Adama Traoré is Ending Careers in 2019/20!

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Hace 10 meses

The best & most humiliating skills of Adama Traore during the year 2019.
♫ Music: JEEN. - Buena Vista (Offset Noize & Stravy Remix)
I'm a 19-year-old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favorite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig
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The main goal with this channel is to express my love for football in a creative and fun way. I dedicate hours upon hours to make every single video feel unique and inspiring. I really hope you will enjoy this channel!
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace 10 meses
Imagine Adama Traore with the end product of Cristiano Ronaldo 👀
Miscer Hace 5 meses
Shaik Mohammad Zeeshan he would be a living God. I would literally worship him if he becomes CR7’s replacement at Real madrid
William Chidube
William Chidube Hace 9 meses
He'll be Messi
MSnn -
MSnn - Hace 9 meses
Mo Just facts... Messi shoots more goals per game in any competition... And Ronaldo shoots goals against Litauen or Lichtenstein, Luxemburg...
JimmyFloyd a
JimmyFloyd a Hace 9 meses
@Le o Jajajsjsjs. +10000000000000
JimmyFloyd a
JimmyFloyd a Hace 9 meses
And the skills of Messi, Neymar and Iniestas class. What else?
A GOD !!
ChatWithMyHat Hace un día
He is reminding me of Manchester Ronaldo
Robert caires
Robert caires Hace 16 días
Amazing how the bodybuilder physique intimidates the opponents they barely go closer to him
Joaquin Hace 2 meses
🤪💉 🤑⚽
SirTibzy Hace 2 meses
You stole MadridstaTV's outro music
moltencicada Hace 2 meses
He went from Charmander to Charizard pretty quick!
サタンの足の爪の垢 Hace 3 meses
なんてことだ! サッカーが進化する可能性を秘めている。 サッカーはフィジカルな要素が求められているスポーツでもある。  巧いことより、強いことが結果を残すこともある。ただ、私が好きなサッカーは、人々を魅了するサッカーだよ。
Sheri 050
Sheri 050 Hace 3 meses
Gio Rgos
Gio Rgos Hace 5 meses
O Τσιμικας τον έβαλε στη τσέπη του
Miscer Hace 5 meses
Thank you for putting this video back up 🙏
zeusonfire Hace 6 meses
Wolves are such a fun team to watch.
Mitr0 Hace 9 meses
he switches to american football ?
subscribe if you're seeing this in 2019
subscribe if you're seeing this in 2019 Hace 9 meses
He basically the Ankinfenwa with good ball control lol
Maxwell BASF TDK
Maxwell BASF TDK Hace 9 meses
Walcott should now his head in shame
Joggo Hace 9 meses
still 74 rated in fifa
Dudu Tits
Dudu Tits Hace 9 meses
Nickname , *Bulldozer*
Mission Hace 9 meses
How does he has such a stamina with such big muscles?? That's not fair
Norbert Szabo
Norbert Szabo Hace 9 meses
WTF, dude learned to pass?1-2 seasons ago was probably the worst winger of the league, only speed, no teamplay, no brain runs.
Ride Yer Camel
Ride Yer Camel Hace 9 meses
I used to think Bellarin was supposed to be fast until i watched Arsenal play Middlesbrough and he smoked Bellarin, even while dribbling. Crazy speed. For Wolves he’s learned to pace himself better and actually sometimes doesn’t carry the ball as fast, but still fast enough to fly past players, and better for his end product.
Mufcpog Hace 9 meses
Over the last few years when he was at Middlesborough and at Wolves he was nothing but pace. He couldn't shout and his decision making was horrible. This year he's really proven himself. If he carries on he can become an elite winger.
