38 Year Old Zlatan Ibrahimovic is World-Class

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[38 Year Old Zlatan Ibrahimovic is World-Class]
- The best skills & goals from Zlatan Ibrahimovic during the 2019-2020 season in the MLS.
♫ Music: e-dubble - Be A King
I'm a 19-year-old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favorite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace un año
Hands up if you want to see him in Madrid! 🖐🏼
ELP _ Hace 9 meses
Wat no
Worldin Pains
Worldin Pains Hace 11 meses
Alla Vi som älskar Zlatan klappar nu! Klapp! Klapp!
PES ADDICTS Hace 11 meses
I want zlatan to replace Ronaldo in Madrid as the leader
Salih Kurtovic
Salih Kurtovic Hace 11 meses
@John Miguel beter than cr7
mattyy101 Hace 11 meses
No he not good enough for europe anymore. Maybe a bottom half team
Thomas Wolpert
Thomas Wolpert Hace 3 meses
The best capitan ever
Thomas Wolpert
Thomas Wolpert Hace 4 meses
Yeah I come back
Bayern München
Bayern München Hace 4 meses
He is the best
Yasin Garba
Yasin Garba Hace 5 meses
Change song
Bayern München
Bayern München Hace 6 meses
I don't make trails
Bayern München
Bayern München Hace 6 meses
Goats never died
Wil Hace 8 meses
And just like that MLS came to be known as *MLZ* XD 🔥
Wil Hace 8 meses
Dude WTF this man is a year and a half to be 40 y/o and still plays like he was 30 y/ol 🔥🔥🔥
SudoSociety Hace 8 meses
It doesn't matter how old he is, you can't compare Zlatan to other players cause lions don't compare themselves with humans! Btw did you guys see Zlatans documentary trailer on ESpost?
HappyFoot On The Trail
HappyFoot On The Trail Hace 8 meses
Ayyyye E dubble! Good choice on music selection
julianwhitee Hace 8 meses
Hon TranTu
Hon TranTu Hace 9 meses
Rooney just 35 years old and very suck but zlatan is 38 years old but he always best player
Gabriel Oliveira
Gabriel Oliveira Hace 9 meses
Não sei como ainda não foi o melhor do mundo , joga muito .. estilo único , uma máquina
Pr0fEsA Hace 9 meses
MLS Keepers have no other color than Blue n Orange..
Zlatan Ibrahimović Classics
Zlatan Ibrahimović Classics Hace 9 meses
Uğur Boz
Uğur Boz Hace 9 meses
What song
HappyFoot On The Trail
HappyFoot On The Trail Hace 8 meses
e-dubble "be a king"
Harry Bendelow
Harry Bendelow Hace 9 meses
The greatest!
Thomas Pretsch - BetterMove
Thomas Pretsch - BetterMove Hace 9 meses
Fantastic video! Thanks for sharing. Where did you get all the raw video material from?
Thomas Hartvig
Thomas Hartvig Hace 10 meses
Breaking!! espost.info/download/v-deo/Zm-xe3mmqpq0rII Zlatan is coming home ♥️
KarmaZFX Hace 10 meses
Came for the jokes😂
Teddysvibing_YT Hace 10 meses
The reason why every time zlatan looks in the mirror and doesn't see himself is because there is only one zlatan
Prospekt Hace 10 meses
Zlatan once missed two days of school. They're now known as Saturday and Sunday.
Sandra Oliveira
Sandra Oliveira Hace 10 meses
Enquanto isso eu tenho que aguentar várias tralhas no meu time
Miguel esquivel
Miguel esquivel Hace 10 meses
Cómo se llama la music
Giuseppe Siragusano
Giuseppe Siragusano Hace 10 meses
Come back Milan!!!
tanise gsge
tanise gsge Hace 10 meses
great for MLS but in europe he will retire before the season ends
Umut Hace 10 meses
best player in the world rn
anything everything whatever
anything everything whatever Hace 10 meses
Zlatan Ibrahimović is one off just 28 players have scored 500 or more goals 🔥: espost.info/download/v-deo/hoSThZ-EhLGsqGE
Bayern München
Bayern München Hace 11 meses
peteyboi Hace 11 meses
rip e-dubble
antonio Hace 11 meses
Ibra > LA Galaxy
Dennie van Dijk
Dennie van Dijk Hace 11 meses
great edit, epic player
Jimm From Denmark
Jimm From Denmark Hace 11 meses
38 years old and MLS don't stand a chance. Once a legend, always a legend.
