19 Year Old Erling Braut Håland is Outstanding!

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The best skills, passes & goals from the Norwegian striker Erling Braut Håland during the 2019-2020 season at Red Bull Salzburg.
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace 10 meses
This kid is insane 🤯
lbhtdc zz_
lbhtdc zz_ Hace 9 meses
@Nguyễn Duy thank god we have people like you who actually know your shit
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson Hace 9 meses
Next lewandowski???????
Nguyễn Duy
Nguyễn Duy Hace 10 meses
nothing special watch him in a actual game , he rarely miss chance to score a goal , he has good pace , dribbling , smart , good shooter despite his age and you saying hes nothing special
tom colton
tom colton Hace 10 meses
Outstanding...in a farmers league
dingdong3000 Hace 10 meses
No he ain't. He is overrated and will do terrible in the EPL
Mats Hansen
Mats Hansen Hace 3 meses
99 Lips
Jan Leibetseder
Jan Leibetseder Hace 3 meses
He is without doubt the next superstar.
TheRicokilla Hace 3 meses
I like him for his football work I love him for his 1 liners.. Lol
Pranjay Jaitely
Pranjay Jaitely Hace 3 meses
Charlie Alder
Charlie Alder Hace 6 meses
19 and looks like hes been playing pro for 10 years.
Oliver Sosa
Oliver Sosa Hace 6 meses
I've seen better young players
Evelyn ISEN
Evelyn ISEN Hace 6 meses
He lookin like tobias from gumball no cap
Gilearde Silva
Gilearde Silva Hace 7 meses
Insane of erling haaland
Mike L.
Mike L. Hace 8 meses
Tall, quick, strong, and great runs. This man's world class.
VENOM Hace 8 meses
espost.info/download/v-deo/op-ghWWgo9PVZpw !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Incepted Gaming TV
Mr. Incepted Gaming TV Hace 8 meses
3:10 was just amazing..🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Mr. Incepted Gaming TV
Mr. Incepted Gaming TV Hace 8 meses
Intro song name pls...
patrick kangavve
patrick kangavve Hace 8 meses
Maybe After Ronaldo vs Messi, we shall have Haaland Vs Mbappe
fofa_alnooba Hace 8 meses
who is here after he moved to real madrid
Brahbe Temerel
Brahbe Temerel Hace 8 meses
Sajib Mollick
Sajib Mollick Hace 8 meses
Haland Era is starting..
Amir Torhan
Amir Torhan Hace 8 meses
He is fast but ppl comparing him to 60m sprinters is just a joke, they would make him look like a total amateur
LEMONADE T Hace 8 meses
This dude get kill by jessie pinkman
Gambo Muhammad
Gambo Muhammad Hace 8 meses
Score by hero
ch282 Hace 8 meses
he has already seven goals in bundesliga geshooted
Lion Poker
Lion Poker Hace 8 meses
Fatai Abiodun Ajiboro
Fatai Abiodun Ajiboro Hace 9 meses
He’s playing easy mode
Daimr 123 Dario
Daimr 123 Dario Hace 9 meses
Like si vienes por robertpg
xHBeatz Hace 9 meses
he reminds me of zaha because of his colour
Carlos AG
Carlos AG Hace 9 meses
3 goals in his debut world class striker
Raffi Derderian
Raffi Derderian Hace 9 meses
Who’s here after scoring 3 goals in 23 minutes
Arif Dalpa
Arif Dalpa Hace 9 meses
Came here after he scored a hattrick on Borussia debut. Came in 56th minute.
he is a version of lukaku. But a younger one. Left-footed , big guy , and great in finishing
THE LOUSY GAMER Hace 9 meses
What a cool dude😎
Mitu Raj
Mitu Raj Hace 9 meses
Faster vanpersie
Car Freakx
Car Freakx Hace 9 meses
Haland 90 Pace!
DigBickJimmy Hace 9 meses
How is he that tall but his dad is mad short 🤷🏽‍♂️
Maulana Wasi Haider Rizvi
Maulana Wasi Haider Rizvi Hace 9 meses
U can see minaminos class in this video too
Uindermanzer Zer
Uindermanzer Zer Hace 9 meses
Intro song?
いわ Hace 9 meses
Haland or Minamino?
