Funny & Stupid Dives in Football

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Watch some of the most stupid and funny dives in football history. Edited by Score 90.

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I'm a 19-year-old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favorite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig

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Craig Bennett
Craig Bennett Hace un hora
So difficult to take this game seriously when grown men act like pussies rolling around on the ground trying to milk a free kick or whatever. So cringe but a damn good laugh.
crazy_kavi M
crazy_kavi M Hace 16 horas
Tell me the channel intro song 🙋
Johann K.
Johann K. Hace 17 horas
Neymar the diving queen.
Zain UL Abideen
Zain UL Abideen Hace 18 horas
*Suarz is a actor of the Footballer history*
Big bear welding LLC
Big bear welding LLC Hace un día
Dives should be red cards after a video review. Would stop this nonsense real quick.
Richie Hace un día
Cheating is a part of every sport. If you arent cheating and trying to gain an advantage, you're a loser
bigfriki Hace 2 días
Legit 50% of them are Barcelona...
Ralph Livingston
Ralph Livingston Hace 2 días
Xbirdezz Hace 3 días
So close toooo 1 millllllll
isyana zaujan
isyana zaujan Hace 3 días
Brichanise Terrell
Brichanise Terrell Hace 3 días
Romans 10:9 NIV If you declare with your mouth,Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be save
Pupan Hace 4 días
1:54 yellow card because of dive. Failed
Zara Dosanjh
Zara Dosanjh Hace 4 días
MAT_LATINO_ 20 Hace 4 días
9:42 the way neymar was acting like hes choking 🤣🤣
Sourav Bhadra
Sourav Bhadra Hace 4 días
Jordi alba and busquest are made of gas u cant touch them or even cant pass nearby..they will break into pieces
Sourav Bhadra
Sourav Bhadra Hace 4 días
Barca have the best actors🤣🤣😂
Neymar occupies most of them
คิริอาริกาโตะ กา
คิริอาริกาโตะ กา Hace 4 días
9:15 WTF🤣😅
Alyssa Zornak
Alyssa Zornak Hace 4 días
Men’s soccer will do ANYTHING to get a free foul kick. It’s honestly not even funny their just Annoying
Hashnaak Hace 5 días
Before watching this, i will bet that half of this video is Neymar.
& i
& i Hace 5 días
Bruh the thumbnail neymar looks so stupid 😂😂😂
jeanette Hace 5 días
Sterling didnt dive he was just bad
Rapid_Zapper Hace 6 días
I like the bit when Neymar accidentally fell over
Kenneth Gustan
Kenneth Gustan Hace 6 días
Great thing about Mbappe: He's willing to do anything to score Bad thing about Mbappe: He's willing to do anything to score
Maazyaar Sinor
Maazyaar Sinor Hace 6 días
I ❤️ ur thumbnail
Jokeri PLx
Jokeri PLx Hace 7 días
what a clowns :D
Mark Arthur
Mark Arthur Hace 7 días
they always cover their face
kambuik nanut
kambuik nanut Hace 8 días
Barca and ex-Barca Player's was dominate in this video LoL. Do you agree ? 😁
GrimR Hace 8 días
All fake injury divers should be banned for life only way to make this sport good again
ShurikenGaming Hace 9 días
442oons 1:35
Moortas Hace 10 días
I used to be a great fan of soccer, I'm italian and here its by far the main sport to watch. When i got interested also in other contact sports like rugby or football (although im not expert or anything) i truly started to watch soccer with different eyes. All, and i mean literally ALL contacts with players from the other team leads to desperate faces in agony and most of the time to players on the ground waiting for the referee to give yellow card or whatever. I know that these in the video are blatantly dives, but we can make an argoument about every single minute in every single match about a level of simulation and pretending, even if there's an actual foul. It's a cancer for the sport and it ruins the pace of the match, also because the time don't stop. Think about the time when as a boy you ran and tripped on your feet and rolled on the ground, it's a scary thing and you can hurt yourself but you don't scream on the ground and roll like you're possesed unless it's something broken (and even if it is), expecially for players who are really solid and trained to fall without consequences. If i think of my favourites runs in soccer i think of the ones in which the player runs, trips and get on his feet like no one can stop him. I also try to argue with fans, but it's like the fans are mezmerized and after years and years they normalize this awful thing.
