19 Year Old João Félix is Unreal!

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[19 Year Old Joao Felix is Unreal!]
- The best skills, assists & goals from Joao Felix during his time in Atletico Madrid. All clips are from the 2019-2020 season.
♫ Music: espost.info/download/v-deo/m2afjpR2ebHDZ5Q
Produced by: Filip Hennig
Computer used: Macbook Pro 15' Retina
Software used: Final Cut Pro X
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace un año
So damn talented 🤩
Tomás Mendes
Tomás Mendes Hace un año
Score 90 true
Nebuchadnezzar Kkoma
Nebuchadnezzar Kkoma Hace un año
@Siyavuya Sam ty mate but i used my brain and shazamed that shit^^
Siyavuya Sam
Siyavuya Sam Hace un año
@Nebuchadnezzar Kkoma Thoughts of you
OSM HLW 04 Hace un año
Please check you Instagram. My name is OSM HLW 04
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace un año
Damn right⚽🔥
Bhouwane Purmessur
Bhouwane Purmessur Hace un año
Great video👍
hermawan efendy
hermawan efendy Hace un año
Seperti melihat kaka22 muda
Rakshith Gowda
Rakshith Gowda Hace un año
manu needs him
gvrgvr Hace un año
reminds me of a young aguero at atleti things never change they just rearrange
Celsius Millo
Celsius Millo Hace un año
que barrete
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace un año
Great talent he just needs a bit of self awareness to know when to win the ball and actually go forward as he likes to do often an future star no doubt.
Paulo Alexandre
Paulo Alexandre Hace un año
He is not unreal. His price tag is unreal.
theo theo
theo theo Hace un año
good player nothing greatlike ronaldo messi or neymar thoughmor evan mbappe
Joseph Thulani
Joseph Thulani Hace un año
Great replacement for griezman 😏
Hugo Batista
Hugo Batista Hace un año
João Féliche caralho
Tobias Wise
Tobias Wise Hace un año
I am just happy to have him on fifa
Dina campos lopes
Dina campos lopes Hace un año
Driven! 🌟
Dina campos lopes
Dina campos lopes Hace un año
Many extraordinary people seem unreal, but they are not. Just pushing boundaries a push at a time.
tono ricardo
tono ricardo Hace un año
Golden boy 2019
Pedro Mendes
Pedro Mendes Hace un año
He was better in benfica, bad option go to atletico, doesn t have football style for him
Chirag Bakshi
Chirag Bakshi Hace un año
He's not unreal
Experienced Mage
Experienced Mage Hace un año
Him and Leroy sane have a similar style imo
Marvin Nash
Marvin Nash Hace un año
Imagine Felix, Sancho, Havertz and Mbappé in one team.
Holy Cow
Holy Cow Hace un año
I was wondering who will help portugal to win Euro if Ronaldo retired. There are not many player that capable after Luis Figo and Ronaldo.
Criss Cross Applesauce
Criss Cross Applesauce Hace un año
Felix > Greizmann Simeone is a G
Ercan Birsen
Ercan Birsen Hace un año
Its Ove
Its Ove Hace un año
Muhammad Syakur Ahmad
Muhammad Syakur Ahmad Hace un año
Messi type in Portugal = Bernardo Silva Kaka type in Portugal = Joao Felix Ronaldo type in Portugal = Cristianinho
Infulleffect Sports
Infulleffect Sports Hace un año
Love to see great young talent
Messi God
Messi God Hace un año
Basically Neymar but without the diving
DOUBLE RR416 Hace un año
The only with Felix that’s gonna hurt him if they don’t use him as a mid is his speed I hate to admit it bc I’m Portuguese and we already get enough hate from these soccer pundit clowns but he’s pretty dam slow hopefully he works on it and figures it out but aside from that he really is an amazing player I’m not gonna jump the gun and compare to top class footballers but for his age he has amazing vision amazing accurate long passes is not afraid to get back when needed and play defensive pretty dam good and he’s also a great dribbler I could be wrong but I really believe in acouple of years he will be in talks and in the group of current players #FORCAPORTUGAL
Sheikh Gohan
Sheikh Gohan Hace un año
He just like another griezmann
beast lazer
beast lazer Hace un año
intro song please
Plastikmaan Hace un año
kaka 2.0
Siyavuya Sam
Siyavuya Sam Hace un año
Future Ballon d'or winner And very talented
Mohammad Azri
Mohammad Azri Hace un año
Unreal is his price
Fernando Chamorro
Fernando Chamorro Hace un año
Joao Félix vs kilian mbappe?