Goodgames lp
Goodgames lp Hace 9 meses
Rest in peace bayern
YankelAmador9 Hace 10 meses
I feel like jao Felix is a bit better
Sam Li
Sam Li Hace 10 meses
Kygo jo!!
B. Faria
B. Faria Hace 10 meses
Nothing against him, but I'm actually glad he didn't come go United. I prefer the potential partnership of Martial and Rashford. And the uprise of Greenwood. I don't think United need another striker as Rashford can play upfront, I'd say United need a proper right winger.
TechShifu Hace 10 meses
I don't why, but he runs just like Mbappe lmao
Zacrue Gaming
Zacrue Gaming Hace 10 meses
Gabriel Kestering
Gabriel Kestering Hace 10 meses
Welcome to Borussia Dortmund !💛🖤
Marko Montana
Marko Montana Hace 10 meses
Borussia Dortmund Perfect Club for a big Career
Mr.Borrany Hace 10 meses
Welcome to Borussia Dortmund Erling Haaland🐝🐝🐝💛💛💛
SID Khan
SID Khan Hace 10 meses
Lost another player. Why hype and get United fans hopes high and then sign for Brussia Dortmund
Don Johnson
Don Johnson Hace 10 meses
Top Haland 💪BVB 😬
Matox Fifa
Matox Fifa Hace 10 meses
Good luck in Dortmund 💛!
Jayjit Das
Jayjit Das Hace 10 meses
welcome to BVB!!!!
Timo Peter
Timo Peter Hace 10 meses
Borussia Dortmund 29.12.2019
Negan Grimes
Negan Grimes Hace 10 meses
Amazing kid is the result of the marriage between John Arne Riise and Kevin De Bruyne
Negan Grimes
Negan Grimes Hace 10 meses
Amazing kid is the result of the marriage between John Arne Riise and Kevin De Bruyne
háshtág Hace 10 meses
Welcome to Dortmund
Shane Kernan
Shane Kernan Hace 10 meses
Who’s here after he moved to Dortmund
TL Hace 9 meses
Hirsty hahahahhaha, he’s fucking insane
Hirsty Hace 9 meses
Shane Kernan Who’s here after he scored a hat trick on his Dortmund debut more like lmao.
Gustavo Vieira
Gustavo Vieira Hace 10 meses
Just imagine Haaland and Moukoko together!
Gustavo Vieira
Gustavo Vieira Hace 10 meses
Welcome to BVB!
Icemannoah 09
Icemannoah 09 Hace 10 meses
Welcome to Borussia Dortmund🖤💛
Soraya Moreno carrillo
Soraya Moreno carrillo Hace 10 meses
Valla crack con sindrome de donw pero esa valentia que tiene sigue asi CRACK
Denis Gazza
Denis Gazza Hace 10 meses
Welcome to the best club in the world - BVB!
ps3Tank11 Hace 10 meses
welcome to dortmund
Matthis 7
Matthis 7 Hace 10 meses
Now a BvB player💛🖤
Literal7 Hace 10 meses
Welcome to Borussia Dortmund! May you shine at our fantastic club! ⚫🟡⚽️
Anodaimu footage
Anodaimu footage Hace 10 meses
Haaland + minamino wow
ahsl Hace 10 meses
a striker is only as good as the team that support him
Zxns Hace 10 meses
New Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Vladimir Tchuiev
Vladimir Tchuiev Hace 10 meses
With him and Odegaard Norway seem to have a bright future
lbhtdc zz_
lbhtdc zz_ Hace 9 meses
Looks so plus the prospect sander berge
BeaTrix Hace 10 meses
He plays like left-footed thiery Henry.
MAD MAX Hace 10 meses
Haaland pes 2020 espost.info/download/v-deo/YKZ-fX9jitPEoWk
Liam Barella
Liam Barella Hace 10 meses
Austrian Championship, ... doesnt show nothing
Late Night In Paris
Late Night In Paris Hace 10 meses
3:55 bro what?!? 😂😂
The Godfather
The Godfather Hace 10 meses
al posto di quel maiale di Higuain
The Godfather
The Godfather Hace 10 meses
Welcome to Junventus
Thearch Hace 10 meses
Strong player with good left foot...reminds me of adriano but less power in shot..
ellie brooker
ellie brooker Hace 10 meses
Sign him up ole. Break the bank for him.utd need a natural goal corer finisher
ellie brooker
ellie brooker Hace 10 meses
Goal scorer.