Worldin Pains
Worldin Pains Hace 11 meses
Swedish gift to world fotboll. Almost every guy and girl in Sweden have played " allsvenskan" on schoolbreaks, back home after school, or trained with their team at practice after dinner.. I know because I did. The less fortunate not so much and found other ways.. In the end we all became criminals, lawyers, pizza restuarant owners, city dump workers, welders, politicians etc.. Zlatan had nothing growing up, came from nothing, but he sure gave us everything unimaginable.. "The power of the hope, to become something great". Tack Zlatan! Kör hårt! You are the Best!
christopher olsson
christopher olsson Hace 11 meses
he is a prick!
mvx Hace 11 meses
He plays in la of course he’s world class lmao
HvB_ HoRRor
HvB_ HoRRor Hace 11 meses
It Greate Vedio I like ur creativite in the Editing of vedio Zlatan is great player i wish if we can see another young player like him ... all the best Score 90
CJay1981 Hace 11 meses
ZyX Hace 11 meses
Zlatan would have atleast 2 Ballon d'or's if Messi and Ronaldo didn't play in the same generation
Zaraki Kenpachi
Zaraki Kenpachi Hace 11 meses
Come save my AC milan and end your career as a fucking legend of rossonero
piano0b Hace 11 meses
1:37 Looks like fifa
Erik Johansen
Erik Johansen Hace 11 meses
Shitty music ruined it all
Gianni Bortone
Gianni Bortone Hace 11 meses
Since he's in the mls, it's like he's playing vs kids
Enes Kocanovic
Enes Kocanovic Hace 11 meses
Två år av rehabilitering i mls nu redo för Europa igen länge lever kungen 🇸🇪
Joël Le Bras
Joël Le Bras Hace 11 meses
The 2019-2020 season has just rose up...
Senad Bayan
Senad Bayan Hace 11 meses
keep the music down, we want to enjoy
Eric Kloos
Eric Kloos Hace 11 meses
rip e dubble
DIMA Hace 11 meses
Looks like a dad playing with his kids
Vasanth Gopalan
Vasanth Gopalan Hace 11 meses
Zlatman still at his best!!! Love him! Pundits - SHUT UP!!!
Lucas Boerman
Lucas Boerman Hace 11 meses
Rip edub
stig benita
stig benita Hace 11 meses
he is world class in na not eu
Eryk Ginda
Eryk Ginda Hace 11 meses
currently the only player who can be compared with Lewandowski
Eryk Ginda
Eryk Ginda Hace 11 meses
With number 9...
Reinhard Pinter
Reinhard Pinter Hace 11 meses
Er ist einfach einzigartig, egal ob 18-28-38 Jahre,Zlatan ist IMMER der KING auf den Platz,es kann nur einen geben ❤❤❤❤❤
robert marshall
robert marshall Hace 11 meses
He should pat himself on the back more he’s quite unappreciative of himself, loool he’s good but he’s no Messi
SteLi400 Hace 11 meses
Lol, Messi is like mercury, quick as hell, but he can't head a ball. Messi is good but he's no Zlatan.
Daniel Andersson
Daniel Andersson Hace 11 meses
Worst shit is.... he uses his "weak" left foot on his most spectacular goals...
Matthew Brookins
Matthew Brookins Hace 11 meses
If it wasnt for the fact that Zlatan olaued in an era with Ronaldihno,Nessi and Ronaldo he definitely would've won at least one Bal on Dor
Kenneth Kinneen
Kenneth Kinneen Hace 11 meses
World class at marketing but fairly shit at football
ioan pena
ioan pena Hace 11 meses
MLS is a joke ! My grandmother plays better than those defenders...
Cédric Missonnier
Cédric Missonnier Hace 11 meses
Best player in the world, next to Ronaldo and Messi.
blade010579 Hace 11 meses
World Claas against European 3 League Players
Vipin Gonsalvez
Vipin Gonsalvez Hace 11 meses
Manu needs him
Rick Strom
Rick Strom Hace 11 meses
The music sucks
Rijad Kačar
Rijad Kačar Hace 11 meses
Bas si Zlatan. Super Video
sponsoredbycarlsberg Hace 11 meses
only his nose is bigger than his ego👃🏻
Kappa Hace 11 meses
The King!