Eslam Albedy
Eslam Albedy Hace un año
Joe Kalicki
Joe Kalicki Hace un año
I couldn’t watch this for more than 10 seconds with that terrible music
kadi kadi
kadi kadi Hace un año
He is good
Aleksandar Jevtic
Aleksandar Jevtic Hace un año
He looks like he's from disney
GolazoFirst Hace un año
Buata Red Devils
Buata Red Devils Hace un año
Playing Football Manager 2019 and I'm at 2022 calendar now, I bought Joao Felix from the 1st season, I let him play in 3 different role 1. CM(Roaming Playmaker) 2.CAM 3.LW(Inside Forward) He was very dangerous outside the box and creative, he score few goals from outside the box with his Weaker Foot. I really like this guy in game and real life. I hope he doesn't flop in the future
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace un año
@Buata Red Devils yup know u got it freedom is all a player like Felix needs spot on.
Buata Red Devils
Buata Red Devils Hace un año
@*love & Peace is never guaranteed Sad truth is that he's very consistent in CM at Sporting CP where I manage and move to Real Madrid and buy him.. at Madrid he flop at CM but like you said his best at CAM and LF(already score 14 goals in 24 match or so) and most importantly giving him freedom of movement is important too😁
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace un año
Cam his where Felix is better And obviously there he needs to be played If u wanna get something out of this talent.
brangko Hace un año
Another ball hogger 🤣
Kanwadyo Pinho
Kanwadyo Pinho Hace un año
He has a lot of potiential Similar dribble to Messi,Ronaldo and has burst speed like Dembele snd guys did you see his touch???💪🏾
Mankind Devilment
Mankind Devilment Hace un año
Yes ? what is unreal ?
Hyzel Fadhil
Hyzel Fadhil Hace un año
I used to believe hardwork is the main factor for success. But when i see players like Messi and Felix, I realized that God gives this Gifts for a reason. We may never understand but at least now I know it is from God. And HE is Most Fair. Not just soccer. But all industries.
zul fadli
zul fadli Hace un año
No need to difference him with cr7 and messi. He plays dferent position. New era.
Abraham Canche
Abraham Canche Hace un año
Imagine if him and de jong played together!!!!!!
SIMON GOL Hace un año
Mucho crack y calidad de video saludos desde Medellín Colombia
Uh Ok
Uh Ok Hace un año
intro song?(cant find in bio)
James O'Neill
James O'Neill Hace un año
Biometrix, Hush
Jumpin Nemo
Jumpin Nemo Hace un año
Just needs a bit more pace and he is perfect
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace un año
Nah he needs stamina pace in today's game is not hat neccesary u should be running 90 minutes tops in the modern game and that requires stamina pace is really not that important if u have a brain and Felix seem to have one.
Veck Hace un año
I wonder who lied to this kid and told him he's a forward, he'd be much better in midfield since he lacks pace but has good vision.
*love & Peace is never guaranteed
*love & Peace is never guaranteed Hace un año
His actually an Attackij midfielder who can play False 9 or second striker his an modern playmaker to say the least.
Haryansh Kharadi
Haryansh Kharadi Hace un año
who said he lacks pace? you dumb?
Guzz Hace un año
intro music?
Boniface Njuguna
Boniface Njuguna Hace un año
He is good but not a good finisher like mbape
Anjorin Ibukun
Anjorin Ibukun Hace un año
I hope he models his career after CR7. That insane work ethic will push him way beyond what pure talent could ever do.
Miro Hace un año
He has the skills to potentially become the best
Andrea Sinclair
Andrea Sinclair Hace un año
He so young and talented wonderkid
Atul Modi
Atul Modi Hace un año
Talent-wise :- Dembele > Mbappe > Felix Result cum Hardwork wise:- Mbappe > Felix > Dembele
Panda Hace un año
Next Messi or Ronaldo maybe?🤔
Markus Berger
Markus Berger Hace un año
Pretty overrated and going to be a good, but no world class player. Obviously he thinks, that he's going to be the next CR7, if he's dribbling all over the place, without passing or even looking for teammates. So he'll be the next generation of portugese overhyped selfish douchebag
H A Hace un año
Shut up
no name isono
no name isono Hace un año
Nice compilation,great song..thumbs up👍
Afonso Guimarães
Afonso Guimarães Hace un año
From a guy who knew him from a couple of years already. He is an amazing player but he isn't in a great form at atletico, wait 3 more matches and he will do what he did in benfica last season
ماجد :
ماجد : Hace un año
Not going to lie, seeing Diego Costa score again made me happy 3:41
Fast Lee
Fast Lee Hace un año
Felix, Ronaldo, Bernardo
NOOB GAMER Hace un año
what is the title song plzz...