Shotenmaru sama
Shotenmaru sama Hace 9 meses
Welcome city
Always a jack
Always a jack Hace 9 meses
So underrated compared to messi an cr7
ZEE TV Hace 9 meses
He is special not because the pace or the dribbling he have the most important thing the strength so pace & dribbling & strength = best player in pl this season
Cheeko TK
Cheeko TK Hace 9 meses
He looks like he played for the NFL lmao
lofy todo
lofy todo Hace 9 meses
not clean but gets things done....👏🏿
SEKAS Hace 9 meses
Music of arsenal
Ahmad Danial
Ahmad Danial Hace 9 meses
we need him in chelsea should be him 58m..not american shooter pulisic
Also_ Extra
Also_ Extra Hace 9 meses
True dat
NickFilA Hace 9 meses
Mendy got destroyed!
CaSsAnO Dz
CaSsAnO Dz Hace 9 meses
Married to Man City
Fawad Bahrami
Fawad Bahrami Hace 9 meses
Defender tackles Adama* Defender gets hurt
현주전 Hace 9 meses
He is Legend
Furkan İnci
Furkan İnci Hace 9 meses
Traore power!
A Jay
A Jay Hace 9 meses
Christina Prakash
Christina Prakash Hace 9 meses
The strength and pace !!! Adama is a BEAST!!!
Pierre Oben
Pierre Oben Hace 9 meses
Imagine Traore and Zaha combination
Hamza CH
Hamza CH Hace 9 meses
Physics 99
Stelios Zevgitis
Stelios Zevgitis Hace 9 meses
Reminds me of Bale when he was younger but without the shooting
_imeicon Hace 9 meses
Ryan Victor
Ryan Victor Hace 9 meses
mohammad haziq
mohammad haziq Hace 9 meses
Those run makes me remember the young cr 😂 man he is so fast yet so stable when got challenged .
David Fosu-Asante
David Fosu-Asante Hace 9 meses
He looks like a rugby player...bullying football players 😂😂😂
Wen Danger
Wen Danger Hace 9 meses
Look like Yohan black
Yazzed abanmy
Yazzed abanmy Hace 9 meses
Next ronaldo
Karlo Brnjac
Karlo Brnjac Hace 9 meses
Agile, super fast and strong, nothing can stop Adama
Stuart Morrison
Stuart Morrison Hace 9 meses
Why are his arms the size of his thighs
murat karakas
murat karakas Hace 9 meses
ABR MAN Hace 9 meses
LoL! He is good but still a crap infront of quality and strong defenders like Van Dijk, Ramos and Koulibaily...
Neeraj Joshi
Neeraj Joshi Hace 9 meses
Imagine traore as a running back
Dominant Persona
Dominant Persona Hace 9 meses
Music sucks... No music
Tomos Rees
Tomos Rees Hace 9 meses
The Saquon Barkley of the PL
Atikur Rahman
Atikur Rahman Hace 9 meses
Wtf was Mendy thinking... Dude is an absolute unit
Wonjjang 1994
Wonjjang 1994 Hace 9 meses
Love seeing new players shining in epl, was sick of seeing same old falcao and Diego Costa players
Eren Sarıgül
Eren Sarıgül Hace 9 meses
Adama traoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Amit Mukherjee
Amit Mukherjee Hace 9 meses
How is he not linked with any big club yet.... He can be a weapon starting or from the bench
Phil Nwanesi
Phil Nwanesi Hace 9 meses
Real Madrid where are you??? Traore Adama is a steal This is a no brainer BUY HIM!!!
Carlos Segundo
Carlos Segundo Hace 9 meses
This video is Traore destroying man city lmfao
HANIF FIKRI PETER - Hace 9 meses
Sahil Mehdiev
Sahil Mehdiev Hace 9 meses
Moffat Miti
Moffat Miti Hace 9 meses
2:17 this needs to be a meme.
