10 Times Kylian Mbappé Shocked The World

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[10 Times Kylian Mbappé Shocked The World]
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Score 90
Score 90 Hace 11 meses
cedric roels
cedric roels Hace 3 meses
Samuel Mehari
Samuel Mehari Hace 5 meses
Hello can i Get shoutout
Father Karl
Father Karl Hace 11 meses
Cringe and gay
juan pablo muñoz ortiz
juan pablo muñoz ortiz Hace 11 meses
Waheeda Petkar
Waheeda Petkar Hace 11 meses
Your editing is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Oscar Ekbom
Oscar Ekbom Hace 10 días
UCANON Hace un mes
Mbappe is good at scoring in places where you wouldn't think of scoring in, and he scores amazingly under pressure. Mbappe is the next gen of soccer players!
gaddyb Hace 4 meses
He has got perfect physique, talent and temperament to be the best and he is so young...
jean Hace 5 meses
typiquement le joueur qui te fais ne plus aimer le foot
Iman SXLX.L Hace 7 meses
Dieser Spieler ist und bleibt eine Legende wie Neymar mbappe Cr7 Messie suarez das war das Schicksal also das sind und bleiben die Legenden
miniapple 55
miniapple 55 Hace 10 meses
Mbappe sick
nomos Hace 10 meses
mbapenis is far far away from Messi
nomos Hace 9 meses
@benny ben you don't understand folks!! in france nearly everybody call him mbapenis, it's a friendly nickname. we say " with mbapenis with us, other team looks like a big ass" lol
benny ben
benny ben Hace 9 meses
"mbapenis" you 7 year old kid you are not fan of soccer mbappe never said he was better than messi
Amnan Syakir
Amnan Syakir Hace 10 meses
No need to hate dipshit. He never said he is any better than messi. Messi fans are always cringy.
Bishal Thakuri
Bishal Thakuri Hace 10 meses
He looks like ninja turtle 💪😁
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Hace 10 meses
*3:27** best part* 🔥🔥🔥😍😍
Josh Thomas
Josh Thomas Hace 10 meses
Love him or hate him, he’s a joy to watch.
Doug Agne
Doug Agne Hace 10 meses
Like mbapa comment messi
Youssef dridi
Youssef dridi Hace 10 meses
Vas chez Zizou la famille. Tu vas bien apprendre notre cher kilian
Anti Dictator
Anti Dictator Hace 11 meses
He's good, but far away from Messi and Ronaldo.
Juan EC
Juan EC Hace 11 meses
7:00 song??
xxa7mxdxx Hace 11 meses
I am watching this video because my friend keeps telling me I look like him
Joel Konyeha
Joel Konyeha Hace 10 meses
@Bishal Thakuri funny you'd say this cos my sister does too🤣😂😂
Bishal Thakuri
Bishal Thakuri Hace 10 meses
It means you like ninja turtle 😁
Eza Bella
Eza Bella Hace 11 meses
Can I see your picture ???? Plz
Matheus Furtado
Matheus Furtado Hace 11 meses
Not impressioned
juan k oro
juan k oro Hace 11 meses
he is good but no amazing
Freddie Facer
Freddie Facer Hace 11 meses
The new Rolando
Jiren DaMacc
Jiren DaMacc Hace 11 meses
Super lethal weapon!
MAG Hace 11 meses
ну и хуита
21existenz Hace 11 meses
He noob
SpliT Jillin
SpliT Jillin Hace 11 meses
why u dont use orginal Sound musik nerv on this vid
polux82 Hace 11 meses
You forgot Mbappe vs Alaba
Jesse D S
Jesse D S Hace 11 meses
I hate his smuck face and i hate the way he falls to the ground with such ease.
Laogai / Panda
Laogai / Panda Hace 11 meses
Vortex Skytrekt
Vortex Skytrekt Hace 11 meses
Its 4 goals in 13 min
Julius Frey
Julius Frey Hace 11 meses
I´m sorry, but maybe you should take a minute and think about how to edit a soccer video - meaning not to destroy the content with unnecessary cuts...
rifoul Hace 11 meses
Encore une chaine d'un français chauvin ca qui le surcote ^^
tanguy m
tanguy m Hace 11 meses
Va dans le "à propos" de la chaîne avant de dire de la merde 😉
qti97 psg
qti97 psg Hace 11 meses
rifoul Tu es belge ?