Claudiu Martin
Claudiu Martin Hace 10 meses
Goal facili e difese quasi sempre inesistenti, basta guardare Ronaldo che in Italia non sa più fare un giochetto e in spagna elastici doppi passi e via
Гаврила Алексич
Гаврила Алексич Hace 10 meses
Желаю парню удачи в карьере ! 💪
Kenneth Cassar
Kenneth Cassar Hace 10 meses
Welcome to MANCHESTER UNITED !!!!!
cem ören
cem ören Hace 10 meses
Giuseppe Brtio
Giuseppe Brtio Hace 10 meses
Benvenuto alla juve..
Angga Fajar Setyawan
Angga Fajar Setyawan Hace 10 meses
New Juventus player
Rizky Firmansyah
Rizky Firmansyah Hace 10 meses
Chelsea good to this boy
Rizky Firmansyah
Rizky Firmansyah Hace 10 meses
The next lewandowski
Valentino Hace 10 meses
Avec les qualités athlétique qui lui sont propre (taille etc..) il serait probable qu'il marque l'histoire tu foot et de la stat. Affolant !!!
Homosimius Ratus
Homosimius Ratus Hace 10 meses
Van Nistelrooy 2.0
koziol mutant
koziol mutant Hace 10 meses
Man Utd will get great player to suit their style plus having new dimension in height and power. Combination of Zlatan and Van Persie in one.
Pollytomonty Hace 10 meses
Like Fernando Torres in Liverpool
Rizqi Bayumantari
Rizqi Bayumantari Hace 10 meses
This young man must drink too much red bull before match....
Martin Eden
Martin Eden Hace 10 meses
He's going to go to Juventus. Raiola is working for this. He's wrong but I would see play him in a better league, with defender, better player
Rizqi Bayumantari
Rizqi Bayumantari Hace 10 meses
I'm a Juve fans.... And I hardly believe this young man can play enough since we have Cristiano, Gonzalo, and Paulo in the front... But if Juve success to sign him... I will be happy anyway.
arif Hace 10 meses
too early said he become future best player
phu vo
phu vo Hace 10 meses
Haaland vs minamino, who is better???
phu vo
phu vo Hace 10 meses
@Rizqi Bayumantari like ronaldo and messi, huh :3
Rizqi Bayumantari
Rizqi Bayumantari Hace 10 meses
Both needed each other to be a complete sets of front liners.
Gregor Carlin
Gregor Carlin Hace 10 meses
I’m struggling to see what he has that Lukaku didn’t
bashir ali
bashir ali Hace 10 meses
Ball control and inteligence
Irfan Irfan
Irfan Irfan Hace 10 meses
dean Parsons
dean Parsons Hace 10 meses
Hopefully coming to Manchester United
Luca Salvarani
Luca Salvarani Hace 10 meses
benvenuto alla Juve!
Omar Daud
Omar Daud Hace 10 meses
MU need this player to replace linggard.
Sameer Hussain
Sameer Hussain Hace 10 meses
Fun fact : He is the son of Inge Haland, whose career was ended by Roy Keane
Rizqi Bayumantari
Rizqi Bayumantari Hace 10 meses
And based on information I've got from media... His father agree if his son, Haaland plays for United in the future... Inge Haaland was a former ManCity.
Tony Hace 10 meses
Bayern Munich should buy him, and loan him back, future replacement for Lewandowski
cem ören
cem ören Hace 10 meses
William E. Smith
William E. Smith Hace 10 meses
Come to Manchester United. We will build our team around you.
Epio Padula
Epio Padula Hace 10 meses
Lo voglio al milan cn i top pure
Jack Maynard
Jack Maynard Hace 10 meses
it's Herr Flick from 'Allo 'Allo. Hitler would have been proud. he looks like a fuckin' spastic if you ask me.
Robin Goh
Robin Goh Hace 10 meses
Kane's baby boy
Nick Jamo
Nick Jamo Hace 10 meses
Don’t rate him in this league .. let’s see
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