John Wick
John Wick Hace 11 meses
Ronaldinho é o melhor jogador de todos os tempo um jogador completo não menosprezando os outros jogadores, mas é porquê até agora não vi um como Ronaldinho gaúcho 🙂
Muhammad Amaan
Muhammad Amaan Hace 11 meses
If zlatan is so tough why doesn’t he come to my house to smash my head with my keyboard jskdjffjidkdjdjdjrkdlsndbsjakossjbdbddkkddndnjdksjekej
acruma Hace 11 meses
My name si PJ Harvey 😂😂😂😂
ok Betta
ok Betta Hace 11 meses
Welcome to jdt
Pe6ek Hace 11 meses
Shit personality.
michele destefano
michele destefano Hace 11 meses
George Mavrides
George Mavrides Hace 11 meses
Zlatan is a 38-old legend but this is a ridiculous league. People don't really appreciate that Federer is winning in Masters and Slams against the best in the world at 38 while playing one of the most difficult atomic sports.
Leo Messi
Leo Messi Hace 11 meses
Welcome to Milan. Champions here we come❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤
Chem Busta Rhymes
Chem Busta Rhymes Hace 11 meses
Thumbs up for the editing, thumbs down for the crappy music. Why do you ruin the video with music at all?
Belo Blues
Belo Blues Hace 11 meses
Asshole and awesome player !
Scrim Herolex
Scrim Herolex Hace 11 meses
He looks like slender in the thumbnail xD so god damn tall
Kai Ole
Kai Ole Hace 11 meses
Andrea Erminio
Andrea Erminio Hace 11 meses
Zlatan come Here....ACFiorentina.
hobbitassassin1 Hace 11 meses
Yeah, in a sub par league...well done zlat the twat 👌👏👏
john doe
john doe Hace 11 meses
Come on dude.. Lord Bendtner would be world class in the MLS..
Gus 1209
Gus 1209 Hace 11 meses
Mediocre player hes not even the best in MLS
Runar Antila
Runar Antila Hace 11 meses
Zlatan is king. He should have stayed at Man Utd, we desperstely need him
camelpissflavour Hace 11 meses
he's almost as good as lee trundle
Tommy Rocket
Tommy Rocket Hace 11 meses
I could never understand why Manchester United let him go... He displayed a marvellous football brain, strength and skills which they could they could well use today.
Pbcarti Hace 11 meses
R.I.P E-doubble
Sandro Baschieri
Sandro Baschieri Hace 11 meses
Bene..Ora vieni al BOLOGNA!!!
Me Myself
Me Myself Hace 11 meses
He's playing in the MLS FFS
Ang C
Ang C Hace 11 meses
John Jordan
John Jordan Hace 11 meses
adult schooling children
Tasker Matic
Tasker Matic Hace 11 meses
In a Liverpool fan but I would like to see him back at United.
david cunningham
david cunningham Hace 11 meses
The man is a beast no doubt but he's up against mickey mouse players
Dizzy Fizzy
Dizzy Fizzy Hace 11 meses
When germs entered zlatan's body they got sick.
FUMER Hace 11 meses
i bet half of the game are fixed or staged, its USA, they think wrestling is for real
FUMER Hace 11 meses
this is MLS, so basically retirement home, level with League One of England, sooo i don't know how is this relevant, i mean he is world class since people from usa thinks usa is world right
J Jimenez
J Jimenez Hace 11 meses
A world class cheater and dirty player? Yes he is. An arrogant prick and violent? Yes
Rost Tacasaki
Rost Tacasaki Hace 11 meses
ну да.... "Американский" чемпионат просто высшая школа))))))
posity Hace 11 meses
Cool Song
Symphony Farm
Symphony Farm Hace 11 meses
The MLS is where the elite European players go to take their last pay day in the golden years of their career. The MLS has been like that since it was born. It is really sad as it will never develop good futball in the US.
Tom Kleins
Tom Kleins Hace 11 meses
A good soccer player but nothing else.
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