Sofian Hace 11 meses
overrated as F
Sofian Hace 11 meses
​@Mustafa المحارب النوبيI know and somehow he's managing to play in a way that isn't enjoyable to watch. litle or no dribling skills compared to O.Dembele for eg, don't know how to score with his head, relying only on his speed. He's so focus on improving his records that he forget to play with his teammatte. to watch him play begin to be more and more unbeareable, especialy in the national team
Randy andy
Randy andy Hace 11 meses
What is astonishing to me the most is the fact, that Mbappe's legs are actually way too long for a footballer to be a good dribbler ! His centre of gravity is very high and his legs giraffe like, yet he manages to put those quick changes of directions on the pitch. Quite amazing ...
Randy andy
Randy andy Hace 10 meses
@kader mika I never said anything about his height ...
kader mika
kader mika Hace 10 meses
he is not tall he is only 1.78m
Pao Chongloi
Pao Chongloi Hace 11 meses
The only shocking is he is killing Neymar career 🤣🤣👌
Tengo mekhrishvili
Tengo mekhrishvili Hace 11 meses
He is my favourite player but league 1 will not make him best. he has to try his luck in Premier League or in Spain
Angus Baker
Angus Baker Hace 11 meses
Chelsea summer 2020
CAVERN1234 Hace 11 meses
Get ready for his arrival at Liverpool
Kashif Jamal
Kashif Jamal Hace 10 meses
Bro he is madridista
rifoul Hace 11 meses
A A Hace 11 meses
shocked the world..lol
DMZ HD Hace 11 meses
That doesn’t shock me.....it scares me!
Football life
Football life Hace 11 meses
i would pay 400m for this player
Cool King
Cool King Hace 6 meses
Football life u can’t afford him even if u sell urself
Rudolf Hotler
Rudolf Hotler Hace 11 meses
Where's the shocking scenes?
Aaron Hace 11 meses
@Alejandro mate All THIS compilation showed was his pace and putting in mainly tap ins. And I don't know where you're getting that "put it in the net 9.5/10 times" stat.
Alejandro mate
Alejandro mate Hace 11 meses
@Aaron a pace merchant doesn't put it in the net 9.5/10 times , he doesn't get a hold of the games on his own , he doesn't do smart tricks here and there that help progress the attack , he doesn't score a goal outside the box in a world cup final , he doesn't know what to do with the ball in every other part of the pitch besides the wide and attacking areas , he doesn't progress that fast as a player aged 20 ,having had to change teams and change positions and play all of these different teams and positions with the same capability and effectiveness.. pace merchants his age struggle to find game time in big clubs just because they need to learn how to mature and improve and learn how to use that pace and ball handling to the benefit of the team in regular first-team structures and on constistent basis.
Aaron Hace 11 meses
Right? I'm not really ever "shocked" by pace merchants and tap-ins.
Rahul Krishnan
Rahul Krishnan Hace 11 meses
4 goals in 17 minutes? robert lewandowski had 5 in 9...
Rahul Krishnan
Rahul Krishnan Hace 11 meses
@Etienne Gayoso it was meant as a joke lol, obviously mbappe is an incredible player
Etienne Gayoso
Etienne Gayoso Hace 11 meses
@Rahul Krishnan First, it was 4 goals in 11 minutes, mistake in the video. Second, Lewangoalski scored against Wolfsburg, Mbappe scored against Lyon who is surely one of the best Ligue 1 team. Third, the Lewandowski 5 goals were absolutely amazing, we can't deny this performance it's obviously better, but stop being an asshole and juste watch the little boy at the age of 20...
Rob Hodge
Rob Hodge Hace 11 meses
@Meet Defoe Not really a factor since a LOT of players these days are being picked up under 20yrs old. That's really a baseline.
Rahul Krishnan
Rahul Krishnan Hace 11 meses
@Meet Defoe lol and he was also playing a trash ligue 1 team.. the team lewandowski scored against was 1-0 up at the time and had the best defense in the league at that point...
Meet Defoe
Meet Defoe Hace 11 meses
he was 19 ???