TryHard Linkzyy
TryHard Linkzyy Hace un año
I remember when I was at the pitch in Sweden when atletico played against juventus he scored 2 goals
hussain akbar
hussain akbar Hace un año
Kaka + aguero= felix
Ya Boi
Ya Boi Hace un año
Great vid
Skiftexx cz
Skiftexx cz Hace un año
Feels to me like the players from the Liga nos are being extremly overhyped for expample Martins, Bruno Fernadnes and many others who came from there
Iman Das
Iman Das Hace un año
What is the opening music plz say 🙏🙏🙏
Iman Das
Iman Das Hace un año
James O'Neill
James O'Neill Hace un año
*Biometrix, Hush*
Mahananda Mandal
Mahananda Mandal Hace un año
He played like griezman ...
Andrew Ruiz
Andrew Ruiz Hace un año
Super talented , but is it even comparable to Ronaldo or Messi at 19 ? Same with mbappe , I just don’t think these guys come close to those 2
Josafat Sosa
Josafat Sosa Hace un año
Alguien sabe el nombre de la canción que uso de intro ?
Betterworld ok
Betterworld ok Hace un año
He is a phenomenal, with the super skills he has right now he will surpass Messi and Ronaldo in no time. He has better footwork than both but he has to finish in front of goals
Diego Villa
Diego Villa Hace un año
His so much better than Ronaldo 👏🤩
Diego Villa
Diego Villa Hace un año
SUCHIT APAGE it’s the truth
SUCHIT APAGE Hace un año
milman mii89
milman mii89 Hace un año
the future of portugal's no.7 is secure......figo-ronaldo-felix.....
B Kelley
B Kelley Hace un año
What is the song?
Berniedis Saong
Berniedis Saong Hace un año
Whats your intro song?
Alexis garcia
Alexis garcia Hace un año
Like=Joao Félix Comentario=Griezmann
Dan Hace un año
Luke Wood
Luke Wood Hace un año
Lil Kaká?
Cucu Ca
Cucu Ca Hace un año
bARCA should after this player
m g
m g Hace un año
So his highlights include diving?
Andris Falks
Andris Falks Hace un año
He is very good, but "unreal"? No he is not. Messi was and still is unreal. Ronaldo(both of them), Ronaldinho were unreal. This guy lacks finishing, speed and power to be unreal, he is good, don't get me wrong, but not unreal.
cred Hace un año
This gon be a Mbapoe and Felix rivalry in the future Like messi and ronaldo
Victor Escobar
Victor Escobar Hace un año
Marvin Bruh yeap
Constantine Joseph
Constantine Joseph Hace un año
New Ronaldo
llavero5 Hace un año
Not bad, but unreal? unreal was Ronaldo Nazario at that age.
Matthias Kalweit
Matthias Kalweit Hace un año
Best Thing to sell griezman for him
Maxime Yeon
Maxime Yeon Hace un año
Im happy to see Felix proved me wrong I thought he was going to be a flop
sebastheslump *
sebastheslump * Hace un año
what’s so “unreal” bout him
sebastheslump *
sebastheslump * Hace un año
i don’t get it
Nebuchadnezzar Kkoma
Nebuchadnezzar Kkoma Hace un año
Song: Thoughts of you - kingzmn
Brandon John
Brandon John Hace un año
Love this video, the content the editing music and all. Great work 🔥 🔥
Mcfc Hace un año
Clutch Clan
Clutch Clan Hace un año
João is not as good as Ronaldo and Messi when they were 19
Aaryan Kumar Singh
Aaryan Kumar Singh Hace un año
Me : He is really good. ESpost : He is good but Ronaldo and Messi were monsters at 19. 😂🤣
LEEDS YNWA Hace un año
motaku evooy
motaku evooy Hace un año
Second Grizmman..may be better than Grizmman
Mike Victor
Mike Victor Hace un año
Can you do a video about frenkie de jong skills 2019/20
Lyrical Block 32
Lyrical Block 32 Hace un año
I dont know Rick...
Hans-Jürgen Luttmann
Hans-Jürgen Luttmann Hace un año
Do Lewandowski please😀⚽️
Cirebon1 Jaka sumbang
Cirebon1 Jaka sumbang Hace un año
Another overated kid, let's see 4-5years again, like Bojan? Or be next cr7
Dkdkdd Jsjsjd
Dkdkdd Jsjsjd Hace un año
Joao felix is good but messi and ronaldo monsters
Dkdkdd Jsjsjd
Dkdkdd Jsjsjd Hace un año
Joao felix new Kaka