Moffat Miti
Moffat Miti Hace 9 meses
2:17 this needs to be a meme.
ali ch
ali ch Hace 9 meses
Another Royston Derenthe 🤔
Javier Perez
Javier Perez Hace 9 meses
Barcelona need to re-sign him ASAP
ピープ Hace 9 meses
日本人の人 ↓
T P Hace 9 meses
The 728 dislikes are all from City fans
Nismo Cash
Nismo Cash Hace 9 meses
What nationality can he play with
Lokanje Loka
Lokanje Loka Hace 9 meses
I need to know his day to day diet
C J Hace 9 meses
Ziggy Zee
Ziggy Zee Hace 9 meses
Top class player 💪💪💪
CrispyBuda Hace 9 meses
Strength Dribbling ability Acceleration Shot power Decent pass Definitely top player
Kritikal H
Kritikal H Hace 9 meses
I’m so confused as to how no1 is acknowledging the fact that mendy was charged from behind for that goal against city. Surely that’s a foul no?
Merghous Aöloncoa
Merghous Aöloncoa Hace 9 meses
He’s using an attribute card
Eko Alvaro
Eko Alvaro Hace 9 meses
Come Real Madrid 🙌
Pl4yoHarv Hace 9 meses
He do be giving me messi vibes from when messi was 19
Fost Fs
Fost Fs Hace 9 meses
muscia del intro?
Chris olagrim
Chris olagrim Hace 9 meses
This fella is a fucking unit
NatureZ Hace 9 meses
if they don’t raise his Phy from 75 fifa is going in the trash
MARTINJW25 Hace 9 meses
Steroids are illegal Adama
Ahmed G
Ahmed G Hace 9 meses
Technique-wise he's average, his effectiveness comes mostly from his physicality. Whats hilarious is if he stayed at barcelona and played on the left wing instead of Griezman Barca would be much better offensively than they are now. Messi as false 9 providing pure technique, Traore providing pace, Dembele providing both.
Emie Arabi
Emie Arabi Hace 9 meses
Imagine Adama Traore and Gerard Deolofu paying in the same team now. Both are Barcelona academy product.
Juju Rellama
Juju Rellama Hace 9 meses
he wouldn't have gotten past me in my younger days, no one did
Anubhav Bhattacharya
Anubhav Bhattacharya Hace 9 meses
He rattled Mendy😶😶. That too with ease
Sutrisno Risno
Sutrisno Risno Hace 9 meses
when american football player playing real football
Scott Hammond
Scott Hammond Hace 9 meses
Everytime I see him run I see a RB in the NFL, I love him, just added him to my fifa 20 FUT
Bro Lutfi
Bro Lutfi Hace 9 meses
Welcome to man utd
Brayan the Shark Linan
Brayan the Shark Linan Hace 9 meses
I mean he is good for sure u can’t take that away from him but I mean he not anything special
Bilal Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed Hace 9 meses
Lol when you create a character in Fifa and put his speed and strength both at 100
Ryan Baker
Ryan Baker Hace 9 meses
Touch is to big, needs more skills than just kick and run. Needs to have better control with the ball
Syahir Kamal
Syahir Kamal Hace 9 meses
In malaysia league we have one player like adama traore and he is dickson nwaekame just search ok youtube about him
Michael Pangau
Michael Pangau Hace 9 meses
Dang...the flash adama
Sudipta Das
Sudipta Das Hace 9 meses
Music link:
Rizky Hermawan
Rizky Hermawan Hace 9 meses
No one believe he is Spanish guy ...
Razvan Nitescu
Razvan Nitescu Hace 9 meses
Men, if traore were at a good theam he was like Ronaldo and messi but yeah
Skyrise Hace 9 meses
When the Nfl player play the actual football.
Lucero 03
Lucero 03 Hace 9 meses
Un puntaso a ese negro y sabes que,no Jode mas
92 mik
92 mik Hace 9 meses
Haerul Azzam
Haerul Azzam Hace 9 meses
Welcome to rela madrid
MARIUS Hace 9 meses
Der ist so eine Maschine
Man Shibukai
Man Shibukai Hace 9 meses
Adam is version aaron lennon n theo walcott . But better than them
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