Tim Rault
Tim Rault Hace 11 meses
What's the name of the music in the intro ? 0:00
benny Tristan
benny Tristan Hace 11 meses
Ghost-Silence (Original mix)
Gaijin Hakase
Gaijin Hakase Hace 11 meses
Oh look, this kid is a bit faster than other players. Cool.
Gaijin Hakase
Gaijin Hakase Hace 11 meses
@6188406050042119 oh you poor boy, you don't know what "average" means 😂
6188406050042119 Hace 11 meses
@Gaijin Hakase You already admired, that hes slighlity better than average. So he's not like the other players. thats what you said ;D
Gaijin Hakase
Gaijin Hakase Hace 11 meses
@6188406050042119 yep. want me to say it again?
Gaijin Hakase
Gaijin Hakase Hace 11 meses
@6188406050042119 If you're just tall and you can dunk on people with 2x your skill, then yeah it's kinda bullshit
6188406050042119 Hace 11 meses
And running is a big part of football. Its like " oh, the basketballer is just tall".
Romas Hace 11 meses
It is just highlights, not 10 moments from his carrer
Omurbek Kypchakbaev
Omurbek Kypchakbaev Hace 11 meses
Too much video effects, unreal to watch
Sergio Danvers
Sergio Danvers Hace 11 meses
I'm on my knees Perez I beg you sign this man up in the summer just imagine Hazard benzema mbappe that strike force would strike fear into any defense
Callum McKillop
Callum McKillop Hace 11 meses
Simon Malaret he won’t stay at PSG he’s too good for them anyways
Sergio Danvers
Sergio Danvers Hace 11 meses
@Simon loooool someone's salty😂😂 Also I'll come back back to this post when he's holding the white shirt
Simon Hace 11 meses
Madrid is a rat's club. He'll stay in Paris.
Alzamendi Andres
Alzamendi Andres Hace 11 meses
Crack de verdad ese pibe!⚽️👏🏻
Christopher Harry
Christopher Harry Hace 11 meses
He’s incredible, I just hope he can avoid injuries and not make any bad transfer decisions because what a talent that lad is.
24 Hace 11 meses
*I belive Mbappe will be close to cr7 & lm10 level* but not better and by the end of career one of the best to play. Also probably gonna have richer career tho for example World Cup Euro Cup etc... He will win it all.
Malik Djaba
Malik Djaba Hace 11 meses
Shocked the world ?? Oo
karlito_ ln
karlito_ ln Hace 11 meses
just stunning. he is only 20... damn
Inferno ming
Inferno ming Hace 11 meses
That's why he is most expensive player right now
Hareesh Devendran
Hareesh Devendran Hace 11 meses
He can't be as good as Ronaldo or Messi or even Neymar or hazard. He's in farmers league lmoa
SkyrReeZ Hace 7 meses
@dada moi bpl --->overrated 😂😂
dada moi
dada moi Hace 11 meses
Farmer's leagues from world champion nation with most valuable player's bought millions in the so called famous premier league 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Prodromos P
Prodromos P Hace 11 meses
Mbappe is not a world class player. He constistently under-performs against teams with powerful defenses, like Real Madrid, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Napoli, Liverpool and he will never win UCL.
Liquid Norma
Liquid Norma Hace 10 meses
Don't worry for Mbappe's carrier lol, youngest player ever to score 10 and 20 goals in UCL, destroying Manchester City, Dortmund, Juv (youngest player to score in a UCL semi final) at 18 with Monaco. Destroying Bayern in UCL, late equaliser vs Liverpool last year, fastest hatrick as a substitute in the UCL three weeks ago, first teenager to score in a world cup's knock out stage and in the world cup final since pelé, ripping every national team on his way including Belgium not to mention his legendary game against Argentina, 2nd best scorer in 2019 in all five major leagues behind Messi...and it continues...I'm sorry for your poor understaning of football but mbappe is the kind of phenomenon we very rarely see, ask mourninho wenger ferdinand scholes... all praising him as one of the best teenager they have ever seen, you just a troll
Prodromos P
Prodromos P Hace 11 meses
@Mustafa المحارب النوبي yeah from the varane's stupidness. And so what? He will be out of UCL in march.
Prodromos P
Prodromos P Hace 11 meses
@SergieMx no one gives a fuck about farmers League. So in 9 matches against strong defenses he only scored 3 goals. Yeah this is under-performance. And he lost to all those teams. He is not a world class player.