5_Jol Hace 10 días
I love the wait a min
Andir Pradana Putra
Andir Pradana Putra Hace 10 días
In my opinion: if you get a red card because your enemy is diving, ask a VAR. If that rejected, do something than will get you a real red card
Declan Keown
Declan Keown Hace 10 días
lets all say Suarez is the biggest cheat
Paco West
Paco West Hace 11 días
2:51 i hated rivaldo and the brazilian national team from here on.
Alex Harris
Alex Harris Hace 12 días
this is exactly why I don't watch this sport
jakogamer 27
jakogamer 27 Hace 12 días
0:18 Good work O
RaVeN Hace 12 días
Football is for pussies that is just how i feel bout this sport idc if you dont agree
Bxstxn Hace 12 días
2:05 when you pat your little brother and he screams for mom
AJ 1998
AJ 1998 Hace 12 días
Good to see my idol isn't on this list . LM10😂😂
Doug Kelley
Doug Kelley Hace 12 días
Soccer player he touched me I roll around on the ground for five minutes Rugby player not now you can reattach my arm during halftime.
REVILO224 Hace 13 días
Football has to have the worst types of players of any professional sport
Michelle Torian
Michelle Torian Hace 13 días
these are soo embarrassing
bruno fernandes
bruno fernandes Hace 14 días
Vidal is a classic
Gabriel Villegas
Gabriel Villegas Hace 14 días
This shit is like a trend to act like a bitch because for some reason the refs buy into this bullshit knowing damnwrll whats going on lol soccer players are pussys
Masanneh Dibba
Masanneh Dibba Hace 15 días
Catherine Hopper
Catherine Hopper Hace 15 días
There not that funny but very stupid stuff 😒😒😒😒
M Zildanulhakim
M Zildanulhakim Hace 15 días
Neymar Jr = Diving God
Nik lampe
Nik lampe Hace 15 días
The sad thing is he can make a 10 minute video on this
Мариарти Волендомор
Мариарти Волендомор Hace 16 días
Вот и поэтому и не смотрю футбол уже. Контана, Давидс, Гатузо, Рой Кин, вот это футболисты
Tamal Nandi
Tamal Nandi Hace 16 días
Neymar got insane skills but will not be remembered as ronaldinho and kaka just for his diving antics and mysteriously getting injured around her sister's birthday.
MIz Hace 16 días
0:49 I would be embarrassed
Brian Blotnicky
Brian Blotnicky Hace 17 días
Your music sucks....😭😭😭
sathyan67 Hace 17 días
I know everybody might be blaming neymar.....which is also there in the thumbnail.....but u guys not might known about Brazil vs Colombia match that match.....
los traviesos flores 2
los traviesos flores 2 Hace 18 días
Puto el que lo lea
Gary Murocon
Gary Murocon Hace 18 días
Football is a man's game bullshit
NATHINIO Hace 19 días
qui cherche un commentaire français si oui tu m’a trouve
abir ahsan
abir ahsan Hace 19 días
Anyone notice that most of them are Barcelona players(current+former)
Mike Kiero
Mike Kiero Hace 20 días
Simple fix for diving. Games are filmed so ban somebody for diving for 5 games and fine them the wages for those 5 games. Watch how quickly they stop
Tobo Hace 21 un día
And rather sadly, Mbappe, great footballer, complete prick.
Tobo Hace 21 un día
Vidal. What a massive wanker.
