meses
Every time a youngin comes This video format
Jackson Liew
Jackson Liew Hace 7 meses
20 years later , (someone) is good , but... Halaand were beast at 19 . Then repeat the same word .
Nine Five
Nine Five Hace 7 meses
He'll be world class player but nowhere near messi and ronaldo. Who overrate these youngsters are virgin teenagers who only play FIFA.
Rogelio Chávez
Rogelio Chávez Hace 7 meses
Messi and Ronaldo where doing Insane stuff back in those days even though they still had legends like Ronaldinho, Henry or Pirlo; incredible
Chem Is Fun
Chem Is Fun Hace 8 meses
Is that even fair? You compare human with robot and alien..
Pidge Hace 8 meses
I don't think Håland vs Ronaldo and Messi is a very fair comparison as Håland is an out and out striker whereas Messi is more of a RW/CAM and Ronaldo is more of a winger in the way he plays. I still think Håland will win the Ballon d'Or in the future but he plays in a totally different way to Ronaldo and Messi so he shouldn't be compared to them. Nevertheless, great video and congrats for making consistently great content :)
Ryan rkf
Ryan rkf Hace 8 meses
Håland is a beast to look how he play by bvb
Untold 1939
Untold 1939 Hace 8 meses
There will be no more players like Ronaldo and Messi for a long time but the next players who will share the podium will be Haaland and Mbappe and maybe Sancho
Ice Cube
Ice Cube Hace 8 meses
Can’t believe football without messi and ronaldo its gona bee totally different and in a few years we are gona say goodbye to alot of other great players like neymar but seriously football is gona be something else without them
Younes gamer
Younes gamer Hace 8 meses
Lingard is the best player in the world
qwertyuiopasdfghjkl Hace 8 meses
He is a beast too!
Christian Svejstrup
Christian Svejstrup Hace 8 meses
Imagine there´s 2 years ustill ansu fati Will be in one of these videos. That`s a lot of time 4 him to Get better
Ko shad
Ko shad Hace 8 meses
stfu he destoys
RoniFernández Hace 8 meses
Purpose of the video: give a litle bit of reality for Haland😂
RJN tchapz
RJN tchapz Hace 8 meses
Is the next era football's ' messi and ronaldo' going to be 'mbappe and haland'🤔
Legitimate Legend
Legitimate Legend Hace 8 meses
OMG here we go again....Haaland will be a better scorer than both of them; just like Mbappe
Anupama Roy
Anupama Roy Hace 8 meses
Haaland and Mbappe, both have scored more goals than Messi and CR7 by this age
Benjy Platt
Benjy Platt Hace 8 meses
U said this about Mbappé I mean the title was the same except Mbappé instead of Haaland
Gabrinjos 10
Gabrinjos 10 Hace 8 meses
Wait...Hahaha but seriusly wait... Hahahahaa, are you comparing young goal-machine with them? Man where is this world going 😁
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