SergieMx Hace 11 meses
He scored against Liverpool. He scored against United. He scored against Munich. He played only one match against Madrid. He is world champion at 19. He is the best player in the French football league. 37 matches last season : 37 goals. But no, Prodomos P thinks he's not a world class player, so he's not. What a joke
Blyat Blyat
Blyat Blyat Hace 11 meses
My comment might be harsh but doesnt have the ability to change big games on his own like Messi/Ronaldo. Atleast not yet. Currently he's just another Neymar. Playing in the farmers league is holding his big talent he has to go next year dont care whether PSG win CL or not.
Ruelle Gaultier
Ruelle Gaultier Hace 11 meses
I remember I think it was 4 goal in 11 minutes and not 17 min like the video say
Rigels J.
Rigels J. Hace 6 meses
5 goals in 9 minutes
bilboen Hace 11 meses
Nesh -
Nesh - Hace 11 meses
Faster come to Liverpool .
Tim Le Fou
Tim Le Fou Hace 11 meses
Dans la video on vois si le cousin de Mbappe est fort au foot espost.info/download/v-deo/eoGxfoN4h6iTd6g
Alessandro Paladino
Alessandro Paladino Hace 11 meses
He needs to leave France if he wants to make the last and finale step. French football is not competitive and PSG has no rival and there is no competition, it's a boring league. He needs to play in a difficult league to improve and push his limits.
GolazoFirst Hace 11 meses
Buffen Hace 11 meses
Please come to Liverpool❤️
Cheryl June
Cheryl June Hace 11 meses
@Aaron lol
Aaron Hace 11 meses
No thank you.
butter tost
butter tost Hace 11 meses
He's a mutian
smohammed boss
smohammed boss Hace 11 meses
Fahad Fariz
Fahad Fariz Hace 11 meses
OMG mbappe is a great player
明後日キララ Hace 11 meses
next ronaldo🔥
たつおーう Hace 11 meses
The thumbnail looked Zidane for a moment
Market Man
Market Man Hace 11 meses
Liverpool bound in the summer
Inferno ming
Inferno ming Hace 11 meses
>200million pounds good luck with that
AC7XHD Hace 11 meses
Arturo Aguilar
Arturo Aguilar Hace 11 meses
Future galáctico 💯
mees Hace 11 meses
0:37 when its the 1st of december
Cheryl June
Cheryl June Hace 11 meses
You'll write it as fart of December lol
mahdi Hace 11 meses
112_Ilyas Hace 11 meses
Dude haha
Valen Tine
Valen Tine Hace 11 meses
In the field you be like a man with your feet but Kylian is the man with motorbike in his feet.
Leo Richald
Leo Richald Hace 11 meses
Man 2 Man
Man 2 Man Hace 11 meses
he is taking over the Messi-Cr7 Era, he needs somebody to rival him so they can push each other to the limit, maybe that new guy Rodrgo from Madrid can be that I dont know
• vskiz •
• vskiz • Hace un mes
Ansu Fati
elias portillo 2
elias portillo 2 Hace 4 meses
SM Xtreme
SM Xtreme Hace 5 meses
Haaland is the best rival for him but I am with kylian
Justin Jose
Justin Jose Hace 6 meses
But J Sancho could suit for his rivalry
Justin Jose
Justin Jose Hace 6 meses
Or Haaland
Elonzo Arellano
Elonzo Arellano Hace 11 meses
Neymar jr leave fcb cuz he doesnt want to be shadow from messi. Now Neymar jr’s shadow cuz of mbappe 😂
StressFreeCity Hace 10 meses
Elonzo Arellano Facts!!! 👏🏾👏🏾
Norman Fernèe
Norman Fernèe Hace 11 meses
Harish Hace 11 meses
Norman Fernèe yeah, for Real Madrid.
Dawood Mo
Dawood Mo Hace 11 meses
Best youtube channel ❤❤
Save 15% or more on car insurance
Save 15% or more on car insurance Hace 11 meses
in my eyes he is already one of the greatest ever fight me
Amol Paradke
Amol Paradke Hace 11 meses
Tell him to keep doing it for more than 10 seasons consecutively like Messi and Ronaldo then come back to fight me😂😂😂
Arthur _
Arthur _ Hace 11 meses
“Fight Me” wow impressive very scared from this 9 yr old.