Nawaf alqahtani
Nawaf alqahtani Hace 21 un día
G o d z i l l a
G o d z i l l a Hace 22 días
imagine if footballer plays boxing😵🤣
Manzi Alibaruho
Manzi Alibaruho Hace 23 días
Neymar learned from him 0:11😂
Andreas Sundin
Andreas Sundin Hace 23 días
After watching this I have to say: thank god for VAR!
hazim zufar
hazim zufar Hace 23 días
i dont get why people always complaining neymar diving.. he just a normal human being too sometimes just want to playing around n slack off a bit at work.. people really should hv some sense of humour n get life
《Jay• •Park》
《Jay• •Park》 Hace 25 días
_¿What's the name of the intro song?_
George AB
George AB Hace 26 días
I hate neymar
mehmet basat
mehmet basat Hace 26 días
ronaldo (P) and neymar... even they be good player they are not real man
Gannoniser 3000
Gannoniser 3000 Hace 26 días
Black ops dolphin dive
Savage Games
Savage Games Hace 27 días
Neymar does not dive he over acts on fouls
Darrick Thompson
Darrick Thompson Hace 28 días
And people wonder why Soccer isnt the most popular sport in the US. The most popular actually involves contact. You poke a person in soccer and they're faking gun shot wounds.
Maximilian Vazsonyi
Maximilian Vazsonyi Hace 29 días
That with sterling and vidal wasn't a dive they just kicked in the ground
Freddie Hodkin
Freddie Hodkin Hace 29 días
If the impact to injury ratios suggested by these stupid fake dives were real, you'd think that in a typical game of rugby, most of the players would probably be dead. What a bunch of pathetic, unsporting little pr*cks some footballers are
Sanitation Boy
Sanitation Boy Hace un mes
I've lost my respect for Ronaldo
David Pro
David Pro Hace un mes
Now I'm aggressiv!
Hugo D.
Hugo D. Hace un mes
0:19 wasn’t a dive, he just tripped. He didn’t pretend it was a foul
Chokstar Hace un mes
Love how neymar is used as thumbnail😂
The BD Vlogger
The BD Vlogger Hace un mes
3:12 ronaldo was trying to do a header
Biplab Dutta
Biplab Dutta Hace un mes
This is an art and neymer is the master 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rehan Khatri
Rehan Khatri Hace un mes
I feel bad for them but I laugh so much
M.A.Z.10 B421
M.A.Z.10 B421 Hace un mes
Navas did foul suarez
Regiz Raj
Regiz Raj Hace un mes
Sergio Busquets is just pure shit!
GoodGuy Hace un mes
this can be just neymar Rolling for ten minutes
Alexia Mingoley Malika
Alexia Mingoley Malika Hace un mes
2:05 that's a dumb dive
B2Sgaming Hace un mes
please pin my commemt ... please support my channel friends
Audacious Monkey
Audacious Monkey Hace un mes
Vidal didntgive, he tripped
SnEaKy sNiPeS
SnEaKy sNiPeS Hace un mes
Well at least Aaron hunt (7:57) said it wasn't a foul
Austin Asura
Austin Asura Hace un mes
0:21 Man..... 🤣🤣
Kwesi Plays
Kwesi Plays Hace un mes
Neymar would be good at amoung us
Turdaroo Hace un mes
before i clicked on this, i was certain at least 67% of this video would just be neymar.
Shawn Gachupin
Shawn Gachupin Hace un mes
The music is. Not good its anoying everone dislike
KS_pro 07
KS_pro 07 Hace un mes
Papadopoulos was best 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
KING LÕERÆ_ĪV Hace un mes
Jordi Alba teach Neymar. Neymar teach Mbappe
Sa tan
Sa tan Hace un mes
men used to hunt...
Lucas Rateau
Lucas Rateau Hace un mes
How annoying must it be for the opponent
Kunai Hace un mes
6:04 i wouldnt call this a foul, if youve ever gotten hit by a football u would know it takes a min for it to sting after u get hit
Kunai Hace un mes
this is who people call the goat? 3:04 7:19
Kunai Hace un mes
we all know why we came 2:01
praveen kumar
praveen kumar Hace un mes
4:26 two barca players falling at the same time
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