Spartan Arman
Spartan Arman Hace 11 meses
UEFA Champion league espost.info/download/v-deo/qpmji6GJaJmPfJg
NO .USERNAME Hace 11 meses
When and where
Kaban Kempff
Kaban Kempff Hace 11 meses
Mbappe is overrated...truth he is no ronaldo or messi...just gonna fade away as another wasted talent one of the many youths going nowhere under pressure
sd dsds
sd dsds Hace 11 meses
How many world cup for Ronaldo and Messi ?
dada moi
dada moi Hace 11 meses
@Kaban Kempff so 0 world champion cup thank you bye bye!
Kaban Kempff
Kaban Kempff Hace 11 meses
@dada moi how many championsleague trophies does mbappe have. Thx bye
dada moi
dada moi Hace 11 meses
How many world cup's got messi and ronaldo? Ok thx bye!
Kaban Kempff
Kaban Kempff Hace 11 meses
I'd love to see him make a move and improve his game. He is too tunnel vision speed orientated(don't get me wrong it works) but once you regularly appear on the big stage as in champs L finals big league matches in time they figure out your style and your pace only lasts so long.
vw caddy mk1
vw caddy mk1 Hace 11 meses
Mbappe najs 🥰
mr. ghost
mr. ghost Hace 11 meses
I don't think he will ever be as good as messi or ronaldo when it comes to playing football but i think he might break their scoring records.
Etienne Gayoso
Etienne Gayoso Hace 11 meses
@Franco Sousa Nobody come close to Messi in pure talent in the whole history of football.
Franco Sousa
Franco Sousa Hace 11 meses
If it's purely on footballing prowess? Neither CR7 nor Messi match up to Ronaldinho
Marc Charpentier
Marc Charpentier Hace 11 meses
bla. bla. bla.
Irae00 Hace 11 meses
@Etienne Gayoso the last part of your comment is why I'd take Mbappe over Neymar anytime ^^
Etienne Gayoso
Etienne Gayoso Hace 11 meses
@Irae00 Neymar has 55 goals in 63 matches with PSG, he's still outclassing Mbappe, but at this moment nobody except Messi (KDB or Sterling?) is better than Neymar when he's on his feet :D
Dkdkdd Jsjsjd
Dkdkdd Jsjsjd Hace 11 meses
For you mbappe can become stronger than cristiano Ronaldo and messi?
Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon Hace 11 meses
troll thubnail haha
Giacomo 01
Giacomo 01 Hace 11 meses
Siamo solo all inizio
Nekompromisny Lacko Borbely
Nekompromisny Lacko Borbely Hace 11 meses
he is a BEAST!
1687 Mayankrawat
1687 Mayankrawat Hace 10 meses
@Giorgio what you know I can sense player future by playing style but you don't understand it shit😂🤣
Giorgio Hace 10 meses
@1687 Mayankrawat you clearly don't know what football is you dumfuck
Nekompromisny Lacko Borbely
Nekompromisny Lacko Borbely Hace 11 meses
@1687 Mayankrawat he will be star...u fuckin hater
MiAg Hace 11 meses
Mayank Rawat he’s scored against Liverpool united Dortmund man city Argentina Croatia Lyon and has over 100 career goals at 20 but rarwat from wherever he is thinks he Joe’s better
1687 Mayankrawat
1687 Mayankrawat Hace 11 meses
@MiAg he scores because of Di Maria in his team , scoring in main matches is the point , mbappe is truly a shit in this , he is over now🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
AF10HD Hace 11 meses
mbappe 💕💕💕
Arber Notorious
Arber Notorious Hace 11 meses
Do the same with Rodrygo 5 times Rodrygo Goes Shocked the World 1.Hattrick in 9 minutes vs Vitoria 2.Destroying Galatasaray in Ucl with a hattrick and an assist 3.Amazing Free Kick vs Bayern Munich 4.Destroying Venezuela U20 5.Amazing First Touch in debut goal vs Osasuna
Bastian Schweinsteiger
Bastian Schweinsteiger Hace 11 meses
What is the song called 6:27
Supreme Emperor
Supreme Emperor Hace 11 meses
His pace is surreal 🤩
Sultan Abdulhameed II
Sultan Abdulhameed II Hace 11 meses
ثامر الزبيدي
ثامر الزبيدي Hace 11 meses
Rekib AHMED Hace 11 meses
Surely Mbbape is fantastic..but NEYMAR JR is the best of bests.. agree?? Hit LIKE♥️
Mr. FrendZ
Mr. FrendZ Hace 11 meses
@ŇýØņ ĶhĀñ more
ŇýØņ ĶhĀñ
ŇýØņ ĶhĀñ Hace 11 meses
@Mr. FrendZ you are right but now he don't dive
Mr. FrendZ
Mr. FrendZ Hace 11 meses
@ŇýØņ ĶhĀñ i know football, but i know for his actor and his "222mil"😵 he can be good player if he in barca, paris isn't for him..
ŇýØņ ĶhĀñ
ŇýØņ ĶhĀñ Hace 11 meses
@Mr. FrendZ you don't know football
Mr. FrendZ
Mr. FrendZ Hace 11 meses
@ŇýØņ ĶhĀñ How Actor can be better than Mbappe?
ثامر الزبيدي
ثامر الزبيدي Hace 11 meses
Get off Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi and use the new song
Sultan Abdulhameed II
Sultan Abdulhameed II Hace 11 meses
Mbappe is the successor to Messi and Ronaldo and is 3rd to Ronaldo and Messi 💯🤯💯💪🏿💪🏻
Thomas Muller
Thomas Muller Hace 10 meses
Sterling hasn’t been anywhere near as good as him. Ask any even slightly intelligent English fan, they’ll tell you that De Bruyne is in a different league, and he played in both cup finals and the period where they got ahead of Liverpool, so I think he was important
Basheman 141
Basheman 141 Hace 10 meses
@Thomas Muller De Bruyne has been world class no doubt. But City's issues stem from lack of depth at the CB position. They didn't replace Kompany. Stones has had injuries and lost his form. And Laporte who was a top 3 CB in the league is injured for a long time. If De Bruyne was absolutely irreplaceable then City wouldn't have won the treble last year. As for whether he is Pep's most important player, that is debatable. Sterling has been just as good as him the last 3 seasons. And he has elevated his national team player since the euro qualifiers.
Thomas Muller
Thomas Muller Hace 10 meses
And sterling has been awful for England in any major competitions or against good teams
Thomas Muller
Thomas Muller Hace 10 meses
Basheman 141. He hasn’t started in three matches this season, they’ve lost two of them. He has carried them all season. Scoring the most goals against the big six as well as getting the most assists against them. They’ve suffered like hell when Liverpool and Manchester United have put a couple of men on him and restricted him, he is by far their best, and most important, player
Basheman 141
Basheman 141 Hace 10 meses
@Thomas Muller Sterling has taken his superb form to the National team, during the Euro qualifiers. As for KDB Man City won a historic treble with him injured most of the year. That kind of de-legitamizes your claim that he can be the best in the world. When your the crown jewel of a squad, team should suffer without you.
Melak Rivera Zamorano
Melak Rivera Zamorano Hace 11 meses
Julianesque Hace 11 meses
Score 90
Score 90 Hace 11 meses
Musab Ali
Musab Ali Hace 11 meses
1st view
Fawaz Ali
Fawaz Ali Hace 11 meses
Wow , your parents must be proud of you!
Meu nome é feio
Meu nome é feio Hace 11 meses
Future Pelé
juan k oro
juan k oro Hace 11 meses
YuhItsWind Hace 11 meses
If he stays at PSG he will. Because he’s overrated and In a shitty league.
Exotix X
Exotix X Hace 11 meses
Valen Tine your actually the first person that I’ve seen that agreed and does not fight over it good job
alien 101
alien 101 Hace 11 meses
@Valen Tine thank you finally someone who accepts and doesn't start another war in the comment section
Valen Tine
Valen Tine Hace 11 meses
@alien 101fine, you're right.
Musab Ali
Musab Ali Hace 11 meses
1st view
Said Abbou
Said Abbou Hace 11 meses
Digital Phantom
Digital Phantom Hace 11 meses
Hope he goes to Barcelona
Destiny IDUGBOE Hace 11 meses
He said no
0livierr Hace 11 meses
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